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Box 15 (continued)

Maps & Forms (MF)

MF-CHRT-EVAL: Flow chart of evaluation division implementation phase (1976)
MF-FLOW-CDPR: Phases of the Community Development process (1976)
MF-FLOW-CDRS: Community Development records system flow chart (1976)
MF-FLOW-CEDP: Organization and management structure for community economic development project, 9/76 (folder empty when inventoried)
MF-FLOW-OMED: Office of Manpower and Economic Development flow process (3/77)
MF-FLOW-OPDE: Program development and coordination flow process (1976)
MF-FOMR-PIDP: Program inventory development forms, originals (1975)
MF-FORM-SA: Statistical abstract worksheets (1974)
MF-MAP-BDMR: Broadmoor maps (1976)
MF-MAP-BDMR: Broadmoor (PIP) area outline (1974)
MF-MAP-BDMR: Broadmoor PIP, Community Development area (1976)
MF-MAP-BI: Blight Index, 1976 maps
MF-MAP-BI: Original reductions of Blight Index change from 1974 to 1976 (3/6/78)
MF-MAP-BPRL: CD area, Black Pearl (1975)
MF-MAP-BPRL: Black Pearl area outline (1974)
MF-MAP-CAS: Algiers area Citizen Survey (1975)
MF-MAP-CAS: Citizen's Attitude Survey map (1975)
MF-MAP-CAS: Citizen's Attitude Survey 1977 maps
MF-MAP-CAS: Citizen's Attitude Survey neighborhood map (1975)
MF-MAP-CC: City Council district overlays (1977)
MF-MAP-CC: Councilmanic districts (1975)
MF-MAP-CC: Councilmanic districts (4/2/76)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development and Desire/Florida highlighted (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development application maps (1975)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development application maps for 3rd program year (1977), reduced
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area (1975)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area (1976)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area (1977)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area, Algiers-Fischer (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area for 4th action year
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area, Freret and Milan highlighted (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area, Gert Town highlighted (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area, Irish Channel highlighted (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area, Lower Ninth Ward highlighted (1974)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development area map, original (1977)
MF-MAP-CD: Community Development second program year (1976)
MF-MAP-CD: Fourth year Community Development area map (4/4/78)
MF-MAP-CT: Census tract map (1970)
MF-MAP-CT: Census tract maps, 1970 census (1978)
MF-MAP-CT: Census tract maps of New Orleans East (1970)
MF-MAP-CT: Central part of city, enlarged
MF-MAP-CT: Income level by census tract (1970)
MF-MAP-CTLC: Central City area outline (1974)
MF-MAP-FIRE: Fire districts by neighborhood (1974)
MF-MAP-HAP: Housing assistance plan map (1978)
MF-MAP-HGRV: CD area, Holly Grove (1975)
MF-MAP-HLTH: Map of city dental clinics, health centers, NOHC and Charity Hospital Satellite Clinics (1977)
MF-MAP-HP: Housing projects, New Orleans
MF-MAP-INC: CD area map showing more than 50% low and moderate income tracts (1970)
MF-MAP-INC: Low income map, development application, original, 1975
MF-MAP-LNW: Lower Ninth Ward & Holy Cross neighborhood outline (1975)
MF-MAP-MILN: Milan/Freret area outline (1974)
MF-MAP-MILN: Neighborhood maps, Milan area (10/76)
MF-MAP-NGH: Algiers neighborhoods
MF-MAP-NGH: Neighborhood map (70)
MF-MAP-NGH: Neighborhood map and key (62)
MF-MAP-NGH: Neighborhood map, block (70n)
MF-MAP-NGH: Neighborhood map, parts (62)
MF-MAP-NGH: Neighborhood map-62 (Shindell - 1975)
MF-MAP-NGH: New Orleans city map, 70 neighborhoods (1974)
MF-MAP-NSA: Interim neighborhood strategy areas and C.D. area (5/78)
MF-MAP-PL: Planning areas (CPC-1974)
MF-MAP-POP: Population by census tract, CD area, 1970 (folder empty when inventoried)
MF-MAP-PW: Problem areas, public works (3/76)
MF-MAP-RACE: Minority groups in New Orleans (1970)
MF-MAP-REH: Low-moderate income index rehabilitation census tract
MF-MAP-REH: Low-moderate income/percent rehabilitation census tract
MF-MAP-SAM: Neighborhood maps for citizen survey (1977)
MF-MAP-SCH: School districts, 1976-77 (see OVF/HC601)
MF-MAP-SHIN: Families eligible for Title XX (1974)
MF-MAP-SHIN: Persons eligible for Title XIX (1974)
MF-MAP-SMSA: Census tract maps of New Orleans SMSA (1970)
MF-MAP-TEX: Rockwood sector, area boundaries, 1975 (folder empty when inventoried)
MF-MAP-WARD: Map of fifth and seventh wards, 1976 (folder empty when inventoried)
MF-MAP-WARD: Seventh ward (6/77)
MF-MAP-WARD: Seventh and eighth wards (6/77)
MF-MAP-WARD: Eighth ward (6/77)
MF-MAP-WARE: Warehouse District maps (1976)
MF-MAP-ZIP: Census tract map with ZIP codes (1977)
MF-OC-MCEA: Organization chart, counsel of Economic Advisors (6/75)
MF-OC-OPPA: Flow charts, OPPA (1975)
MF-OC-OPPA: Organizational chart, OPPA (9/75)
MF-OC-SWB: Sewerage and Water Board, organization and manpower chart, 12/73 (see LL855/1973)

Manpower (MP)

MP-AA-HDBK: Affirmative Action plan for CETA, Title I (9/23/76)
MP-AG-PLAN: Atlanta Employment and Training Advisory Council plan (12/76)
MP-BG-CETA: Accounting and financial management guide for CETA, 1974 (see OVF/CB 702/1974c)
MP-CETA-APP: Modification for grant 22-7-230-10 (2/25/77)
MP-CETA-APPL: Application for Title III selected population segments (1976) (see AA851/1976ct)
MP-CETA-AUD: Participant information for CETA audit (12/7/76)
MP-CETA-BRLA: Baton Rouge, City of, manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-BRLA: East Baton Rouge Parish manpower programs (1975)
MP-CETA-CALC: Calcasieu Parish manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-CONT: Grant modifications to subgrants (1/76)
MP-CETA-CONT: National Tool Builders Association contract to train workers (10/22/76)
MP-CETA-EEO: Standards for prime sponsor's effective mechanism critique guide (8/76)
MP-CETA-HDBK: Handbook of CETA fiscal reporting statements for operating agencies, 1975 (see AAQ700/1976fr)
MP-CETA-HEAR: CETA reauthorization hearings (2/77)
MP-CETA-JEFP: Jefferson Parish manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-LA: Statewide manpower services council meeting (1975)
MP-CETA-LAFP: Lafayette Parish manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-LOC: Issuance concerning letters of credit (9/20/76)
MP-CETA-MSC: State manpower services council meeting and information packet (3/77)
MP-CETA-NOLA: New Orleans, City of, manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-NOTE: CETA conference meeting notes (2/20/75)
MP-CETA-NWSC: CETA fraud, newspaper clippings (1977)
MP-CETA-NWSC: Federal paperwork project article (see Wall Street Journal, May 4, 1977, p. 38)
MP-CETA-OUAP: Ouachita Parish manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-PROGR: Programs currently funded under CETA (1976)
MP-CETA-RAPP: Rapides Parish manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-REGS: Title I CETA activities (1975)
MP-CETA-RLS: Training package for New Orleans CETA, Responsibility Language (11/76)
MP-CETA-SPLA: Shreveport, City of, manpower program (1975)
MP-CETA-TI: CETA: Title I application cover sheet (1/5/77)
MP-CETA-TI: CETA Title I grant modifications, 2/25/77 (same as MP-CETA-APP)
MP-CETA-TI: Community Development plan and manpower Title I plan (1976)

Box 16

MP-CETA-TI: Letter of credit amendment for Title I grand (12/2/76)
MP-CETA-TII: Ceta Title II grant modifications (2/9/77)
MP-CETA-TII: Status on Title II (1977)
MP-CETA-TIII: CETA Title III grant application (see AA851/1976ct)
MP-CETA-TIII: TItle III staff meeting (12/76)
MP-CETA-TIII: TItle III youth employment program progress report (1/10/76)
MP-CETA-T VI: CETA Title VI grant modification (2/28/77)
MP-CETA-T VI: Funding for CETA Title VI is legal (1976)
MP-CETA-T VI: On-site review of Title VI implementation (3/16/77)
MP-CETA-T VI: Revision to Title VI regulation, Morris memo (2/10/77)
MP-CETA-T VI: Title VI applicant pool, Louisiana Department of Employment Security (4/28/77)
MP-CETA-T VI: Title VI allocations for FY77 (NLC-12/15/76)
MP-CETA-T VI: Title VI CETA allocation resolved, telegram (12/10/76)
MP-CETA-T VI: Title VI correspondence (1977)
MP-EEO-LIST: Equal Employment Opportunity job category and number employed, listing (10/75)
MP-MAC-BGT: Fiscal year 1977 monthly cost projections (10/76)
MP-MAC-PROC: Manpower assistance center intake process (1976)
MP-MAPC-GEN: Manpower Advisory Planning Council bylaws, membership, general information (3/76)
MP-MNPW-REV: New Orleans manpower review, 2/78 (see LOU DOC/LM1.1/3:978/2)
MP-MPTA-HDBK: Manpower Development and Training Act, guide, LDES-1967 (see LOU DOC/L30.5:967)
MP-MSN-75: Manpower Services Newsletter (1975)
MP-MTF-WLPR: Work program for Manpower Task Force (12/75)
MP-OJT-CONT: Orleans Parish contracts for on-the-job training (4/7/77)
MP-OMED-AUD: Audit close out CAMPS grant #22-6-19-M
MP-OMED-BGT: Budget information (1977)
MP-OMED-CONT: Listing of OJT slots by contractor in Orleans Parish, 3/77 (same as MP-OJT-CONT)
MP-OMED-COR: Correspondence with John A. Byrd
MP-OMED-COR: General OMED correspondence (1977)
MP-OMED-EVAL: Manpower program evaluation proposal (9/13/76)
MP-OMED-GRNT: Letter of credit, CETA prime sponsors (9/20/76)
MP-OMED-MAC: Correspondence and reports from the MAC (1977)
MP-OMED-MAPC: Manpower Advisory Planning Council agendas and correspondence (1977)
MP-OMED-MNTR: Monitoring correspondence and reports
MP-OMED-MNTR: Monitoring monthly reports (1976)
MP-OMED-MNTR: Verification of participant data, PSE section (4/28/77)
MP-OMED-MS: Management service status reports and staff meetings (1977)
MP-OMED-MTG: Staff meetings, OMED (1977)
MP-OMED-NWSC: News clippings (see Times-Picayune, 12/10/75) (Sect 1, p. 4, c. 1)
MP-OMED-OPM: Office procedure manual, 1976 (see also AAQ700/1976p)
MP-OMED-OSEI: OSEI budget advance (1976)
MP-OMED-POL: Manpower needs and objectives (1976)
MP-OMED-PRGR: Programs currently funded under CETA (1975)
MP-OMED-PSE: Lists of active participants under TCA Title VI program (11/10/76)
MP-OMED-PUB: The OMED Carrier (see AAQ900/date)
MP-OMED-QTRP: CETA quarterly reports presented to DOL (8/25/76)
MP-OMED-USCM: U.S. Conference of Mayors Manpower Association correspondence and information (1977)
MP-PLAN-GEN: Manpower Title I plan and Community Development plan, 1976 (same as MP-CETA-TI)
MP-PLPR-MTG: Manpower planning process meeting (7/8/76)
MP-REV-MNPW: New Orleans Manpower Review, 2/78 (see LOU DOC/

Neighborhoods (NG)

NG-BDMR-NGHP: Working papers for Broadmoor profile (1975-76)
NG-MIDC-PLAN: Mid-city neighborhood study, phase II, report, 12/77 (see AQ150/1977mp)

Office Documents (OD)

OD-ADM-REC: Administration, recommendations (CD-1974)
OD-AR-DIST: Annual report mailing list (1975)
OD-AR-MAIL: Mailing list for 701 annual report, 1975-77 (see DD-AR-DIST)
OD-AR-OPPA: Annual report correspondence (1975)
OD-AR-74: Annual report, Office of Urban Development, 1973-74 (see AAP200/1973-74)
OD-AR-75: Annual report enclosures, 1975 (included in OVF/AAP200/1975)
OD-AR-75: Annual report, 1976 (see AAP200/1975-76)
OD-AR-75: Annual report, Office of Policy Planning and Analysis, title sheets and abstracts, 1976 (see AAP200/1975-76)
OD-AR-75: Office of Policy Planning, annual report (see OVF/AAP200/1975)
OD-BG-MTG: Zero-based budgeting meeting (9/3/76)
OD-BGT-74: Budget amendments (1974)
OD-CAR-RPRT: Automobile accident or loss notice ( see A902/#119)
OD-CD-APPL: Community Development application, 1976 (see also AA851/1976cd)
OD-CD-REC: Community Development recommendations (3/28/77)
OD-CD-STF: Staff meeting notes Community Development (1974)
OD-CDA-AUD: Planning Office audit (TG-1977)
OD-CEPR-PRO: Proposal for Community Economics Development Program, 9/17/76 (see also AA630/1976 ce)
OD-CONT-AUD: Checklist for clearance of contracts (1976)
OD-CONT-CAS: Maxine C. Grenier contract, citizen attitude survey (1975)
OD-CONT-CAS: Maxine C. Grenier contract, citizen attitude survey, amendment (1975)
OD-CONT-CPA: Contract for personal services, comprehensive planning grant (1973)
OD-CONT-HSDC: Heritage Square economic development conference contract (1976)
OD-CONT-OVD: Allied Services contract (1973)
REAL: Real property information system contract (1973)
OD-CONT-SCHB: Correspondence on revenue forecasts
OD-COST-73: Cost revenue analysis, 1973 (see AAp150/1973 cra)
OD-CPA-APPL: Comprehensive planning assistance grant application (draft-1975)
OD-CPA-APPL: Comprehensive planning grant application, 701 (1975-76)
OD-CPA-APPL: Comprehensive planning grant application, working notes, background and assurances (1975)
OD-CPA-AUD: Office of Policy Planning, planning grant audit
OD-CPA-CONT: Contract for planning grant (1972)
OD-CPA-COR: Correspondence 91975)
OD-CPA-GRNT: Planning grant applications, draft, 5/75 (same as OD-CPA-APPL)
OD-CPA-RESO: Resolution (5/17/75)
OD-CPA-RPRT: Comprehensive planning grant, 701 projects report (8/73)
OD-CPA-75: Comprehensive planning grant review form (1975)
OD-CPA-75: 701 work study application (1975)
OD-CPA-WKPR: Work program draft and notes (OPPA-1975)
OD-CVR-CONT: Monthly billing statement, housing study (1973)
OD-CVR-CONT: Status report housing study (1973)
OD-DAU-CORS: Community Development records, system proposal (1976)
OD-DAU-CFDA: Reference catalogue for Federal programs (12/76) (see AAP750/1976f)
OD-DAU-INTS: Semester in the city program, picture, 1975 (see LOU Picture File - N.O. City Government #118)
OD-DAU-MAIL: Mail system flow (3/76)
OD-DOC-73: Incentive zoning in three areas, TG8/73 (see AAP200/1973-74)
OD-EAU-COST: Cost revenue analysis, Central Business District, 12/75 (see AAP150/1975c)
OD-EAU-DEC: Contract between EAU and Eclectic Rental for DEC writer (12/75)OD-EAU-ECPR: Economic profile, 1975 see AAP150/1975p)
OD-EAU-EDM: Economic development and manpower, background paper, 1977 (see AAP150/1977b)
OD-EAU-EO: Economic outlook, 1975 (see also AAP1501975e)
OD-EAU-EO: Economic outlook, New Orleans, 1976 (see AAP150/1976e)
OD-EAU-EO: Economic outlook: presentation to executive staff (1975-76)

Box 17

OD-EAU-FRCS: Computerized model of New Orleans city government revenues and expenditures, 1/12/76 (see AAP150/1976cm)
OD-EAU-FRCS: Econometric revenue forecasting municipal budget projections (see AAp150/1977m)
OD-EAU-MNPW: Manpower section work program (1975)
OD-EAU-NWSC: Article on Economic Analysis Unit (see New Orleans Magazine, November 1976, pp. 36-38)
OD-EAU-NWSC: City Hall Exchange (1976) [from Nation's Cities].
OD-EAU-PRO: Economic Analysis Unit, original proposal, Griffin-Hagen-Kroeger (8/13/74)
OD-EAU-REM: Computerized model of government revenues and expenditures, 1/12/76 (same as OD-EAU-FRCS - see AAP150/1976cm)
OD-EAU-RVEX: Computerized model of revenues and expenditures, 1/76 (see also AAP150/1976cm)
OD-EAU-SSA: Shift-share analysis, incomplete [includes some material not in final version] (8/17/76)
OD-EAU-TAX: Revenue projections
OD-EAU-WHST: Economic analysis of the New Orleans industrial Central Business District, "The Warehouse District", 6/75 (see AAP150/1975w)
OD-EAU-WKPR: Economic Analysis Unit work program
OD-EAU-WKPR: Economic Analysis Unit, work program (1977-78)
OD-EAU-WKPR: Work program, Economic Analysis Unit (1975-76)
OD-ECON-DATA: Economic profile of the City of New Orleans, 4/11/75 (see AAP150/1975p)
OD-ECON-75: Economic profile, 1975 (same as OD-ECON-DATA)
OD-EDU-APPL: Applications for economic development planning grant, 1976 (same as ED-EDU-APPL).
OD-EDU-APPL: Economic planning grant, pre-application (1976)
OD-EDU-APPL: Pre-application for 302 planning grand (6/30/77)
OD-EDU-BGT: Financial status report (1976)
OD-EDU-COR: Correspondence, economic development planning (1975)
OD-EDU-GRNT: Amendment to EDA 302 grant (9/76-9/77).
OD-EDU-GRNT: Economic Development planning assistance grant, Section 302 (9/30/77)
OD-EDU-GRNT: Economic Development Unit grant extension, 6/25/76 (same as OD-EDU-GRNT)
OD-EDU-GRNT: Economic Development Unit grant proposal, 9/76 (same as OD-EDU-GRNT)OD-EDU-GRNT: Grant extension for Economic Development Unit (same as OD-EDU-GRNT)
OD-EDU-MEDC: Final report Mayor's Economic Development Conference, 1976 (see AAP150/1975ed)
OD-EDU-METF: Metropolitan Forum questionnaire for mayoral candidates (8/77)
OD-EDU-MTCH: Request for grant indirect cost waiver (1976)
OD-EDU-NA: Needs assessment and evaluation system work program (3/76)
OD-EDU-MWSC: Report on Economic Analysis program in New Orleans (1975)
OD-EDU-WKPR: Section 302 work program, City of New Orleans (1975)
OD-ENVN-SMRY: Summer ozone data summary (1974) [Indianapolis, Indiana]
OD-ESM-MEMO: Inter-office policy memorandum (OPPA policy memos)OD-GEN-INFO: Usery report, 9/13/76 (see AA150/1976i).
OD-HSQ-RPRT: Heritage Square industrial development, final report [with comments] (1/26/77)
OD-HSQ-RPRT: Heritage Square industrial development, final report (TG-6/76)
OD-LDTC-1976: Long distance telephone calls (1/76-10/76)
OD-MEDC-RPRT: Mayor's Economic Development Conference, position papers, 11/75 (see AA730/1975e)
OD-MNPW-EVAL: CETA evaluations for manpower recommendations, 1975 (included in OD-MNPW-REC)
OD-MNPW-NEED: Manpower needs and objectives (1976-77)
OD-MNPW-NEED: Needs statements, manpower, original (1975)
OD-MNPW-POL: Manpower needs and objectives, 1976 (same as OD-MNPW-NEED)
OD-MNPW-REC: Evaluation of manpower program, recommendations (4/16/75)
OD-MNPW-REC: Manpower needs and objectives, 1976 (same as OD-MNPW-NEED)
OD-MNPW-REC: Manpower policy recommendations, 5/75 (see AAP150/1975m)
OD-MNPW-REC: Manpower recommendations, revision, original (4/17/75)
OD-MNPW-REC: Manpower policy statement, manpower (1975)
OD-MNPW-75: Manpower policy recommendations, 1975 (see also AAP150/1975m)
OD-MNPW-STMT: Manpower policy statements (Dangerfield, 4/75)
OD-NA-77: Needs assessment index, originals (6/2/77)
OD-NA-77: Table of contents, needs assessment, 1977 (included in AAP150/1977n)
OD-NA-77: Table of contents, original (6/2/77)
OD-NWSC-HS: Battered women, article concerning Title XX funding (see N. O. COURIER, June 16,1977)
OD-NWSC-78: "Administrators have public tiff" (1978)
OD-NWSC-UDAG: Todd Shipyard gets $1.7 million HUD grant (see Times-Picayune, 10/5/78 [sect. 2 p. 6])
OD-NWSC-UNEMP: Article on unskilled labor in New Orleans and comments by Lee Madere (see N.O. Courier, June 23-29, 1977)
OD-OMED-NWSC: Manpower director appointed (see N.O. States-Item, March 20, 1976 [p. A 12])
OD-OPD-57/76: Overall program design (1975-76)
OD-OPM-COR: Office procedure, memorandums (9/77)
OD-OPM-75: Office procedure manual, 4/2/75 (see AAP700/1975p)
OD-OPPA-ACC: Office of Policy Planning and Analysis, list of accomplishments (1975-76)
OD-OPPA-ACTY: Office of Policy Planning and Analysis, lis of activities, 1975-76 (same as OD-OPPAACC)
OD-OPPA-BGT: OPPA budget (1975)
OD-OPPA-BGT: Resolution on matching funds (1975)
OD-OPPA-EOR: Equal Opportunity report (7/1/75)
OD-OPPA-LIST: Products of the Office of Policy Planning and Analysis (1976)
OD-OPPA-MTG: Policy Planning staff meeting (11/3/75)
OD-OPPA-NWSC: Nations Cities article on Computer forecasts for economic outlook (1976)
OD-OPPA-NWSC: Newclippings, Emmet Moten (10/13/76)
OD-OPPA-NWSC: Tighter control would hurt CETA plan, Moten says (see Times-Picayune, April 6, 1978)
OD-OPPA-OPM: Office procedure manual, 4/75 (see AAP700/1975p).
OD-OUD-APPL: Application material (1972)
OD-OUD-AR: Semi-annual report, 6/12/72 (see AAP200/1972/semi).
OD-OUD-CRU: Implementation plan for housing study, 1973 (see AAP610/1973p).
OD-OUD-CUR: Neighborhood analysis housing study, draft, 1973 (see AAP150/1973na).
OD-OUD-PRO: Staff proposals for projects, 1973 (see also OD-CPA-RPRT).
OD-OUD-X/GT: Xavier/Gerttown Canal Study, draft, 1973 [draft of 711.40976335/X3x].
OD-PERS-POL: Personnel overtime policies (1976).
OD-PL-CRIT: Community Development criteria (1975)
OD-PLAN-EMRG: Standard operating plan for emergencies (see also A902/151).
OD-PLPR-74: Planning process critique and recommendations (AIME-1974).
OD-PLU-PAVL; Paving lien model, original (Lewis, 1975).
OD-PMTG-RPRT:Monthly reports, notes (10/74-08/75)
OD-POL-GT: General government background document (2/77)
OD-POL-REC: Community Development proposed policy recommendations for 4th action year, 5/78 (same as CD-POLC-REC).
OD-POL-REC: Criminal justice recommendations, originals (5/21/74)
OD-POL-REC: Economic Development and manpower recommendations
OD-POL-REC: Economic Development and manpower recommendations (1975)
OD-POL-REC: Fiscal recommendations, Economic Analysis Unit, 5/75 [original].
OD-POL-REC: Policy and program criteria (1975).
OD-POL-REC: Policy and recommendations for New Orleans budget process, 1976-77 (see AAP150/1976bp).
OD-POL-REC: Section 8, Community Development (1975)
OD-POL-REC: Sewerage, water and drainage, Community Development (1975)
OD-POL-REC: Street recommendations, Community Development (1975)
OD-PRMT-76: Parking violations (1976)
OD-REC-CD: Community Development policy recommendation, 1975-78 (see AA619/1975c).
OD-REC-ENVN: Environmental quality, recommendations (CD-1974)
OD-REC-ENVN: Environmental quality, recommendations, memo (CD-1974)
OD-REC-77: Economic development policy recommendations, 4/2/77 (see AAP150/1977ed).
OD-RECR-GEN: Merger of Park and Parkways Commission with NORD, New Towns social plan, human services program update, open spaces beautification (1974)
OD-REM-76: Proposed revenue expenditure model presentations (1976)
OD-SOC-74: State of the city, 1974 (see A202/1974s)
OD-SOC-75: State of the city, draft (1975)
OD-SOC-77: State of the city message, 6/2/77 (see A202s/1977)
OD-TXX-ORG: Staff memorandum on reorganization of Title XX units (4/76)
OD-TXX-REC: Title XX funding allocations recommendations, presented to executive staff (1/31/77).

Box 18

OD-TXX-RPRT: Status report to HEW (2/77).
OD-VPS-75: Visitor program service (1975)
OD-WARE-APPL: Title IX pre-application for the Warehouse District study (TG-3/6/78).
OD-WHST-PRO: Warehouse District study, proposal (1975).
OD-WHST-RPRT: Warehouse District study, 6/75 (see AAP150/1975w).
OD-WHST-RPRT: Warehouse District study, revision, 9/76 (see also AQ311/1976z abd KJG150/1973n).
OD-WK-HS: Human services work program
OD-WKPR-701: Overall program design worksheets (1975)
OD-X/GT-CANL: Xavier/Gerttown canal study, correspondence, 1973 (see also AAP150/1973g--Workbook #1)

Planning (PL)

PL-AIP-LA: American Institute of Planners, newsletter (see LOU SER/ )
PL-BGPR-CPTL: Capital budget process hearings (1974)
PL-BGPR-MEMO: Budgetary process schedule, 1974 (see also A901/#s 129, 138, 184 and 197).
PL-BGT-MTG: Operating budget hearings (1977)
PL-BGT-76: Operating budget hearings, summary (1976), V. 1
PL-BGT-76: Operating budget hearings, summary (1976), V. 2
PL-BGT-76: Operating budget hearings, summary (1976), V. 3
PL-BGT-76: Operating budget hearings, summary (1976), V. 4
PL-CPA-CPC: Application for 701 planning, 1976-77 (see AQ851/1976h).
PL-CPA-CPC: Preapplication for 701 planning (4/28/75).
PL-CPA-76: Comprehensive planning assistance application, 1976 (see AQ851/1976h)
PL-CPC-AMD: Administrative rules, policies and procedures, 1973 (see AQ220/1973)
PL-CPC-MIN: Meeting agenda, City Planning Commission, 5/5/76 (see OVF/AQ301/1976-5-5)
PL-CPC-NA: Pollution control and resource preservation analysis (1976)
PL-CPC-PR: Livable cities, program review (10/14/77)
PL-ECDV-MEMO: Memo requesting data for the comprehensive planning process (2/9/77).
PL-FA-LIST: Functional area testing (1/21/77).
PL-FORM-CAS: CAS neighborhood accumulation forms for planning process, originals (1/25/77).
PL-FORM-DEPT: Departmental questionnaire from as designed before meetings (1/21/77).
PL-FORM-INFO: Information forms for documents availability (1/21/77).
PL-GEN-STDY: Study on humanistic policy for 1976-78, LCH-1976 (see 001.3/p41).
PL-HS-75: Human services planning process package (1975).
PL-HS-THRY: Framework for decision making (12/75--Council of State Governments).
PL-MNPW-LDES: Meeting with LDES people to discuss unemployment information (1/25/77).
PL-MNPW-POL: Manpower needs and objectives, 1976-77 (same as MP-OMED-POL).
PL-MTG-AGEN: Agenda for intercity selection meeting (1/21/77).
PL-MTG-DATA: Emmett's notes on functional areas from meeting (1/27/77)
PL-NFGP-REV: Critique of president's report on natural growth and development (1976)
PL-OPER-COR: Operating budget hearing, notes (1975).
PL-PLPR-MTG: Data meetings for planning process, summary (1/24/77).
PL-PLPR-MTG: Planning process meeting handouts (2/9/77).
PL-PLPR-MTG: Planning process meetings with area specialist (2/77).
PL-PLPR-PRO: Summary of proposals for 1976 planning process, 1976 (see AAP630/1976p).
PL-PLPR-SCH: Planning process schedule (1/21/77).
PL-PLPR-SCHD: Handwritten first draft of schedule (2/77).
PL-PLPR-SCHD: Notes from meeting on schedule (2/77).
PL-PLPR-SCHD: Planning process schedule (1976).
PL-PLPR-SCHD: Planning process schedule by months (1/27/77)
PL-PLPR-SCHD: Schedule of budget recommendations (1974)
PL-PLPR-WKPR: Status reports on planning process work program (2/77)
PL-PS-GEN: Environmental maintenance, general planning information (2/77).
PL-PS-GEN: Public Safety planning information, 2/77 (see also A901/#295 and TP201a/1975/12)
PL-PS-75: Public Safety planning package (1975).
PL-PS-75: Public Safety planning process (1975)
PL-PW-PMPT: Planning process departmental meeting [Department of Property Management], 1975
PL-PW-STSD: Planning process departmental meeting [Streets Department and Sanitation Department], 1975
PL-PW-SWB: Planning process departmental meeting [Sewerage and Water Board], 1975
PL-PW-UTD: Planning process departmental meeting [Utilities Department], 1975
PL-RAPC-NWLT: Rapides Area Planning Commission (1975)
PL-REC-ECDV: Economic development and manpower background document, 4/77 (see AAP150/1977b).
PL-REC-HS: Human services recommendations, health, daycare, multi-service facilities (1975)
PL-REC-MNPW: Economic development and manpower background document, 4/77 (see AAP150/1977b).
PL-REC-74: Recommendations City of New Orleans (1974)
PL-REC-76: Policy recommendations, New Orleans budget process, 1976-77 (see APP150/1976bp).
PL-RECR-GEN: Recreation and culture, general information (1976)
PL-RPC-A/95: Applications received by Regional Planning Commission, 11/76 (see OVF/AQR851/1976s).
PL-RPC-MTGS: Commission meeting minutes, 6/6 and 13/1973 (see OVF/AQR301/1973/6/6 and 13).
PL-RPC-MTGS: Regional Planning Commission meeting minutes, 1978 (folder empty when inventoried).
PL-RPC-PLAN: Alternative regional policy planning a development sketch plans, 1975 ( see AQR610/1975ds).
PL-RPC-PRAN: Regional concepts alternatives, 19970 (see AQR150/1970ar).
PL-RPC-RPRT: Goals to grow, 1971-v.1 (see 309.26/G57f/V.1).
PL-SCHD-CP: Citizen participation schedule memo to Kelly & Mervis (2/2/77).
PL-SCHD-EXST: Revised schedules for Community Development and comprehensive planning, presented to executive staff (2/7/77).
PL-SCHD-77: Planning schedule (1977)
PL-SCHD-STF: Staff assignments for planning process (2/3/77).
PL-SOC-74: State of the city, 1974 (see A202/1974s).
PL-USDN-GEN: America's most livable cities (8/21/76).

Public Safety (PS)

PS: Abstract on Sporting Chance juvenile club
PS: Alcoholism
PS: Alcoholism management, fiscal problem
PS: Clerk of Criminal Court microfilming project program review
PS: Criminal justice, crime, juvenile delinquency (1971-72)
PS: Criminal justice, diversionary program, operating budget hearing (1975)
PS: Criminal justice planning process (1974)
PS: Diagnostic plan for juvenile offenders
PS: Emergency electric generating system application (see also OVF/TP851/1975eg).
PS: Environmental directory of New Orleans, 1975-76 (see 301.31/N53e/1975/76).
PS: Environmental impact correspondence
PS: Jury Commissioners, operating budget hearings (1975)
PS: Juvenile Court, operating budget hearings (1975)
PS: Law enforcement and regulation agencies
PS: Louisiana rape law
PS: Metropolitan Area Committee, newsletter, Summer, 1975 (see LOU SERIALS).
PS: Noise monitoring sites.
PS: Office of Policy Planning questionnaire, 4/74 (see OVF/AAC150/1974q).
PS: Personnel and administrative support, application (see also OVF/VI851/1975p).
PS: Position papers on New Orleans environment
PS: Pre-trial detention in the Criminal District Court, 1972 (see AAC202/1972p).
PS: Prosecutorial support project, 8/29/75 (see OVF/VI851/1975s).
PS: Public Safety
PS: Public Safety PIDPS (1975)
PS: Safety and permits, operating budget hearing (1975).
PS: Sheriff's Office, operating budget hearing (1975).
PS: Target

Box 19

PS: Traffic Court, operational budget hearing (1975) [also includes Police Department, operational budget hearings (1975)]
PS: Treatment alternatives to street crime, proposal (1976)
PS: Vehicles maintenance improvement, EPA, New York (5/18/71).
PS: Water Resources Council, regulations (9/3/74).
PS: Water study proposal (1975).
PS-ASAP: Alcohol safety prevention (1976).
PS-BIKE-PLAN: Bikeway plan, further consideration, 1972 (see also OVF/AQ301/1972/3/1).
PS-C: Inmate grievance techniques [California].
PS-CJCC: Department of Police, Criminal Justice
PS-CJOC-KING: Kingsley House and New Orleans Day Nursery Association (1975).
PS-CJS: Criminal Justice hearings budget (?)
PS-COR-LA: Study of adult corrections in Louisiana, 5/76 (see 364.9763/U58s).
PS-CRIM-CETA: Directory of CETA funded offender programs (1/77)
PS-CRIM-ECD: Economic Crime Digest
PS-CRIM-PR: Integrated criminal apprehension program, 1978 (see TP851/1977ic).
PS-E: Environmental clearance statement
PS-E: Environmental development
PS-ECD: Economic Crime Digest (see PS-/CRIMN-ECD).
PS-ECD-74: Economic crime project newsletter (10/11/74).
PS-ENVN-ACT: National environmental policy act of 1969 (1/70).
PS-ENVN-CPC: Environment as an urban characteristic, 1973 (see AQ202/1973e).
PS-LAW-LA: Criminal code and narcotics law, 1968 (see LOU DOC/S1.8l:Cr1/968)>
PS-LEAA-PR: Career Criminal Bureau (1/1/78).
PS-NA-CJ: Criminal justice needs assessment, 6/2/77 (included in AAP150/1977n).
PS-NDAA-ECCR: Economic Crime Digest (see PS-CRIM-ECD).
PS-OPER-75: Criminal justice operating budget (adopted--1975).
PS-OPER-75: Law Department operating budget hearing (1975).
PS-OPER-75: Office of Consumer Affairs, operating budget hearing (1975)
PS-OPER-75: Rabies Control operating budget hearing (1975)
PS-PIDP-NOFD: Fire Department PIDP (1976).
PS-PIDP-75: Public Safety, PIDP (1975).
PS-PLPR-CJ: Criminal Justice policies (Lewis--3/77)
PS-POL-UNIO: Police unions (TG- 3/76)
PS-PRIS: Regional prison, planning 1972 (see AQR610/1972p).
PS-SD: San Diego community profile (Boydstem--1975).

Public Works (PW)

PW: Public works energy power rate policies study
PW: Public works energy resource recovery article (Lewis--1976).
PW: Public works planning process departmental questionnaires (1974)
PW: Public works sheets--urgent urban needs renovating budget and overpassses
PW: Public works utilities--bill paying process of NOPSI and S&WB
PW: Public works utilities--S&WB water supply research grant
PW-ARPT-GEN: Lakefront airport, general information (1977)
PW-ARPT-LA: Louisiana airport system plan, 1/14/75 (see LOU DOC/PW10.1/DIS1:973 prelim).
PW-BEAU-CD: Community Development beautification project correspondence (1975).
PW-BEAU-LA: Symposium on litter and solid waste management, 9/16/76 (see LOU DOC/GO1.6:Li/976).
PW-BEAU-LAFS: Council resolution, beautification on Lafayette Square (1975)
PW-BEAU-LAFS: Lafayette Square restoration, newsclipping (see Times-Picayune, August 15,1975, Sect. 1, p.5)
PW-BIKE-PATH: New Orleans bikeways, RPC-76 (see AQ150/1976bw).
PW-CANL-PRO: Legislative proposal on canal closing (1976)
PW-CANL-X/GT: Xavier/Gerttown canal study, OUD-73 (see 711.40976335/X3x).
PW-CDI: Environmental beautification policies (folder empty when inventoried).
PW-CDI: Resource recovery program
PW-CDI: Street improvements, Gordon Plaza, analysis document
PW-CIA: Community Improvement Agency, PIP#2 project (1975)
PW-CIA: Community Improvement Agency, P.I.P. street improvements, 1975 (see also AQI202/1975p).
PW-CIA-CTLC: Development plan for Central City, 1975 (see AQI630/1975c).
PW-CIA-PIP: Irish Channel and Broadmoor public improvement programs, 1974 (see AQI202/1974).
PW-DRAN-SRVY: Broadmoor CT103 drainage survey (8/76).
PW-ENV-NA: Persimmon wilt problem (TG-1977).
PW-FED-REP: House of Representatives, public works committee (1975)
PW-LITR-69: National study of roadside litter (1969)
PW-NA-CD: Community Development needs assessment, 6/2/77 (see AAP150/1977n).
PW-NA-T: Transportation needs assessment, 6/2/77 (see AAP150/1977n).
PW-OPER-75: Capital improvements operating costs (1975).
PW-PARK-GEN: Parking garages, general (8/72).
PW-PIDP-75: Public works program inventory and development plan (1975)
PW-PL-T: Transit planning for results (Davis [Tennessee]--75).
PW-PLPR-DPT: Public works planning process, departmental meetings, worksheets (1975).
PW-RR: Resource recovery, costs for waste disposal facility (1975-77).
PW-STS-CD: Street improvement program options (1975).
PW-STS-COND: Broadmoor CT103 street conditions (8/76).
PW-STS-CPLT: Short street paving complaint (1976).
PW-STS-LEGN: Streets improvement legislation (1975).
PW-STS-NGH: Proposed street resurfacing programs by neighborhood (5/78).
PW-STS-ORST: Orleans Street proposal (TG-7/75).
PW-STS-PAV: Broadmoor CT103 Street types (8/76)
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien deferred payment assistance programs, neighborhood meetings schedule (1976).
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien housing strategy (1976).
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien legislation and requirements (1975-76).
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien petitions received, phase III (5/18/78).
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien program correspondence (1975).
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien program, deferred payment assistance description (1976).
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien resolutions, 2nd action year (1977)
PW-STS-PAVL: Paving lien survey (Phoenix--1975).
PW-STS-PAVL: Streets paving lien policy statement draft (1975)
PW-STS-PAVL: Streets petition draft (1975)
PW-STS-PIP: Street improvements
PW-STS-PLDP: Paving lien deferred payment program (9/76)
PW-STS-PR: Livable cities program review (see PL-CPC-PR)
PW-STS-75: Paving lien policy statement draft, 3/75 (same as PW-STS-PAVL: Street paving lien).
PW-STS-SIP: Street improvement program executive staff presentation (1975).
PW-STS-FUND: Funds supporting Streets Department (8/76)
PW-SWB: Sewerage and Water Board operating budget, 1976 (see OVF/LL550/1976).
PW-SWB-BOND: Building sewer and water systems
PW-T: Ferry landing rebuilding plan (see Times-Picayune, May 15, 1977, sect.1, p. 14)
PW-T-AGED: Pedestrian problems of elderly studied (Atlanta Constitution, 7/4/76)
PW-T-AIR: Airport expansion proposal, 1977 (see AQR610/1977m)
PW-T-ANLY: Macro transportation impact model study (see AQR150/1970m)
PW-T-ARPT: Analysis of the limousine service at the New Orleans International Airport (1972).
PW-T-ARPT: Louisiana airport system plan, 1974 (see LOU DOC/PW10.1/Dis1:973 prelim).
PW-T-ARPT: Louisiana airport system plan, summary, 1974 (see LOU DOC/PW10.1/Dis. 1: sum/974 prelim).
PW-T-ARPT: New Orleans International Airport (1977).
PW-T-ARPT: New Orleans International Airport, airport safety newsclippings (see Times-Picayune, August 15, 1975, sect 1, p. 13).
PW-T-ATE: New Orleans Transit Study conclusion, draft, 5/12/77 (see OVF/AB 150?1977ts/draft)
PW-T-ATE: Transit study, draft (see AB150/1977t/ddraft).
PW-T-AUTO: Orleans ten worst intersections (see Times-Picayune, 12/6/77).
PW-T-BIKE: New Orleans bikeway plan (see AQ150/1976bw/draft).
PW-T-BUS: Busway applications in the U.S., results of case studies and analysis (1/73).
PW-T-BUS: Resolution extending bus service to Algiers (1976).
PW-T-COST: Transit operations interim concerns and options (8/31/76).
PW-T-FARE: Madere memo on proposed fare increase (9/9/74).
PW-T-FUND: Transit priority and plan for transit revamp articles (Times-Picayune and States Item, 6/30/77).
PW-T-GCAC: Governor's Citizens Advisory Committee agenda (1976-77).
PW-T-HGWS: Emergency telephone system for interstate highways (4/18/77).
PW-T-HGWY: Review of highway planning experience (see 388.411/R45).
PW-T-LACA: Watts transportation project 91975).
PW-T-LGSN: Mass transit legislation (1975).
PW-T-LNDN: London transport (1970).
PW-T-MRB: Bridge, draft environmental impact statement, 11/76 (see 624.35/U58d).
PW-T-MRB: Bridge study status report, CPC-1970 (see AQ202/1970).
PW-T-MRB: Impact of new bridge site, needs assessment, draft (5/77).
PW-T-MRB: Proposed Mississippi river Bridge #2, 1977 (folder empty when inventoried).
PW-T-MRBA: Mass transportation assistance application (1976).
PW-T-MSTR: Marketing mass transit (Rosenbloom, 75).
PW-T-MSTR: Mass transit, article (8/74).
PW-T-MSTR: Metro-transportation program (1974).
PW-T-MSTR: Policy standards, transit 78, RPC-1972 (see AQR150/1972tr/v.1).
PW-T-MSTR: Regional transit position paper, Allen--1976 (see VI/AB961/1976rt).
PW-T-MSTR: Traffic and revenue study, Curtis and Davis--1974 (see AQR150/1974mv/v.2).
PW-T-MSTR: Transit development program summary, Transit 78, RPC-1972 (seeAQR150/1972tr/v.7).
PW-T-MTRO: Metro transportation study, Chip's notes (1977).
PW-T-NA: Draft needs assessment for transportation (DAV-5/77).
PW-T-NOPSI: Transit related assets NOPSI proposes not to sell, 5/77 (included in AB150/1977t/draft).
PW-T-NOPSI: NOPSI income increase, newsclippings (see Times-Picayune, April 26, 1977, p.1).
PW-T-NWSC: N.O. transit splits Kiefer, Morrison (see States-Item, May 12, 1977, p.1).
PW-T-PR: Local traffic court probation office (10/1/77).
PW-T-PR: Northwestern traffic institute (8/1/77).
PW-T-PR: Pedestrian safety (10/1/77).
PW-T-PR: Selective traffic enforcement (10/1/77).
PW-T-PR: Traffic radar (10/1/77).
PW-T-RATE: Westside Transit Lines rate increase proposed City Council resolution (10/74).
PW-T-RPC: Prospectus, transportation in New Orleans, 1976 (see AQR631/1975t).
PW-T-RR: Union Passenger Terminal (1974).

Box 20

PW-T-RTA: Interim regional Transit Authority council reports (see OVF/AQT204/date; see also AQR200t/1976 and VI/AB961/1976rt and ACT596 of 1975).
PW-T-STS: Press Drive grade separation proposal, 8/69 (see NR202/1969pd).
PW-T-TAP: Trend analysis program report, transportation (1976).
PW-T-TAXI: Taxi fare overcharge reported (see States-Item, June 30, 1977, p A-12).
PW-T-UWP: Unified Work Program, notes (2/77).
PW-T-WKPR: Unified Work Program commission meeting (see OVF/AQ301/1977-4-20).
PW-T-UWP: Unified Work Program FY77, 5/76 (see AQR610/1976u).
PW-T-UWP: Unified Work Program for transportation planning FY78, draft, 3/23/77 (see AQR610/1977u).
PW-USDN-RPC: Manual for regional analysis of visual conditions, 1969 (see AQR150/1969mr).
PW-UMTA-RPC: Unified Work Program correspondence concerning mass transit (5/75).
PW-UTIL-NGH: Sewer, water, drainage neighborhood analysis
PW-WAT: Water and sewer rate analysis (Atlanta, 1/76).

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