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Civil District Court

1910 Petition by heirs and legatees of Oscar Wollf to be put in possession. Attached is the judgment putting that request into effect. Wolff's name does not appear in the published index.
18 20
Civil District Court 3242 State of Louisiana ex rel. William Henry vs Board of Liquidation, City Debt 1881 Answer of the Board regarding the issuance of Premium Bonds in exchange for certificates of the City of Carrollton. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 18d
Civil District Court 12624 Succession of Mrs. Louisa Werninger, deceased wife of James Robb 1864 Two documents related to financial interests of their minor children.
15 19
Civil District Court 14414
1885 Sale by the Exposition Railway and Improvement Co. to Canal Street & Exposition Railway Co., involving several franchise rights including some involving the World's Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition.
18 5
Civil District Court 18799
1886 Two receipts for promissory notes received by Charles W. Clifton in 1885. Also included is a statement signed by Clifton in 1886 describing the promissory notes.
30 17
Civil District Court 24625 Succession of Emily Glover 1891 Printed pamphlet: statement made by the testamentary executor (19 pages). Also includes four-page testimony (difficult to read) and a four-page statement by the executor, alleging fraud.
26 10
Civil District Court 31189 Richard Murray vs New Orleans and North Eastern Rail Road Co. 1890 Answers to interrogatories before a Spanish commissioner in Chicago, dealing with train larcenies in 1889.
26 8
Civil District Court 37263 Authorization of Mrs. C. Berges 1872 She sought permission to borrow $1300 through mortgage on her inherited property on St. Philip St. bounded by Decatur, Chartres, and Ursulines. She was Marcelline Ducros, widow of Theodore Leveau and wife of Camile Edward Berges. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 18a
Civil District Court 56370 Succession of Widow F. Maingonat 1864 Transferred from Second District Court #16945. Relating to the absent heirs of Charles Maingonat and a French act of partition that was challenged during the proceedings. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 18c
Civil District Court 64563
1901 Extract from the marriage records of Rockdale County, Georgia, recording the marriage of Charles G. Cain and Fannie J. Pierce in 1888. Included is a certification by the Governor of Georgia of the signature of the judge in Rockdale. The documents were filed as evidence as exhibit B in the suit. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 10) 30 10i
Civil District Court 66551 Succession of Theodore A. Crawford 1907 Motion of the tutor of the minor Pearl K. Price to order the undertutor to show cause why the account of the succession should not be homologated. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 18b
Civil District Court 67442 Succession of Mrs Ellen Collins Root 1902 Undated, unsigned letter to Will Hodges discussing the succession and indicating the writer's resignation as executor. Also attached is a newspaper report on the probate of Mrs. Root's will. It mentions both Hodges and Dominique Lobrano as executors, so the writer of the letter must be Lobrano. Also included in the record is an envelope with the return address of Joseph Dewey Taylor, addressed to Col. J. A. Chalaron.
18 2
Civil District Court 73818 Succession of Jules A. Blanc 1904 Opposition to the executors' account, filed by the children of his deceased eldest son. The nine-page document included details about Blanc's two marriages and his children from both wives.
18 21
Civil District Court 128666 J. M. and George B. Lambert vs Chris Reuter 1921 Involving a dispute over seeds purchased by the Lamberts for crops on their St. Rosa Plantation. Included are: a) testimony and depositions of farmers, seed dealers, and agricultural experts, b) seed/plant catalogs, c) invoices, d) copies of Climatological Data, e) photographs, and related material. Also included are several broken packages of various vegetable seeds, together in a plastic bag.
25 2
Civil District Court 145987 Mrs. Francis Monluzen vs Jahncke Dry Docks, Inc. 1923 Dealing with a dispute between the firm and nearby property owners in the vicinity of Pontalba, Tricou, St. Maurice, and Bienvenue Streets. Included are a copy of a 1918 Board of Levee Commissioners resolution conveying property to Jahncke, transcripts of the testimony given by nine witnesses for the plaintiff, several items documenting ownership of the Jahncke property and the firm's purchase of tools and machinery from several sources, and letters documenting Monluzen's complaint of noise from the Jahncke operation, disturbing the peace of her residence at 315 Tricou St. Also included is an 1892 copy of the act of sale that same year, by which the Monluzen's came into possession of their property.
20 17
Civil District Court 150229 Succession of Giuseppe Guglielmo 1924 Testimony of nineteen witnesses on a petition to set aside Guglielmo's will. Most of the witnesses were Italian and their testimony may be of interest in describing early twentieth century life within the Italian community. The Italian Consulate was involved in the suit since there were interested parties living in Italy. 2 folders 22 1
Civil District Court 150493 L. N. Folse vs Sugar Planters Sales Agency et al. 1924 Testimony of five witnesses. The suit involved a dispute over tank cars of molasses shipped from Folse's plantation. The records document aspects of the sugar business during the period.
21 4
Civil District Court 151574 Henry J. Prados vs David Bernhardt Paint Co., Ltd. 1929 Prados was the receiver of Rud D. Bernhardt Company, Ltd. Includes mostly testimony of four witnesses taken in 1926 and 1928 concerning the affairs of rival paint companies in New Orleans. Also includes motions by several parties in 1929 appealing the Court's decision.
26 27
Civil District Court 151940 Cocker Machine & Foundry Co. vs Lane Cotton Mills Co. 1924 Transcripts of testimony for the defendants by six witnesses. The suit grew out of the Lane Mills' refusal to pay the full amount due for an indigo dyeing machine due to problems with the device and its operation.. 3 folders 21 1
Civil District Court 166128 Gibbons & Gordon, Inc. vs Crane Company 1926 Exhibits in the suit involving problems with the installation of new boilers on the steamer Willard V. King. Included are documents relative to inspections of the vessel by the Steamboat Inspection Service, including copies of laws, rules, and regulations governing the Service. Also included are correspondence relating to flanges ordered for the installation procedure, interrogatories and answers directed to supervisors with the Inspection Service, and letters patent for improvements in processes of pipe flanging. The dispute involved the Gibbons firm having to do extra work on the installation due to problems with the flanges delivered by the Crane Co.
21 3
Civil District Court 170470 George Edwin Demack vs Lena Cecile Hart, his wife 1927 Transcript of testimony by nine witnesses. The suit involved a dispute over finances at the Demack Motors Co. and other financial aspects of the couple's marriage. 2 folders 21 2
Civil District Court 176839 Stanley Maxwell vs W. B. Thompson & Co., et al. 1929 Testimony of eighteen witnesses. The suit involved cotton grown by Maxwell and shipped to New Orleans to be sold on consignment to the Thompson firm. Thompson died and the status of the cotton was uncertain, with several banks being involved due to arrangements made by Thompson using Maxwell's cotton. Among the witnesses were the presidents of several New Orleans banks.
22 2
Civil District Court 185475 Madison Lumber Co. vs Jose Land Co, et als. 1931 Testimony on various claims involving work done on the property at 1227-1229 St. Anthony Street
24 1
Civil District Court 189288 City of New Orleans vs Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund 1931 Copies of acts of sale, mortgages, land plats, and other documents dealing with Audubon Place. All are marked as Tulane exhibits, although some appear to also be marked as City exhibits. Also includes a copy of Part Seven of "Art Work of New Orleans" (W. H. Parish Publishing Co., 1895). 3 folders 27 2
Civil District Court 191207 Coast Company, Inc. vs Williams Investment Co., Inc. 1934 A memorandum reply brief and transcripts from Louisiana Supreme Court #30896, Williams Investment Co. vs Rozell McWiliams et al., on appeal from Civil District Court #172901 in 1930. The suit involved a dispute over the purchase of property in Hancock County, Mississippi, in ca. 1927.
28 2
Civil District Court 199720 R. P. Farnsworth & Co., Inc. vs Estrade, Cotton, & Fricke 1935 Testimony of several witnesses, along with correspondence, vouchers, photographs, payrolls, and other documents dealing with construction of the Continental Can Company facility in Harvey, Louisiana. 3 folders 27 1
Civil District Court 202050 United States of America on relation of Britmar P. Landry as trust in bankruptcy of Samuel L. McGlathery, Bankrupt vs National Surety Company of New York 1937 Included are briefs on behalf of several intervenors in the suit, a copy of the judgment, published report of the special commission appointed to hear claims against the company, and memoranda filed in related suits.
23 11
Civil District Court 216684 Beverage Agencies, Inc. vs Fidelity Deposit Co. of Maryland 1938 Testimony and notes of evidence taken before a commissioner appointed by the Court. The matter involved Fidelity's payment of a claim by the Beverage Agencies due to embezzlement by one of their employees bonded by Fidelity. Also involved is an intervention in the suit by Mr. & Mrs. Sidney T. Frank. The Franks apparently had an interest in the Beverage Agencies and that is also part of the suit. The testimony may contain interesting detail on how the liquor business operated in New Orleans at the time.
24 2
Civil District Court 216915 Jack Harris vs New Orleans Public Belt Railroad 1934 Plaintiff's exhibits in the suit which involved a dispute over the construction of an earth embankment for the railroad approach to the east end of the Mississippi River Bridge. Included is the contract and related documents, documentation of expenses (for labor, insurance, equipment, and material), a single blueprint sheet showing the batture in front of St. Peter plantation, and the Harris firm's (he was a contracting engineer) foreman's daily reports during 1933 and 1934. The latter list includes names (and sometimes occupations) with hours worked as well as the number of heavy equipment pieces on the job each day. On the reverse of each report is a brief note on the day's weather, along with notes by the foreman as to daily progress on the job. 4 folders 20 16
Civil District Court 216915 Jack Harris vs New Orleans Public Belt Rail Road 1935 Correspondence, contract documents, photographs, foreman's daily reports, payrolls, and related materials dealing with Jack Harris Consulting Engineer's work on constructing earth embankments for the approaches to the Mississippi River Bridge on the west bank during 1934-1935. 2 folders 28 1
Civil District Court 274448 Succession of Mrs. Anna Valdez 1956 She was the widow by first marriage of Bernard J. Bremerman, Sr. and by second marriage to Charles Bianchi. Contents: a) premium receipt book, Jacob Schoen & Son Insurance Co. in the name of Mrs. A. V. Bianchi, 1943-1944; b) acts of sale, mortgages, and other documents relating to real property owned by the deceased; c) death certificate and hospital documents for Charles Bianchi, d) cancelled checks (mostly payable to the deceased and signed by Alvina B. Bright); e) copies of pleadings in Civil District Court; and f) testimony of twelve witnesses. The suit was consolidated with CDC #218884, Succession of Charles Bianchi. Also included is the record in Louisiana Supreme Court #39075, in which the deceased's children from her first marriage appealed the lower court decision.
23 10
Civil District Court 325548 State ex rel Rudolph H. Waldo vs Morris B. Redmann, et als. 1953 Waldo was Custodian of the Notarial Archives. Rule to test sureties of notarial bonds and to produce evidence that notarial acts were being indexed and bound. A copy of this rule was served on each notary in Orleans Parish, but only a handful of the more than one-thousand have been retained.
23 12
Civil District Court 336685 Frank Jones et al. vs New Orleans Terminal Co. 1958 Exhibits in the suit filed by Jones after his wife, Mahilia, was struck and killed by one of the firm's trains. Included are copies of patient records from Charity Hospital (for Mahilia, Frank, and their son James), the Coroner's autopsy protocol, and the mortuary bill. Also included are six photographs of the Jones car after the accident along with seven photographs, with captions, of the location of the accident and copies of documents relative to inspections of the locomotive involved in the accident. Also included are statements by the employers of Frank and Mahilia Jones regarding their earnings. The accident occurred in the 2900 block of Airline Highway between Labarre Road and present-day Causeway Boulevard.
20 18

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