<html> <head><title> Mayor Victor Schiro Records: 1958</title></head> <body> <center><h2>Subject Files, 1958</center></h2> <p> <hr width=75% noshade> <p> <dl><dt> <i>S58-1</i> <p><dt> "A" Miscellaneous<dt> Administrative Office--<dd> Budget & finance matters<dd> Chief Administrative Officer<dd> Departmental & personal<dt> Appointments<dt> Audubon Park Commission<dt> Aviation Board, New Orleans <p><dt> Billboards<dt> Boys Town of Italy<dt> Boys Town of Italy--Mailing lists<dt> Budget--<dd> Analysis & research<dd> Capital<dd> Operating<dt> Bureau of Governmental Research <p><dt> Campaign correspondence <p><dt> <i>S58-2</i> <p><dt> Canal fencing<dt> Census report<dt> Chamber of Commerce<dt> Citizens Committee<dt> City Charter<dt> City Civil Service, Department of<dt> City Decorator<dt> City Park Improvement Association<dt> City Planning Commission<dt> Civil Defense<dt> Congratulations, condolences<dt> Congratulations on 1958 election<dt> Coroner's Office<dt> Council<dd> --Clerk of<dd> --Secretary to the<dt> Courtesies acknowledged <p><dt> <i>S58-3</i> <p><dt> Delgado Board of Managers<dt> Delgado Museum<dt> District Attorney <p><dt> Election laws <p><dt> Finance, Department of--<dd> Director<dd> Revenue<dd> Treasury<dt> Fire Department<dt> Fireworks<dt> French Market <p><dt> Health, Department of<dt> Housing Authority of New Orleans<dt> Housing Improvement, Division of <p><dt> International Assembly Center<dt> International Relations<dt> Interstate Highway<dt> Intra-Coastal Canal<dt> Invitations <p><dt> Junior Chamber of Commerce<dt> Juvenile Court<dt> Juvenile Detention Home <p><dt> Labor<dt> Law, Department of / City Attorney <p><dt> <i>S58-4</i> <p><dt> Legislature<dt> Levee Board<dt> Library Board, Public<dt> Liquidation, Board of <p><dt> Louisiana<dd> Department of Veterans' Affairs<dd> Municipal Association<dd> Rating & Fire Prevention Bureau<dd> Travelers Association <p><dt> Mayor's Office <dt> Miscellaneous<dt> Mississippi River Bridge Authority<dt> Monorail Ordinance & information<dt> Muscular dystrophy <p><dt> <i>S58-5</i> <p><dt> New Orleans<dd> Horse Show<dd> Municipal Employees Club<dd> Opera Association<dd> Public Service<dd> Spring Fiesta <p><dt> Orleans Parish School Board <p><dt> Parkway & Park Commission<dt> Pay plan<dt> Pines Village<dt> Police, Department of<dd> --Parish Prison<dt> Police Jury Association<dt> Property Management, Department of--<dd> Delgado Trade School<dd> Municipal Auditorium<dd> Municipal Yacht Harbor<dt> Public Relations<dt> Public Works <p><dt> Reading file<dd> (January-June) <p><dt> <i>S58-6</i> <p><dd> (July-December)<dt> Real Estate<dt> Recommendation, letters of<dt> Recreation, Department of<dt> Regulatory Inspection<dt> Resolutions <p><dt> Safety & Permits, Department of<dt> Salvation Army<dt> Sanitation, Department of<dt> Schiro, Victor H.<dd> Biography<dd> Personal<dt> SPCA <p><dt> <i>S58-7</i> <p><dt> Southern Bell<dt> Speeches<dt> Streets, Department of<dd> --Complaints completed<dd> --Maintenance requests<dd> --Street opening requests<dd> --Traffic Engineering Division<dt> Summer Pops <p><dt> Telegrams<dt> Traffic Ordinance<dt> Traffic Safety<dt> Trips <p><dt> Utilities, Department of<dd> --Franchises & inspections<dd> --Taxi cabs <p><dt> Vieux Carre Commission <p><dt> Welfare, Department of <p><dt> Young Men's Business Club<dt> Youth appreciation </dl> <p><hr width=75% noshade><p> Back to <a href="schiro.htm">Schiro Introduction</a> <p> <br> <a href="/~nopl/welcome.html"><img alt="Back to Nutrias Home" src="/~nopl/images/homebutton.gif"></a> </body> </html>