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Economic Analysis (EA)-General Government (GT)

Box 7 (continued)

Economic Analysis (EA)

EA-BOBO-RPRT: Analysis of Bobo's report, New Orleans Economy, Pro Bono Publico? (6/75)
EA-CADD-IDEA: International Downtown Executive Association (IDEA) commercial district (9/76)
EA-CBD-RPRT: Revenue expenditure report of the CBD (1974)
EA-CPSM-NWSC: News clippings - "Can Capitalism Survive?", "San Francisco, New Orleans use new analysis units" (1975)
EA-EAU-APPL: Documentation of New Orleans econometric budget forecasting system application (9/3/76)
EA-EAU-NWSC: Article on economic analysis unit (New Orleans Magazine, 10/76)
EA-HUD-MR: HUDI monthly reports, Economic Analysis Unit, 1975
EA-REV-DATA: Revenue listing for New Orleans, 1963-74.
EA-WKPR-77: Work program, Economic Analysis Unit (1977)

Economic Development (ED)

ED: American Foundation for Negro Affairs
ED: Budget summaries (1975)
ED: CAO's budget, 1971-74
ED: Cable consultant's report (preliminary copy of executive summary) (see Also AATV150/1975 ex)
ED: Capital fund allocations, 1975.
ED: Capital fund statement, 5/31/72
ED: Civil Service - employment of non-citizens
ED: Community Development program (1973)
ED: Cost overruns for CDA, CIA, (1975)
ED: Economic Development
ED: Economic Development Council, annual report, 1973
ED: Economic Development Council, work report, 1974
ED: Economic manpower study (1975)
ED: Energy conference (1975)
ED: Finance Department, operating budget hearings (1975)
ED: Five year economic program (Economic Development Council, 1976-80)
ED: French Market Corporation budget hearing (1975)
ED: Gateway receptionist program (1975)
ED: Office Leasing Guide (Chamber of Commerce)
ED: Office of Manpower and Economic Development, operating budget hearings (1975)
ED: On-line projects (1975)
ED: Operating budget, adopted - 1975, manpower
ED: Operating budget hearings, memos (1976)
ED: Policy planning project (1975-76)
ED: Regional food center
ED: Revenue sharing (1973)
ED: Skid row meeting (Chamber of Commerce, 1975)
ED: Tax packages, preparations (Hillman, 1975)
ED: Wage survey, Shreveport, La (Department of Labor, 4/75)
ED: Warehouse district study (draft, 1975)
ED: Warehouse study summary
ED: Youth Conservation Corps program (1975)
ED-APPL: Technical assistance application (Piazza d'Italia)
ED-APPL-GRNT: Economic development administration grant offer, Italian Piazza (6/1/77)
ED-BG-BOND: Capital fund public improvement bonds (3/31/75)
ED-BGT: Clippings
ED-BGT-CITY: Capital budget by department (1974)

Box 8

ED-CASE-ILL: Study of the Business Climates of the States (11/10/75)
ED-CCNO: New Orleans Area, Then and Now (Economic Development Council)
ED-CCUS: Quarterly Business Report on Urban Affairs (Chamber of Commerce of the U.S., 1976)
ED-CDA: MNA job recruitment and training program (11/72)
ED-CDA/CIA: On-line projects (1974)
ED-CIA-PRO: Economic development proposal by CIA (1976)
ED-CITY-NWSC: Council of Economic Advisors, newspaper clipping
ED-CNLS-CCNO: Canal Street Improvement project
ED-CONT-HSDC: Heritage Square economic development conference contract (9/76)
ED-CPTL-75: Capital outlay budget (state, 1975)
ED-CSLT-RSCH: Economic and financial planning assistance capabilities (Copelin and Associates, ll/74)
ED-CTLC-MP: Central City manpower proposal (4/76)
ED-EAU-ED: Economic outlook presentation (10/21/75)
ED-EAU-NWSC: Article on economic analysis unit, New Orleans Magazine (1976)
ED-ECDV: Economic Development, French Market Corporation project papers (1973)
ED-ECDV: Economic development in the energy crisis (Michigan), 1974.
ED-ECDV: Growth Management Program, steering committee meeting notices (1975) (includes minutes of some meetings)
ED-ECDV-CITY: District airport plans, New Orleans area (1974)
ED-ECDV-COR: Correspondence re: Neighborhood Economic Development Process workshop (1975)
ED-ECDV-KC: Minority group economic development (1976) (Kansas City, Missouri)
ED-EECDV-MIN: Economic Development Council, minutes of Board of Directors meeting (1975-76)
ED-ECDV-NGH: Ongoing projects in the neighborhoods
ED-ECO-77: Mayoral candidate questionnaire responses, Ecoline Newsletter (9/77)
ED-ECON-CBD: CBD and the City's economy (1976)
ED-ECPR: Economic profile of the City of New Orleans with concentration on the low income area, 1975
ED-EDA-AA: Affirmative action for minority contractors in EDA projects, proposal (7/2/77)
ED-EDA-ALVR: Alvar Street construction of concrete railroad overpass offer of grant (l/77)
ED-EDA-ALVR: State Clearinghouse approval for Alvar Street project (2/23/77)
ED-EDA-APPL: EDA 302 Application, 1975-76
ED-EDA-AR: Annual report, economic development unit (1975)
ED-EDA-BGDS: Beauregard Square (Congo Square) renovation, public works application (10/27/76)
ED-EDA-BGDS: State Clearinghouse approval for renovation of Beauregard Square project. (2/23/77)
ED-EDA-BPGC: Brechtel Park Golf Course public works application (10/27/76)
ED-EDA-CONF: Economic Development Administration, Regional Conference (New Orleans, 5/74)
ED-EDA-FMC: Legal opinion on ownership of property on riverside of flood wall (11/19/76)
ED-EDA-FMCP: French Market Corporation complex, parking lot application (10/27/76)
ED-EDA-FUND: Proposals for EDA funding (7/20/76)
ED-EDA-GDLN: Guidelines for local public woks projects (1/77)
ED-EDA-GDLN: Local public works projects guidelines package (1/20/77)
ED-EDA-GEN: EDA projects general information (12/76)
ED-EDA-GEN: Technical assistance studies, EDA (1/78)
ED-EDA-GRNT: Grant extension for 302 public works act (6/76)
ED-EDA-HSQ: Heritage Square application, second year (12/76)
ED-EDA-1P: Application for funding. Italian Piazza (1975)
ED-EDA-1P: Italian Piazza, letter and news clippings (1975)
ED-EDA-1P: Italian Piazza project (1975) (Application for funding by Ozarks Regional Commission).
ED-EDA-1P: Program review, Italian Piazza (1975)
ED-EDA-LAPC: Louis Armstrong Park jazz complex application (10/27/76)
ED-EDA-MMBH: Milne Municipal Boys Home, office of grant (1/20/77)
ED-EDA-ORD: Public Works projects, ordinances (1/13/77)
ED-EDA-PAB: Police Administration Building, offer of grant for public works project (12./30/76)
ED-EDA-PAB: Police Administration Building public works application (10/30/76)
ED-EDA-PR: Conference on use of Title 1X and section 204 loans, program review (2/24/77)
ED-EDA-PRO: Economic Development Administration proposals (1976)
ED-EDA-PRO: EDA proposals for local public works projects, second round (2/77)
ED-EDA-PROJ: Acknowledgement of receipt of local public works application (11/76)
ED-EDA-PROJ: EDA projects - percentage of labor intensity (12/76)
ED-EDA-PROJ: Key steps and decisions in carrying out capital improvement projects (12/76)
ED-EDA-PROJ: Project locates members for EDA local public works projects (11/23/76)
ED-EDA-PROJ: State clearinghouse statement on EDA local public works projects (11/16/76)
ED-EDA-PWEA: Memo to executive staff concerning public works projects (Collier - 1/13/77)
EA-EDA-RPC: Regional Planning Commission approval of EDA public works projects (11/29/76)
ED-EDA-SBRC: St. Bernard Recreation Center, public works application(10/27/76)
ED-EDA-SBRC: State Clearinghouse approval of St. Bernard Recreation Center project (2/23/77)
ED-EDA-TCTS: State Clearinghouse approval for tennis courts project (2/23/77)
ED-EDA-TCTS: Tennis Courts project application (10/27/76)
ED-EDA-TITLEX: Grant offer for tree planting (1975)
ED-EDA-TITLEX: Housing repairs for the aged, proposal (1975)
ED-EDA-TITLEX: Job opportunities program (1975)
ED-EDA-TIX: Title 1X projects (1975)
ED-EDA-TX: Offer of grant for Title X public works project (9/18/75)
ED-EDA-TX: Satchmo Block Park application, Central City (6/19/75)

Box 9

ED-EDA-TX: Statement of initial cash advance for Title X funds (8/75)
ED-EDA-UNO: Proposal for a University Development Center at UNO (2/77)
ED-EDC: New Orleans foreign trade manufacturing advantages
ED-EDU: EDA correspondence (1976)
ED-EDU: Economic Development Unit work program (1975)
ED-EFU-APPL: Application for Economic Development planning grant (1976)
ED-EDU-APPL: EDA section 302 grant application (6/30/76-7/1/77)
ED-EDU-GRNT: Economic Development Unit Grant proposal (9/76)
ED-ENGY: Energy conference, N.O. (6/5-6/755)
ED-ENRG-ELEC: "Regional interfuel substitution by electric utilities in the U.S." by Noel D. Uri, in Journal of Regional Science, XV11 (1977).
ED-FMCP-COR: French Market Corporation parking lot correspondence (11/30/76).
ED-FORUM: Meeting notices and minutes (1976) (Metropolitan Forum for Unified Development Actions)
ED-GMF: German Marshall Fund of the United States (1976)
ED-HS: Heritage Square, a breakthrough for Central City (Community Development Corporation Workshop, 11/20-21/1975).
ED-HS-COR: Heritage Square correspondence (1976)
ED-HS-PR: Heritage Square program review (8/26/76)
ED-HS-PRO: Heritage Square proposal (1975)
ED-HS-RPRT: Heritage Square project (general information), (8/76)
ED-HSDC-CHTR: Heritage Square Development Corporation, charter proposal (10/76)
ED-HSDC-CONF: Heritage Square Economic Development Corporation conference handout (8/76)
ED-HSDC-CONT: Heritage Square Economic Development Conference contract with J. Faucett (12/76)
ED-HSDC-GRNT: Heritage Square Economic Development conference 8/28/76)
ED-HSDC-GRNT: Heritage Square Economic Development Conference award contract (9/76)
ED-HSQ-APPL: Heritage Square application for 1976 (second year funding)
ED-ESQ-CAD: Heritage Square comprehensive analysis document (10/76)
ED-HSQ-CD: Community Development funding of Heritage Square project, correspondence (2/77)
ED-HSQ-CDC: Heritage Square Community Development Corporation, telegram (12/15/76)
ED-HSQ-CHTR: Heritage Square Corporation charter (6/76)
ED-HSQ-COR: Correspondence on Heritage Square (1978)
ED-HSQ-GEN: General information on Heritage Square (TG-1976)
ED-HSQ-GRNT: Heritage Square grant offer (3/77)
ED-HSQ-GRNT: Heritage Square planning process second year approval 2/10/77)
ED-HSQ-HSAC: Heritage Square Advisory Committee meeting (10/19/76)
ED-HSQ-HSDC: Invitation to Heritage Square Economic Development Conference (7/5/76)
ED-HSQ-PRO: Heritage Square proposal and related materials
ED-HSQ-PRO: Proposal for Heritage Square Development Corporation (1976) (includes progress reports)
ED-HSQ-RPRT: Heritage Square Development Process, final report (1/26/77)
ED-HSQ-ULNO: Heritage Square project, statement of conditions, implementation stage (3/14/77)
ED-IDB: Industrial Development Board, by-laws
ED-INC-NWSC: New Orleans in bottom half of income bracket, news clipping (10/13/76)
ED-INCSEC: Income security programs
ED-IND: Industrial development (Miler (speech), 1975)
ED-IND: Industrial park seminar (1975)
ED-IND-WHET: Industrial development opportunity (1970) (wheat flour milling)
ED-INVT-PRGR: Inventory of economic programs (1976)
ED-1P-COR: Piazza d'Italia correspondence (12/75)
ED-LAFSQ: Lafayette Square (restoration, 1975)
ED-LAPC-PUBH: Public hearing notice for Armstrong Park (9/12/73)
ED-LDV-TRBY: Tribeca (Lower Manhattan) historical aspects (1975)
ED-MEDC: Conference participants
ED-MEDC: Correspondence (1975)
ED-MEDC: Rental contract (Superdome)
ED-MEDC-SCHD: Agenda for Mayor's Conference Economic Development (11/75)
ED-MEDC-SRVY: Survey of conference participants (results) (11/75)
ED-MNPW: Draft o manpower policy recommendations
ED-MNPW: Materials, in house manpower advisory committee
ED-MNPW: New Orleans Area Manpower, Feb. 1975
ED-MNPW: Unemployment rates (regional)
ED-NER-NIAS: Community Development and neighborhood economic revitalization study done by National Institute for Advanced Studies (44/77)
ED-NOEC: New Orleans Economy Bobo-1975), Draft (actually contains copy of the final publication (see, LOU DOC EL 520.3:19)
ED-NOLM-PRO: Proposal for a New Orleans area labor market-place submitted to the city of New Orleans (TG-l0/77)
ED-OEDP: Economic development program (1974) (see also AQ610/1974ed)
ED-OKLA: Oklahoma Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Annual Report (1975)
ED-OLP: In-line project descriptions (January 23, 1975)
ED-OMED: MIS filming system (12/75)
ED-ORC: Ozarks Regional Commission, Annual Report, 1975
ED-PLPR: Budget for department, 1975 planning process (74)
ED-PORT: Economic impact of a Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (7/73)
ED-PPPS: Tulane Business School program budgeting project (4/18/73)
ED-PRO-DCHC: Commercial economic development, Desire (7/7/76)
ED-PRO-DCHC: Industrial development, Desire (7/7/76)
ED-PTSQ-COR: Pittman Square economic development correspondence (1976)
ED-PTSQ-DCHC: Pittman Square land acquisition (1976)
ED-REV: Revenues, City of New Orleans (1963-74)
ED-REV-FAIR: Economic planning study for the Louisiana World Exposition (TG-1976)
ED-SEED: Skills, Education Employment Development Program (1975)
ED-SOCS: Social Service Amendment (1974)
ED-TAX-PR: Application for property assistance eligibility program review (10/11/77)
ED-TX: State and local taxes (1974)
ED-TX: State and local taxes in the South (1973)
ED-WS: Warehouse study

Government Agencies (GA)

GA-BCA: Better Community Act, highlights
GA-CDI: Community Development Statement firms, critiques
GA-CPA: HUD701 regulations

Box 10

GA-DOJ: Criminal Justice Agencies, Region 2 (1975)
GA-DOJ: Criminal Justice Evaluation, bibliography (1975)
GA-DOJ: Criminal Justice Information System (1975)
GA-DOJ: Volunteer Probation Counselor Program (1976)
GA-DOL: Comprehensive manpower program, regulations and federal grant application (1974) (see also AA851/1974 ceta)
GA-EOA: Economic Opportunity Act of 1964
GA-FMC: Cost principles applicable to grants and contracts 74-4 (7/74)
GA-FP: Federal programs operating in New Orleans (1975)
GA-GRANT: Options available to local general purpose government for influencing decisions on federal funding (4/76)
GA-HEW: Management and statistical reporting system (1972)
GA-HR: Housing and Urban Development Act (1974)
GA-HUD: Transmitted notice, procedures for planning and management grant (12/73)
GA-HUD: Housing and Community Development Act (1974)
GA-REVSH: Revenue sharing allocation, 1973

Government Documents (GD)

GD-CBO: Teenage unemployment (1976)
GD-CPA-AR: Comprehensive Planning Assistance, Annual Program Report Review (10/76)
GD-CPA-GRNT: Comprehensive Planning Assistance Grant, Semi-Annual Report (1974)
GD-DEG-EDA: Heritage Square Project (7/7/76)
GD-DOG-PDS: Washington Public Defender Service (1974)
GD-DOJ-RAPE: Rape and its victims (1975)
GD-DOJ-CJIS: Directory of Automated Criminal Justice Information System (1976-2vols)
GD-DOJ-COR: Correctional legislation compendium (1975)
GD-DOJ-DRI: Document retrieval index (1974)
GD-HUD-HOUS: Dwelling units in cooperative housing developments, regulations (5/27/76)
GD-NCJS-NPS: Census of prisoners in state correctional facilities (1973)
GD-PPBS-RPRT: Planning, programming and budgeting (Joint Economic Committee), (1969)
GD-RTOF-CJCC: Retarded offenders, pre-application for federal assistance, program review (9/24/75)

General Government (GT)

GT-AA-DSCR: Anti-discrimination act
GT-C: City problems, U.S. Council of Mayors (1971)
GT-CAB-COR: Notes and correspondence on the Central Appraisal Bureau
GT-CCR-MTG: Mayor's Advisory Committee on charter revision (1975-76). (See also 352.0763/B95w and AAR 301/date)
GT-CHTR: Charter revision (1976)

Box 11

GT-CHTR-COR: Charter Revision Committee, correspondence (1975)
GT-CIA-ANLY: Community Improvement Agency, departmental analysis
GT-CITY-NATL: Carter's urban plan (3/78)
GT-CS-PR: Video Training Program, Cure Service, program review (also includes program reviews for the Latter Library Restoration and the Preservation Education Program (Historic Districts - School Board project on N.O. architecture)), (1978)
GT-DOJ-COR: Corrections model department, preapplication, (1977)
GT-DOJ-CRIM: Community based crime control center, preapplications, (1975)
GT-DOL: Work Incentive Program, WIN in 76 (7/75)
GT-EDA-GRNT: 302 planning grant offer (1975)
GT-EVAL-D/F: Evaluation report, Citizen participation project - Desire/Florida, (4/4/76)
GT-EVAL-HLTH: Evaluation of the Community Development Health Services clinics, (10/76)
GT-EVAL-PLAN: Evaluation in a comprehensive planning cycle (Taylor-7/75)
GT-EVAL-WKPR: Evaluation work program and evaluation in planning cycles (Taylor-75)
GT-FLOW-MGT: Flow process, management system
GT-LA-CNST: Index to Louisiana Constitution, (1974). (See 349.01/L87sta/V.1/1977)
GT-LA-ORG: Reorganization plan for state departments, (1976). (See LOU DOC LL1.8a:976/reg).
GT-LA-ORG: State government reorganizations, (1977)
GT-LA-UPSC: Urban Policy Sub-committee, meeting minutes (TG-3/76)
GT-LEGL-PUBH: Open meeting, City Legal opinion (1/11/76)
GT-LEGN-MIN: Joint Legislative Committee on Reorganization of the Executive Branch (1975-76)
GT-LEGN-OED: Office of Employment Development proposal on regular session state legislature, (1977)
GT-LEGN-76: Legislative package, Governor's office of Consumer Affairs, (1976)
GT-LEGN-SRVY: Survey of legislative needs for New Orleans, (1/76)
GT-LGSN-77: Proposed legislation, (1977)
GT-LTF-CONP: Consumer protection legislative package (Same as GT-LEGN-76)
GT-LTF-75: Legislative proposals, (1975)
GT-LTF-77: Recommendations for legislative action to legislative task force, (1977)
GT-NA-CAO: Needs assessment from the Division of Management and Budget, (4/77)
GT-NA-CITY: General government needs assessment, (6/2/77)
GT-NA-CJ: Criminal Justice needs assessment, (6/2/77) (See AAP150/1977n)
GT-NA-COR: Comprehensive needs assessment request for comments from department heads (5/19/77)
GT-NA-CPC: Pollution control needs analysis (1976)
GT-NA-CPC: Resource preservation and management needs analysis (1976)
GT-NA-CPTL: Capital projects best used for needs assessment (6/77)
GT-NA-DEF: Definitions, needs assessment (1977)
GT-NA-GEN: General needs assessment design (1/77)
GT-NA-GEN: Needs assessment samples and taxonomy (12/76)
GT-NA-GT: General government needs assessment (Same as GT-NA-CITY)
GT-NA-HOUS: Housing assessments review (10/10/77)
GT-NA-HOUS: Housing needs assessment (1977)
GT-NA-HS: Human services needs assessment, (6/2/77). (See AAP150/1977n)
GT-NA-LIST: Problem list, initial needs assessment document (1977)GT-NA-MEMO: Circular memorandum needs assessment, (10/77) (See A901/411)
GT-NA-PUBH: Agenda for needs assessment public meeting (5/13/77)
GT-NA-RCCR: Recreation and culture needs assessment, (6/2/77) (See AAP150/1977n)
GT-NA-77: Needs assessment, first draft of document for public hearing (5/3/77) (See AAP150/1977n/prlim)
GT-NA-T: Needs assessment, transportation (1977-[DRAFT])
GT-NA-T: Transportation needs assessment (6/2/77) (See AAP150/1977n)
GT-NA-UPI: Memo announcing 1st update of needs assessment (10/77)
GT-NA-ZBB: Zero bases budgeting for 1978, memorandum (2/21/77)
GT-ORD-BGT: Operating budget of expenditures for 1977 (See #6306 MCS)
GT-ORD-ZON: Proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (10/76) (See AQ311/1976z)
GT-PAPR-CFP: Paperwork problem in municipal government, case studies in Syracuse, NY and New Orleans, LA (5/77) (Same as DV-REQ-PAPR)
GT-PLPR-FLOW: Planning process, flow chart (1975)
GT-PMGT-WILD: Wildlife and Fisheries Building (8/74)
GT-PR-GEN: Policies for program review
GT-PRDV-CAD: Wall Blvd. extension, sidewalk improvements to CBD, comprehensive analysis documents(4/19/77)
GT-PRDV-CPTL: Program analysis of certain capital improvement projects (1976) (See A901/#329)
GT-PROV-LGT: Comprehensive analysis document for citywide street lighting (4/19/77)
GT-PRDV-MSC: Multi-service center management, comparisons and recommendations (See A202/1977m)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Audubon Park pool comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Brechtel and Pontchartrain Park improvements, comprehensive analysis document (4/9/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Bunny Friend Playground improvements, comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Cutoff Playground improvements, comprehensive analysis document (3/22/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: East Shore Playground, comprehensive analysis document (4/19/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Goretti Playground improvements, comprehensive analysis document (3/22/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Joe Brown Park, Phase II development, comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Louis Armstrong Park, comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Pontchartrain Park improvements, comprehensive analysis document (Included in GT-PRDV-RECR: Brechtel...)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Pontchartrain Park Playground improvements, comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Roehm Stadium improvements, comprehensive analysis document (3/29/77)
GT-PRDV-RECR: Stern Tennis Center improvements, comprehensive analysis document (3/21/77)
GT-PRDV-SCMP: Shed cover for machine pad, comprehensive analysis document (4/21/77)
GT-PRDV-STS: Citywide street lighting, comprehensive analysis document (4/19/77) (Same as GT-PRDV-LGT)
GT-PRDV-STS: Sidewalk improvement, CBD, comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77) (Included in GT-PRDV-CAD)
GT-PRDV-STS: Wall Boulevard extension, comprehensive analysis document (4/7/77) (Included in GT-PRDV-CAD)
GT-PRDV-UTIL: Citywide street lighting, comprehensive analysis document (Same as GT-PRDV-LGT)
GT-PROP-PR: Federal property assistance program, program review, (10/14/77)
GT-RPC-REV: Allocation of commission members for the Regional Planning Commission (TG-7/73)
GT-SOC-74: State of the city address, draft and outline (1974)
GT-SOC-74: State of the city message (1974) (See A202/1974s)
GT-SOC-75: State of the city message (1975) (See AA202s/1975)
GT-SOC-77: State of the city message (6/2/77) (See AA202s/1977)
GT-VIVR-PR: New Orleans Calendar of Events - VIGOR, program review (5/20/77)
GT-VOTE-LIST: List of polling places, Orleans Parish (10/76)
GT-ZBB-COR: Zero based Budgeting memorandum (2/21/77) (Same as GT-NA-MEMO)_
GT-ZBB-OPER: Zero based budget for 1978 memorandum (2/21/77)(Same as GT-NA-MEMO)
GT-ZBB-77: Zero based budget pilot program (8/77) (See also A702/1977s)

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