Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy

Mayor's Office of Economic Development.
Office of International Relations/Trade Development

Subject/Correspondence Files, 1986-1994
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The Office of International Relations and Trade Development, housed in offices in the World Trade Center, was a subdivision of the Mayor's Economic Development Division. (An organizational chart accompanying the city's annual budget consistently places this office under the Intergovernmental Relations Division; no other available documentation, however, supports this organizational structure). The Office was in charge of coordinating the administration's international efforts, with a focus on international relations and protocol. Despite its title, the Office had very little to do with promotion or development of trade during the Barthelemy years.

The Office served as the city's official contact with the consular corps and coordinated the various activities surrounding visits of foreign dignitaries. It was also responsible for handling the Mayor's foreign correspondence and with coordinating his courtesy calls with international dignitaries and visitors and his foreign trade missions. In addition, the Office was in charge of the city's Sister City Program and served as a liaison between the administration, the U.S. Departments of Commerce and State, the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, and with local universities. The Office also worked closely with Encuentro, the World Trade Center and with international organizations such as the Foreign Relations Association, the Japan-Louisiana Association, the French-American Chamber of Commerce and the Honduran Foundation. The Office was also involved in a number of festivals, celebrations and conferences with an international focus.

The records are subject/correspondence files arranged alphabetically and chronologically thereunder, kept by the Directors Yves Laborde (1987-1991) and Catherine Castro (1992-1994). Areas particularly well represented are the Sister City Program, international visitors, the Mayor's trips abroad, and business involving the World Trade Center.

Given the partial coverage of the records turned over to the City Archives, reading files (1989-1994) have been retained and filed chronologically at the end of the subject files.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

Adams & Reese, Attorneys [1990]
Adifrance/Paris-Match [1987]
Adler's [1990-1993]
Aeromexico [1988]
Airlines [1989-1990]
Airport [ ]
Alexander Manhattan International Holding [1993]
Alliance Francaise de la Nouvelle Orleans [1989]
Antigua Jazz Band [1990]
Apefano [1987-1988]
Aquarium of the Americas Opening, Sept. 3, 1990 [1990]
Arab-USA Chamber of Commerce [1990]
Aristide, Jean Bertrand (President of Haiti) [1992]
Asian/Pacific American Society [1991]
Bahamas [1990-1991]
Barthelemy Re-Election Campaign Contributors [1990]
Belize Week [1991-1992]
Bicentennial of the American Constitution [1987]
British Clippers, Ltd. [1987]
Cablegrams [1986-1988]
Caribbean Central American Action (C/CAA) [1986-1989]
Caribbean Commission [1987]
Carnival Latino [1992]
Castro, Cathy [1991-1992]
Catering [n.d.]
Celebration of French Bicentennial [1989]
Central American Conference (Tulane/City of New Orleans) [1986-1987]
Certificates of Appreciation, etc. [1991-1994]

Box 2

Christopher Columbus Caravels [1992]
Citizens for a Free Kuwait [1990]
Complaints [1991-1992]
Conference of Mayors (various) [1982-1989] [Includes material from Mayor E.N. Morial's term]
Consortium for Service to Latin America [1987]
Consulate Corps Parking Violations [1989-1990]
Correspondence--General [1986]
Correspondence--General [1987]
Correspondence, General [1988]
Correspondence, General [1988-1989]
Correspondence, General [1990]
Correspondence, General [1991]
Correspondence--General--French [1987-1989]

Box 3

Council on International Educational Exchange [1986]
Courier Pick-up File (For hand delivery only) [1994]
Cousteau Society [1989-1990]
Culture Community and Tourism Partnership [1987]
Delphi Interactive Group [1991]
Donnelly Jewelers [records from Mayor Landrieu's term] [1973-1974]
Dover Trading Organization, Ltd. [1988-1990]
Edinburgh International Jazz Festival [1993]
Education & Economic Development/New Orleans Compact for Learning & Economic Development [1987]
Egypt [1990]
Embassies--Letters of invitation [1987]
Encuentro New Orleans 1988 [1987-1988]
Encuentro 90--World Trade Center [1990-1993]
Engraving [1986-1989]
Engraving--Mayor Morial's Administration [1981-1985]
Expenditure Status, City of New Orleans, International Relations Office [1990]
Falcon-Aire Cargo [n.d.]
Film on Tourism [1987, 1990]
Finland [1991]
Foreign Associates in New Orleans (clubs, etc.) [1992]
Foreign Relations Association of New Orleans [1986-1992]
France Louisiane [1990-1992]
French Bicentennial in New Orleans [1988-1989]
Foreign Associates in New Orleans (clubs, etc.) [1992]

Box 4

French-American Business Association of Louisiana (Fabula) [1987-1988]
French-American Chamber of Commerce [1992]
French-American Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana [1989-1990, 1992]
Friendship Force [1987]
Gambia [1990]
Gandhi Memorial International Foundation [1989]
Garifuna [n.d.]
Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission [1988-1989]
Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission [1990-1991]
Haiti Festival [1991]
Herrera, R. Bruno--Instituto Nacional del Azucar [1987]
Hispanidad [1988]
Honduran Delegation [1987]
Honduras Foundation [1991-1992]
Honduras Independence Day [1990-1993]
Honduras Trade Mission (Profiles) [1992]
Hospitality Committee [1990-1993]
Hotels [1987-1992]

Box 5

Inter-Office Memos (Incoming) [1986-1989]
Inter-Office Memos (Outgoing) [1986-1989]
International Arts Festival [1988]
International Association of Cities [1992]
International Carnival [1986]
International Council of Louisiana [1989-1990]
International Order of Merit [1978-1987] [Includes material from E.N. Morial's term]
International Relations Office--General [1986]
International Trade Promotion [n.d.]
Interns [1987, 1991-1992, 1994]
Invitation--Reception honoring Counsular Corps [1986]
Invitations [1988-1990]
Japan-America Conference of Mayors [1986-1987]
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) [1993]
Japan Local Government Center [1992]
Japan Travel Bureau [1991]
Japanese Industrial Bank [1991]
Kingsley House [Mayor Landrieu's term] [1973]
Lists--Foreign Associations in New Orleans [n.d.]
Lists--French Bicentennial [1989]
Lists--Honduras Independence Day Committee [1990-1992]
Lists--General [n.d.]

Box 6

Lists--International Organizations [n.d.]
Lists--Mailing lists
Louisiana Association of Minority and Women-Owned Businesses, Inc. (LAMWOB) [1989]
Louisiana Committee on the French Revolution, 1789-1989 [1988-1989]
Louisiana Congressional Delegation [1988]
Louisiana--El Salvador Partners [1988]
Louisiana Hispanic Chamber of Commerce [1989]
Louissiana-New England-Yvelines [1993]
Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA) [1988-1980]
Louisiana Purchase, 175th Anniversary [Records from Mayor Morial] [1978-1979]
Louisiana Quincentenary Commission [1991-1992]
Louisiana Tax Free Shopping [1987-1989]
Mardi Gras History [n.d.]

Box 7

Martinique Festival [1991-1992]
Mayor's Council on International Trade [1986-1988]
Mayor's Economic Development Department [1991]
Mayor's Hispanic/Latin-American Advisory Board [1987-1989]
Mayor's Hospitality Committee [1990]
Mayor's International Council [1988-1989]
Mayor's Paris-New Orleans Cultural Exchange Committee [1988]
Merida--Mardi Gras Celebration [1990]

Box 8

Metrovision, 1990 [1990-1991]
Mosquito Control Board [1991]
Nanbukai (Japanese-Louisiana) Trade Mission [1990-1991]
National League of Cities [1988, 1993]
New Orleans Air Cargo Association [1987-1988]
New Orleans-El Salvador Earthquake Relief Fund [1986]
New Orleans Film and Video Festival [1990]
New Orleans International Airport [1990]
New Orleans International Brochure sample [1987]
New Orleans Museum of Art [1989]
New Orleans Steamboat Co. [1989]
New Orleans Wholesale Produce Terminal Market (Survey)
Newspaper clippings
Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres [1992]
Old Orleans Restaurant [1990]
Operation Angel [1992]
Operation Hero Welcome [1991]

Box 9

Organization of American States (Ambassadors) [1987]
Osaka Conference [1989-1990]
Outgoing Faxes (Cover sheets) [1992]
Outreach Project [1986]
Overall Economic Development Plan Committee (OEDP) [1987-1993]
Overall Economic Developent Program (OEDP) [1987]
Paris-New Orleans Cultural Exchange [1988]
Paris-New Orleans Cultural Exchange Committee [1987]
Pentanque Club [1990]
Philippine-Louisiana Trade Association [1987]
Port of New Orleans, Board of Commissioners of the [1987-1988]
Puerto Rico [1990]

Box 10

Que Pasa New Orleans [1988]
Quebec [1987]
Recommendation and Introduction, Letters of [1987-1988]
Rejoice on the River [1989-1990]
Republican National Convention [1988]
Republican National Convention--Names of Officials to be invited [1988]
Requests [1987-1989]
River Reigon Economic Development Coalition [1990-1991]
Roemer, Charles E. (Buddy), III [1987-1988]
Ross University--Information (Caribbean West Indies) [1987]
Sailballs Sports Company [n.d.]
Salvador/Fusades [1990]
San Sebastian Festival--Spain [1992]
Saudi Arabia [1992]
Senegal [1992]
Simon Bolivar Monument (Basin & Canal Sts.) [1976-1977, 1984-1986]

Box 11

Sister Cities [1986-1991] [2 folders]
Sister Cities--Berlin [1991]
Sister Cities--Guadaloupe [1988, 1990]
Sister Cities--How to Build a Sister City Program [1993-1994]
Sister Cities--International [1987, 1989, 1991]
Sister Cities--Kinshasa, Zaire [1987-1989]
Sister Cities--Liverpool [1989-1990]
Sister Cities--Malmo Sweden [1990-1991]
Sister Cities--Merida [1990-1993]
Sister Cities--Nantes [1991]
Sister Cities--Orleans, France [1991]

Box 12

Sister Cities--Pointe-Noire, Congo [1988-1991]
Sister Cities--Responses to Sister Cities Project [1990]
Sister Cities--Rio de Janeiro [1990]
Sister Cities--San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina [1990-1993]
Sister Cities--St. Louis, Senegal [1992-1993]
Sister Cities--Tegucigalpa [1990]
Solera, Ernesto--Costa Rica [1989]
Soviet Exhibit (includes visit of President Gorbachev) [1986-1993]
Task Force on Economic Growth [n.d.]
Taylor, Dorothy Mae (Trip to Australia) [1991]
Telephone Bills [1986]
Thank You Letters [1987-1989]
Thank You Letters to Mayor [1990, 1992-1993]
Three-Year Market Plan [1987]
Torgau, Germany [1994]
Tourism, Office of. Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism [1987]
Trade Mission Scouting Trip [1987]
Trade Shows [1989]

Box 13

Translations [1978-1992] (Includes material from previous mayors)
Travel Authorization [1987]
Travel Profits 88 Conference[1988]
Trip to Guatemala [1989]
Trip to Honduras [1992]
Trip to London [1990]
Trip to Paris--Mickey Barthelemy (Cancelled) [1987, 1989]
Trip to Rio [1989]
Trip to Spain [1986]
Tulane International Student Organization [1987-1990]
Twinning City Program [1985-1987]
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce [1988-1989]
United Towns [1989, 1991]

Box 14

Universities [1987-1993]
University of New Orleans [1986-1989]
Veterans (from Uzbekistan) [1992]
VIGOR [1990]
Villanueva, Honduras [1990]
Visit--Callejas, Rafael Leonardo, President of Honduras (Sept. 7, 1990) [1990]
Visit--Guillen, Hector, Mayor of San Pedro Sula, Honduras [1992]
Visit--Jamzaoui, Abdelaziz, Ambassador to Tunisia (cancelled) [1989]
Visit--"Juan Sebastian de Elcano"--Spanish schooner, June 11, 1986 [1986]
Visit--Mayor Hsu of Taipei and Delegation, 6/1986 [1986, 1990]
Visit--Mobuto Sese Seko, President of Zaire [1989]
Visit--Pope John Paul II [1987]
Visit--Princess Marie d'Orleans (Covenant House) [includes snapshots] [1986]
Visitors--Africa [1987, 1992-1993]
Visitors--Australia [1988]
Visitors--Bangladesh [1991]
Visitors--Canada [n.d., 1990]
Visitors--Central America [1990]
Visitors--China [1988-1992]
Visitors--Columbia [n.d.]
Visitors--French [1987-1992]
Visitors--General [1992-1994]

Box 15

Visitors--Great Britain [1988-1990]
Visitors--Guadeloupe [1988]
Visitors--Hungary [1991]
Visitors--Indonesia [1987]
Visitors--Iraq [1990]
Visitors--Israel [1988, 1991]
Visitors--Italy [1988-1993]
Visitors--Japan [1992-1993]
Visitors--Mali [1988]
Visitors--Martinique [1988]
Visitors--Norway [1987]
Visitors--Pakistan [1988]
Visitors--Quebec [1988]
Visitors--South Korea [1987-1988, 1991]
Visitors--United States Information Agency (USIA) [1987-1990]
Visitors--USSR [1987-1990]
West Africa [1988, 1993]
World Conference of Mayors [1992]
World Trade Center [1985-1988]

Box 16

World Trade Center Advisory Committee [1985-1987, 1991]
World Trade Center Board of Directors--Minutes 1985-1988] [2 folders]
World Trade Center--Consular Corps Committee [1986, 1988]
World Trade Center--General [1986-1989]
World Trade Center--International Business Committee [1987-1992]
World Trade Center Port Activity Committee [1987]
World Trade Center Seminars, Missions, and Trade Events [1988-1990]
Wuhan, China [1991-1993]

Box 17

Reading Files--January-March, 1989
Reading Files--July-September, 1989
Reading Files--October-December, 1989
Reading Files--January-March, 1990
Reading Files--April-June, 1990
Reading Files--July-September, 1990
Reading Files--October-December, 1990
Reading Files--January-March, 1991

Box 18

Reading Files--April-June, 1991
Reading Files--July-September, 1991
Reading Files--October-December, 1991
Reading Files--January-March, 1992
Reading Files--April-June, 1992
Reading Files--July-September, 1992

Box 19

Reading Files--October-December, 1992
Reading Files--January-March, 1993
Reading Files--April-June, 1993
Reading Files--July-September, 1993
Reading Files--October-December, 1993
Reading Files--January-March, 1994

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