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Louisiana Supreme Court
Corp. Ellis & Shaw vs W. Fleckner 1817 Copy of the opinion in a case appealed from First Judicial District Court. The lower court's ruling was affirmed.
32 6
Louisiana Supreme Court
In the matter of Morgan Dorsey & Co. vs their creditors 1828 Copy of the Court's opinion. Docket number may be 2=1525.
13 36
Louisiana Supreme Court
Citizens Bank of Louisiana vs William D. Preston and George R. Preston 1893 Copy of an agreement between Mrs. M. A. C. Preston and Atwood, Violett & Co. of New York. Also includes an eleven-page transcription of the examination of George Preston. Also in the record are two letters from Martin & Smith in New York, one to George Nott, President of the Citizens Bank and another to Nott at a hotel in Washington, D.C.
17 10
Louisiana Supreme Court 855 J. D. Ryon and others, creditors of D. Seghers vs Syndics of the creditors of said D. Seghers 1823 Copy of the Court's opinion. On appeal from the First Judicial District Court.
13 39
Louisiana Supreme Court 949 William Cunningham vs James Erwin 1848 Nine-page brief for the plaintiffs in a matter involving the late Henry Hitchcock and his estate. Hitchcock was a contractor, as was Cunningham. Erwin was Hitchcock's brother-in-law. The suit concerned payment of debts owed by Hitchcock. The brief contains information on what transpired in the lower court, including considerable detail on work performed by various creditors of Hitchcock. The United States Bank in Philadelphia played a role in the payments from the estate. Both manuscript and printed versions of the brief are included.
18 33
Louisiana Supreme Court 2184 Enoch J. Barksdull vs New Orleans & Carrollton Rail Road Co. 1871 For the use of his minor child, Charles Ransom Barksdull on appeal from Sixth District Court #18324. This is the opinion affirming the lower court judgment involving injuries to Barksdull's five and one-half year old son due to the carelessness of a Rail Road car driver. Details of the accident are included.
18 32
Louisiana Supreme Court 2351 State of Louisiana ex rel. Simeon Belden, Attorney General vs Markey, Kaiser, et al. 1869 Copy of the Court's opinion and decree on appeal from Fifth District Court #591, dismissing the City of New Orleans appeal from the lower court. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21i
Louisiana Supreme Court 3398 African Methodist Episcopal Church vs Jacob W. Norega et al. 1874 Copy of the Court's opinion and decree on appeal from Eighth District Court #443 dissolving an injunction against the defendants and issuing judgment in their favor. The matter concerned competing groups of individuals claiming to control the church. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21j
Louisiana Supreme Court 3440 William Mithoff vs Daniel S. Dewees, et al. 1855 Copy of the Court's opinion affirming the decision in Third District Court #3132. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21b
Louisiana Supreme Court 3526 Philip Grueling vs City of New Orleans
Copy of the Court's opinion on appeal from Fifth District Court in which Grueling sued for payment of a certificate of indebtedness that he had secured from one of the Orleans Parish coroners. The lower court's judgment in favor of Grueling was affirmed. This is very difficult to read. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21d
Louisiana Supreme Court 3946 John J. Roe vs Crescent Mutual Insurance Co. 1856 On appeal from Third District Court #6482, involving the steamboat Delaware, whose freight was insured by the company when it hit a snag enroute from St. Louis to New Orleans. The original suit involved payment for costs incurred in forwarding the freight from the accident site to New Orleans. The Supreme Court affirmed the lower court judgment in favor of Roe, owner of the Delaware. The document includes good detail on Mississippi River transportation. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 22c
Louisiana Supreme Court 4002 J. P. Whitney & Co. vs John Gauche 1855 Plaintiff's brief and motion to dismiss Gauche's appeal on the grounds that the amount of money at issue was insufficient for the court's jurisdiction. The original debt was for freight in shipping merchandise from Europe aboard the ship Express. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 22b
Louisiana Supreme Court 4008 City of New Orleans praying for the opening of Philip and other streets 1855 Copy of the Court's opinion on appeal from Fourth District Court reversing a portion of the lower court judgment relating to claims for compensation by the surveyor, clerk, attorney,and commissioners. A portion of the document is missing. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21e
Louisiana Supreme Court 4084 State of Louisiana ex rel Marc F. Bonis vs Judge of the Eighth District Court 1872 Involving the judge's ruling that the State Treasurer was not to pay certain warrants of which Bonis was also a holder. He requested a writ of mandamus enjoining the judge from proceeding in two suits against the Treasurer. The petiton of Bonis and the Supreme Court orders issuing the writs are included in the record.
18 34
Louisiana Supreme Court 4469 Peter Markey vs Theo. F. Kendall & George W. Kendall 1875 Appeal from Eighth District Court #2919. The plaintiff originally sued for $1099.33 due for lumber sold to the defendants. The lower court had ruled against George W. Kendall, but for less than the full amount. The Supreme Court reversed that ruling and ordered payment of the full amount. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 22d
Louisiana Supreme Court 4674 State vs William Carr alias James F. Hickey 1873 Appeal from the First District Court. A copy of the five-page opinion reversing the lower court's judgment and ordering a new trial. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 10) 30 10g
Louisiana Supreme Court 5019 W. H. Avery vs Police Jury of Iberville Parish et al. 1857 Appeal from Sixth District Court, Parish of Iberville #662. Two printed briefs for the Police Jury along with a printed transcription of the lower court proceedings, including detailed testimony. At issue was an ordinance passed by the Police Jury "to establish a common drain through the point on the Mississippi River opposite the town of Plaquemine, called Manchac Point." Avery claimed that the Police Jury's plan would interfere with the existing drainage via Bayou Paul on his sugar plantation.
18 35
Louisiana Supreme Court 5449 J. R. Miller vs New Orleans Canal & Banking Co. 1844 Plaintiff's four-pge answer to the brief of the defendants involving legal aspects of the contract for construction of the New Basin Canal. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 22a
Louisiana Supreme Court 5789 Rhoda E. White vs Myra Clark Gaines 1876 Order addressed to the clerk of Fifth District Court to correct and complete the transcript of appeal. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21g
Louisiana Supreme Court 5822 Thomas Orman vs Julien Neville 1859 Opinion on appeal from Second District Court #13939 involving, in part, a judgment of the Court of Common Please in Hamilton County, Ohio. The Court reversed the lower court's judgment. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21c
Louisiana Supreme Court 5829 State of Louisiana ex rel James Wood vs Jacob Hawkins, Judge of the Superior District Court 1875 Petition and affidavits for a writ of mandamus. Wood was president of the Lower Coast Packet Co. and was involved in a suit before Superior District Court brought against him by the firm. The Packet Co.'s liquidation was part of the issue under consideration.
18 28
Louisiana Supreme Court 6348 State of Louisiana ex rel Roudanez et al. vs Judge of the Superior District Court 1876 Answer of the judge regarding a suspensive appeal in the suit of Roudanez et al. vs the Mayor et al. (#27063).
18 30
Louisiana Supreme Court 6726 Heirs of Stephen Henderson vs P. A. Rost & Jonathan Montgomery 1860 Appeal from the Fourth District Court. Opinion and decree involving two of Henderson's nephews and their claim to 2/16 of the estate. They were opposing the account of the executors (Rost & Montgomerry). Heirs in Scotland are also relevant to the matter. Also includes the brief on behalf of the Henderson nephews.
18 41
Louisiana Supreme Court 6805 Succession of Anna Mathilda Morales, wife of Bernard Marigny 1861 Copy of the Court's opinion on appeal from Second District Court #15780, declaring her will to be valid and therefore reversing the lower court. This copy was filed in Fourth District Court (#15055) in 1862. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21a
Louisiana Supreme Court 8095 State vs John Crawley, Martin Nolan, Alex Giles alias Joe Little alias Frenchy Joe, and Pierre Bertin 1881 Appeal from Criminal District Court of the guilty verdict for the murder of M. L. Mead. The lower court judgment was confirmed and reasons given. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 7 26 1h
Louisiana Supreme Court 8593 State ex Rel. Charles Zimmerman, et al. vs Judge, Civil District Court 1882 Copy of the petition for service. The matter involved the role of Zimmerman et al. in the succession proceedings of Thereze Baumgarden (#5266, CDC). Names of heirs and relationships are included.
15 31
Louisiana Supreme Court 8961 State vs Alfred H. Porter and Henry Stone(?) 1883 Appeal from Criminal District Court #2742 of a conviction for manslaughter. The lower court judgment was affirmed and reasons noted. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 7 26 1e
Louisiana Supreme Court 9178 State vs Henry J. Elsie 1884 Appeal from Criminal District Court of the verdict and sentence for forgery. The lower court's judgment was affirmed. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 7 26 1f
Louisiana Supreme Court 9464 State ex rel Susanna Jarve vs Judge of Criminal District Court, Section A 1885 Order that the case against Jarve, who was being tried with Sarah Brown in Criminal District Court #5440, be dismissed and that Jarve be discharged from custody. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 7 26 1g
Louisiana Supreme Court 11268 State ex rel J. Benjamin Chandler 1893 Petition for writs of habeas corpus, certiorari, and prohibition growing out of a Criminal District Court libel conviction. The court's nine-page opinion granting habeas corpus, but denying the other writs.
18 3
Louisiana Supreme Court 12041 State ex rel Numa Dudoussat vs Remy Klock, Criminal Sheriff 1896 A copy of the Court's opinion and judgment.
31 7
Louisiana Supreme Court 13624 State of Louisiana ex rel. Louis C. Jacob vs Judge of Division C, Civil District Court 1900 Order for discontinuance of Jacob's application for a writ of mandamus. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21h
Louisiana Supreme Court 15705 Joseph Dugue vs Samuel Levy 1905 Relative to Levy praying for a writ of mandamus. This is the return of the respondent judge (Summerville, of Civil District Court, Division D) as to why the writ should not be issued. A portion appears to be missing. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 22e
Louisiana Supreme Court 17125 Globe Realty Co. vs Mrs. Carline Cotonio 1908 Extract from the minutes relative to the company's application for certiorari to the Court of Appeals for Orleans Parish decreeing that a rehearing be granted. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 21f
Louisiana Supreme Court 22942 State vs Mrs. J. Servat 1918 Appeal from Second City Criminal Court #35701, involving a claim that a Sewerage & Water Board Resolution requiring removal of cisterns was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court rejected the claim and dismissed the appeal. In addition to the Court's opinion and judgment is an extract from the minutes of the Board showing passage of the resolution and the Board's notice for removal that was sent to Mrs. Servat.
23 2

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