Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with E

Abat, Leonce, attorney in fact of Joseph Abat Edwards, Hosca, dative testementary executor of Delasize 1647 1843 Succession of J.V. Delassize
Maher, Matthew F. Elie, Henry, executor of 580 1830
Hall, J.J. Elkins, Samuel, estate of 936 1835
McNeil, Joseph L., heirs of Elkins, Samuel, heirs & executor of 1001 1836
Eloi, Ambrose A. Eloi, Jean Baptiste, co-heirs of, for a partition 1223 1838 Estate of Marie Fontenau, wife of Jean Baptiste Eloi

Eloi, Jean Baptiste, Estate of 117 1839
Milbank Woolley & Co. Emerson, N., executors of 883 1834
Voisin, Widow Pierre, heirs of Emerson, Nathaniel, estate of 930 1835
Hall, Charles H. Emerson, William, estate of 525 1829
Brink, John Ender, Anna, tutrix of minor children of Frederick Enders 825 1834
Dastugue, Selima et al Erard, Nicholas John, Widow 1296 1839
Rabassa, Juan, tutor of Enrique Esteranelle Esteranelle, Jose, executor of 972 1835

Estevanelle, Estate of 891 1835
McClure, William Etchberger, John, succession of 453 1827

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