Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with M

Carpantier, Cecee, fwc, attorney of Macarty, Barthelemy, executor of 628 1832
Jason, Marie Reine, fwc Macarty, J.B., fmc, executors of 1102 1837
Marcarty, Marguerite & Bernard, fwc Macarty, Jason Bernard, fmc, executor of 990 1836
Beaulieu, Baptiste, fmc Macarty, Jean, alias Jason Bonan 1192 1838
Macarty, Barthelemy Macarty, Mystile 249 1824
Macarty, Barthelemy Macarty, Mystille 257 1824
Cannon, Jean Macias, Joseph 1570 1842 Succession of Marie Clarisse Beaulieu, divorced wife of Joseph Macias, deceased wife of Drauzin Cannon (interdicted)
Kellar, John Mann, Arthur, Estate of 1696 1844
Crostick, Barnett Mann, Arthur, Estate of 1717 1844
Williams, Richard, and Co. Mann, Arthur, Succession of 1691 1844
Nicolas, Heloise, fmc March, Benito, testamentary executor of 699 1833
Poirier, Adelize, natural tutrix of minors Marcou Marcou, minors, under tutor of 919 1835 Estate of Francois Marcou
Henderson, Stephen Marigny, C.D. & others 1023 1836 Succession of R.N. Destrehan

Marquis, Manuel, estate of 1258 1839
Piquery, Annette, Heirs of Martin, Francoise 218 1825
Roach, L. Maspero, P., Estate of 16 1823
Jones, Jacob Maspero, P., Estate of 20 1823
Borelli Torri & Co. Maspero, P., Widow & Heirs of 88 1823
Lacoste, Michel Maspero, Peter, Estate of 138 1823
Field, Seaman & Matthew Morgan Maspero, Peter, Estate of 80 1823
Brusle, Camille, Syndics of creditors of Maspero, Peter, Estate of 139 1823
Akin, Oliver Maspero, Peter, Heirs of 90 1823
Tercy, Francois, Estate of Maspero, Peter, Widow and heirs of 142 1824
Durnford, Thomas Maspero, Peter, Widow and Heirs of 81 1823
Millaudon, Laurent Maspero, Widow 71 1823
Abat, Maurice Maspero, Widow P. 17 1823
Mathieu, Marie Ester, fwc Mathieu, Jacques, fmc & others 332 1825
Mathieu, Marie Esther, fwc Mathieu, Louis, fmc 279 1825
Valance, William, heirs of Mathis, James, curator of estate of 359 1826
Pierre, Levi Matthews, George, succession of 1171 1838
Laclotte, Laurence, fwc Matthews, Joseph, estate of 606 1831
Handressy, Dr. Mauret, Jean, Estate of 119 1823
Hazeur, Pierre Favre Mazet, Louis & others, fpc 1133 1837 Estate of Marie Benedicte, alias Sophie Brion, fwc
Muggah, John McBride, Walter 268 1824
Muggah, John McBride, Walter 267 1824
Bowen, W.W. McBride, Walter, Estate of 266 1824

McCaleb, Thomas F., Estate of 1100 1837
Farar, Benjamin, et al and heirs of M. Butler McCutcheon, R.M. et al 196 1826
Whitworth, James, heirs of (Mary & William Lambert) McDaniel, Dr. Y. 795 1833
Ball, J. & Co. McDonogh, W. W., estate of 697 1833
Salnave, F.L., fwc McDonogh, W.W., estate of 724 1833
Bouny, B. McDonogh, W.W., estate of 648 1832
Bell, R. McDonogh, W.W., estate of 723 1833
Kerr, J.E. McDonogh, W.W., estate of 652 1832
Oger, Peter McDonogh, W.W., estate of 650 1832
Hurst, Cornelius McDonogh, W.W., executors of 730 1833
Diamond, Charles McDonogh, William W., estate of 655 1832
Ludeling, Virginie, et. al McDonogh,William, executor of 712 1833
Jaggar, Jehiel McDougal, Myford 1232 1838
Phillips, Wells McDougal, Myford 1122 1837 Transferred to 1JDC 12682
Choisy, Elie Charles Etienne, natural tutor of minor children McDowall, Jessie, succession of 1381 1840
Bishop, William McDowall, Robert 666 1832 Actually First Judicial District Court #10110
Florance, J.L and W.H. McDowell, Elizbeth, tutor of Robert McDowell 790 1833
Agier, Peter McDowell, Robert, estate of 747 1833
Preston, Ozias McGuire, Dennis, executor of 604 1831
Marigny, Bernard McGuire, Dennis, executor of estate of 609 1831
McGuire, Cornelius McGuire, Thomas, executor of 1416 1841
Fink, John D., et al. McHenry, Jesse, et al. 1620 1843 Estate of Sarah Baume
Cheti, Francois McKenna, James, estate of 774 1833

McMahon, Dr., Succession of 132 1838
Doran, Daniel, attorney for heirs of McMillan, Charles 1432 1841
Doran, Heirs of McMillen, Charles, succession of 1099 1837
Winter, Joseph S., Estate of McNair, R.H. 141 1823
Corelli, Dr. McNeil, John T., administrator of estate of 793 1833
Rogers, George K. McNeil, Joseph S., executor of 1068 1837
McFarlane, James S. McNeill, J.T., estate of 762 1833
McQueen, William McNeill, John T., administrator of 682 1833
McQueen, William McNeill, John T., administrator of estate of 659 1832
Morgan, David B. McNeill, John T., administrator of estate of 658 1832
Wallace, Lambeth & Pope McNeill, John T., administrator of estate of 671 1832
Sheehan, Denis McPhelin, Patrick, estate of 765 1833
Rea, P.P. Mead, J.K. 1396 1840
Kerr, Dr. Josiah E. Meade, Thomas, estate of 590 1831
Thomas, P.F. Meance, Ed., administrators of estate of 416 1826
Meffre Rouzan, Jaquarine (alias Rosine) fwc, wife of Louis Ferrand, fmc Meffre Rouzan, Michel, curator of, et al. 1461 1841
Meffre, Jaques Michel, fmc Meffre, Jean Michel, curator and attorney for absent heirs 1460 1841 Estate of Michel Meffre Rouzan
Meffre, Jean Marie, Marie Helene and Joseph Etienne Meffre, Jean Michel, executor, et al. 1450 1841 Estate of Francois Meffre Rouzan

Meilleur, Widow Leon, Estate of 1586 1842 In the matter of interdiction of Julie Meilleur
Dumaine, Dominique Melanie Cantrelle, wife of D. Dumaine, tutrix of minors 911 1835
Mendez, Mercelite, wife of Antoine Laudier Mendez, Elizabeth et al. 625 1832
Campuzano, Francisca, widow of deceased Menterio, Manuel, alias Manuel San Hementerio, Succession of 948 1835 Petition for rendition of account
Dessales, Celeste (fwc) Mercier (?), H., Estate of 39 1823 Spelling of defendant's name is questionable
Mercier, Armand & Alfred Mercier, Armand & Alfred, Tutor of 145 1845
Mercier, Felix Mercier, Henry, Estate of 64 1823
Dessales, Celeste Mercier, Henry, Estate of 54 1823
Belloc, Amadee & Co. Mercier, Henry, Estate of 52 1823

Mercier, Jean Jacques, Succession of 128 1839
Harrel, Marie Merry, Daniel, Estate of 15 1823
Thompson, N.T. Merry, Daniel, Estate of 96 1823
Dubourg, Dr. Meteye, Adeleine (fwc), Succession of 1758 1845
Dubourg, Dr. Metoyer, Auguste, Executor of 1751 1845
Proux, L. Judith Metoyer, Magdaleine, Succession of 1741 1845
Lafitte, Mrs. Pierre Metoyer, Magdeleine (fwc), Succession of 1738 1845
Bonnabel, attorney in fact Meus, Eugene Joseph, executor and attorney for absent heirs of 1181 1838
Hasle, Augustine Eulalie, wife of Gustave Laroque Turgeau Meynadier, Catherine Estelle, Widow Martin Hasle 1752 1845
Fouche, Xavier & Madame Maggotty Michel, Charles A., estate of 651 1832
Barbot, Caroline, wife of Joseph Vigo & others Michinard, Jean & wife & others 1042 1836 Estate of Widow Barbot
Savary, Widow, fwc Michon, Widow, executor of 614 1832
Flotte, Jean Baptiste Michot, V.A. 1186 1838 Estate of Honore Flotte; petition for emancipation
Rey, Barthelemy Miclino, Marie Genevieve, Administrator of 1559 1842
Perche, Michel Miclino, Marie Genevieve, Administrator of 1558 1842
Danezac, A. Miller, estate of 691 1833
McGill, James Milne, Alexander, Estate of 1693 1844
Milon, Widow, heirs of Milon, Widow, curator of 1248 1838
Rey, Barhelemy and Victoire Lecesne, wife of Chazal Thomas Mioton, Marie Antoinette Celina and her husband, et al. 1499 1841 Succession of Nicolas Mioton
Grandchamps, Francis Mioton, N., estate of 917 1835
Thomazet, Thereze, widow Sylvestre Charvet Mioton, Nicolas, executor of 882 1834
Mitchell, Amelia Ann, wife of James C. Parker Mitchell minors, tutor & undertutor of 1084 1837 Succession of Sarah Mitchell
Parker, Aurelia A., wife of James C. Parker Mitchell, John, et al. 1772 1845 Succession of Widow Sarah A. Lemoyne
Isquierdo, Joseph Molero, Catherine (his wife), Estate of 38 1823
Fernandez, J.M. & Frederick Roy Mon, Ramon, estate of 713 1833
Staes, M.C. Mon, Ramon, executor of 685 1833
Bremont (alias Monde), Pierre & Simon Monde, Marie Amelie 1125 1837 Estate of Widow Monde (petition for interdiction of Marie)
Monde, Stephen, alias Bremont, and Simon Monde, alias Bremont Monde, Marie Amelie, curator of 1516 1841
Montandon, Eugene Montandon, Eugene, curator of 895 1835
Girod, Nicolas Montandon, Eugene, curator of 750 1833
Montegut, Raimond, et al. Montegut, Solidelle, wife of Joseph Roffignac 1163 1838 Estate of Aimee Montegut
Grant, Alexander Montezuma, A.M., de, executors of 1072 1837
Addison & Merric Montgomery, John 494 1828
Perrault, Auguste (fmc) Monthieu, Joseph (fmc), Tutor 1750 1845 Succession of M.I. Perrault and Hortense Mathe, Widow Firmin Perrault (Also includes document from Succession of Rosalie Victoire Duscloslange, wife of Appollinaire Perrault)
Perreault, Auguste Montieu, Joseph and Hortense Toutant (fpc) 1679 1843 Succession of F. Perreault

Montigny, Louise, wife of Clement Laureat, Estate of 245 1834
Clark, Suzanne (fwc) Montinard, Laurant, Estate of 40 1823
Clark, Susanna (fwc) Montinard, Peter Laurent, Estate of 112 1823
Montreuil, Theodule Montreuil, Heirs of 1131 1837 Estate of Marie Marthe de Macarty, widow Montreuil
Montreuil, Charlotte, fwc, wife of Baptiste Thomassin Montreuil, Marianne, fwc, heirs of 301 1825
Montreuil, Leda Montreuil, Widow Theodule 1219 1838 Estate of Theodule Montreuil
Marcelin, Joseph, tutor of the minor Montrose, Joseph, fmc, absent heirs of 743 1833
Wardens of Church of St. Louis Montrose, Joseph, fmc, curator of estate of 693 1833
Monus, Elizabeth, fwc Monus, Pierre, executor of 1383 1840
Cobb, Widow Candid Mooney, James, curator of 1526 1842
Thompson, Samuel Moore, George 687 1833

Moore, John, estate of 386 1826
Allen, D.R. Moore, John, Estate of 29 1823
Bearsdslee, James Moore, Louisa A., widow John Penrice 683 1833
Beauregard, Basile Morant, Gustave, fmc, and Eugene Vessier, legatees and executors 1554 1842 Succession of Virginie Vessier, wife of Gustave Morant
Laulet, A.L., Estate of More, Hyacinthe, Tutrix of her minor children 1724 1844
Roach, James Moreau, James, Curator of 1686 1843
Macarty, L.B. Moreau, Louis, Administrators of 1680 1843
Harman, S. Morganstern, Charles, curator of estate of 692 1833
Prudhomme, Mme. Raphael, natural tutor of minors S. & A. Morine Morine, Edouard 801 1834
Henner, Alfred Morrison, James, exectutor of estate of (Henry Clay) 379 1826
Holland and Thomasin, executors Muller, Moses S., attorney for absent heirs of 1252 1839
Moyles, James Murphy, Michael, Administrators of 1652 1843
Murphy, Michael, administrator of Murphy, Widow Mary 1634 1843

Murray, Bernard, estate of 1346 1840

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