Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with K

Lazard, Alexander Katzenstein, T., Succession of 1786 1845
Duffin, Margaret, widow James M. Tunkin, estate of Kay, Mary, et al. 1440 1841
Weisse, Gustave F. Keene, Richard Raynal, estate of 1333 1839
Hood, James Keirnan, Terence 742 1832
Gallagher, Sarah Keirnan, Terence, estate of 757 1833

Keller, Henry (alias Jacob Kohler), Succession of 1745 1845 Petition of Peter Nuss to be recognized agent of absent heirs
Keefer, B. & Dr. L. McDaniel Kelly, Michael, estate of 531 1829
Berneby, Alonson Kelly, Michael, estate of 530 1829
Jones, Dr. James Kelly, Richard, Succession of 1768 1845
Peirce, Ellen B., succession of Ken, M.C. 1390 1840 Spelling of defendant's name is questionable; record is fragmentary
Christal, John Kenner, William 223 1824
Bank of Louisiana Kenner, William, administrator of estate of 431 1827
Depau, Francis Kenner, William, administrator of estate of 447 1827
Hicks, Samuel Kenner, William, administrator of succession of 394 1826
Wilson, Thomas, et al. Kenner, William, administrators of estate of 455

Cook, James & others Kenner, William, estate of 328 1825
Chauncey, Elihu Kenner, William, Estate of 355 1826
Clague, Richard, syndics of Kenner, William, estate of 557 1830
Layton, Robert Kenner, William, estate of 496 1828
Davis, Samuel B. Kenner, William, exectutor of estate of 296 1825
Barker, Josiah Kenner, William, heirs of 441 1828
Bank of Louisiana, President and Directors of Kenner, William, succession of 385 1826 Petition
Kernion, Thomas, minor, undertutor of Kernion, Thomas, minor, tutor of 831 1834 Estate of Terence Kernion
Laurent, Cousin & Joseph Kiernan, Terence, administrator & tutor of estate of 716 1833

Kincaid, John, Succession of 120 1839
McGuire, Patrick Kindelon, Rev. A. 1161 1838 Estate of A. Kindelon
Gragnan, Jean Kohlman, David, Administratrix of 1781 1845
Kellar, John Kohn, Samuel 1393 1840 Succession of Sarah Brown

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