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New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans (La.) Police Dept.
Transcripts of Statements of Witnesses to Homicides,1930-1945

The records are typewritten, signed transcripts of statements made to police investigators by multiple witnesses to homicides committed in New Orleans. Each witness is identified by name, age, address, and race. The officer taking the statement is also identified. The original, often "colorful," language used in the verbal statements generally is retained in the transcripts.

In some cases additional documents are included with the transcripts: copies of the official homicide report, directives from the Superintendent of Police, and other memorandums.

The records are missing for the following periods: July-December, 1932; 1934; May-August, 1936; 1939; and 1943-1944.

See also New Orleans Police Dept. Homicide Reports, 1893-1947.

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