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Arrest Records,1881-1966

NOTE: Please contact the archivist ( in advance if you are interest in viewing these records.

The New Orleans Police Department's arrest records for the years 1881-1966 were entered into bound volumes. Separate volumes were used by each police precinct/district.

All or some of the following data is provided for each arrest recorded in these volumes:

  • Name of arrestee
  • Residence address
  • Color
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Nationality of arrestee and of arrestee's parents
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Read or write?
  • Complaint
    In some instances only a reference to a section in the Louisiana Revised Statutes or to a New Orleans city ordinance is entered here.
  • Place of arrest
  • Complainant
  • Officer(s) making arrest
  • Date of arrest
  • Disposition
    Individual entries may be to a District Attorney's affidavit number, to a simple "dollars/days" sentence, or to a dismissal/refusal of charges.

Many entries also include references to releases or paroles of the arrested individuals, including the name of the party who arranged the release or parole. By 1950, each entry also includes a reference to the appropriate "item number" for the offense report associated with the individual arrest. Separate "drunk books" were used to record arrests of inebriated offenders during the years 1951-1966.

The volumes for 1881-1947 are unavailable due to condition issues.

The volumes for 1948-1959 are available to patrons and may be accessed by microfilm.

The volumes for 1960-1966 are unavailable due to condition, but can be accessed by staff. For informaiton on these years, please contact the archivist.

Arrests by the Homicide Division, 1955-1962) and the Tactical Unit (1961-1967) also are recorded in separate volumes. Items should be requested ahead of your visit.(not available onmicrofilm).

Unfortunately, the arrangement of the record books on microfilm is far from perfect. Ideally, the volumes should have been filmed in chronological order by precinct/district. That appears to have been done for the earlier records, but the system broke down at some point and the later films are arranged chaotically at best. There is a microfilmed "index" to the arrest books, however, that is useful in tracking down volumes that cannot be located by searching throught the microfilms themselves. Filed under call number TP100, this is a film of index cards arranged chronologically by precinct/district. Each card indicates the microfilm roll number on which the corresponding volume appears. This film also serves to identify missing volumes.

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