Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
Index to Suit Records, Numbered Series, 1823-1845

Defendants' Names Beginning with A

Goldenbow, John Abat, Antoine, executors of 981 1835
Romer, J.A. Abat, Antoine, wife & heir of 726 1833
Courval, Hypolite de & W. Ball, syndics Acebo, Miguel del, curator of 1064 1836
Eitel, Daniel Achilin, Maria 473 1827
Adam, Louis Adam, Marguerite, wife of R. Lamar 493 1828
Herman, Francis S. Adams, C., syndic of N. Cox 1260 1839 Estate of N. Cox
Constantine, Thomas & Co. Adams, Joseph, estate of 1160 1838
Bank of Louisiana, president, directors of Adams, Lucinda & heirs of Joseph Adams 991 1836
Populus, B. Adeline, tutrix, and others 1202 1838 Estate of Guillaume
Foot, Hester & others, heirs of Harvey Hunt Akin, Oliver, executors of 1115 1837
Silvanus W. Aldrich, agent for Aldrich, Stephen, curator of 1474 1841
Allard Allard, Andre L. 315 1825 First name of plaintiff is illegible
Jenkins, Nathaniel Allemand (alias Daine), Marie Madelaine, fwc, heirs of 605 1832

Allemand (alias Daine), Marie Madeleine, fwc, estate of 607 1831 Petition for partition

Allemand (alias Daine), Marie Magdelaine, fwc, estate of 616 1832
Rabassa, Widow Alpuente, Heirs of 920 1835
Alpuente, Elizabeth & husband J.B. Daublin Alpuente, Jn. Laurent & estate of Zoe Challons, wife of Alpuente 444 1827
Barrera, Genoveva Alpuento, Widow 383 1826
Johnstone, W.B., curator of Alston, Jonathan 1446 1841
Lambert & Soule Ambroise, J.B., fmc, admin. of & attny for absent heirs 1128 1837 Estate of Jean Baptiste Ambroise, fmc
Thebe, J.B. (fmc) Andry, Alexis (fmc), Estate of 98 1823
Roy, F. Andry, Manuel, estate of 1536 1842
Andry, Ovide & others Andry, Michel and Widow Andry, executors of 929 1835
Durel, Felicite Aimee, wife Michel Andry, tutrix of minors Andry, Sophie, wife John B. Lepretre & others 1082 1837 Succession of Michel Andry
Angaud, J.B. Angaud, Jean, attorneys for absent heirs of 600 1831
McFarland, Dr. Armando, Giovani, Estate of 242 1824
Mossy, Toussaint Armant, J.B. 1532 1842 Intervention of Andre Rey and wife
Armstrong, Eliza Rosetta, attorney for absent heirs of Armstrong, Andrew C., curator 1594 1842
Arnould, Hyacinthe, widow of Louis Lalande Ferriere Arnould, Gervais 187 1824
Livaudais, Marie Therese, Heirs of Arnoult, Sylvain (fmc) 1788 1845
Alemand, Matthias Atiles, Mary 380 1808 Docket number is questionable; petition against vill
Signoret, Hippolitte, absent heirs of Attorney for absent heirs 813 1834
Nadaud, Louis A. Attwill, John D., estate of 622 1832 Includes documents from 1JDC 9487
Laveaux, Marie (fwc), widow Francois Auguste Auguste, Francois, her husband 236 1824 Half-sister of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau
Authemant, J.A. Authemant, J.G., curator of estate of 983 1836
Dabon, Pierre, et al Avart, Valery, syndics of creditors of; estate of Pierre Dabon 432 1827

Avery, Richard T., Estate of 1806 1846 Petition of William Brown to be named administrator
Avril, Prosper Avril, Paul, executor and tutor of minor Florine Avril 1553 1842 Estate of Marie Othon, fwc
Bernard, E.L. Azeretto, J.B., executor of 1648 1843

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