Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with C

Zanico, syndic of creditors of Caisergues, Widow 313 1825
Rowe, James, Executor of estate of Caldwell, J.H., curator 968 1835
Calendreau, Marie Louise, widow Henry Calendreau, Joseph, exectutor of estate of 409 1826
Doran, Daniel, heirs of Callahan, Peter and Margaret D., estate of 1221 1838
Doran, Daniel, heirs of Callahan, Peter, heirs of 1075 1837

Callahan, Peter, Succession of 111 1839
Shuff, Jacob Callghan, John, Estate of 170 1824
Cannon, Maurice, agent for heirs Cannon, Cormac, attorney for absent heirs of 1063 1836
Duvigneaud, Louis Canon, Mrs. Drausin, estate of 1631 1843
Auguste, Sauvignac & Philippe Auguste Capucins, Marie Louise des, fwc, testementary executor of 399 1826
Cardeviola, Marie Rose Cardeviola, Sephano 836 1834
Leggett, Benjamin Carney, Ann, Widow Absaom B. Leggett and tutrix of her minor children 1778 1845
Holland, John W. Carr, Hugh, Estate of 27 1823
Carraby, Calixte, et al. Carraby, Antoine, executor of 1505 1841
Gravier, John, curator of estate of Carraby, Antoine, executor of estate of 904 1835
Carraby, Atoine, attorney for absent heirs of Carraby, Antoine, executor of estate of 719 1833
Carraby, Antoine, attorney for absent heirs of Carraby, Antoine, executors of 823 1834
Dumas, Joseph, dative testementary executor Carraby, Antoine, syndic of creditors of 1567 1842
Bernard, Catherine, Widow Leprevost Carre, Marie Louise, Widow Huval, Estate of 99 1823
Deuilliers, Rosette, fwc Carriere, Marie Desiree, fwc, et al. 897 1835 Estate of Charles Pierre
Auguste, Francois, fmc Carries, Iphigenie, attorney for absent heirs of 1566 1842
Fox, Ann Carrington, H.N. 1595 1842 Fragment. Contains one sheet reading "Received from the clerk of the Court of Probates the original record of the case of Ann Fox v. ? Carrington, No. 4162, New Orleans, 5 January 1848")

Cartey, Charles, Estate of 118 1839
Ridgely, Charles Cortez Carty, Charles, estate of 1286 1839
Carty, James and Sarah Carty, Charles, Executors of 1799 1846
Carty, James and Sarah Carty, Charles, Executors of 1800 1846
Marchand, Eugene Casanovichi (alias Griffin), Etienne, Estate of 247 1824
Smith, J.W. Casanovichi, Stephen (alias Stephen Griffin), Heirs of 23 1823
Casanovichi, Stephen (alias Greffin), Heirs of Casanovichi, Stephen, Executor of Estate of 120 1823
Placer, Widow, Executor of Casebergue, Louis 644 1832
Lafargue, Francois Casebergue, Rose, Widow B. Dargy, Estate of 101 1823
McDonogh, John Cash, Thomas C., executor of 1380 1840
Shiff, Hart M. Cash, Thomas C., executor of 1138 1837
Hecaud, Joseph, attorney for absent heirs of Casse, Marguerite, fwc, alias Patience, and others 680 1833
Cassedy, James, absent heirs of Cassedy, Quintilian, curator of estate 360 1826
Blouin, Agustin Castalin, Marie; estate of Charles Blouin, fmc 523 1829
Castanedo, Raymond Castanedo, Joseph, widow of 489 1828
Wilkoff, Marie Aspasie, fwc Castanedo, Suzette, estate of 672 1832
Forstall, Myrthe, fwc, et al Castelain, Marie, fwc, executor of 1236 1838 Estate of Joseph Guillaume
Forstall, Mirthe, fwc Castelain, Marie, fwc, widow of Joseph Guillaume 973 1835

Castor, Antoine ("an insane"), in the matter of 1077 1837 Interdiction
Mathy, Dubois, et al. Catelanat, Henry, estate of 1429 1841
Barateau, Marie Antoinette et al (fpc) Cauchvin, Edward 73 1823
Caullery, Jacques Joseph, Heirs of Caullery, Jacques Joseph, Curator of 1763 1845
Delasize, J. Cenas, J.B., Heirs of 235 1824
Gros, Felix Champagne, Theodule, administrator 1546 1842 Succession of Francois Champagne; includes documents from #1646 (Succession of John N. Duncan) filed with this case in error
Doussan, D.H. Champagne, Widow, executor of 1386 1840
LeBaron, Isaac Chandler, T.L.P., estate of 1575 1842
Pecoud & Manoury Chanet, W., Succession of 273 1823

Chanteaux, Rose, fwc, estate of 1055 1836 Petition of Cecile Pavie, fwc
Molinie, Alexander Chastant, James, heirs and executors of 1101 1837
Breiter, Soloman Chatelanas, H., executor of 1415 1841 Partly illegible

Chauvin, C., Estate of 212 1824
Morgan, George W., et al. Chesneau, heirs of 429 1827
Gaines and wife (Myra Clark) Chew & Relf 150 1845
Lassize, Athanase Chiapella, J.B., curator & attorney of absent heirs of 1173 1838
Christian, Martin, attorney for absent heirs of Christian, Martin, curator of 1352 1840
McDonald, Michael & others Chrystal & Kenner 329 1825
Cienfuego, heirs of Cinefuego, executor of 1229 1838 Estate of Louisa Lorante, widow Cienfuego
Clague, Richard and Edward Clague, Madame Justine, their tutor 1627 1843 Succession of Richard Clague

Clague, Richard, estate of 1176 1838
LaRoche, Justine, widow Clague Clague, Richard, executor of 1134 1837 Estate of Richard Clague
Keene, R.R. Clark, Daniel, executor of 569 1830
Fitzgerald, William G. Clark, George Washington, administrators of 1356 1840

Clark, George Washington, Succession of 125 1840
Martenstein, John H. Clark, Mrs. Anne, executor 1225 1838 Estate of Thomas C. Clark
Purdon, Joseph R. Clark, Mrs., tutrix 1315 1839 Succession of G.W. Clark
Ogilvie, James Clark, Thomas C., executor of 1228 1838
Drummond, James Clarke, Clay C., estate of 1408 1841
Whitman, George Clements, Abner L. 1766 1845
Dobbin, Leonard, agent and attorney for William and Alexander Clyde Clyde, John, Curator of 1771 1845
Shakespeare, Samuel, alledged Agent of Margaret Clyde, wife of William Adams Clyde, John, Curators of 1764 1845
Stagg, Marie, widow of J.P. Cole Cole, J.P., executors of 492 1828
Stagg, Mary, widow of Patrick Cole Cole, John P., executors and heirs of 471 1827
Cole, Mary, widow, et al. Cole, John Patrick, estate of 491 1828
Commagere, Louis Commagere, Michel 1742 1845 Estate of Pierre Commagere
Compton, John, heirs of Compton, John, executor of 1092 1837
Conner, Mary, widow of Michael Conner Conner, Michael, curator of estate of 886 1834

Conny, Louis Victor, interdiction of 1247 1838
Cook, Lucinda Cooper, Washington, Curator of 1682 1844
Lawrence, James, Estate of Coquet, J. Bernard 50 1823
Coquet, P.M.V. et al Coquet, Jacques Bernard 286 1825
Robert, Adelaide, widow Pierre Benjamin Corbin (fwc), Marie Jeanne, Estate of 251 1824
Townsend, I.D. Correjolles, Gabriel, Estate of 1666 1843
Irving, Samuel Cotter, William, Estate of 68 1823
Mercier, Henry, Estate of Cougot, Fauche 46 1823
West, John K. and J.J. Pepin Cougot, Fouche, estate of 1305 1839
Ducros, Adolphe Cougot, M. Fauche, curator of 1273 1839
Brown, Adelaide Cougot, Widow, et al. 1664 1843
Dupas, Widow Court, Dr. A., Estate of 272 1825
Gallo, Felicite, wife of Valsin Larche & Louise Lajour, fpc Coutan, Francoise, estate of 701 1833
Russell, Richard Cox, Nathaniel, estate of 1104 1837
Elkins, Samuel, heirs of Cox, Nathaniel, executor of 1124 1837
Hamman, heirs of Cox, Nathaniel, executors of 1279 1839
Marcou, Widow Francois, tutor of her children Crais, Lange, undertutor 937 1835 Estate of Francois Marcou
Keefe, Widow Julia Creed, Felix Percy, executor 1385 1840 Estate of Jeremiah Creed
Posetta, Maurice Crenon, Widow, curator of estate of 602 1831
Crep, Baptiste (fpc) Crep, Isabelle & Josephine 116 1823 Surname may be Cress
Casanova, Gabriel Cresse, Joseph (alias Picharaca?) 25 1823 Spelling of alias is doubtful
Pizetta, Maurice Creven, Widow, heirs of 631 1832

Crevon, Heloise Henriette, estate of 633 1833
Allard, Celine Crocker, Pierre, fpc, curator 1540 1842 Succession of Henriette Bouchardeau, fwc
Withman, H. Crocker, W.H., Estate of 202 1824
Dewey, Benedict Crocker, William H. 121 1823 Not on microfilm; see an archivist for access
Collins, Isaac Croft, Francis, Estate of 49 1823

Cucullu, Manuel, Succession of 152 1844
Catherine, Marie, fmc Cullion, Pierre, executor & attorney of estate of 463 1827
Cunningham, Patrick, curator Cunningham, Peter & John Wiley 1002 1836 Estate of James Cunningham
New Orleans Gaslight and Banking Curell, James, estate of 1552 1842
Gaslight and Bry(?) Co. Currell, Widow James and undertutor 1625 1843 Estate of James Curell

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