City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans Police Department.
          Clippings, 1944-1946
          1 cu. ft.

Articles from various newspapers collected by the New Orleans Police Department.

Many of the clipped articles, especially in the "Race Relations" folders, are from three local African American newspapers: the Pittsburgh Courier, the Sentinel, and the Sepia Socialite, not of which survive in complete runs in the Louisiana Division's newspaper collection.

Box 1

"The Governor and the men around him." (New Orleans Item, April 1-17, 1946; series by Edward W. Stagg)

"Men behind the machine." (New Orleans Item, July-August, 1945; series by Thomas K. Griffin)
          Originally filed under the heading of "Ward leaders and co-leaders"
          2 folders

Morrison, Mayor deLesseps S. (December, 1945-May, 1946)
          2 folders

Parole racket. (February-March, 1946)
          2 folders

Police--General. (February, 1945-July, 1946)
          14 folders

Box 2

Race relations. (May, 1944-July, 1945)
          Originally filed under the heading of "Unfinished Business."
          15 folders

Taxicabs. (February-May, 1946)
          3 folders

Traffic. (April, 1945-April, 1946)
          2 folders

"Who's who in the legislature." (New Orleans Item, May-June, 1946; series by Edward W. Stagg)

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