Orleans Parish. Court of Probates
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with H

Hutton, Anna, wife of H.T. Vienne H[utton?]., Anna, wife of E.W. Wells, and her husband 1804 1846 Succession of Henry Hutton
Hall, Samuel B. Hall, William, curator and attorney for absent heirs of 1592 1842
Thaisgreen, Barney Hanrathy, John, curator of estate of 559 1830
Fondale, F. & others, heirs of Jacques Hardy Hardy, Jacques, curator of estate of 675 1832
Murray, Catharine Harland, T.H., curator of estate of 1017 1836
Charnock, Jane Harland, T.H., curator of estate of 1016 1836
Hall, I.J. Harland, Thomas, estate of 1024 1836
Wheliham, Thomas Harland, Widow Margaret M. 1706 1843
Taylor, William Harman, T.L., curator/tutor of minor children of 377 1826
Gordon, Patterson Harman, T.L., tutor of minor children of 370 1826

Harman, Thomas L., estate of 369 1826 Petitions
Mayor, Aldermen, etc. of City of New Orleans Harman, Thomas L., tutor of minor children of 415 1826
Freeland, John Harman, Thomas Leader, Estate of 79 1823
Stewart, Catherine and William Stewart Hart, Michael, curator of 1411 1841
Boni, Cecile, fwc Hart, S., estate of 769 1833

Hart, Samuel, Estate of 127 1833
Phillips, Isaac Hart, Samuel, executor 729 1833
Halphin, Michel Hart, Samuel, executor of estate of 767 1833
Hart, Samuel, heirs of Hart, Samuel, executors of 830 1834
Woolfolk, Samuel M., executors of Harvey, Henry 1109 1837
Brooks, John W. Hassam and Raynor, estates of 1351 1840
Rous, Joseph Hassam, Widow, tutrix and curator of minors 1237 1838 Estate of Thomas Hassam
Levasseur, Claude Haupt, Philip, estate of 442 1827
Wilkinson, James Hawkins, Joseph H., heirs & succession of 227 1824
Williamson, James Hawkins, Joseph, Heirs of 165 1824
Blair, Daniel Hazan, William, executors of 815 1834
Elkins, H. Hazard, John, estate of (R. Canfield) 382 1827
Robert, Euphemie Hazeur, Prosper, fmc 1591 1842
Robert, Melanie, fwc, wife of J.B. Dauphin Hazeur, Prosper, fmc, her tutor 912 1835 Estate of Jacques Robert
Behrle, Simon, attorney for the absent heirs of Helprich, Francisca 1465 1841
Hamilton, Mathilda and her husband Garvin Hamilton Hemm, C.M. and her husband, Didrick Hemm 1624 1843 Succession of John Amman
deLoquy, Celeste Robin de, Widow Destrehan, estate of Henderson, Stephen, executor & others 350 1825
First Congregational Church of New Orleans Henderson, Stephen, Jr., administrator of John Henderson 1466 1841
Sims, Jane W., heir of Maj. Charles Wolstancraft Hennen, Alfred, her tutor 422 1826
Henner, Alfred Henner, A., heirs of 367 1826

Heno, J.B., estate of, and minors Heno 1198 1838
Heno, George & others Heno, Laure & others 1069 1837
Heno, Widow Peter (now Widow Blois) Heno, Peter, Jr., undertutor of minors Heno 1375 1840 Estate of Peter Heno
Cavans, William Henry, Isabella, widow McDowell, exec. & tut. of Alex. McDowell 1018 1836 Estate of Robert McDowell
McNeill, John T., estate of Henry, Isabella, widow, admin. of estate of Robert McDowell 739 1833 (Natural tutor of minor Robert Alexander McDowell)
Michon, Saturnin (interdicted person) Henry, Pierre Desire (curator) 824 1834
Carlaw, Nathaniel Henry, William & J. Cole 8 1823
Kincaide, William, fmc Henry, William, fmc, widow of & tutor of minor children 1087 1837
Clitandre, Emerance (fpc) Hibard, Rose, Executor 1803 1846 Succession of Widow Hibard (fwc)
Henshaw, C.H., tutor Hill, Estes, undertutor 1244 1838 For John Taylor, minor child of Mary Taylor
Hirt, Jacques Charles, et al., legatees Hirt, Catherine, natural tutrix 1475 1841 Estate of Daniel Hirt
Hall, William & Susanna Bently (his wife) Hirte, Tobias, Estate of 131 1823

Hirty, Tobias, Estate of 145 1823 Filed behind target labeled 146
Reeder, Benjamin F. Hirty, Tobias, Estate of 76 1823 Defendant's name also spelled Hertie or Hurty
Bentley, Susanna Hirty, Tobias, Estate of 22 1823
Borgstede, John R. Hofer, Isaac 1496 1841 Succession of Marguerite Pay, wife of Hofer
Puysegur, Augustine Hoffman, Caroline, Administratrix 1780 1845 Succession of David Kohlman
Riddell, John L., tutor of minor Ridell and Minor Frederic Banks Holland, John H. 1714 1844
Knock, Mary, a minor, authorized by husband John L. Riddell Holland, John H., her tutor 1061 1836 Estate of Jacob Schrager
Dow, Robert Holmes, Benjamin, Estate of 178 1824
Yorke, P.L. and S. Honore, Michel, curator of 880 1834
Gomez, Francisco Honore, Michel, executor of 811 1834
Hooke, Margaret, wife of Charles Moses Seppard Hooke, H. Elmina et al. 725 1833
Hopkins, James Hopkins, James, minor children and tutor of 669 1832
Houser, Christiana Houser, John G., Estate of 30 1823
McLean, W. James Howard, Peter, curator of estate of 700 1833
Hucker, Peter, attorney for absent heirs of Hucker, Peter, curator of estate of 722 1833
Hunt, Harvey, agent of heirs of Hunt, Harvey, exec. of late curator of & attny. for absent heirs 1080 1837
Bryant, Phoebe, widow of George Hunter Hunter, George, syndics of 285 1825
Hyams, Andrew Jackson Hyams, Henry M., executor 1457 1841 Estate of Judith Hyams

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