Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with L

Collin, Marie Louise, fwc, absent heirs of L'Eglise, Pierre, executor 391 1826

L'Hommedieu, Charles W., succession of 1062 1836 Petition of surviving wife, ___ Howell
Test, Helen M., widow of Amos Beeson L'Hommedieu, curator of and attorney for absent heirs of 1254 1839
Ailloud, Pierre L'hoste, Augustine, Widow Jacques Duval Grandmaison 1762 1845 Estate of Jacques Duval Grandmaison
Ball, Arnaud Labertonniere, Henriette & Zelie Tagiasco, tutrix 1120 1837
Demigne, F. Lacaze, J., estate of 1372 1840
Laclotte, Lorence et al Laclotte, Marguerite, tutor ad hoc of, et al. 1050 1836 Succession of Jeanne Laclotte
Rillieux, Catherine Lacuestra, J.B. et al, estate of Suzanne Droit 412 1826
Lafitte, M., attorney for absent heirs of Lafitte, M., executors of 1350 1840
Pomone, fwc Lafitte, Marc, executor of 1274 1839
Pomone, fwc Lafitte, Marc, executors of 1355 1840
Pomone, fwc Lafitte, Marc, executors of 1268 1839
Canonge, J.F. & others Lafon, B., heirs of 336 1825
Nicolas, Valery & Valery Boisdore Lafon, Barthelemy, Estate of 105 1823
Millaudon, Laurent Lafon, Barthelemy, Estate of 89 1823
Lislet, Moreau & M. Gordon Lafon, Barthelemy, executors and heirs of 343 1825
Lafon, Anne Francoise, Widow of Pierre Noyez Lafon, Barthelemy, Executors of 93 1823
Lislet, Moreau & Canonge Lafon, Barthelemy, heirs of 345 1825
Lafon, John Thomas Lafon, By., estate & heirs of 348 1825 (See also #338)
Brana, Paul Lafon, Dr. Gustave, administrator of 1623 1843
Lafon, J.P. Lafon, G.P., Estate of 195 1824
deArmas, Christoval G. Lafon, heirs of 346 1825 Jeanne Philippe & Victoire Lafon
Lafon, J.B., heirs of Lafon, J.B., estate of 337 1825
Rapp, Rachel, fwc Lafon, Jean Philippe 845 1834
Hepp (or Hess), Susannah Lafonta, J.B., Estate of 175 1824 Spelling of plaintiff's surname is unclear
St. Germain, Rosalie, wife of Gabriel Lafrance Lafrance, Norbert 938 1835 Estate of Rosalie St. Germain
Andry, Manuel, executor of Lagarde, J.B., administrator of 1454 1841
LaLaurette, Delphine & Mary, fwc LaLaurette, Eulalie & Joseph, fwc 472 1827
Lay, Zelie & Amelie and John Longpre, fpc Lambert, Hypolite & Alex. Longpre, fpc 955 1835 Lefevre, Louise Eugenie, Succession of
Car, Hugh, absent heirs of Lambert, James & William Phelan 10 1823
Chapduc, Louise Helene, widow Lambert, and heirs Lambert, M.L.E., wife of Pierre Lambert 1453 1841 Estate of Pierre Lambert
Guindon, Victorine, Wife of Pierre Cloud, et al. Lamothe, Jean (fmc) 1744 1845 Succession of Marie Pierre (fwc)
Prados, Manuel Lamothe, Jean, dative testementary executor 1467 1841 Succession of V.A. Michot
Flotte, Alfred Victor, et al. Lamothe, Jean, tutor 1645 1843 Succession of Honore Flotte (Filed in the middle of #1640)
Taylor, William, tutor of minor children of Thomas Harman Landreau, H. et al 436 1827
Church of St. Lewis, President and Wardens of Landry, Norbert et. Al. 388 1826

Langston, C.W., estate of 1233 1838
Hunter, Cecelia Geraldine, tutrix Langston, Wesley Thomas, executor of 1169 1838
Lanna, Jeanti Lanna, Jean, Executor of 1779 1845
Arnoult, Madame (fwc) Lanna, Joseph Jean Pierre (fmc) 1755 1845
Boquille, Francoise Lanne, Caroline 1297 1839 Succession of Marie Joseph Auditot
Bara, Claude Vincent, Heirs of Lanquille, B. & P. Boisin 18 1823

Lanusse, Charles B., Succession of 155 1844
Hasle, Alexander Laporte, Louis, Estate of 59 1823
Moni, Louis Larche, Widow, alias Larcheveque, executor of 852 1834
Dejan, Claude Largy, Elizabeth, Widow James O'Rourke 1458 1841 Succession of James O'Rourke
Pelarme freres Larochette, Antoine, estate of 1444 1841

Larochette, Antoine, Succession of 1443 1841
Stroud, John and William Ranking Larochette, Estate of 1480 1841

Larolde, Pierre Barthelemy & Carmelite Larolde 340 1825 Petition for new tutor

Laronde, Marguerite (fwc), Estate of 192 1834
St. Marcq, Jean, Executors of Larrieu, J.B. Amedee 61 1823

Larue, Denis, estate of 1059 1836 Petition of Marie Ines Wilkins, widow Larue
Lateron, attorney for absent heirs of Lateron, curator of 1249 1838
Laurel, Jean, tutor Laurel, Charles, fmc, curator of estate of 668 1832
Laurelle, Charles, fmc, attorney for absent heirs of Laurelle, Charles, fmc, curator of 1562 1842
St. Victoire, Victoire M. Laurenti, Louisa, widow Polinario Cienfuegos, executors of 807 1834 Duplicate number
Lauve, Palmyra, widow of Joseph Poullault, & Edward Lauvre Lauve minors, repr. by tutrix & mother Lauraine Jean Louis 1005 1836 Estate of P.L. Dubourg
Lauve, Theodule Lauve, Edward & Palmyre Lauve, widow 975 1835 Lauve, Edward, Succession of
Croizet, M. Lauve, Nicolas, exectutor of estate of 397 1826
Laveau, Laurent, fmc Laveau, Charles, fmc 392 1826 Half-brother and father of M. Laveau of Voodoo fame
Laveau, Marie, wife of F. Auguste Laveau, Charles, fmc 387 1826 Plaintiff is half-sister of M. Laveau of Voodoo fame
Dawson, R. Laverty, Kenny, estate of 568 1830
Workman, James Laverty, Kenny, executor & heirs of 521 1829
Hunter, George H., syndic of estate of Laverty, Kenny, executor of 576 1830
Curneen, Barney Lavoie, N., Estate of 45 1823
Lawey, John, attorney for absent heirs of Lawey, John, curator of 1046 1836
McKenna, Charles J. Lawler, James, Estate of 1710 1844
Maher, Patrick Lawler, James, Succession of 1726 1844
Villechaise, Louise Henriette, wife of Momus Lawson, Francis 63 1823
Chalupt, Widow Lay, Amelie, fwc and Edouard Francis Correjeolles 1255 1839 Succession of Dr. Chalupt
Zeringue, Hubert, tutor of minors Haydel LeBlanc, Aleide 1365 1840 Succession of E. Haydel
Erand, Niolas Joseph, widow of LeBlanc, Paulin 1407 1841
Alpuente, Francois LeCarpentier, J., dative testementary executor 1535 1842 Succession of Felix deArmas
Alpuente, Widow, executor of Jean Alpuente LeCarpentier, Joseph, dative executor of de Armas 1610 1842 Succession of Felix de Armas
Gayarre, Etienne, et al Leclair, Charlotte, Estate of 281 1825
Lefebre, R.A. Lefebre, J.B. co-heirs of, for a petition 1150 1837 Lefebre, J. B., estate of
Mountfort, J.J. Lefevre, Eugenie, attorney for absent heirs & others 1108 1837

Legros, Pierre Nicholas Isabelle, Estate of 1796 1846
Leval, Raymond LeMonnier, Dr. Yves, Succession of 95 1838 Filmed with 1823 records
Leonard, Sarah, widow Lemoyne Lemoyne, Louis A., Estate of 1684 1844 Petition for a partition

Leon, Salomon, Estate of 949 1835
Laloire, Claude, dative executor of, deceased tutor of Hypolite Leriche Leriche, Hypolite 1488 1841 Estate of A. Philippe Leriche
Blossman, Richard D. Lesassier, Adelaide (fwc), wife of J.F.O. Barrabino, Estate of 98 1832 Filmed with 1823 records
Leucher, Antoine, Matter of Leucher, Antoine, Heirs of Wife of 122 1839 Petition for a partition
Lewis, Sidonie P. et als Lewis, John L. et als. 786 1833 Succession of Joshua Lewis
Lewis, Sidonie P. et als. vs. John L. Lewis et. als Lewis, Joshua

Lewis, Howell et als. Lewis, Nicholas, et als. 787 1833 Estate of Sarah P. Lewis
Tilghman, Hardin L. Lewis, Robert, estate of 707 1833
Davis, Micajah, Jr. Lewis, Robert, executor of estate of 721 1833
Jacobs, Charles A. & William W. Lambeth Lewis, Robert, heirs of 842 1834
McMichen, Thomas Lewis, Robert, heirs of 1021 1836
Hamblet, Philip Augustus Lewis, Robert, heirs of 695 1833
Tilghman, Hurdin L. Lewis, Robert, Heirs of 807 1834 Duplicate number
Tinsley, Nancy Lewis, Robert, heirs of 763 1833
Brown, James N. Linton, John, estate of 884 1834
Lefebve, Pierre Liteaud, Marguerite, wife Godet, executor of 445 1827

Livaudais, Marie Thereze (fwc) Estate of 106 1837
Jan, Mathurin, fmc Livaudau, Joseph E.D., exectutor of estate of Mathurin Jan, fmc 327 1825
Elkins, H. Lloyd, D., curator of estate of 437 1827 Continues after targets for 438 & 439
Stockton, Richard C. Loiseau, Executors of 836 1834
Lombard, Guillaume Lombard, Cesarine, et al. 1548 1842 Estate of Claudine Silvestre, wife of Lombard
Lombard, Widow Joseph Lombard, Joseph, Succession of 1700 1844
Meux, Thomas O. Long, James P., executor of 1222 1838
Bartlet, John Longbottom, Joseph, executors of 839 1834
New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Co. Longer, J.V. Amedee, Administrators of 1694 1844
Lanaux, A.P. Loubies, Widow, executor of 710 1833
Lanaux, A.P. Loubies, Widow, executor of 711 1833

Louis Vermeersch, Succession of 148 1845
Lepage, Louis, tutor, et al Louisiana State Bank and others 1339 1840
Cannon, Maurice Love, Sarah, widow, & John Mitchell, tutor of Love minors 799 1833 Succession of Thomas Love
Slack, Samuel S. Love, Sarah, widow, & John Mitchell, tutor of Love minors 798 1833 Succession of Thomas Love
Lawler, James Love, Thomas, estate of 826 1834
Davis, John Lovett, P., executor of 562 1830

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