Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with R

Laurent, Joseph Rabassa, Eleonore, widow Jean Pigneguy, estate of 1039 1836
Pigneguy, Theophile Rabassa, I.L., his Tutor 1709 1844 Estate of Widow Elina Pigneguy
Pigneguy, Jean, et al. Rabassa, J.L., tutor of minors Pigneguy 1589 1842 Succession of Eleanor Rabassa, wife of Jean Pigneguy
Reinecke, G.W., Tutor Ramas, Clement, et al. 1770 1845 Succession of Augustin Charles Fortier
Reaux, Catherine (fwc), Estate of Ramos, Agenor (fmc) 234 1824

Raphael, Charlotte Genevieve, fwc, estate of

Raphael, Charlotte Genevieve, fwc, estate of Raphael, Charlotte Genevieve, fwc, executor of 963 1835
Avery, William H. Rea, P.P., Estate of 1695 1844
Reich, Phebe, et al. Reich, Isaac, Curator of 1456 1841
Bore, Paul Reine, Marie, estate of 1105 1837 Paul Bore petitioning to be declared heir
Staes, M.C., tutor of Reinecke minors Reinecke, Frederick and Rebecca, estate of 454 1827
Portin, Julie, wife of Emanuel Roux Reinecke, G.W., tutor of minor George Oscar Reinecke 970 1835 Estate of John Frederick Reinecke
Martin, Joseph Ricard, J.C., heirs of 470 1827
Millaudon, Laurent Riddle, John L., Tutor, et al. 1676 1843 Succession of Jacob Schrager
Cousin & Laurent Rillieux, Edmund, fmc 635 1832
Alstyne, Rachel Rinker, James, Curator of 154 1824
Stackpole, William & Ruggles Whiting Rinker, James, Estate of 208 1825

Rinker, James, estate of 324 1825

Rinker, James, Estate of 152 1824
Marsondet, Philip Risingson, Widow, tutrix & L. Cordier 1083 1837 Estate of H.C.B. Risington
Doriocourt, A.D. Riviere, Jean, estate of 1614 1842
d'Echevery, Marie, aka Sanite, fwc Riviere, Widow J.B. 1226 1838 Succession of J.B. Riviere
Grant, Bridget Robertson, Thomas, curator of 788 1833
Grant, Bridget Robertson, Thomas, curator of 789 1833
L'Eveque, Jean Baptiste & Jeanne Desiree Olympe Paderae, his wife Robinet, Marie Jeanne, widow Paderae, executor of 960 1835
Grenier, Felix James Robitaille, Munroe, Estate of 1725 1844
Robitaille, S. Robitaille, Munroe, Executors of 1728 1844
Bailly, Nicholas Robles, A. and wife 430 1825 Plaintiff's name also spelled Bally
Bally, Nicolas Robles, Antoine and Marie de Acosta, his wife 1263 1839 Includes Louisiana Supreme Court documents
Bally, Nicholas Robles, Antoine and wife 433 1827 Plaintiff's name also spelled Bailly; includes documents from 1st Judicial District Court 657
Bauver, Rose, fwc Roboam, Francois, executor of 985 1836
Lefevre, Jacques, fwc Robouam, Francois, executor of 1292 1839
Lefebre, A. Robouam, Jacques, executor of 1264 1839
Doriocourt, A.D. Robouan, heirs of 1564 1842
Aubrey, Edouard & others Roche, Henriette, widow Armand Magnon, executor of 853 1834
Fiertz, Henry & Co. Roche, Pierre & Pierre Derbigny 197 1824

Roche, Widow, estate of 670 1832

Roche, Widow, estate of 702 1833
Montgomery, W.W. Rochelle, R., executors of 357 1826
Roberts, Charles Rochelle, R.L., executors of 339 1825 See also 340
Gottschalk, Edouard Rochelle, R.L., executors of 413 1826
Brown, H.C. Roe, Thomas, Succession of 772 1833
Kerr, D.C. Rogers, John, Estate of 103 1823
Gough, Rachel N. Romain, P., exeuctors of 832 1834
Cornie, Louis Romain, Pierre, estate of 840 1834
Morlot & Perrot Romain, Pierre, executors of 849 1834
Romano (minor children) Romano, estate of widow 381 1826

Romero, Antoine, Estate of 184 1824
Rapp, Louis Romero, Fernando, Curator and attorney for absent heirs of 1719 1844
Romero, Fernando, Attorney for absent heirs of Romero, Fernando, Curator of 1707 1844
Davezac, Augustus Rooney, William (alias James Mooney), curator of 1265 1839
Bousquet and Degranges Roppolo, S., Executor of 1734 1844
Ross, George and John Ross, James and Charles Patterson, et al. 1773 1845 Succession of William Ross
Michon, Pierre Gerome Roubert, Antoine, his tutor 1014 1836
Michon, Pierre Gerome Roubert, Antoine, his tutor 1014 1836 Estate of Annette Bruneau, widow Constance Michon
Fortin, Nicholas Roux, E., exector of 1318 1839
Roux, Pierre (minor), Widow Julia Fortin Roux Roux, Pierre, undertutor of 1310 1839 Succession of Pierre Roux (film is out of focus)
Michel, C. Roux, Widow Emanuel et al 1277 1839 Estate of Emanuel Roux
Rouzan, Alexandrine, wife of John Fleming Rouzan, J.M. Meffie, curator of estate of 1276 1839 Includes Louisiana Supreme Court documents (#3739)
Pacaud, Marguerite & others (fpc) Rouzan, M.M. 2 1823
Dicks, John Rowe, James S., executors of 1009 1836
Fishbein, J. Rubin, A., curator and attorney for absent heirs of 1327 1839 #1327 is marked as "missing" but is filmed with #1329
Mondelli, A. Russell, Maria, executor 1272 1839 Succession of Richard Russell
McCafferty, Sarah Russell, Richard 1211 1839 Estate of Richard Russell
McCafferty, Sarah Russell, Richard 1216 1838 Estate of Richard Russell (Includes documents from Parish Court #10667)
McCafferty, Sarah Russell, Richard 1217 1838 Estate of Richard Russell
Russell, Richard, attorney for absent heirs of Russell, Widow Maria 1275 1839
Gonzales, Widow Ruys, Jose Gonzales, coheirs of 834 1834
Romer, J.R. Ryon, Theodore, administrator 1578 1842 Estate of Jean Dominique Ryon

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