Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy

Mayor's Office of Intergovernmental Relations.
Office of Public Information

Records, 1986-1994
6 boxes; 53 videocasettes
The Public Information Office was to coordinate media relations and ceremonial functions for the city; prepare speeches or comments for the Mayor's public appearances; produce employee publications [CitiNews, the municipal employees monthly newsletter, copies of which are on file in the City Archives' Official Vertical File under call number OVF AL900n]; take photographs of city government activities; staff special projects; provide information over the telephone; maintain clippings files; and produce and/or maintain a collection of videotapes of the Mayor's press conferences, public service announcements, television appearances and other ceremonial activities. The Public Information Office also produced a video to be used in new employee orientation programs. In addition, beginning in the Summer of 1992, the Public Information Office produced From the Halls of Government, a weekly informational program, airing on WGOV, Cox Cable's special access Channel 8, WLAE Channel 32, and WCKW radio.

The records are primarily files of material collected by the Office from sources both inside and outside of city government: brochures, press releases, press kits, annual reports, newsletters and various other informational or publicity-related items. Also included are clippings or photocopies of clippings from newspapers or magazines on subjects of interest to the Office; copies of Mayor Barthelemy's Louisiana Weekly column, "Memo from the Mayor"; and a small amount of correspondence. Files are arranged alphabetically, according to headings assigned by the Office.

In addition, the Public Information Office transfered a collection of 53 videocasettes of the Mayor's activities, television appearances and various public service announcements. The "description" of each tape is taken from the labels afixed by the Public Information Office. Air dates, recording dates, and viewing time are given if noted on the label.


Box 1

Advertising [n.d.]
AMID [1990, 1992]
Amoco [1989]
Annual Reports (Other Cities) [1986, 1991]
Aquarium [n.d.]
Arts Council of New Orleans--Percent for Art Program [n.d.]
Audubon Institute [1989, 1991-1993]
Aviation Board [1990]
Better Business Bureau [n.d.]
Bureau of Governmental Research [1993]
Carnival Latino [1992]
Chamber: New Orleans and the River Region [1987]
Chateau Sonesta Hotel [1993]
City Business Center [1993]
City Park [1991]
Clippings--Aids [1991-1992]
Clippings--Budget: City [1992-1993]

Box 2

Clippings--Budget: State [1992-1993]
Clippings--Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) [1991-1993]
Clippings--Cox Cable [1986-1993]
Clippings--Drug Testing [1990-1993]
Clippings--Drugs [1992-1993]
Clippings--Economy--City [1991-1993]
Clippings--Education [1992]
Clippings--Edwards, Edwin [1993]
Clippings--Lottery [1988-1989]
Clippings--Port [1991-1992]

Box 3

Clippings--Unsorted [Folders 1-2]
Crime in New Orleans [1990, 1992]
Cut lines [n.d.]
Emergency Management [1993-1994]
Emergency Procedures Packet, 1993
Hurricanes [1988]
International Relations (Encuentro 90)
Legislative Session [1992]

Box 4

Letters of Greeting [1992-1993] [Folders 1-2]
Liberty Monument [1989, 1991, 1993]
Louisiana Department of Economic Development [1988]
Louisiana Oil Marketers Association [1988]
Louisiana Open House [1990]
Louisiana Science Center [n.d.]
Lundi Gras [1988-1990, 1993]
Mardi Gras Coordinator [1991-1992]
Martin Marietta [1990]
Mayor's Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting [1991]

Box 5

Memo from the Mayor (Louisiana Weekly column) [1987, 1991-1993]
Metropolitan Area Committee/Metrovision [n.d.]
Miscellaneous [1987-1988]
Municipal Auditorium [1988]
Museums [1989]
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [1987-1989]
National Association of Regional Councils [1988]
National Center for Municipal Development [1986]
National Council for Jewish Women Child Care Fair [1989]
National Conference of Black Lawyers [1990]
National Conference of Black Mayors [1989-1990]
N'Awlins News [1988]
New Orleans [1988]
New Orleans Centre [1988, 1991]
New Orleans Event Margeting, Inc. [n.d.]
New Orleans Music and Entertainment Association [1988-1992]
New Orleans Police Department [1992]
New Orleans Steamboat Co.

Box 6

Office of Municipal Investigation [n.d.]
Oil Industry
Olympic Track and Field Trials [1992]
Port [1988-1989]
Republican National Convention
Republican National Convention--New Orleans Host to the Future [1988]
Singleton, Councilman James M.--Biography [n.d.]
Taylor, Councilwoman Dorothy M. [1989]
Toulouse Street Wharf Joint Venture [1993]
Wilson, Councilwoman Peggy--Biography [n.d.]
WWL Editorials [1988]


Video #Description of videotape
1Mayor's Coalition against drug abuse
2Campaign commercial/Streets Dept. commercial
3Vicky and Mrs. Barthelemy
4Mayor's address and additional footage for the workersorientation film
5Introduction to the Great American Can Roundup--general version
6American Red Cross emergency test [Rush/Winston Productions, VHS NTSC Dub (stereo) 47:00 5/10/90 (24289)]
7City of New Orleans employee orientation video and housing initiative with Mayor and P. Kabacoff [6/8/89]
8"Mayor Barthelemy" [WCCL-Channel 49, 4:00]
9Children's Safety Festival [10/19/90] and Channel 4 early morning news show, Sally Ann Roberts and Popeye and Pals [11/3/90, 0163] and Breakfast Edition [11/9/90, 0228]
10"This tape is keyed up to the Mintz question re: assessment, over-budgeted revenues" [1/26/90]
11New Orleans (East Bank)--Relocation America
12New Orleans--Relocation America
13A-MID film [Robert Berning Productions]
14New Orleans ... Old World charm and new world vitality [1988, Arts & Entertainment, Cox Cable/Public Information Office entry in City Video competition]
15Crescent City Forum [WGNO, airs 3/6/1988]
16Today Show, with SJB [7/25/88, re: cholesterol screenings] and CNN profile of New Orleans [8/5/88] and C-SPAN interview with SJB [8/7/88]
17Use of Transportation Trust Fund money at New Orleans International Airport [WVUE-News 8 Weekend, 10/8/89, 10PM]
18Looking back on 1990: how we lost the war on drugs [Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies--Philadelphia Conference--Urban Drug Abuse]
19Local television coverage: groundbreaking for expansion of concourse C at New Orleans International Airport [10/2/90, WWL, WVUE, & WDSU]
21Let's Talk: teenage pregnancy [Cox Cable; 3/4" tape]
22WWL-TV [10/20/87 (5PM), 10/23/87 (Noon), 10/22/87 (Noon--city budget?)
23Urban war on drugs [30 second promo]
24America's Black Forum: New Orleans show [4/25/88; 28:30]
25American Hotel and Motel Association in New Orleans [1993 promo]
26HANO, PANO, John Manale, Roemer "good stuff on this tape" [WWL, 6/13/? (5PM and 10PM]
27Musicians for Music, final tape: Jasmine (My Love) & Woodenhead (Feel the Heat) [BETA]
From the Halls of Government [Cox Cable's Channel 8, WGOV; all 3/4"]
28 PAL program--kids in school, boxing, basketball; DARE program--kids in school; DARE officer teaching; Pelican Brief press conference, May 1993 (last 3 minutes of tape)
29 Economic Development, part 2 [12/20/93, 28:26]
30 Economic Development, part 1 [12/20/93, 28:29]
31 Casino I [airs 6/2-6/7/93, 29:00, show 49]
32 Year in Review--interview tape [3/29/93]
33 Neighborhood Revitalization [airs 12/16-21/1992]
34 Pelican Brief press conference (end of tape); streets--Dauphine roadwork (5/93); capital projects--new fire and police stations]
35 Vieux Carre Commission [airs 12/23-28]
36 Budget Decisions [airs 12/30-1/4]
37 Mardi Gras [airs 2/16-3/1/1993]
38 ACT [airs 2/3-8/93; 23:41]
39 Parkway I [airs 2/10-15/1993]
40 Clean City Committee [airs 1/6-11/1993]
41 Great Expectations [airs 1/13-18]
42 NORD II [airs 6/23-28/1993]
43 Fire Department 93 backup [7/14-19/93; 28:51]
44 Carnaval Latino [airs 6/16-21/1993]
45 Sports Arena [6/30-7/5/1993]
46 Casino Lease [recorded 3/15/93; airs 3/17-23/93; 27:24; dolby off]
47 NOMA [airs 4/13-19/93; rerun 7/7-12/93; 29:05]
48 Encuentro [8/31/93]
49 Emergency Management [7/28-8/2/93]
50 NCAA Final Four [airs 3/31-4/5/93; 28:53]
51 Streets & Parking [airs 3/10-15/93; 28:45]
52 Crime Reduction [airs 3/3-8/93]
53 Blank (?)

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