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Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder

Account of P. Casenave with Cardeviolle & Lacroix for $71.38. Miscellaneous Documents, undated 14 14d

Ballots for miscellaneous elections.
34 3

Bill for $83.05 for articles of clothing purchased by Mr. Weeks from S. S. Prins(?). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1a

Blank form for the sale of contracts at public auction by the Comptroller. Miscellaneous Documents, undated 14 14a

Blank form from the Mayor's Office for payment by the Treasurer of the First Municipality. Miscellaneous Documents, undated 14 14c

State vs Eugene J. Hoinot
Charged with failing and refusing to record the birth of his son. The Second City Criminal Court found him guilty, but on appeal the verdict was reversed and he was discharged. The appeals court (not identified on the document) accepted Hoinot's argument that since he was not present at the child's birth, and had never lived with the mother, Hortense Puisseger, he could not honestly record the birth. The document is not dated. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 3 23 7b

Coroner's autospy proces verbaux in the following cases: Robney Williams (1911), Charles F. Thornton (1911), John Speed (1911), Max Ausland (1913), William Bryant (1917), A. H. Murphy (1884), Benjamin Lee (1885), Saluda Bonner (1909), Lawrence Elixie (1908), Steve Duncan (1916), Quinton Rolls (1910), Thomas J. Shields (1911), Willie Freeman (1915), Abe Hall (1912), Mikele Sulli (1917), James Barrett (1914), Henry Powell (1912), Missouri Johnson (1908), Gus Hines (1908), David Robinson (1907), Elgia Lago (1907), Caleb Yancey (1907), Aristile Wright (1908), Joseph Mandigo (1910), Robert Simpson (1904), John Patrick (1914), John E. Voorhies (1914), Leonce Gibson (1911), James Emile (1909), Bernard Doyle (1910), and Rosario Ferina (1909)
32 2

Documents from an envelope with return address of A. A. Calongue, Attorney and marked, "S. Washington, S. Lanwich." Included is a newspaper clipping reporting criminal proceedings against Washington Lonwith for drunk and disturbing the peace. Also included is the record of Longwith in Fifth Police Precinct station.
30 3

Documents in a Criminal District Court envelope marked, "Affidavits, J. Benj. Chandler, Esq." Includes #71715, Mrs. Widow Mary Creagh--petition of James Nash seeking payment from Creagh for the funeral of her husband Andy in 1884. Also includes First Recorder's Court #6189, State vs. Mr. Conley--affidavit for assault & battery in 1890. Also includes an appearance bond (1892) for John Francis, charged with assault & wounding. Also includes capias for John Cuccia, charged with receiving stolen property. Also includes Criminal District Court, State vs. John Cuccia and David White (1885). Also includes three documents (two printed and one manuscript) signed by Chandler in 1891 regarding his claim of embezzlement against the firm of Singleton, Browne, & Choate in legal matters involving Emily Glover.
28 16

Envelope from First Recorder's Court marked, "Evidence in the case of State vs William Peterson, 2974." Contents: an invoice for 10 barrels of coal purchased from Wood, Schneider & Co. by William Falbrath(?). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1d

Envelope from Fourth Recorder's Court marked, "18-36-72, 2548, N. Ranson, Lottery ticket." Contents: one lottery ticket from the Crescent City Premium Club, with pencil markings, including 18-36-72. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3b

Envelope marked, " 2775, A. Hall, 1 document, 2 reg papers." Contents: a note apparently a copy of the information from Hall's naturalization record, marked, "attempting to register in the 5th ward." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5c

Grand Jury report (undated)--just a fragment of the manuscript's last page (showing A. A. Woods as Foreman) Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3a

Letter from the Chief of Police in Albany, New York, to the District Attorney of New Orleans with responses to interrogatories regarding John F. Barret. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 10) 30 10e

Letter of the Superintendent of Police to the Judge of Second City Criminal Court regarding $50.50 belonging to Ben Smith, who appeared before the Court after his arrest. Also an unsigned letter from the Court to the Superintendant stating tha records showed that the money had been turned over to the defendant's attorney. Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16i

Manuscript of a card to be published in the Daily Picayune of November 22 (no year indicated) regarding Mrs. Justine Ford's denial that she employed a leper at her candy store on Royal Street. Miscellaneous Documents, undated 14 14b

Prison lists and other records relative to prisoners and individuals accused of crimes.
34 2

Receipts of shipments of intoxicating liquor, generally recording names of consignees receiving the liquor, names of consignors, types & quantities of liquor, places consigned from, places consigned to, and date. Some receipts state, "For my own personal or family use. 4 folders (4a-4d) 34 4

Records relative to property taken from and/or returned to prisioners or otherwise comprising evidence in criminal cases.
34 1

Signed, undated statement of John McDonald, boarding at the Age Coffee House, witness to the shooting of a policeman on St. Charles St. Partially illegible. Miscellaneous Documents, undated 14 14f

Six page manuscript report by Thomas O'Conner, Chief Engineer of the New Orleans Fire Department, to the Board of Delegates, Firemen's Charitable Association, sometime during the 1880s. Much of the handwriting, including the date, is barely legible, at best.
26 9

Six-page letter from [Mrs.] A. H. Anderson in Philadelphia, dated August 22 (no year indicated) to Mr. [William L.] Poole regarding her finances. Almost certainly from her succession record (Second District Court #38805, transferred to Civil District Court #7693). Miscellaneous Documents, undated 14 14e

Undated envelope marked, "1 photo, 2294, Mary Miller," with a small photograph of a young woman.
31 21

Undated envelope, marked, "#1190, assault by shooting, Willie Wallace, bullet." Found empty. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 8 26 2j

Undated fragment of answers to interrogatories in an unidentified matter involving children of a deceased person named Meilleur. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 7 26 1b

Undated letter from H. von Werthern regarding his affidavit against E. H. Angamar for breach of trust and embezzlement involving the Workingman's National Fire Insurance Co. Part of "Sundry papers considered and dismissed by the late Grand Jury, and a communication received by us too late for our action." The papers weree returned to the District Attorney by the Jury foreman on April 5, 1875. 29 20

Undated list of ordinance numbers with brief titles Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8d

Undated list of State's witnesses (names and addresses), including two police officers, in the case of State vs Alfred Hays. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 22) 32 34i

Undated list of witnesses (names and addresses) in the case of Anatole Briegne. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 28) 33 22f

State vs G. Gonzales
Undated note stating that the witnesses for the state were the same as in the State vs Corralles Miscellaneous documents--Folder 8 26 2i

State vs George Borrows
Undated notes on the proceedings in the case against Borrows for the murder of Henry Keller. Includes summaries of the statements of several witnesses.
31 30

State vs Adelaide Berthole
Undated statements of witnesses regarding runaway slaves found in her house. Berhole claimed that the two women in question were free.
31 26

State vs Edward Gorman and John Hennen
Undated, signed statements of five witnesses to an assault & battery with intent to kill. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 8 26 2c

Unsigned, undated statement of Notary Public James Graham regarding a sale by J. Wright, possibly of his patent medicine business. A non-contemporary note on the reverse indicates that the item was found among records of the Fourth District Court.
14 14g

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