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New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans (La.). Dept. of Property Management
Director's Office records, 1979
3 cu. ft.

Transferred to the Archives in December 1995 from storage at the Historical Pharmacy Museum. The records are useful in that they document the operations of the Department in a presumably typical year during the last quarter of the century. They deal not only with the operations of the several divisions within the Department but also with services provided by Property Management to other city agencies and other inter-agency relationships. Interactions with the community at large are also documented by several subject files (e.g., Mardi Gras).

The ca. 10 cu. ft. of materials originally accessioned were reduced to 3 ft. through appraisal. Files containing copies of City Council agendas, departmental reading files, and various personnel files were removed from the records and destroyed. The Civil Service file remaining was heavily weeded to remove all materials dealing with individual employees rather than with individual positions. Some files dealing with other city agencies were removed when their contents were deemed to be unredeemably routine in nature.


Box 1

Armstrong Park
Armstrong Park
Audubon Park
Chief Administrative Officer
City Attorney [see also Law Department]
City Council
City Hall Cafeteria
Civic Functions
Civil Court Building
Civil Service
Civil Service--Class Specifications for Property Management Positions
Community Development
Criminal Court Building
Cultural Center
Cultural Center
Delgado-Albania Plantation
Departmental Policy
Deputy Director--James Prigmore
Dupart, Jesse A., Sr.--Personal
Emergency Preparations
Finance Department
Fire Department
Gallery Circle Theatre
Gallier Hall
Gallier Hall

Box 2

Gallier Hall
Historical Pharmacy Museum
Human Resources
Law Department
Leases (1978)
Mardi Gras
Mayor's Office
Memos to Division Heads
Monthly Performance Reports (1978)
Monthly Performance Reports
Motions and Resolutions
Multi-Service Centers
Multi-Service Centers
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Yacht Harbor
Municipal Yacht Harbor
Municipal Yacht Harbor
Municipal Yacht Harbor
Municipal Yacht Harbor

Box 3

Municipal Yacht Harbor (includes pre-1979 documents)
Municipal Yacht Harbor--Applications (1978)
Municipal Yacht Harbor--Project Plans, etc. (pre-1979)
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans Recreation Department
Parking Survey
Parkway and Park Commission
Planning Survey--City of New Orleans
Platforms and Stages
Police Department
Police Strike
Policy Planning
Public Buildings
Public Buildings
Public Information Office
Purchasing Bureau
Real Estate and Records Division
Real Estate and Records Division--Reading File (January-April)
Real Estate and Records Division--Reading File (May-December)
Theatre of the Performing Arts
Vieux Carre Commission

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