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Fifth District Court

Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder
Fifth District Court
Joseph R. Calder vs J. S. Lindner 1847 Articles of agreement between John H. Calder and his brother, Joseph, to settle a claim for wages due as a clerk in a store located in the St. Charles Hotel. The agreement called for the sale of itemized store fixtures and a cash payment. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 14b
Fifth District Court
Mary A. Carr, curatrix, et al. vs Joseph Stedman, Captain and sole owner of the steamboat Concordia 1852 Signed testimony of John J. Osborne for the plaintiff to the effect that the clerk of the Concordia admitted a debt of $443.53, but noted the boat's inability to pay it. He also note his inspection of the boat's records at the Custom House regarding Stedman's ownership and position as captain, along with its use in carrying freight and passengers. The document is marked "Testimony to confirm default." Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 14c
Fifth District Court

1849 Declaration of intention to become a citizen, William Wilder
17 24
Fifth District Court

1877 N. Leopold & Co. Cotton Book, apparently filed as evidence in an unidentified Fifth District Court suit in 1879. The book appears to list individual clients of the firm with amounts of cotton, prices, and symbols, along with occasional notes.
17 6
Fifth District Court 4985
1873 Notes for payment of monthly rental from April-September 1873 for the two-story dwelling at 361 St. Charles by Mrs. V. C. Burke to T. S. Moise.
18 37
Fifth District Court 5571 Columbus H. Allen vs James Wood 1876 Testimony (twelve pages) on rule to pay experts. Included is information on the qualifications and compensation in making a financial report in the suit. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11e
Fifth District Court 10244 W. C. Raymond et al. vs E. C. Palmer & Co. 1880 Answer of Palmer & Co. in a suit stemming from an overdraft involving the Louisiana Savings Bank and Safe Deposit Company. Included is some detail on banking transactions of that era.
15 32
Fifth District Court 13214 Charles Clapp vs Steamer John Walsh et als. 1859 Order accepting plaintiff's supplemental petition requesting a jury trial, with acknowledgement of the sheriff that he had served notice of the order on the defendants. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 14a

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