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First Judicial District Court

Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder
First Judicial District Court
In the matter of W. Wyer vs his creditors and the creditors of W. & N. Wyer 1830 Proceedings of a meeting of the creditors to appoint a syndic or syndics to replace one who died and another who resigned. Includes names of the creditors and amounts owed them by the Wyers. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 3b
First Judicial District Court
Bernard Marigny vs Thomas E. Hunt 1825 Petition for appeal of the court's order rescinding the previous order of seizure and sale of slaves in Hunt's possession. The appeal bond is also attached.
17 13
First Judicial District Court 2319 Syndics of Peter Laidlaw & Co. vs Thomas Johnston 1820 Petition claiming debt of $2824.64 owed by Johnston (account attached). The matter was transferred to Parish Court in 1821.
13 37
First Judicial District Court 3324 Francois Saulet vs Pierre Trepagnier 1838 Fragments of an 1838 plan of property in St. Charles Parish, marked as "A." The signature of Bringier, Surveyor General of Louisiana, appears on one of the fragments.
18 9
First Judicial District Court 5713 Benjamin Morgan vs his creditors 1827 Also Morgan vs. the creditors of Morgan, Dorsey & Co. and G. Dorsey vs his creditors and those of the firm (consolidated suits). Opposition to the proceedings held before the notary public. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 3a
First Judicial District Court 13311 Emancipation of Suzanne Ory, f. w. c. 1836 Ory was planning to "engage in some profitable business for her own account" and, as a minor above the age of nineteen, petitioned for emancipation from her mother, Catherine Piron, widow of Jean Baptiste Ory. Included is the record of a family meeting that approved of her request. Francois Snaer, f.m.c., was a participant in the family meeting.
16 15
First Judicial District Court 16488 Rosa Eliza Baron, wife of Steward Richards vs her husband 1870 Affidavit that the original judgment in this divorce suit could not be found, along with an order accepting the newspaper notice of the judgment (copy attached) and authorizing that a copy be made from it.
17 12

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