Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with F

Fortier, Adelaide, fwc Fabre, Barthelemy 615 1832
Lameuse, Rene Fadenilhe, John, estate of 777 1833
Tener, Joel G. Farland, Bernard, Executors of 1653 1843
Percival, William B., Curator of Farrell, Malborough, et al. 1774 1845
Rousseau, Pierre Faulin, Joseph 952 1835
Bentley, Susanna Fellows, William, Estate of 21 1823
Hall, William & wife Fellows, William, Estate of 130 1823

Fenete, Catherine, wife of Etienne Debon, Estate of 244 1824
Fernandez, Francis Fernandez, Jose 969 1835

Feron, Louis Joseph, Estate of 238 1824
Auguste, Alexandre Ferrand, Louis, fils 1498 1841 Estate of Marie Suzanne (alias Suzette) Castenedo, fwc
Auguste, Alexandre Ferrand, Louis, fils 1509 1841 Estate of Suzette Castanedo
Fleming, Jean Ferrand, Louis, fils 1598 1842 Estate of Rosine Rouzan, wife of L. Ferrand, fils
Meffre Rouzan, James Ferrand, Louis, fils (fcm), wife of, executors of 1613 1842
Basquin, Francisco Ferrer, Jose, executor of 782 1833

Ferrera, Louis, Estate of 760 1833
Clark, Charles, et al. Fienken, Ottee, curator of 1497 1841
Bridges & Vose Finney, James, widow of 829 1834
Bridges & Vose Finney, James, widow of 828 1834
Fowler, Miriam, widow Geurlain Fisk, S., curator 363 1826
Fowler, Miriam, widow Geurlain Fisk, S., curator 365 1826
Fowler, Miriam, widow Geurlain Fisk, S., curator 364 1826
Degruys, Dufoucher Flechier, Eugene and wife, executors of Widow Thalozan 325 1825
Baker, Ebenezer & others Fletcher, James, Heirs of widow of 14 1823
Byrn, Thomas Fletcher, William, Estate of 97 1823
Bogleteau, Alexandrine Fleury, L. Desire 1218 1838 Interdiction of Louis Desire Fleury
Hepburn, James Flood, Dr. William 159 1824
Kilgallan, Michael Flood, Dr. William, Executors of 129 1823
Martin, Widow Bonaventura Flood, Dr. William, heirs of 698 1833
Shaumburg, B. Flood, M., & others 334 1825
Shaumburgh, B. Flood, Mary, et al 284 1826
Shaumburg, B. Flood, Mary, et al & heirs of William Flood 287 1825
Erwin, James & B. Shaumburgh Flood, Widow 204 1824
Hermann, Samuel Flood, William, Estate of 289 1824
Clark, Isaac Flood, William, Estate of 75 1823

Flood, William, Estate of 276 1823
Erwin, James & Bartholomew Shaumburg Flood, William, Succession of 191 1824 Petition
Hermann, Samuel Flood, William, Succession of 171 1824
Erwin, James Flood, William, Widow & Heirs of 283 1825
Flotte, Honore, under tutor of estate of Flotte, Honore, tutor of estate of 951 1835
Mareira, Manuel Fonchon, Helene, fwc, executor of 1158 1838
Fontaine, Marie Alexandrine, minor, tutor of Fontaine, Jacques, estate of 827 1834 Plaintiff is wife of Joseph Devron
Martial, Pierre Fontenay, Theodora, curator of 371 1826
Wescott, Silas Forsyth, Allen W., executor of 673 1832
Abott, Newlin and Co. Forsythe, A.H., estate of 779 1833
Fortier, Oscar, fmc Fortier, Norbert, fmc 424 1827
Fuston, Septha S. & Catherine, his wife Fortin, N., widow and heirs of 440 1827
Fitzgerald, R. Fosc, B., estate of 1479 1841
Dufaux, Charlotte C. Fouche, Nelson (fmc), Tutor 1669 1843 Succession of Benedique Metzinger (fwc)
Foucher, Antoine Foucher, Felicite et. al, heirs of Felicite Badon, widow Foucher 915 1835
Lauter, Marie Azelie Foucher, Louis, heirs of 994 1836
Saulet, Balthazar Foucher, Louis, heirs of 986 1836
Duconig Foulande, attorney for absent heirs of 1185 1838 Spelling of plaitiff's name is questionable
Bedou, Denis, fmc Fouquet, Caffe, estate of 368 1826
Davenne, Henriette, widow Fouche Cougot Fournier, Alexis, security for curator 1596 1842 Estate of Marc Fouche Cougot
French, Benjamin, Executor Fox, Ann, et al. 1708 1844 Succession of Bernard Fox
Fox, Patrick Fox, Ann, executor 1410 1841 Estate of Bernard Fox
Mitchell, John Fox, Ann, executor of Bernard Fox 1464 1841
Mahoney, Owen Fox, Ann, exeuctor 1409 1841 Estate of Bernard Fox
Prague, James Fox, Anne, executrix 1524 1841 Succession of Bernard Fox
Crossman, A.D. Fox, Bernard, Succession of 1580 1842

Fox, Bernard, succession of 1637 1843 Petition of William Stone to remove executrix
Blanc, E. Fox, Bernard, widow and executor of 1590 1842
Crais, Lange Franchimant, Auguste, curator of succession of 715 1833
Marcia, J.J., attorney for absent heirs Franchimant, curator of 1231 1838 Estate of Auguste Franchimant
Howlin, Thomas, Executor of Franklin, Thomas 612 1832
Franklin, John & Michael Franklin, Thomas, co-heirs of 649 1832
Boyd, George W. Franklin, Thomas, curator of estate of 579 1830
Howlin, Thomas, estate of Franklin, Thomas, estate of 603 1831
Gunther, John, claim of Franklin, Thomas, estate of 588 1831
Watkins, Wolf & Co. Franklin, Thomas, estate of 591 1831
Halphen, Michael Franklin, Thomas, executor of 585 1830 Includes documents from Estate v. curator, La. Supreme Court #2118
Janin, Louis French, B.H., security of Michael Berry, curator 1605 1842 Estate of Elias Overhall
Freret, J.P. & others Freret, Alfred, Eugene & Edmond (minors) 1011 1836 Estate of James Freret
Blache, Charles Fromentin, Alexis Pierre, fmc, (minor), tutor of 989 1836 Estate of Marie Thereze Godeau, fwc
Baron, John S. Funel, Widow, Succession of 1746 1845 See also #1735
Barone, J.S. Funell, Widow, Succession of 1735 1845
Furmon, Henry H., Attorney for absent heirs of Furmon, Henry H., Curator of 1692 1844

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