New Orleans (La.) Parkway and Park Commission

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: 1930-2001
Size of collection:24 volumes and 21 boxes
Transferred to the City Archives: March 2000 and May 2002
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Historical Background

The Parkway and Park Commission was established by city ordinance #17703 (Commission Council Series) on November 4, 1949. Earlier bodies with similar authority had been created in 1909, 1914 (ordinance #1945, CCS), and 1934 (ordinance #14098, CCS).

The Commission had general authority to plant, maintain, protect, and care for trees, shrubs, and other plants in all of the public highways, public squares, and other public places of the city. It also established and maintained a nursery for raising trees and plants, employed gardners and laborers, and directed the work of a professional superintendent. The Commission also had duties and responsibilities relating to interactions with private citizens and local businesses on matters involving trees, shrubs, plants, etc.

The Commission passed out of existence with its meeting of July 9, 1996 following adoption of a new city charter in 1995. The new charter provided for a Department of Parks and Parkways that continues the work of the Commission, but is directly responsible to the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer.

Scope Note

The 2000 accession includes seven bound volumes containing the official minutes of Commission meetings; various documents relating to Commissioners, their terms of office, and their activities; photographs of Commissioners and Commission activities; and other materials. The records document the functions of the Commission and its members, not of the administration and staff working under the body's direction.

The 2002 accession came to the Archives as part of outgoing Mayor Marc Morial's "Legacy Project." It includes twelve boxes of correspondence/subject files, four boxes of publication collected by the Commission and its staff from various sources, two boxes of motion picture films, and seventeen volumes of manuscript records. Included in this accession were some records from the predecessor agencies to the Park and Parkway Commission, records of the Superintendent and staff of the agency, and records of the later Department of Parks and Parkways. Many of the extant records date from the Superintendency of Florence Schornstein. The records filed under Ms. Schornstein's name include materials relating directly to her work with Parkways but also included are documents concerning her involvement in local and national civic, political, and religious organizations. The Commission minutes included with the correspondence/subject files were retained because they include superintendent's monthly reports and monthly financial statements that are not part of the official minute books.

The Archives also holds other Parkway and Park material as follows (see the City Archives card catalog and the Library's automated catalog for detailed holdings):

Also available are annual reports for predecessor agencies, 1910-1911, 1913, 1931-1941, 1946-1949, and Report to the Mayor and Council, 1909
Studies, reports, plans, budgets, etc.
[Planning document], Fairgrounds/Broad neighborhood, ca. 1979
Master plan for the Brechtel Park extension, 1974
Specifications for construction of open parking shed at 2829 Gentilly Boulevard, 1967
The culture of azaleas in New Orleans soils (by William M. Garic), 1939
The culture of azaleas in New Orleans soils (by William M. Garic), revised edition, 1943
Capital budget requests, 1985-1989, 1986-1990
Preliminary design for the development of Poydras Street, planting plan, ca. 1980
Newsletters of the Parkway Partners Program, various dates
Rollbook of sponsors, contributors and participants in the Plant-A-Tree Program [this manuscript volume was presented to the city of New Orleans by the New Orleans Garden Clubs, Civic Beautification Association on May 25, 1964]
Monthly news bulletin, 1961

Minute books, 1950-1996
October 26, 1950-October 23, 1957
November 20, 1957-May 19, 1965
October 19, 1965-May 16, 1972
July 19, 1972-April 17, 1979
May 8, 1979-October 14, 1986
November 18, 1986-November 17, 1992
December 8, 1992-July 9, 1996

Correspondence/Subject Files

Box 1

Binder containing the following:
  • Chronological listing of appointments, reappointments, resignations, elections, deaths, and other key events relative to Commissioners and their terms of office, May 5, 1909-July 13, 1993
  • Copies of ordinances, motions, and other legislation relating to the Commission and its members
  • Miscellaneous information on the Commission and its activities
  • Copies of correspondence relating to appointments to the Commission, April 20, 1954-August 21, 1979
Lists, correspondence, etc. relating to Commissioners, 1970s-1986
Materials relating to the sixtieth anniversary of the Commission, 1969
Publicity, 1961-1970
Photographs (originally filed in the Publicity folder)
Meeting notices, 1988-1994
Meeting notices, 1995-1996
Commissioner files
  • Baptiste, Philip M., 1992-1996
  • Berrotte, Yolanda D., 1986-1991
  • Christophe, Farrel J., 1982-1996
  • Doley, Janith D., 1982-1987
  • Eves, Joyce, 1990-1996
  • Furnari, Jay R., 1982-1990
  • Halpern, Herbert D., 1980-1996
  • Jurik, Jane, 1984-1990
  • Lorning, Milton, 1978-1996
  • McFarland, Robert P., 1980-1983
  • Massimi, Valerie Marie, 1990-1996
  • Merrick, Joseph W., 1985-1996
  • Moye, Robert J., 1979-1984
  • Netter, Barbara Ellis, 1987-1992
  • Porter, Shirely, 1980-1990
  • Reese, Dottie, 1993-1996
  • Schultz, Francis J., 1980-1996
  • Siefken, Mary Ethel, 1982-1985
  • Weber, August J., 1985-1986

Folder Title Date(s) Comments

Box 2

Acreage 1984
Airline Highway Beautification 1983-1992
American Golf 1987
Audubon Boulevard Association 1983-1984
Audubon Park Commission 1989-1991
Awards 1985-1986
Azalea Plants Moved from the Streets to the Nursery, etc. 1940
Bayou St. John Task Force 1989-1991
Beautification Task Force 1984
Blight Strike Force 1992
Board of City Trusts 1984
Brechtel Park Advisory Committee 1983-1984
Bridge Lights 1989
Budget, Capital (1980-1984) 1979
Budget, Capital (1982-1986) 1981
Budget, Capital (1983-1987) 1982
Budget, Capital (1984-1988) 1983
Budget, Capital (1985) 1983-1985
Budget, Capital (1986) 1985
Budget, Capital (1987) 1986-1988
Budget, Operating (1971) 1970
Budget, Operating (1971) 1970
Budget, Operating (1972) 1971
Budget, Operating (1973) 1972
Budget, Operating (1973) 1972
Budget, Operating (1974) 1973
Budget, Operating (1975) 1974
Budget, Operating (1975) 1974

Box 3

Budget, Operating (1976) 1975
Budget, Operating (1984) 1983
Budget, Operating (1985) 1985
Budget, Operating (1986) 1984-1986
Budget, Operating (1987) 1986
Budget, Operating (1988) 1987-1988
Budget, Operating (1989) 1988
Budget, Operating (1989) 1988
Budget, Operating (1990) 1989
Budget, Operating (1991) 1990
Budget, Operating (1992) 1991-1992
Bywater Neighborhood Association 1984
Canal Boulevard Neutral Ground 1985-1986
Canal Boulevard Sunken Gardens 1984-1990
Capital Projects 1984
Carrollton Presbyterian School 1984
Caterpillars 1985-1993
Celebrate Spring 1994
Chief Administrative Officer 1978
Chief Administrative Officer 1979
Chief Administrative Officer 1984-1986
Chief Administrative Officer 1987-1988
Chief Administrative Officer 1989-1993
Chief Administrative Officer 1994-1996
Child Care Action Campaign 1988 Florence Schornstein was a member of the Louisiana National Advisory Panel

Box 4

Christmas in New Orleans 1990-1991
Christmas Trees, Pointsettias, Gifts, etc. 1984-1993
City Attorney 1974-1976
City Attorney 1977
City Attorney 1978
City Attorney 1984-1985
City Council Requests 1985 10% sample
City Council Requests 1987 20% sample
City Council Requests 1989-1990 20% sample
City Council Requests 1991-1993 20% sample
City Council, Miscellaneous 1995-1996 Routine items were discarded
City Council, Miscellaneous Requests 1986
Civil Service 1985-1987
Claiborne Avenue 1984
Coliseum Square 1972-1975
Coliseum Square 1975 Re: federal grant for upgrade
Coliseum Square 1976
Coliseum Square Fountains, Operations Manual 1976
Coliseum Square Renovations, Operating and Maintaining Manual, Sprinkler System 1977
Colors of Flowers of Louisiana Iris 1930 "Plants collected in Spring 1930, now growing in the New York Botanical Garden"
Community Development 1986
Contracts/Concession Committee 1984-1994
Correspondence 1987-1991
Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1979
Democratic Site Selection Committee 1990
Desire/Florida Area Community Council, Inc. 1995
District 99 Enhancement Program 1987
Dragline 1976
Dryades YMCA 1984-1985
Duncan Plaza 1986-1988
East New Orleans Summer Festival 1985
Edward Wisner Fund 1984-1989
Empowerment Zone Plan 1994
Environment 1992
Equipment Inventory 1968
Equipment Inventory 1969

Box 5

Excursion Streetcar 1984
Fact Sheet undated
Federated Council of New Orleans Gardening Clubs, Inc. 1984
Floodwall (Riverfront) 1984-1989
Floral Clock (Loyola Avenue) 1964-1970
Fountains 1984-1985
Freezes 1984-1990
French Quarter Festival 1985-1987
French Quarter Mall 1983-1984 The mall on Bourbon and Royal Streets
French Quarter Task Force 1982-1983
Gautreau's Restaurant 1991 Re: neighborhood concerns
Golf Course Contracts 1989-1990
Golf Course Income Statements 1974
Golf Courses 1986
Governor's Commission on International Trade, Industry, and Tourism 1987-1988 Florence Schornstein was a member
Greenhouse 1986-1991 10% sample
Grounds Maintenance, Algiers/Central Business District ??? 20% sample
Grounds Maintenance, Algiers/Central Business District 1984-1985
Grounds Maintenance, Algiers/Central Business District 1986-1992 10% sample
Grounds Maintenance, Downtown 1984-1985
Grounds Maintenance, Downtown 1986-1992 10% sample
Grounds Maintenance, Downtown 1993-1996 10% sample
Grounds Maintenance, Uptown 1984-1985
Grounds Maintenance, Uptown 1986-1990
Grounds Maintenance, Uptown 1991-1992 10% sample
Grounds Maintenance, Uptown 1993-1996 10% sample
Housing Authority of New Orleans 1988
Human Relations Committee 1990
Hurricane Andrew 1992-1993
I-10 Maintenance (Morrison Road-St. Tammany Parish) 1984
Italian & Jewish Renaissance Committee 1988 Florence Schornstein was a member
Jackson Barracks 1984-1994
Jackson Square 1984
Jackson Square 1985
Jackson Square 1986 Includes documents relative to motion picture filming in the Square
Jackson Square 1987 20% sample
Jackson Square 1988
Jackson Square 1989
Jax Brewery 1987
Joe Brown Park 1985-1986 Mostly regarding use of the Park; 20% sample
Joe Brown Park 1987-1988
Joe Brown Park 1989-1990 10 % sample
Joe Brown Park 1991-1992

Box 6

Joe Brown Park Ampitheatre 1983-1985
Kingswood Playground Plan 1983 Dumas & Associates, Inc.
Lafayette Square 1981-1985
Lafitte Area 1985
Landscaping Plans for Various Parks and Public Spaces undated Palmer Park, Lawrence Square, Annunciation Square, Liberty Place, Margaret Place, Tulane Place, Fischer Park, Zacharie Place, Gilmore Place, Beauregard Square, Samuel Square, Wilson School, McDonogh Place, and other unnamed spaces
Larkin Playground 1986
Latter Library Landscaping Proposal 1985 Includes snapshots of the building and grounds
Lee Circle 1983-1984
Legislature/Congress 1989
Lighting of the Mississippi River Bridge Project, "Bridge Lights" 1989 Request for project participation
Lot Maintenance 1984-1985 Monthly reports and 10% sample retained
Lot Maintenance 1984-1986 Mostly monthly reports
Lot Maintenance 1984-1991 Monthly report for December of each year plus a 10% sample
Lot Maintenance 1992-1993 Mostly monthly reports; other material heavily weeded
Lot Maintenance 1992-1995 Requests to cut individual lots were discarded
Lot Maintenance 1996 Requests to cut individual lots were discarded
Lots, Liens 1997-1999
Louisiana Association of Contractors 1991
Louisiana Nature Center 1976-1985 Mildred Fossier/Florence Schornstein were on the LNC Board and the Center occupied space in Joe Brown Park
Louisiana Nature Center 1985-1986 Florence Schornstein was a member of the Board of Trustees and the Center existed on Parkway property (Joe Brown Park)
Louisiana Nature Center 1987-1994 Florence Schornstein was a member of the Board of Trustees and the Center existed on Parkway property (Joe Brown Park)
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra 1992-1993 Florence Schornstein was a member of the LPO Advisory Committee
Maintenance and Service Data for the Spanish Plaza, City of New Orleans 1978
Maintenance of Park Lighting 1984
Mardi Gras 1984
Mardi Gras 1986
Mardi Gras 1987-1988

Box 7

Mardi Gras 1989-1995 20% of routine requests retained
Mardi Gras Litter Barrels 1984
Mayor's Budget Priorities 1988
Mayor's Office 1985
Mayor's Office 1986-1988
Mayor's Office 1989-1992
Memorandums (Lawrence Kuhn) 1973-1978
Merger of Parkway and Park Commission with the New Orleans Recreation Department 1985
MetLife Healthcare Advisory Board 1991 Florence Schornstein was a member
Mid-Term Report 1984
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1954-1955 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1956-1958 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1959-1961 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1967-1969 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1970-1971 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1972 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1973 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements

Box 8

Minutes of Commission Meetings 1974 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1975 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1976
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1977 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Minutes of Commission Meetings 1978 Includes Superintendent's reports and financial statements
Miscellaneous Statistics and Reports 1931-1943
National Association for Olmsted Parks 1987 Annual conference in New Orleans
National Civic League 1994
National League of Cities 1988
National Recreation and Park Association 1986
National Recreation and Parks Association 1987 NRPA's annual conference took place in New Orleans that year
Native Iris in the Gulf States 1930 John K. Small
Neutral Grounds 1976-1977
Neutral Grounds and Flooding Committee 1983-1985
New Orleans East Anti-Littering 1991
New Orleans East Cleanup 1984-1986
New Orleans Neighborhood Development Foundation 1986
New Orleans Recreation Department 1983-1985
New Orleans Statue of Liberty Centennial Committee 1983-1986 Florence Schornstein was an incorporator and member
New Orleans Town Gardeners 1985
New Partnerships, Inc. 1986 A coalition of business and political women
Newcomb Boulevard Association 1984
Nursery Improvements 1990-1995 To the Parkway and Park Commission facility in Gentilly
Nursery inventory 1941
Office of Employment Training and Development 1989-1990

Box 9

Office of Housing and Urban Affairs 1992-1993
Olympic Torch Relay 1995-1996
Operating Instructions for Water Spray Fountain at the Spanish Plaza, City of New Orleans 1978
Operations 1984-1985 Mostly reports of scheduled overtime
Operations 1986 Mostly reports of scheduled overtime
Operations 1987 Mostly reports of scheduled overtime
Operations 1988-1990 Mostly reports of scheduled overtime (10% sample)
Operations 1991-1992 Mostly reports of scheduled overtime
Orleans Avenue Canal Project 1991
Palmer Park 1977-1984
Palms 1984
Papal Visit (1987) 1986-1987
Park Lighting 1984
Parkway Partners 1984
Parkway Partners 1985-1986
Parkway Partners 1987
Parkway Partners 1988
Parkway Partners 1989
Parkway Partners 1990
Perceptions of the Jackson Square Complex Using Visitor Employed Photography 1987/May Ann Barrett Kennedy (Thesis, LSU Department of Landscape Architecture)
Planning and Design 1985
Plant-A-Tree Fund 1984-1985
Plant-A-Tree Fund 1986-1992
Planting 1984

Box 10

Planting 1984-2001
Poll--Quality of Life and Government Services in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes 1986/July By Dr. Susan E. Howell, University of New Orleans
Potential Recreational Use of the Mississippi River East Levee Corridor from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, Louisiana 1980 Henry Milton Alinger (LSU Thesis, Master of Landscape Architecture)
Pow Wow 1993
Poydras Street Beautification 1984-1988
Press Releases 1984-1992
Private Lot Maintenance 1977 Monthly reports
Private Lot Maintenance 1987
Private Lot Maintenance 1988
Private Lots, Internal Audit 1992-1997
Privatization 1993-1995
Productivity Studies 1984
Professor Longhair Memorial 1986-1987
Record of Plantings and Costs 1941
Record of Trees Trimmed and Removed 1940-1941 Includes separate record of trees removed by the WPA
Recreation Policy Advisory Committee 1987
Recreation Sites and Facilities 1980-1982
Removal of Dead Trees 1962-1963 Following the deep freeze of January 1962
Reorganization (Proposed) 1983
Reports, Superintendent and Treasurer 1962-1964
Reports, Superintendent and Treasurer 1965-1966
Republican National Convention 1987-1988
Samuel Square 1984-1991
Save Our Trees 1989-1993 Re: Buck Moth Caterpillar prevention
Schornstein, Florence 1984
Schornstein, Florence 1985

Box 11

Schornstein, Florence 1986
Schornstein, Florence 1987
Schornstein, Florence 1988
Schornstein, Florence 1989
Schornstein, Florence 1991
Schornstein, Florence 1992
Shadowbrook Apartments 1984 Re: waterscape at Westbend Parkway and General DeGaulle Drive
Small Business Administration Tree Planting Grant 1992-1994
South Claiborne Avenue Business Men's Association 1984
Southern University in New Orleans (SUNO) 1982-1985
Spanish Plaza 1984-1985
Special Events 1987-1989
Spring Fiesta 1985
Square 26 1994 Warehouse District park
St. Bernard Triangle 1985
St. Charles Avenue Committee 1983
St. Charles Business Association 1984-1985
St. Charles Streetcar 1985-1989
Stables 1984
Streets Department 1976
Streets Department 1977

Box 12

Streets Department 1984-1987
Teamsters Union Contract 1970-1971
Three Median Parks: Amelia Park, Hastings Place, Sophie Wright Place, The Garden District of New Orleans 1975 Stephen Forrest Finnegan (LSU Bachelor's Thesis, Department of Landscape Architecture)
Today Show (NBC) 1985
Town of Carrollton Marker 1984
Tree Appeal Committee 1984-1985
Tree Appeal Committee 1986
Tree Bids 1994
Tree Contract 1984-1995
Tree Damage 1983-1986 10% sample
Tree Department Monthly Reports 1984-1987
Tree Inventory 1984-1993 Proposals/projects--not an actual inventory of existing trees
Tree Maintenance Requests, City Council Members 1991-1996 20% sample
Tree Planting Policy Committee 1987-1990
Tree Stumps 1985-1992
Tree Trimming Requests 1985 10% sample
Tree Trimming Requests 1986-1987 10% sample
Tree Trimming Requests 1988
Tree Trimming Requests 1989-1991 10% sample
Tree Trimming Requests 1992-1996 20% sample
Trees (Damaged) 1987-1991
United Way 1984-1986
United Way 1988-1990 Florence Schornstein was a member of the Board of Trustees
Urban Open Space Planning: A Case Study of Four New Orleans Spaces 1983 Moira A. Carr (UNO Thesis, Master of Urban and Regional Planning)
Urban Parks and Recreation Alliance (UPRA) 1984-1986
Urban Parks and Recreation Alliance (UPRA) 1987-1994 Florence Schornstein was a member
Vehicles 1986 Re: take-home vehicles
Veterans Boulevard Beautification 1982-1984
Vieux Carre Task Force 1992-1993 Florence Schornstein was a member
Volunteer and Information Agency, Corporate Relations Committee 1988 Florence Schornstein was a member
Washington Square 1984-1985
Washington Square 1986-1991
West End Park Rentals 1985-1989 10% sample

Box 13

West End Park, Parking Lot 1984-1989
West End/Pontchartrain Boulevard Neutral Ground 1978-1989
White House 1991 Re: Florence Schornstein being awarded a President's Volunteer Action Award for the Parkway Partners Program
Wildlife and Fisheries Building 1988
Women for a Better Louisiana 1989
Women's Corporate Board Resource Task Force 1988
Women's Office Advisory Committee 1984-1985
Work Program for New Orleans Area Recreation and Beautification Survey and Plan 1967 Dan S. Martin and Associated, Inc.
Working Papers (Financial) 1939 Monthly balance sheets, statements of income & expense, etc.
Working Papers (Financial) 1940 Monthly balance sheets, statements of income & expense, etc.
World's Fair 1980-1985
YMCA 1984, 1986

Collected Publications (4 boxes)--See separate Inventory, in PDF format, showing the box and folder location for each title.

Cassette Recordings of Commission Meetings, January 11, 1994-February 13, 1996 (2 boxes)

Motion Picture Films ("Planning/Design Projector Films")

Box 1 (7" reels)

Box 2 (3" reels)

The following films were badly damaged and subsequently discarded as unusable:

Manuscript Record Books

Bills Paid (2 volumes): 1934-1936, 1937

Cash Book (6 volumes): 1918-1921, 1921-1924, 1925-1929 (April), 1929 (May)-1932 (May), 1932 (June)-1934, 1935-1937

Cash Book, Camphor Scale Control, 1921-1922

Ledger (2 volumes): 1918-1919, 1921

Ledger A (2 volumes): 1920-1921, 1922-1923

Ledger B, 1921-1923

Foreman's Record Book (4 volumes): 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923

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