Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with G

Pijeaux, Philippe Gabourdet, Pierre, Estate of 128 1823
Bruslee, S., fmc Gabriel, Charles, widow, fwc, and others 773 1833
Thevenot, Pierre and Barbe, et al. Gallaud, Rosette and Euphrosine, fpc, attorney for absent heirs of 1489 1841

Gally [Gurlie?], Joseph, succession of 1033 1836 Claim of Nicholas Gurlie
Garcia, Josephine, wife of Alexander Baldwin Garcia, Widow Clement (her mother) 1378 1840
Langlade, Jean Garlepied, Widow E. 1214 1838 Estate of Martin Garlepied
Palfrey, Henry William Garnier, C.L., executor of 1294 1839
Improvement Bank Garnier, Charles L., administrator of 1481 1841
Cazeaux, Henry Garnier, Charles, estate of 1291 1839
Improvement Bank Garnier, Charles, estate of 1506 1841
Gonzales, Manuel Garrick, Eulalie, curatrix of estate of husband Jacques Roulin 458 1827
Garsides, Misses, & others Garside, James, administrator of 932 1835

Gaspard, Marie Tranevise, estate of 896 1835
Gaunt, Marshall Gaunt, Reuben, executor of 922 1835
LeBreton, Jean Baptiste Gayarre, Charles & minor Ferdinand Gayarre (Estate of E. Bore) 124 1823 Praying for public sale of Bore's plantation
Boyd, William & Son Gelman, John, Estate of 55 1823
deCima, Gregoris George, Sarah, widow Thomas Alonzo, executor and tutrix 1633 1843 Estate of Thomas Alonzo
Moore, Charles Gerl, Joseph, Estate of 1702 1844
Barrier, Harriet Giladding, Joseph H., curator of 1402 1840 Spelling of defendant's name is questionable
Hagan, William, fmc, attorney in fact of Gillaume, M. and her minor children 1492 1841
Poree, Widow Thomas, curatrix Girard, Leon et al 1267 1839 Estate of Antoine Thomas Poree

Gireaudeau, Adele, fwc 887 1835 Petition for a partition
Fonvergne, Voltaire, fmc Gireaudeau, Bruneau, fmc 928 1835
Rochelle, R.L. & H.M. Shiff Girod, N., Executors of and of E. Sucko 140 1823

Girod, Nicholas, Succession of 131 1840

Girod, Nicholas, Succession of 132 1841
Girod, Niolas, legatees of Girod, Nicolas, dative executors of, et al. 1576 1842
Biron, P.L. Girod, Pierre Nicolas, estate of 1463 1841
Givins, Edward, attorney of Givins, John, attorneys for absent heirs of 1394 1840
Cleary, Peter Gladding, estate of 1490 1841
Gladding, Joseph H., heirs of Gladding, Joseph H., curator and attorney for absent heirs of 1345 1840
Barriere, Harriet, fwc Gladding, Joseph H., curator of 1347 1840
Stone, Dr. Warren Gladding, Stephen H., curator of Joseph H. Gladding 1470 1841
Davern, James Gladding, Stephen, curator of Joseph H. Gladding 1495 1841
Harris, Dr. Gloria, Rebecca (fwc), Estate of 1736 1845
Nicholas, Montesor Golden, Bridget, widow Phillips, tutrix of her minor children 1362 1840 Estate of P. Phillips.
Stewart, Robert F. Gordon, Amelia, executrix of 1368 1840

Gourjon, Jacinthe, Succession of 142 1844
Quel, Elizabeth, Widow Merlet Goux, Bernard, curator of estate of 667 1832

Goux, Bernard, estate of 780 1833 Petition of heirs to be recognized
Tourasse, Guillaume Francois Gouye, Pierre Felix, widow and tutrix of minor children of 1329 1839 Items in #1327 are filmed in the midst of #1329
New Orleans Improvement and Banking Co., Commissioners of Granchamps, Francoise, Estate of 1651 1843
Pacaud, Mathurin (fmc) et al Grand Pre, Celeste, widow of Thomas Beale 43 1823

Grandchamps, Francois, Succession of 143 1844

Gravembert, Perrine, Estate of 299 1825
Laralde minors Gravier, Jean & A. Morphy for absent heirs of B. Lafon 347 1825
Lafon, heirs of Gravier, Jean & Alonzo Morphy 341 1825
Lafon, Heirs of Gravier, Jean & Alonzo Morphy 344 1825
Lafon, Heirs of Gravier, Jean et al. 239 1824
Lafon, B., Heirs of Gravier, Jean et al. 237 1824
Perrett, Frank Gravier, Jean, Curators of 1654 1843
Perronne, Marie et al Gravier, John, curator of 1065 1836
Ferand, Suzanne, widow Aucoin Gravier, John, estate of 934 1835
Lee, James Gray, Joshua, curator of 1316 1839
Griffin, John, attorney for absent heirs of Griffin, John, curator of 1635 1843

Griffon, Jean Marie Charles, Succession of 129 1836
Dick, J.H. Grimby, estate of 1324 1839
Goodrich, William C. Grisby, James, estate of 1298 1839
Guesmon, Jacques Guesnon, Etienne, et al 812 1834 Estate of Widow Jacques Guesnon
Engelbert, Maria, wife of Francois Doucet, and others Guibert, Widow Armand, executor of 643 1832
Marigny, Bernard Guilbou, Jules, estate of 1036 1836
Helene, fwc, tutrix of minor Tousssaint Guillaume, Toussaint, fmc, executor of & others 1162 1838
Burthe, A.F. Guillemin, F., Heirs of 939 1835

Guillemin, Francois A., Succession of 154 1834
Guillot, Joseph Guillot, Victor 1271 1839 In the matter of the interdiction of Victor Guillot

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