Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with B

Fazende, Francois Baachus, Jean Baptiste, estate of 1058 1836
Freret, James Baachus, Jean Baptiste, executors of 1060 1836
Hermendez & Son & Co. Babcock, Henry, executors of 892 1835
Bacchus, Mannette (fwc) Bacchus, J.B., her curator ad bona 225 1824
Hitchcock, Dr. L. Bacchus, J.B., widow of 1111 1837
Hitchcock, L. Bacchus, Jean B., succession of 1051 1836

Bacchus, Jean Baptiste, fmc, estate of 1043 1836 Petition of Marianne Doriancourt, universal legatee

Badet, Celeste, fwc, estate of 1227 1838 Chloe Burbet, fwc, praying to be put in possession
L'Espinasse, Valsin, fmc Badin, Modeste, estate of 1349 1840
Badon, Felicite, wife of Antoine Foucher, Estate of Badon, Felicite, 107 1838
Vincent, William P. Baer, Ferdinand, estate of 1344 1840
Livingston, Edward Bailey, T., Succession of 69 1823
Perie, Marie-Therese, Widow Thomas Saulet Bailly, Widow Eugene 125 1823
Tremoulet, Bernard Baker, C.P., now wife Wm. Christy, widow & heirs of B. Cenas 423 1826
Collins, Thomas W. Baldwin, Harvey J., attorney for absent heirs of 1353 1840

Baldwin, Isaac & Eliza, estate of 1088 1837 Opposition to accounts of exec; petition against tutor of minors
Dresser, Horace Baldwin, Isaac, Estate of 1789 1845
Harrington, Richard M. Baldwin, Isaac, Estate of 1791 1845
Deitring, William Baldwin, Isaac, Estate of 1792 1845
Ballot, Constant, attorney for absent heirs of Ballot, Constant, executor of 498 1828
Schroeger, Jacob, undertutor of estate of Banks, Frederick, minor heir of Jacob Schroeger and Elizabeth Banks, tutor of 1445 1841
Bradford, E.A., assignee of S. Latapie Barjon, P.D., Jr. et al. 1689 1843 Succession of Madame D. Barjon
Barjon, Pierre Dutreuil, Jr., et al. Barjon, Pierre Dutreuil, tutor 1619 1843 Estate of Eulalie Lanna, wife of P.D. Barjon
Scott, John R. Barker, Edmund L., executor of 548 1830
Micklejohn, George Barker, Edmund, executor of 540 1829

Barnes, Succession of 0
Date illegible; unnumbered; filed at end of last reel
Baron, Adelaide, wife of Jacques Vigne Baron, Jean Aime Auguste, executor of 524 1829
Palmer, E., M.D. Baron, L.K., executor of estate of 967 1835
Peters & Millard Baron, N.A., executors of 894 1835

Baron, Stephen K., estate of 1008 1836 Petition of attorney for absent heirs for account of executorship
Robelin, Hypolite Barre, Jean Jules, curator or 1093 1837
Jureau, Durand Z.W. Barre, John Jules, succession of 1085 1837 Spelling of plaintiff's name is doubtful
Argote, Pedro Maria Barroso, Thomas de Villanuevo, estate of 401 1826 Olivella fwc v. Dupart fmc filed with this case in error
Rice, Dr. John Barry, William (Estate of Mary Walker, wife of McMannus) 84 1823
Dawes, Josiah Bastide, Joseph, estate of 708 1833
Decoux, Valmont Baudin, Mr. and Mrs. E. 741 1833 Petition for emancipation
Kellar Baum, S., estate of 1282 1839
Sherwood, George Baum, Sarah (alias Kellar), estate of 1283 1839
Kellar, John Baum, Sarah, estate of 1280 1839
Farr, Robert Baum, Sarah, executor of 1306 1839
Kohn, Samuel Baum, Sarah, successor of 1290 1839
Baum, Sarah, heirs of Baum, Sarah, tutor of 1357 1840
Hozen, Daniel Baumgard, Frederick 292 1822
Hozen, Daniel Baumgard, Frederick 293
Continues #292
Baumgartin, Magdelena, heirs of Baumgartin, Magdelena, executor of 1010 1836
Bauzan, M.L., widow V. Tyler Bauzan, John, executor 261 1824
Beale, Thomas, Estate of Beale, Thomas, absent heirs of 200 1824
Henderson, C.L. Beale, Thomas, curator of 297 1825
Canterbury, P. Beale, Thomas, Estate of 216 1824
Oakey, Samuel W. Beale, Thomas, Estate of 275 1824
Beale, Thomas, Jr., Estate of Beale, Thomas, Sr., Widow of 240 1824
Pigneguy, L. Aime Beaulieu, Clarisse, wife of Drauzin Cannon, estate of 1603 1842

Beauregard, Angela Lucile, wife of A. Dreux, Succession of 141 1843
Carries, Iphigenie, fcl, executors of Beauregard, Joseph Toutant, administrator 1618 1843 Succession of Victor Beauregard
Becquet, Marie Adelaide, et al. Becquet, Jacques, curator of 1448 1841
Moran, James Bedford, James, Estate of 24 1823
Ripley & Pray Bedford, James, Estate of 44 1823
Rossi & others, creditors of Joseph Bedoni Bedoni, Joseph, curator of 944 1835
McKinney, W.M. Beeson, Amos, estate of 1215 1838
McKinney, M.W. Beeson, Amos, succession of 1239 1838
Creppel, William Behrle, Widow, curatrix 1366 1840 Succession of Simon Behrle
Landreaux, Honore, widow (Josephine Armand) and heirs of Bel, Antoine 752 1833
Eaton, Marie A. Bell, Jane, wife of Michael Smelzer, estate of 704 1833
DeGirvey and wife Bell, William 1253 1839 Estate of Hypolite de Courval
Beuze, Gabriel, fmc, estate of Bellevue, Rene, fmc 988 1836

Bellise, Petiton, alias Mederic, fmc, succesion of 646 1832

Bello, Peter, Estate of 298 1825
Alling, William Bellow, Mary, succession of 1334 1839 Combined with #1335
Bellows, John Bellows, Elizabeth, wife of John Curry, and John Curry, her husband 1511 1841 Succession of Mary Nathans Bellows
Despres, Isidor Benne, Augustin 421 1806
Caisergues, Jacques Martin Benot, Louise, widow Francois Caisergues 146 1844
Ybanez, Fernand, Estate of Bermudez, F.X. 78 1823
Bermudez, Noel Bermudez, Louis 1166 1837
Notta, Francoise Antoinette, fwc and Pierre Simon C. Chazal, fmc Bermudez, Marie, fwc 785 1833 Dispute of tutorship in the matter of minor Louis Bermudez

Bernard, Azaline, fwc, succession of 1322 1839 Petition of Sanon Bernard, fmc, to be recognized as sole heir of his sister

Berry, James 147 0 Fragment

Bertel, Etienne 1163 1838 Petition of George Bergerot to be attorney of several heirs (some document labeled 1167)

Bertel, Etienne, estate of 1148 1837 Petition of executor for appointment of curator ad hoc by slave Gertrude & her children
Serra Cusi, James Berthaud, Angela, wife of Serra Cusi 737 1833

Bertheaud, Angela, wife of James Serracuci, Estate of 100 1836
Clara Blanc Bertin, Jean George Joachim Augustin, Administrator of estate of 953 1835

Bertoli, Nicolas, Succession of 145 1844
Adams, Joseph, test. executor of Bickel, Tobias, test exec. and tutor of minors of 1020 1836
Norris, Tobias Bickell, Tobias, curator of estate of 907 1835
Rey, L.B., succession of Bingey's estate, curator of and J.B. Plauche 1287 1839
Francoise, Eulalie, fwc Bizot, Magdelain, estate of 407 1826
Blake, Edward Blake, George, Curator and Attorney for absent heirs of 1704 1844
McMullin, P. and wife Blake, George, curator of 1424 1841
Paul, Francois (dit Avril) fmc Blanc, Rev. E., Bishop of New Orleans, Executor 1560 1842 Succession of Felicite D'Abat
Macarty, Barthelemy Blancard, L. St., Estate of 108 1823 Includes stray papers that go with 108 or 109
Pelon, Marie Louise, fwc, wife of Glenny, fmc Blance, Marie Louise, widow Aubert, fwc 1132 1837 Petition for interdiction

Blanchard, L., Estate of 180 1824 Petition for sale of slave
Cezetre, Louis Blunt, William, curator of estate of 621 1832
Lamothe, Virginie Blunt, William, curator of estate of 629 1832
Page, Widow (fwc) Bogle, Thomas, Estate of 41 1823
Bohme, Heirs of Bohme, Frederick George, estate of 908 1835
Bohner, William F. Bohmer, John C., curator of 1417 1841

Boiline, Marie Therese, fwc, estate of 1146 1837 Consolidated with 1147

Boiline, Marie Therese, fwc, estate of 1147 1837 Consolidated with 1146
Arnous, Rene Boinel, P. Marie, curator of 947 1835
Boisdore, M. , fwc Boisdore, Jean Baptiste & Ninon (minors), tutor of 941 1835 Estate of Charlotte Morant
Placiancio, Anselme Louis (alias Princiane, alias Placencio, and various other spellings) Boise, Jean 1641 1843 Estate of Helen Fauchon, fwc
Boise, Jean, fmc Boise, Julie, fwc 457 1827
Bara, Claude Vincent, Heirs of Boivin, Pierre & Balthazar Lanquille, testy. exec. 67 1823
Chardon, Antoine & others Bongue, Pierre Isaac & Etienne Bertel, his agent 943 1835 Estate of Joseph Chardon
Smith, for the use of E. Becknell & others Bonhomme, Pierre, alias Peter Richards, curator of 996 1836
Bonnabel, Rosalie Amelie, wife of Pierre Louis Francois Godot, estate of Bonnabel, Marcelin and Jean Robeau 1392 1840
Hart, Antoinette, wife of Joseph E. Darsse Bonnille, Cecilia, executors of 1617 1843
Gaux, Jules Alphonse Bonnille, Marie Cecilia, fwc, curator of 1543 1842

Bore, Etienne, Estate of 199 1824
Potier, Louis, curators of estate of Bosque, Agenor 645 1832
Dupre, Delphine Bosque, Agenor, estate of 1067 1836
Jason, Henriette Bossun, Francois, Administrator 1712 1844 Succession of Babet Toutant Beauregard (fwc), wife of Francois Bossum (fmc)
Hyde and Goodrich Boswell, William, executor of 1212 1838
Blakesly, Horace Botts, George W., curator of 1442 1841
DeVanworth, Mademoiselle Bouchon, C.N., Estate of & F. Grima 182 1824
Fortier, Arthur Boudousquie, P.N., administrator of 1572 1842

Boudousquie, Pierre N., Succession of 150 1844
Walker, Alphonse Boudreau, D., wife of, curator of estate of 597 1831
Norwood, John & Marie Rose Norwood Boulard, Mimi Elisabeth, their mother 1056 1836 Estate of Charles Norwood
New Orleans Improvement and Banking Co. Bouligny, Leontine, wife of D. Dreaux, as tutrix and administrator 1628 1843 Estate of I.I. Mercier
Nicaud, Charles Bouny, Barthelemy, Executor of 1757 1845
Prieto, Casimir, dative tutor of minor children, Octave, Elodie, Emond, Henry, and Felix Deflechier Bouny, Barthelemy, undertutor, et al. 1599 1842 Succession of Deflechier

Bourdin, Catherine Emma, wife of G. Julien, Succession of 1459 1841
Bourret, Marguerite Bousquet, Frederic, Estate of 1723 1844

Bousquet, Frederick, Succession of 144 1844
Beleurgey, Claude, Estate of Boutmy, Pierre, Estate of 35 1823
McDaniel, Dr. L. Boyd, Samuel, Widow of 268 1824

Bozio, Charels, Estate of 136 1823
Brandt, Mrs. Ann C., heirs of Brand, William, their tutor 1484 1841

Brandon, Mathew Nugent 1455 1841 Interdiction
Phillips, Edward S. Breedlove, James W., tutor of minor Edward S. Phillips 1307 1839
Yver, Charlotte, widow Gouye Brehn, William, syndic 1359 1840 Estate of Pierre Felix Gouye
Tourneur, J.C. Bridon, Michel, estate of 781 1833
Wiltz, Leonard Brierre, J.B.M. 114 1839
Cassin, Constance (fwc) Brierre, J.B.M., Estate of 60 1823
Wiltz, Leonard Brierre, J.B.M., Estate of 113 1839
Wiltz, Leonard Brierre, J.B.M., Estate of 115 1839
Johnston, George Brock, William, succession of 770 1833
Rouvert, Edmund Brooks, Archibald S.L., estate of 1116 1837
Woolfolk, Samuel M., dative executor of Brooks, William P. 1358 1840

Brothers, William
1843 Unnumbered; filed at end of last reel

Brou, Meced, wife of Joseph Elysee Noel, fmc 957 1837 Petition to be continued tutrix after second marriage
Elleby, Alfred Brouet, Marceline, widow of Joseph Barbarin 923 1836
Clark, Margaret & others Brown, John G., executor of 1153 1837 (Duplicate number)
Brown, Margaret & Nancy Brown Brown, John G., executor of & Louisa, fwc 1157 1838
Brown, Mark, attorney for absent heirs of Brown, Mark, executor of estate of 893 1835
Guimbellot, John Brown, Mary, heirs of, wife of Urbain Plauche 402 1826 No target
Benjamin, Porter, widow & heirs of Brown, Shepherd, executor and heirs of 304 1825
Dreher, Nancy & Elizabeth Dreher Brown,Stephen, executors of 396 1826 Spelling of plaintiffs' name uncertain; may be Duher

Bruce, Drummond, estate of 1074 1837
Bruce, John Bruce, Drummond, executor and attorney for absent heirs of 1053 1836
Buchenau, A.M., executor Brule, Thomas, Jr., succession of 329 1825

Bruneau, Constance, widow Michon, succession of 108 1840
Hunter, John Bryant, Thomas, Estate of 33 1823
Hughes, Rober Wilson, estate of Buel, A., curator 1256 1839
Archer, Richard T. Bullitt, William, administrator of 1257 1839
Leverich, W. & I.H. Burbank, G., estate of 924 1835
Beebe, Roswell Burbank, George, Estate of 791 1833
Burel, A.E., fmc Burel, Achile, fmc 465 1827 Estate of Marie Joseph Braquet
Aicard, Louise (fwc), wife of Pierre Thomas (fmc) Burel, Francois (fmc), her Tutor 1685 1843
McManus, Patrick, executors of Burke, Mary, Widow McManus, et al. 1626 1843 Succession of Patrick McManus
Workman, James Burton, Peter, Widow and Heirs of 26 1823
Emerson, Martha Byrne, Charles, her tutor 1423 1841 Estate of William Emerson
Emerson, William, heirs of Byrne, Charles, tutor 1606 1842

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