Louisiana. Court of Probates (Orleans Parish)
General Index of All Successions, 1805 - 1846

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Name Succession Year   Will   Will Book Will Page Inventory Inventory Year
Ullman Charles 1845 No

Yes 1845
Ulmer, John 1832 No

No 1832
Underhill, minors 1829 No

Upshaw, Doctor William 1811 Yes 1 458 No
Urick, Elizabeth R. minor 1828 No

Urquhart, Charles 1844 Yes 8 27 No
Urquhart, David 1842 Yes 7 100 Yes 1842
Urquhart, Thomas 1841 Yes 6 324 Yes 1841
Urquhart, Tomi f. m. c. Victoire Gallaud dec'd wife of 1841 Yes 6 401 Yes 1841
Use, Constance 1833 No

Yes 1833
Ustick, Benjamin R. 1825 Yes 4 74 Yes 1825

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