Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with J

Ritchie, D. James Jackson, Richard, executor of 1400 1840
Jahan, Widow, wife of Dansac, natural tutrix of Elizabeth Jahan Jahan, A.R., undertutor of said minor 1545 1842 Succession of Francois Rene Jahan
Jamet, Joseph Jamet, Joseph, under tutor of children of 954 1835 Estate of Melanie Ives, wife of Joseph Jamet
Bobet, J.L. Janlet, Joseph Pierre, succession of 1587 1842

Jarreau, Celestin, Estate of 623 1832 Includes documents from 1JDC 8164 & fragments from estate of Pierre Toiry
McNamara, H., et al. Jarvis, Nathan, et al. 1802 1846
Boissier, Isaac Jason, Gabriel, heirs of 775 1833
McIlvaine et al. Jenkins, Louis Nathaniel, executor of 1113 1837
Brown, John Gill Jenkins, Nathaniel, executors of 1090 1837
Jerome, Adele, widow G. Jerome, tutrix Jerome, Annette Gabriel, attorney for absent heirs of 1241 1838
Gonau, Antoine Jerome, Gabriel, fmc, estate of 962 1835
Gabriel, Charles, Widow, fwc Jerome, Gabriel, fmc, estate of 961 1835
Bertoli, Nocolas Jerri, Franco, Estate of 211 1824
Carter, Edward C. Jeter, James S., estate of 1035 1836
Rines, Gervais Johnson, Joseph, curator of estate of 587 1830 Includes documents from First Judicial District Court #8171
Saulet, Widow Thomas Johnston, James, Estate of 126 1823
Piquery, Annette, Heirs of Johon, Francis 217 1824
Colvis and Duma, fpc Jones, W.F., executor of 1561 1842
Burke, G. and E. Whitall Jones, William F., Succession of 1588 1842
Lambeth, William Jones, William F., succession of 1525 1841
Bellows, John Jordan, C.D., estate of 608 1831 Includes documents from 1st Judicial Dist. Courtt, Bellows V. Jordan
Whitewell Bond & Co. Jordan, Caleb D., executor of 632 1832
Tourne, P.M. (fmc) Jourdain, Madeleine, Curator of 1794 1846
Jourdan, Sophie, wife of P. DeSegur Jourdan, C.F., Curator of 931 1835
Livaudais, Francois Dugue Jung, M. and R. and succession of Josephine Jung alias Dugue, fpc 404 1826
Lebeau, J. Jung, M. and R. and succession of Josephine Jung alias Dugue, fpc 403 1826
Conolly, Felix, dative testementary executor Justamond, J.W., testementary executor of Thomas McGuire 1643 1843 Succession of Sarah Gibney

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