Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with T

Tabony, Anselme Orville Tabony, Aimee, interdicted, curator of 1805 1846

Tabony, Widow Joseph, estate of 573 1843 Includes documents from First Judicial District Court
Cavelier, Marie Joseph, fwc Tagiasco, Felicite, fwc, estate of 664 1832
Morrero, Antonio Tarrarol, Jose, curator of 1611 1842 Includes documents from #1612
Bolling, John, absent heirs of Tashner, Frederick & J.W. Hubert 12 1823
Durham, E.A., widow Tassier, Francois, undertutor & Celina Mioton, wife of Venet 987 1836 Estate of Nicolas Mioton

Tastel, Jeanne, Estate of 118 1823
Roubet, Antoine Tastet, Jeanne, Estate of 134 1823
Wallace, A.H. Taylor, Archibald R., absent heirs of 753 1833
Lambeth, William M. Taylor, Archibald R., attorney for the absent heirs of 901 1835
Lambeth, William M. Taylor, Archibald R., attorney for the absent heirs of 902 1835
Lloyd, Thomas L. Taylor, M., Estate of 269 1824

Taylor, Mary, estate of 1119 1837
Taylor, Tobias & Phineas Taylor Taylor, Nathaniel, Estate of 258 1824
Dorsett, H.L., et al., Legatees Taylor, Philip, Executor of 1761 1845
Pless, Annette Taylor, William, curator of 511 1829

Teitzman, G.H., Estate of 137 1823
Theriot, Joseph Terinque, Victoire, widow Jules Balloc, tutrix of minor child 914 1835

Theard, Rene Nicholas, succession of 1026 1836 Petition of grandfather for tutorship, mother (Agathina Robert) insane
Rozier, Belize, fwc, and others Thezan, Philippe, executor of 755 1833
Tienkin, Ottee, attorney for absent heirs of Tienkin, Ottee, curator of 1600 1842
Picton, J.M.W. Tienkin, Otto, curator of 1520 1841
Blair, James G. Tighlman, H.S., estate of 1278 1839
Tilghman, Thomas O., curator Tilghman, Hardin L., attorney for absent heirs of 1314 1839
Boggs, George Tilghman, Hardin L., curator of 1330 1839
New Orleans Gas Supply Co. Tilghman, Hardin L., succession of 1332 1839
Barnes, William Tilghman, Hardin L., succession of 1320 1839 (Film is out of focus, in part)
Barnes, William Tilghman, T.O. and heirs of Hardin L. Tilghman 1363 1840
Tio, Louis, fmc Tio, Jose Marcos, fmc & others 366 1826
Pichot, A.W. Tio, Julie Marcos, tutrix of minor heirs of Louis Coussy 925 1835
Smythe, Ann Tobin, John, Estate of 1668 1843
Noonan, Patrick Tobin, John, Estate of 1667 1843
Redmond, Thomas Tobin, John, Executor of 1688 1843
LeBarron, Charles F., attorney for absent heirs of Todd, John P., dative testementary executor 1507 1841 Estate of Charles F. LeBarron

Toulouse, Francois, estate of 1121 1837
Noyrit, Pierre Tourame, Paul, Estate of 280 1825
Maurisset, Frosine Tournier, E., succession of 768 1833 No Target
Trabuc, Clementine Emilie & Cyprian-Armand Trabuc, Michael, executor of 549 1830
Norton, J.W. Tracey, William L., exectutor of estate of 393 1826
Mortimer, Thomas V. Trappan, Joseph I., executor of 835 1834
Mortimer, Thomas V. Trappan, Joseph I., executor of 835 1834
Trebino, Gertrude Trebino, Francois Paul, executor 1246 1838 Estate of Joseph Trebino
Tournier, Claude Treme, Widow Julie M., Estate of 1716 1844
Roche, A.N. Tremoulet, Charles, tutor of minor Auguste Roche 1266 1839 Succession of Widow Nicholas Roche
Marchand, Felicite, widow Bazile Kreps Tricou, Edouard, administrator of Manette Tricou 1478 1841 Duplicate number
Antomarchi, Francis, agent of universal heirs of Trudeau, R., curator and dative testementary executor 1584 1842
McNeill, John T., estate of Trudeau, Stephen, estate of 740 1834
Thompson, William G. Trudeau, Widow 714 1833 Estate of Stephen Trudeau
Coleman, Hiram Tulane, Paul, curator of Victor Tulane 1155 1837
Turgeau, Gustave Laroque Turgeau, Louis Laroque, Natural Tutor 1718 1844
Undertutor Tutor 1028 1836 Estate of Widow Barbot
Jenkins, Edward Tyler, Valentine, Curator of 278 1825

Tyler, Valentine, Estate of 241 1824
Perilliat, F.M. Tyler, Valentine, exectutor of estate of 231 1824
DeEnde, Henry Tyler, Valentine, Succession 253 1824
Adams, Isaac Tyler, Valentine, Succession of 254 1824
Mary, Joseph Tyler, Widow Valentine 252 1824

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