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Jury-related Documents

Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder

Jury records--depositions of non-citizens who were called for jury duty. Each document includes name, address, length of time in the city, country of origin, and date.
33 32

Jury records--depositions of volunteer firemen each stating the time of their of residence in New Orleans, name of fire company, and length of service. They were made before the clerk of Superior Criminal Court apparently for the purpose of being excused from jury duty.
33 31

Jury records--extracts from the minutes of Criminal District Court relative to juries and jurors, including lists of names (with addresses) removed from the jury wheel.
33 30

Jury records--jury notices.
33 27

Jury records--lists of jurors and witnesses.
33 29

Jury records--lists of jurors.
33 28

Jury records--motions for preparation of jury lists, 1871-1877
33 24

Jury records--undated list of potential jurors (names and addresses) not found, out of town, or dead. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26d

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