Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with P

Packwood, Theodore J., administrator Packwood, Samuel, et al. 1478 1841 Succession of Alice Packwood (duplicate number)

Pacquetet, F.B., estate of 766 1833 Target says Missing
Jordan, Caleb D., executor of Page, Ann, widow & curator of estate of Jacob Page 681 1833

Page, Jacob (Petition for recognition of absent heirs) 728
Petition for recognition of absent heirs
Driosche, Joseph Julien Pamar, Romain 115 1823
Papet, Aglae, widow Martin Papet, Charles, curator of 1078 1837
Mays, Thomas J. Parsons, W.W., curator of 1494 1841
Pascal, P., executor of Pascal, Louis & others, & attorney for absent heirs 1079 1837
Mathews, George Pascal, Paul, Estate of 1013 1835
Dionis, Widow Jean & others Pascal, Paul, executor of 1044 1836
Scott, William Pascal, Paul, executor of 997 1836
Daron, Charles, agent Pascal, Paul, executor of 1194 1838
Rowland, George Pascal, Paul, test. executor of 1031 1836
Passerieux, Francois, Attorney of Executor of Passerieux, Francois, Executor of 1681 1843
Montgomery, A., Heirs of Patterson, Charles 214 1825
Patterson, Nathaniel Patterson, David, curator of 1521 1841

Paturel, Marguerite, wife of Louis Coinard, estate of 630 1832 Petition for partition
Kellar, John Peabody, Mary L., estate of 1485 1841
Deacon, L. and Jane Maden Pearson, Eliza S., administrator 1607 1842 Estate of William R. Pearson
Keeling, Henry Pearson, Mrs. Eliza L., administrator 1639 1843 Succession of William R. Pearson
Pacaud, Mathurin (fmc) Pecquery, O., Estate of 43 1823
Marvin, A.S. Penny, P.B., estate of 705 1833
Furst, Frederick Penny, P.B., Estate of 653 1832
Aiken, Oliver Penny, P.B., estate of 736 1833
Penny, Walter K. Penny, P.B., estate of 720 1833
Gildermaster, Hugo C. Penny, Philander B., executors of 821 1834
McKean, William Penrice, John, estate of 778 1833
Henshaw & Bell Penrice, John, estate of 686 1833
Harris, John G. Penrice, John, estate of 696 1833
Wagner, Peter K. Penrice, John, Heirs of 738 1833
Hale, John Penrice, John, succession of 732 1833
Henshaw and Bell Penrice, John, Widow and heirs of 797 1833
Verde, Francisco Peon y Valdes, Jose de, absent heirs of 749 1833
Peralta, Hortaire Peralta, Joseph, natural tutor of heirs of Berlucheau 1439 1841
Morel, Adele, fwc Perinne, fwc, estate of 320 1825
Perodin, Widow, attorney for absent heirs of Perodin, Widow, administrator of 1616 1842
Richardson, R. Perrilliat, F.M., executor of 561 1830
Bein, John D. Peuch, James, tutor 1015 1836 Estate of Althee Josephine Daquin, wife of James Peuch
Clarke, S., G. & E. Peychaud, A., executors of 847 1834
Lapeyre, Jean Peyre, Joseph, succession of 495 1828 Petition
Bellouquet, Auguste Peyroux, Sylvain et. al 1038 1836 Estate of Eugenie Peyroux, widow Louis Lanoix
Mayor, Aldermen, etc. of City of New Orleans Phelippon, Jean, executor of 537 1829
New Orleans, Corporation of et al. Phelippon, Jean, executor of 474 1827
Chaveau, Dr. R. Philippe, Widow Etienne, estate of 678 1832
Municipality No. 2 Philips, William Asher, estate of 1269 1839
Barelli, Joseph A. Phillippe, Giovanni B., executor of 809 1834 Includes papers from First Judicial District Court #10658
Municipality No. 2 Phillips, Johanna, natural tutor of minor children of Asher or Asha Phillips 1323 1839

Phillips, Lewis G., Estate of 640 1832 Petition for partition
Bobet, J.S. Phillips, Philip, estate of 1398 1840 Includes documents from Commercial Court #2603, P.P. Rea v. J.K. Mead (see #1396)
Ribet, Alesie Phillips, Widow Phillip 1491 1841
Godouin, Genevieve, fwc Picquery, Louis, curator of estate of 1041 1836
Pierce, Sarah Ann, heirs of Pierce, G., fmc, curator of succession of 1066 1837
Adams, William H. Pierce, George, fmc, curator of 1049 1836
Powell, Thomas Pierce, George, succession of 1081 1837
Pierce, Julia, widow E. Rouvert Pierce, Hayward (her father), executor of 1441 1841
Montreuil, Bazile & Charlotte, alias Dede, fpc Pierre, Charles, alias Bernard, fmc 854 1834 Succession of Francois Montreuil, alias Louis Dede, fmc
Harman, Thomas L. Pigeaux, Marianne, wife of George Lecesne (fpc), executors of 1629 1843

Pigian, Madam, Succession of 1767 1845 Petition of curator for account of administrator
Pijeaux, Philippe and Marianne Pijeaux Pijeaux, Philippe 62 1823
Piquery, Marianne & others Piquery, Annette, alias Pacaud, heirs of 330 1825 In the matter of estate of Marianne Dubreuil alias Brion
Pacaud, Estate of Onezine (minors Piquery) Piquery, Curator of Estate of 107 1823 Minors are Adelaide, Catherine & Charles Piquery)
Piquery, Adelaide, Catherine and Charles (fpc) Piquery, Estate of 104 1823 Part of this record is filed in error with #114
Plaix, Widow Plaix, Dr. Fereol, executor of, et al 1242 1838
Alzina, Pablo, Curator of Planas, Ramon 1659 1843
Pizarro, Francisco Martinez, Mexican consul Platas, Jose Trinidad de la, tutor of the minor 638 1832 Estate of Antonio Platas
Plauche, Andrew Plauche, John B. 185 1824
Mazerat, Widow, guardian of Hippolyte Mazerat Poirier, F.A., beneficiary heir of Raymond Deveze 434 1827
Mayer, Hypolite Poirier, J.M., heir of Raimond Deveze 408 1826
Lallande, Charlotte, executor of Polliole, Joseph 1391 1840
Pomet, Leonard Pomet, James, John & Francoise, Curator of 282 1825

Pon, Ramon Mon y, testament of 0 1832 Unnumbered fragment; filed between two cases numbered 150
Fornoret, Pierre, Manuel Forneret, et al. Poree, Celeste, natural tutrix 1523 1841 Estate of Charles Fornoret
Portale, Marie Anne Portale, Widow, her tutrix & undertutor 1136 1837 Petition for emancipation
Darcy, F. Porter, B.P., widow of 308 1825
Green, Thomas Porter, David, curator of estate of 654 1832
Deemer, Sarah Walker (alias Sarah Deamer), fwc Porter, William, Succession of 1538 1842 Includes documents from Parish Court #14236 and City Court #5095, with Jane Page as plaintiff
Rowe & Went Pottier, Louis, succession of 584 1830
Woodruff, Daniel Pottier, Louis, succession of 583 1830
Poujet, Jean Pierre, curator of Poujet, Jean Pierre, Jr., & others 850 1834

Poultney, J., Estate of 150 1822
Mayor, Aldermen, etc. Poultney, Widow 209 1824
Laralde, Edouard & Cecilia et al. Poumairot, Jean, curator to absent heirs of (estate of B. Lafon) 485 1828
DeEnde, Eliza and Emily Powers, Eliza, tutrix and others 1250 1838
Pratt, Jean Antoine, succession of Pratt, Jean Antoine, executrix of 1337 1839
Miller, John F. Prendergast, Julia et. al. 1200 1838 Succession of Mary Prendergast
Dalia (fwc) Preovst, Maurice, Executor of, et al. 1671 1843

Prevost, Maruice, Succession of 138 1843
Prevost, Jacques L., et al. Prevost, Maurice, Estate of, and legatees 1650 1843
Barrere, Jean Pierre, agent of P. Gaillard Prialle, P., executor of 899 1835
Tholozan, Eugene Prieto, Casimir, his Tutor 1674 1843 Succession of Widow deFlechier
Fanchon, Helene, fwc, executor of Princiane, Anselme Louis and others, fpc 1500 1841
Stuart, Thomas Jefferson Pringault, Francois Bernard, curator of 1224 1838
Slidell, John Pritchard, R.O., succession of 1369 1840
Pritchard, Mrs. Pritchard, Richard O., curator of 1370 1840

Provosty, Widow Auguste 146 1844

Provosty, Widow Auguste 147 1844

Provosty, Widow Auguste 146 1844
Barbanay, Theophile Prue, Paulin, curator for missing heirs of 1387 1840

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