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First City Criminal Court

Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder
First City Criminal Court
State vs Edward J. Demarest 1906 Charged with paying a lottery prize. Included is the demurrer and plea of the defendant. Apparently he claimed that since the Premium Bond Plan essentially was a lottery, he should not be prosecuted for doing the same thing that the State was doing.
30 8
First City Criminal Court

1913 Note from Dr. J. Laurans certifying that Charles Ferran was ill and not able to go out. Attached is a subpoena for him to testify. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1j
First City Criminal Court

1917 Affidavits in eight cases involving failure to remove cisterns as required by law. The names and addresses of the accused are included.
30 7
First City Criminal Court

List of witnesses (names and addresses) to be called for the defendant in an unidentified case. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 28) 33 22d
First City Criminal Court
State vs A. J. Bernard & Jonas Jones 1905 Charged with grand larceny (stealing a mule). Includes statements of several witnesses. Bernard, a white man, was discharged. Jones, a black man, was sent up to Criminal District Court #33775 for trial.
29 16
First City Criminal Court
State vs Otto Lyncker 1909 Motion by the defense attorney that the defendant be allowed to travel to Chicago to take care of business. Accompanied by a note of permission from the surety for the bond. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 12) 30 12g
First City Criminal Court
State vs Lawrence Herbut 1910 Motion for a new trial, that was granted. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11g
First City Criminal Court
State vs Adam Heffner 1913 Note from the clerk that Carrie Mosely and Grace Mack, material witnesses in the case, are to be parolled only on an order from the Distict Attorney. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 12) 30 12e
First City Criminal Court
State vs George H. Leidenheimer 1913 Letters from Benjamin T. Waldo, one to Judge John B. Fisher and the other to Edgar M. Cahn (who Waldo believed to be Leidenheimer's attorney), asking for a continuance of the Board of Health prosecution due to illness in his family.
30 21
First City Criminal Court

1914 List of open cases, October 1914. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 8 26 2f
First City Criminal Court
State vs George Woods 1914 Letter from Woods' attorney, Edward A. Parsons, requesting that the trial be put offf to another day. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 12) 30 12f
First City Criminal Court
State vs Charles Grey 1915 Affidavit for assault and battery. The page is torn where the docket number would appear 22 4
First City Criminal Court

1916 Letter to the Judge from Anthony Wagner, May 2, 1916, asking to discontinu his affidavit against Ben Wintzel for assault & battery. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 12) 30 12c
First City Criminal Court 28628 State vs Julia Hall 1912 Order for the transfer of the defendant to Charity Hospital for treatment and return to Parish Prison. A note on the reverse indicates that she died in the hospital. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 24) 33 2j
First City Criminal Court 29406 State vs G. H. Leidenheimer
Undated answer of the District Attorney and the Attorney for the State Board of Health to the defendant's application for a bill of particulars. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1i
First City Criminal Court 29432 State vs J. Thusell 1912 Motion for a new trial. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11f
First City Criminal Court 37366 State vs John Fabacher 1915 Accused of violating Act 62 of 1914. The record includes a notice of trial addressed to Fabacher at the Rathskellar, 410 St. Charles. Also included is the demurrer of defendant, claiming the act's unconstitutionality and asking that the charges be dismissed. Also included is a letter from Fabacher's attorney asking for a continuance due to illness.
33 7
First City Criminal Court 48229 State vs John Schneider 1918 Affidavit for taking bets on races. The matter was transferred to an unidentified court under docket number 39908 and appears to have been settled on January 9, 1919. Also includes Schneider's appearance bond for the First City Criminal Court proceeding.
29 22
First City Criminal Court 52579 State vs Walter Baker 1920 Request by Baker, and a court order in response, for the return of $60 that had been attached in the case.
30 32

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