<html> <head><title>Mayor Victor Schiro Records: 1969</title></head> <body link="#2F4F4F" vlink="#8b8878" alink="#8B4513"> <center><h2>Subject Files, 1969</center></h2> <p> <hr width=75% noshade> <p><i>S69-1</i><p> <p>"A" Miscellaneous<br> Abandoned Cars<br> Advertising <br> Air Pollution<br> Air Rights<br> Alaska<br> Alcoholism<br> Algiers-Fischer Community Action Center<br> Ambassadors<br> American <dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Cancer Society<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFLCIO)<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Federation of Teachers<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Legion<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Public Works Association<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Red Cross<br> Anniversary of City Administration<br> Announcements<br> Anonymous (includes crank letters)<br> Anti-Litter Law<br> Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans<br> Appointments<br> Archdiocese of New Orleans<br> Assessment Study Committee<br> Assessors<br> Assistance, Requests<br> Association of Upper State St.<br> Astrodome<br> Attorney General<br> Audubon Park<br> Aviation Board <p>"B" Miscellaneous<br> Bank of Louisiana<br> Bank of New Orleans<br> Baptiste, Philip M.<br> Baseball<br> Basic Studies Program<br> Bauerlein, Ken<br> Beasley, Joseph D.<br> Bertucci, Frank J.<br> Bingo Ordinance<br> Birthday Greetings<br> Black Organizations<br> Blue Cross<br> Board of City Trusts <p><i>S69-2</i><p> Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans<br> Board of Liquidation, City Debt<br> Board of Trade<br> Boggs, Hon. Hale<br> Bowling<br> Bond Election<br> Bond Sale<br> Boys' Clubs<br> Brake Tag Station<br> Budget Analysis & Research<br> Bureau of Governmental Research <p>"C" Miscellaneous<br> CA-TV<br> California<br> Carnival<br> Cemeteries<br> Central City Housing Development Corp.<br> Central City Neighborhood Development Center<br> Chamber of Commerce<br> Chief Administrative Office<br> Christmas<br> Ciaccio, Philip C.<br> Citizens' Council<br> City Attorney <p><i>S69-3</i><p> City Park<br> City Planning<br> Civil Air Patrol<br> Civil Defense<br> Civil Disturbances<br> Civil Service<br> Cobb, Lloyd Testimonial<br> Coleman, James J.<br> Committee of 50<br> Community Colleges<br> Community Improvement Agency<br> Community Renewal Program<br> Complaints<br> Congratulations<br> Connick, William J.<br> Consuls<br> Construction Industry Association<br> Contracts<br> Conventions<br> Coroners Office<br> Council Clerk<br> Crescent City Entertainers<br> Crescent Council of Civic Associations <p><i>S69-4</i><p> Criminal Court<br> Criminal Courts Bar Association<br> Criminal Sheriff<br> Cultural Attraction Fund<br> Curtis, Henry B. <p>"D" Miscellaneous<br> Daughters of the American Revolution<br> Davis, A.L.<br> Deaf<br> Delgado-Albania Plantation<br> Delgado College<br> Delgado Museum of Art<br> Della-Malva, Antonio<br> DeMolay, Order of<br> Delta Steamship Lines<br> Desire Area Community Council<br> Diamond Club<br> Dillard University<br> DiRosa, Joseph V.<br> Domed Stadium (2 folders)<br> Donations<br> Doubloons <p>"E" Miscellaneous<br> Easter Greetings<br> Eastern Air Lines<br> Economic Opportunity<br> Elections<br> Ellender, Hon. Allen J.<br> Emergency 911 Phone Number<br> Employment<br> Executives' Secretaries <p>"F" Miscellaneous<br> Fairgrounds<br> Fazzio, John Edward<br> Fernandez, A.S. "Lee" <p><i>S69-5</i><p> Finance Department<br> Fire Department<br> Fire Prevention<br> First Baptist Church<br> Fitzmorris, James E.<br> Floral Trail<br> Florida<br> Flouridation<br> Food & Beverage Ordinance French Quarter<br> Food Fest<br> Food Stamps<br> Ford, Hon. Gerald R.<br> Foreign Relations Association<br> Fourth Ward Civic & Political League<br> Fraternal Order of Police<br> French Market Corp.<br> French Quarter Hotel & Motel Association<br> Friedler, Frank J.<br> Friends of the Cabildo<br> Friends of the New Orleans Public Library <p>"G" Miscellaneous<br> Gallier Hall<br> Garbage Collection Fees<br> Gaubert, Lloyd F.<br> Goals for Louisiana<br> Goals Foundation<br> Golf<br> Great River Road Association<br> Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission<br> Greater New Orleans Hotel & Motel Association<br> Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society<br> Greater New Orleans Tourist & Convention Commission<br> Gulf South Research Institute<br> Gridiron Club<br> Guste, William J. <p>"H" Miscellaneous<br> Health<br> Hebert, F. Edward<br> Heier, Thomas J., Jr.<br> Hirt, Al<br> Housing Authority of New Orleans (2 folders)<br> Human Relations<br> Humphrey, Hon. Hubert H.<br> Hurricane Betsy Loans <p><i>S69-6</i><p> Hurricane Camille (4 folders)<br> Hurricanes <p> Illinois<br> Independent Democratic Electors Association<br> Insurance<br> Inter-American Municipal Organization<br> International House<br> International Relations<br> International Trade Mart<br> Introductions<br> Invitations (2 folders) <p><i>S69-7</i><p> Invitations (1 folder)<br> Jackson Square<br> Jackson Square Advisory Committee<br> Jackson Square Art Group<br> Japan--Economic Mission<br> Jazz Festival<br> Jefferson Parish<br> Junior Chamber of Commerce<br> Junior Livestock Show<br> Juvenile Court<br> Juvenile Detention Home <p>"K" Miscellaneous<br> Key to the City<br> Kiwanis Club <p>"L" Miscellaneous<br> Lacey, Dennis J.<br> LaKratt Corp.<br> Landrieu, Maurice E.<br> League of Women Voters<br> LeBreton, Edward F.<br> Legalized Gambling<br> Legislature<br> Levee Board (1 folder) <p><i>S69-8</i><p> Levee Board (2 folders)<br> License for Door-to-Door Vendors<br> Lions<br> Lists<br> Lockenberg, Millicent W.<br> Long, Hon. Russell B.<br> Louisiana<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Air Control Commission<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Association for Mental Health<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Civil Service League<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Education<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Highways<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Welfare<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Municipal Association<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>National Guard<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Petroleum Council<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Public Service Commission<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Secretary of State<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>State Banking Department<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>State University<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>State University in New Orleans<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Teachers Association<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Travel Council<br> Lower Ninth Ward Citizens Advisory Committee <br> Lower Ninth Ward Feasibility Study<br> Lower Ninth Ward Neighborhood Council<br> Loyola University <p><i>S69-9</i><p> <p>"M" Miscellaneous<br> McKeithen, Hon. John J.<br> Mailing Department<br> Mansfield, Jayne<br> March of Dimes<br> Mayor's Advisory Committee on Crime & Delinquency<br> Mayor's Committee on Financial Revision<br> Mayor's Day at the Races<br> Mayor's Posse<br> Mayor's Trip to Mexico<br> Mayor's Trip to South America<br> Meetings<br> Memoranda<br> Messages<br> Methadone<br> Metropolitan Area Committee<br> Metropolitan Crime Commission<br> Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council<br> Mississippi River Bridge Authority<br> Model Cities Program<br> Moreau, James A.<br> Mosquito Control<br> Motorcycle Helmet Law<br> Motor Vehicle Inspection Station<br> Municipal Auditorium<br> Municipal Court<br> Municipal Yacht Harbor <p>"N" Miscellaneous<br> Narcotics<br> National Association for the Advancement of Colored People<br> National League of Cities<br> New Orleans<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Country Club <p><i>S69-10</i><p><dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>East, Inc.<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Mid-Winter Sports Association<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Municipal Employees Club<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Public Service, Inc.<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Saints<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Tourist & Convention Commission<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Traffic & Transportation Bureau<br> Ninth Ward Rehabilitation Survey<br> Nixon, President Richard <p>"O" Miscellaneous<br> O'Keefe, Michael H.<br> Opera House Association<br> Operation Head Start<br> Ordinances<br> Orleans Parish Medical Society <p>"P" Miscellaneous<br> Parish Prison<br> Parking<br> Parkway & Park Commission<br> Patrolman's Association of New Orleans<br> Pay Plan<br> Permits<br> Petre, John J.<br> Petty Cash<br> Pfister, James H.<br> Pigeon Control<br> Pizzo, James H.<br> Police (2 folders)<br> Police Auto Pound <p><i>S69-11</i><p> Police Juries<br> Pontchartrain Beach<br> Pontchartrain Hotel<br> Pontchartrain Pioneers<br> Pornography<br> Press Club<br> Press Releases<br> Proclamations<br> Propeller Club<br> Property Management<br> Public Acomadations<br> Public Belt Railroad Commission<br> Public Library<br> Public Relations<br> Public Utilities <p>"R" Miscellaneous<br> Railroad Terminal Board<br> Rapid Transit<br> Rault, Joseph M., Jr.<br> Real Estate & Records Division<br> Real Estate Board of New Orleans<br> Recreation<br> Regional Airport <p><i>S69-12</i><p> Regional Planning Commission (2 folders)<br> Regrets<br> Repertory Theatre<br> Requests for Information<br> Resolutions<br> Retarded Children<br> Retirement Fund<br> Riverfront Expressway<br> Robert, William P. <p><i>S69-13</i><p> Robinson, Martha G.<br> Romulo, Carlos P. (Visits)<br> Roosevelt Hotel <p>"S" Miscellaneous<br> Safety & Permits<br> St. Bernard Community Council<br> St. Tammany Parish<br> St. Vincent DePaul Church<br> Salvation Army<br> Sanders, Bernel R.<br> Sanitation<br> Sapir, Eddie L.<br> Sara Mayo Hospital<br> Schiro, Mayor (personal)<br> Scholarships<br> School Board, Orleans Parish<br> Sewerage & Water Board<br> Social Welfare Planning Council<br> SPCA<br> Solid Waste<br> South Central Bell Telephone Co.<br> Southern Yacht Club<br> Space Project<br> Spanish Plaza <p><i>S69-14</i><p> Streets Department--<dd> Traffic Engineering<br> Super Bowl<br> Sympathy<br> Symphony <p>"T" Miscellaneous<br> Tarpon Rodeo<br> Taxes<br> Taxicab Bureau<br> Telegrams<br> Texas<br> Thanks (2 folders)<br> Thanksgiving Baskets<br> Thugs United<br> Times-Picayune Publishing Co.<br> To Whom It May Concern <p><i>S69-15</i><p> Total Community Action<br> Touchdown Club<br> Trade Unions<br> Traffic Court<br> Traffic Engineer--(<i>69-15 A</i>)<dd> Reading File (3 folders)<br> Traffic Safety<br> 250th Anniversary of New Orleans<br> Tulane University <p>"U" Miscellaneous<br> Umbach, Fred<br> United Fruit Co.<br> United Fund<br> United Nations<br> United States<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Air Force<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Army<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Coast Guard<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Conference of Mayors<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Agriculture<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Housing & Urban Development<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Justice<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of State<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Department of Transportation<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Federal Trade Commission<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>House of Representatives<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Interstate Commerce Commission<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Marine Corps<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Navy<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Post Office<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Senate<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Treasury Department<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Veterans Administration<dd> <spacer type="horizontal" size=24>Weather Bureau<br> United Voters League<br> Urban Renewal<br> Utilities Department <p> Variety Clubs<br> Veterans of Foreign Wars<br> Vietnam<br> Vieux Carre Commission<br> Vieux Carre Property Owners Association<br> Virginia<br> Volunteers of America <p>"W" Miscellaneous<br> WDSU-TV<br> WNOE<br> WVUE-TV<br> WWOM-TV<br> WYES-TV<br> WYLD<br> Weiss, Seymour<br> Welfare<br> Wisner Donation Advisory Committee <p> Xavier University <p> Young Men's Business Club<br> Youth Opportunity Program <p> Zoning <br> Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club <p><hr width=75% noshade> <p> Back to <a href="schiro.htm">Schiro Introduction</a> <p> <br> <a href="/~nopl/welcome.html"><img alt="Back to Nutrias Home" src="/~nopl/images/homebutton.gif"></a> </body> </html>