Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with W

Reese, William Wainwright, John, Estate of 34 1823
Piffin, Joseph Wale, Ulick, Succession of 1571 1842
Lambeth, William M. Wallace, A.H. 754 1833
Glande, John & Frederick Proctor Wallace, John C., estate of 816 1834
Gludd, John Wallace, John C., estate of 758 1833
Wallis, John C., curator of Wallis, Frances & Isabella 822 1834
Paxton, Samuel Waters, Mary, widow & estate of William Waters 378 1826
Prentice & Bakewell Waters, William 317 1825
Chadwick, James Waters, William, Estate of 302 1825
Southworth & Bolls Waters, William, estate of 321 1825
Chadwick, James Waters, William, Estate of (Mary Matthews et al) 82 1823
Carter, Thomas Waters, William, widow and heirs of 322 1825
Layton, Robert & Co. Waters, William, widow and heirs of 390 1826
Fowler, Joseph Waters, William, widow and heirs of 410 1826
Burt, Elizabeth (fwc) Webster, Benjamin, Curator of 1663 1843
Jaggar, Jehiel Went, George & Myford McDougal 1123 1837 Estate of M. McDougal (Transferred to 1JDC 12686)
Davis, Joshua, Estate of west, William 198 1824
Davies, Joshua, Estate of West, William 173 1824
Weston, T.M., attorney for absent heirs of Weston, T.M., executor of 1473 1841
Depierris, Guillaume Wheelock, Obediah, heirs of 295 1825
Salvetat, P.J. White, Caroline, widow Richards, curatrix 1073 1837 Succession of Samuel Richards
Blake, James White, David 1785 1845 Succession of George Blake
Spraggins, Samuel M. White, Elizabeth & Alexander Robb & estate of Philip White 405 1826
Olivier, Justine (fwc); Estate of Marie Louise (fwc) White, Maunsell et al 83 1823
Spraggins, Samuel M. White, Philip 255 1824
Spragings, Samuel M. White, Philip, Widow & heirs of 259 1824
White, Joseph M., attorney for absent heirs of White, Widow Joseph M., now wife of Thomas Beattie 1777 1845
Hyde, T.R., et al. Whitehead, Harriet and George Whitehead, heirs of Charlotte Whitehead 1518 1841 Estate of Charlotte Whitehead
Fletcher & Gardiner Whiting, Thomas & James Fletcher, Estate of 94 1823
Villere, Marie, Widow of Simon Ducourneau Whiting, Thomas, Widow & Heirs & Widow & heirs of James Fletcher 74 1823
Baker, Ebenezer & others Whiting, Thomas, Widow (Rosine) and heirs of 13 1823
Strong, Jasper Whitney, W.W., tutrix of estate of 1209 1838
Peachy, George Whitworth, James, curator of 764 1833
Sorapuru, J.B. & Aspasie Sorapuru Widow Sorapuru; estate of Jean Baptiste Sorapuru 619 1832
Welsh, James Wilbor, George, estate of 1029 1836

Wilkinson, Estate of 476 1827
Struve, Horne & Magdalena Struve, wife of V. Breckwoldt William (or Wilkin) Struve, administrators of succession of 1057 1836
McMillen, Ellen Williamson, James, Succession of 1793 1846
Degruy, F. Verloin Wilson, J.C., executor of 1234 1838
Cowand, James & Joseph Field Wilson, James C. 1168 1837

Wilson, James Clark, Succession of 119 1839
Boree, Paul, Heirs of Wiltz, Annette and other legatees 1729 1844 Marguerite Delaunais, Virgile Langlois, Celeste Bertrand, Paul Eugene Henderson and William Henderson, Heirs
Decourneau, Jean Winfree, Sarah, widow 1471 1841 Succession of Justin Anthony Armitage
Debbieux, H.F. Winfree, Sarah, widow J.A. Armitage, natural tutor of her minor children 1377 1840
Stone, David P. Withers, C., executors of 556 1830
Hope, David Withers, W.L., executors of 541 1829
Walsh, John Jerome & Christine, his wife Witte, Eve Sophia, wife of C. Tiblier 1025 1836 Estate of Christian Frederick Witte
Wood, John, attorney for absent heirs of Wood, John, curator of 1259 1839
Todd, Francis Woodbury, Edward 890 1834
Woods, Jane, fwc Woods, George, fmc, attorney for absent heirs of 1199 1838 Petition to be put in possession
Woolfolk, Austin Woolfold, Samuel M., executor of 1097 1837 Consolidate with # 1159 (Executor v. Austin Woolfolk)
Woolfolk, Samuel M., executor of Woolfolk, Austin 1159 1838
Bronaugh, W.N. Wright, W.W., executor of 1098 1837

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