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Commercial Court
Laurent Millaudon vs Francois Bierra, f.m.c. 1840 Petition of Joseph Abat for payment of $750 owed on a promissory note issued in payment of the balance due to Millaudon for the 1837 sale of nineteen lots in the new suburb Marigny (act of sale attached). Bierra's original debt of $1015.48 was payable with a promissory note payable to and endorsed by Edouard Planchard. The two were able to pay part of that amount, leaving the $750 which they secured with a new note that was endorsed by Abat.
18 1
Commercial Court 335 Lambeth & Thompson vs Nolte 1838 A list of cotton transactions (bills of lading, press certificates, pledges, bills of exchange, etc.) involving several firms and ships, all during April 1839. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 2c
Commercial Court 1145 St. Patrick's Church vs Dakin & Dakin 1839 Copy of the arbitration agreement between the trustees of the church (James Galllier was among them) and the Dakin brothers. Also included is a report of a meeting of the Board of Trustees on the report of the Building Committee. Also included is a signed agreement to submit to arbitration.
15 47
Commercial Court 3170 Thomas Powell vs John Kellar 1841 Affidavit for a subpoena duces tecum to have Kellar's bill book brought into court. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 2d
Commercial Court 4419 John Hagan vs Ocean Insurance Co. 1843 Filed with Sherman Johnson vs Ocean Insurance Co. (#4414), both part of the "Creole Cases." This is a motion for a new trial and the Court's reasons for refusing to order one. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 2b
Commercial Court 5713 Joshua Hanna vs A. Auter et al. 1843 Writ of seizure to satisfy a debt of $2553.93. The Sheriff's note indicates that he attached Auter's interest in the steamboat Mazeppa, along with his interests in the vessel that were in the hands of other named individuals. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 2a

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