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New Orleans (La.). Insane Asylum.
Record of Next of Kin, 1875-1877
1 v.


Includes the patient's name and the name and address of the person to be referred to--i.e., the next of kin. The volume is in very poor condition, with many pages either cut or torn out. Most of the entries are overwritten with "died," "removed," "released," etc.

Transcribed by Colleen Fitzpatrick, New Orleans Volunteer Association (NOVA)

Anna Freitas
Refer to Her husband Chas Freitas
No. 50 Josephine St. bet. Rousseau & Tchoupitoulas
Removed to Fulton bet. Felicity Road & St. Mary No. 315
Removed address farther back. Dec. 11, 1875
Jacob Kenner
Refer to His brother-in-law Anthony Untz
St. Anthony bet. Liberty & Genius
Died Oct. 29, 1876
Julia Morris
Refer to Her sister Mrs. Ann Morris
#32 Calliope bet. Tchoupitoulas & New Levee
Michael Gray
Refer to His wife
Second St. bet. St. Patrick & Denis Sts.
Wm. H. Carter
Refer to His mother
At Mrs. Auge No. 499 St. Charles St.
Antoine Marquez
Refer to His mother
Corner St. Ann & Villere Streets
Mary A. Handburry
Refer to Her daughters or Morgan Hughes
Rampart St. bet. Feilicty & St. Andrew Sts.
David Taylor
Refer to His wife
No. 5 Roman Sts. [sic] bet. Cana & Gasquet
Mrs. Ann Bartel
Refer to Her sister Mrs. M. Lunn
No. 96 Felicity St.
Philomene Germain
Refer to Her sister Marie Van Buren
corner Esplanade & Villere at Mrs. P. Lanoix
Barbara Pollarden
Refer to Her brother-in-law John C. Gene_in
corner First & Chippewa Sts.
Died Nov. 29th
Mrs. Felix Lefebre
Refer to Her husband
corner St. Louis & Bourbon Sts.
Rosa DaSilva
Refer to F. J. Fenina
#681 Goodchildren Sts. [sic] bet. St. Ferdinand & Cotton Pr
Matis Kerber
Refer to His wife
corner Toledano & Tchoupitoulas
Peter Green
Refer to His wife
corner Girod & Commerce Sts.
John C. Moores
Refer to His brother
At M. W. Smith, Canal bet. Camp & Magazine,
resides Dryades between Melpomene & Terpsichore
John Naber
Refer to His mother
Bayou Road bet. Treme & Marais No. 217 [219?]
Emeline Sterling
Refer to Her daughter Mary Allen
#207 Calliope bet. St. Charles & Carondelet Sts.
J. A. Courten
Refer to F. E. Bonjour Drug Store
corner Elysian Fields & Love Sts
Laurence Decker
Refer to Joseph Wilhelm
Moreau No. 479 bet. Spain & Enghien
Geo. D. Field
Refer to His wife
#130 St. Mary bet. Annunciation & Laurel
Catherine Rees or Rathe
Refer to Her brother-in-law L. L. Mayeune
corner Jackson & Rousseau
Released Jany 26/77
Ann Jane Canton
Refer to Her brother Miles Riordan
Mandeville Sts. [sic] bet. Greatmen & Casacalvo Sts.
Mrs. Gray
Refer to Miss Jennie Fray
No. 64 Sorapuru bet. Rousseau & Fulton
Dasia Landry
Refer to Her father Camille Landry
Abbeville, Parish Vermillion, LA
Released care Lastie Broussard
Marz Hert
Refer to His wife
corner St. Philip & Bourbon Sts
Alex Williams
Refer to F. A. Williams
No. 326 Baronne Sts. [sic] or #19 Conti for W. A. Williams
Refer to E. F. Lavillebe__ose
No. 74 Dumain bet. Bourbon & Royal Sts.
John Casey
Refer to His father
528 Dryades
Annie McCreehan
Refer to Her mother Kate McCreehan
Rave bet. Tchoupitoulas & St. Thomas
Estelle Jolissaint
Refer to Her sister Eugenie Baslier [Baslié?]
151 North Rampart
D. McPherson
Refer to His mother
#277 Roman
Mary Frank
Refer to Her mother
corner Third & New Levee Sts
Released Jany 29th
J. H. Ansley
Refer to His mother
Burgundy bet. Conti & Bienville
Victor Jamey
Refer to Mr. Delavignes
Brick yard corner Levee & Jourdan Avenue
Margaret Lyons
Refer to Her mother Mrs. Gilgur
corner Thalia & Willow Sts.
Cecelia LeBlanc
Refer to A. Nunez
Abbeyville, LA Vermillion Parish
Mary Kleughammer
Refer to Her husband Jacob Kleughammer
Roman bet. Conti & Bienville Sts.
Maria Christina
Refer to Her husband George Schech
St. Patrick bet. Philip & First
Patrick Collins
Refer to Ellen Collins
corner of Magazine & Josephine at Mrs. Morton
Removed to #150 St. Joseph Str.
Mrs. M. Grant
Refer to Emile Zephyr Jefferson
Peniston St. bet. Joseph & Tchoupitoulas. Enquire at the corner at Joseph Maniticou's [Mauticou?] grocery & coffee house
Alex Saundag
Refer to His wife
6th Street bet. Annunciation & Laurel
Marcus Pah
Refer to His wife
Bagatelle bet. Greatmen & Craps
Fanny Farrell
Refer to Sisters of Charity
Louisiana Retreat
John Sullivan
Refer to Peter Kelly
St. Andrew bet. Religious & Tchoupitoulas Sts.
Mina Wegge
Refer to C. F. Lieber or Martin Halbritter
Bienville bet. Miro & Galvez
Jacob Levy
Refer to His wife
No. 38 1/2 Annunciation near Calliope
Released Jany 26/77
Mary Sally
Refer to Her Daughter Angeline Diggs
No. 168 Roman bet. St. Philip & Dumaine
S. W. Scott
Refer to His mother
St. Anne Aslyum Prytania Street
Released Jan 26, 1877
Catherine Urbacher
Refer to Her daughter Mrs. Mayer
corner Felicity & Prytania, Phelps grocery
Isabella Brown
Refer to Her husband
Gena bet. Tchoupitoulas & Walter
Jacob Doehair
Refer to His mother Mrs. Jno Henry Dedrie Hallabush [Wallabush?]
No. 439 1/2 Liberty bet. Josephine & Jackson
Eliza Watkins
Refer to Louise Perrinaud her daughter
corner Customhouse & Villere in George Hayman house
August Rothkamp
Refer to His brother
At E. Marqueze Co. No. 75 Canao St.
Margaret Nixon
Refer to Her daughter Maggie Mixon
#36 Poeyfarre
Mrs. Slawson
Refer to Her daughter
corner Mandeville & Dauphine at "Dreyfous"
Geo. D. Field
Refer to His wife
Constance St. bet. Terpsichore & Melpomene Street middle of block
Joseph Dumont
Refer to Mrs. Masiapa Woodford
#65 Union bet. Baronne & Dryades
Melinda Cleveland
Refer to Addisen Cleveland
346 First bet. St. Patrick & Franklin
Julian Blakesley
Refer to Horace Blakesley
corner Broad & Gasquet
Antoine Laporte
Refer to His wife
St. Peter bet. Treme & St. Claude
John Bower
Refer to His wife
165 Richard bet. Constance & Magazine
Released Jan 26/77
Valerie Gregoir
Refer to Mme Hypolyte Gale
Roman St. bet. St. Philip & Dumaine
Died Nov. 14th
Charles Piles
Refer to His mother
No. 3 Euterpe St. near Coliseum
Arthur Moreau
Refer to His mother
corner Columbus & Morales
Mrs. Mary Schwartz
Refer to Her husband John [Schwartz] Swartz [sic]
Algiers - Alex [sic] Street bet. Boney & Powder Streets
James Alsina
Refer to J. Alsino? his father
corner Dryades & Melpomene
James Spotsey
Refer to His mother
70 Prytania St.
Lawrence Drews
Refer to His wife Mrs. Drews
Dauphine bet. Poland & French
Louis Gaustarer
Refer to Mrs. Gaustauer
3rd Street bet. Baronne & Carondelet
Adam Reiderbach
Refer to His wife
Rampart between Poet & Music, 3rd Dist.
Joseph Stehlein
Refer to His cousin Sebastian Stehlein
corner St. Andrew & Dryades
Henry de Singly
Refer to His wife Mrs. Singly
corner Villere & Columbus
Mary Sommers
Mary Morrisson
Refer to Her husband
Napoleon Avenue Carstaliose [?]
Abbie Kaiser
Refer to Her brother M. A. McDonald
No. 86 Eight [sic] Street & Annunciation
Arthur McManus
Refer to John R. Murphy
Napoleon Avenue Car Station or Marengo & Chestnut Streets
Joseph Geehir
Refer to His mother
Kerlerec between Derbigny & Roman #217
Died Nov. 26
C. B. H. Duplessis
Refer to His wife
"St. John Baptist"
Frenchmen bet St. J. B. & Giraud No. 224
Mrs Reinhardt
Refer to Her husband Jacob Schalck
Second corner Howard 2d door from corner
Nellie Simpson
Refer to Her father Wm. Simpson
#308 Royal St. bet. Barracks & Esplanade
O. J. Heno
Refer to His father C. Heno
Broad St. bet. Customhouse & Bienville

[Note written in upper left hand corner: 1st j j3 [?]
Andre Rellebon
Refer to His daughter
#105 Robertson Derbigny bet. St. Louis & Toulouse
Died - Could not be found
Bayant McDonald
Refer to Maginnis shoe store
No. 299 Magazine St.
Susan Wilson
Refer to Her mother
217 Conti bet. Roman & Derbigny
John Casey
Refer to His father
#528 Dryades St.
Released Jan 1/77
Refer to Her brother-in-law Henry J. Jackson
St. Anne between Galvez & Miro
George Stringer
Refer to Mrs. R. L. Brown
No. 430 Bienville corner Miro
O.J. Heno
Refer to His mother
516 Bienville bet. Broad & S. Dorgenois at Martin Wainwright
Maria Bouington
Refer to Peter McDowell
No. 27 Port St., 3rd Dist.
Mrs. Marie Lenox
Refer to Mrs. Bridget Bacon
Dryades corner Julia
Mary Sally
Refer to Her daughter Angeline Diggs
No. 286 St. Philip bet. Roman & Prieur
Bernard Mossman
Refer to His mother
Roman bet. Kerlerec & Columbus
Thomas Carr
Refer to His wife
Market Street near the "Round House", Algiers
Frank Gleason (Glynn)
Refer to His father
Abe Glynn care John Webb Rice Plantation, Bayou Lafourche, LA
William Frazier
Refer to His mother
19 Burgundy near St. Louis
Released Jany 26/77
Thomas O'Rourke
Refer to His mother
58 St. Joseph between Magazine & Camp
Removed (address below)
Elizabeth Rauch
Refer to Her husband
Moods House, 49 Gravier corner Peters
R. D. Blossman
Refer to His wife
#42 Liberty bet. St. Andrew & Josephine
Valsin de La Barre
Refer to His mother
246 Burgundy between Ursulines & Hospital
Thomas O'Rourke
Refer to His mother
#252 Jackson near Prytania (Removed to 196 St. Joseph St.)
Nancy Scott
Refer to The Society of John the Baptiste, Ben____ Fisher, President
No. 11, Roman bet. Coliseum St. and LaHarpe, 3rd Dist
Ben Fisher residence #500 St. Louis cor. Dorgenois
A. W. Miller
Refer to His cousin Mrs. Louisa Wilder
132 Spain between Love and Goodchildren or at M. McGraw Tchoupitoulas & Gravier
J. M. Kearn
Refer to His wife
No. 316 St. Charles corner Clio
Marie Bernard
Refer to Her mother
#351 Rampart corner Kerlerec
Wm. A. Keen
Refer to His mother
#210 Camp Street
Released Jany 1/77
Charles Piles
Refer to His mother
No. 3 Euterpe near Coliseum
Fifine Johnson (Mrs. Duclus)
Refer to Mrs. James Hopkins
#145 Esplande between Rampart and Burgundy
Frank Lyons
Refer to His mother
#441 Constance
Released Jany 26/77
Francisco Parody
Refer to His wife
Burgundy Goodchildren corner Frenchmen Streets
Henrietta Meyers
Refer to John Miller
468 St. Peter bet. Rocheblave & Dorgenois
Richard Scott
Refer to His wife Angeline Scott
#143 Religious bet. Celeste & St. James
May Raphael Berlucheau
Refer to Her husband Gustave Berlucheau or Mrs. Alfred Wiltz
#300 St. Peter bet. Derbigny & Roman
Mary Jane Gavish
Refer to Her mother
#205 Gasquet bet. Rocheblave & Dorgenois
Mary Morrissey
Refer to Wm. Boey
627 Moreau between Mandeville Clouet & Montegut
Thomas Connelley
Refer to His wife Bridget Connolley
Moreau between Mandeville & Marigny
Louisa Unger
Refer to Her husband
#691 Tchoupitoulas beetween Josephin and Adele
Mrs. Catherine Lowe
Refer to Mrs. M. Black
corner Julia and Magnolia Streets
Anna Freitas
Refer to Her sister Mrs. Toomey
#40 Josephine bet. Rousseau & Tchoupitoulas
Elvina Robertson
Refer to Her brother-in-law Henry J. Jackson
St. Anne between Galvez and Miro
Lange Crais
Refer to His family
#78 Spain
Annie Ash
Refer to John Connolley
#381 Annunciation bet Josephine & St. Andrew Streets
A[illegible] Blaize
Refer to Angele Boudro
#258 Conti corner Robertson
G. M. Bourditch
Refer to Mrs. Canterbury's Boarding House
#278 Canal near corner Villere St.
John McCormack
Refer to Mrs. Hester
#345 Robertson between Kerlerec & Columbus Streets
August Zeeb
Refer to His wife Sophia Zeeb
268 Chippewa St. bet. Josephine & Jackson
Oren Wilcox
Refer to His mother Mrs. Wilcox, 362 Camp St.
or W. V. Crouch, 189 Gravier St
Philogene Schomberg
Refer to Rosa Schomberg his wife
No. 114 Columbus St. between Claiborne & Robertson Stre
Removed to corner 22 St. Philip & Robertson
Margaret Killian
Refer to Her father Jacob Kinhamer
No. 95 St. Anthony
Emma Childs
Refer to Her mother Mrs. Childs
Magnolia corner Josephine Sts.
J. F. Bessec
Refer to His wife
385 Chartres St.
Dr. L. M. Cowan
Refer to His wife Eliza Cowan
299 1/2 Liberty St. between Clio & Calliope
Mrs. Perez
Refer to Her husband
205 Villere St. in French Market Stall No. 26
Hanna Leichberger
Refer to Dr. Lorber President Touro Infirmary
South Peters between Calliope and Erato
Released Jany 26th 1877
Felix Rouquette
Refer to Nemour Cousin
Carondelet Walk bet Claiborne & Derbigny
Brick Merchant
Mrs. Anderson
Refer to Mrs. W. Ca__ts [illegible]
corner Eighth & Chestnut
Mrs. Jane Hickey
Refer to Her daughter Mrs. Haskins
No. 109 Erato Street
Mrs. Ann Bird
Refer to Her son Mike Bird
No. 429 Moreau St.
Emma Gertier
Refer to Mrs. W. C. Black
No. 119 Prytania Street
David Mulcahy
Refer to His wife
corner Cypress & Claiborne
Died Jany 27/77
Jas Woods
Refer to His mother
Howard bet. Clio & Erato
Catherine Murphy
Refer to Her daughter Mrs. Johanna Flanagan
#254 Orleans bet Derbigny & Roman
Mary Gorman
Refer to Her son James H. Gorman
City Hotel Camp cor Common
Died February 2nd, 1877
Louis Cornet
Refer to His father
Livingston Parish French Settlement Post Office
James Wright (Jas White)
Refer to Mrs. John Gould
Sequin corner Alex, Algiers
Margaret Kalllian [sic]
Refer to Her husband
No. 95 St. Anthony
[The notation (2) is written in the left hand margin next to this entry.]
Alphonse Williams or Charles Roman)
Refer to His wife
Carollton corner Washington and Pearl, right hand side of River.
Released Jany 20/77
Martha Banks
Refer to Her husband
No. 420 Gravier Street bet Bolivar & Bertrand
Released Dec 25/76
Lorinne Parker
Refer to Her mother
228 Treme bet Ursulines & St. Philip
Mary Gautreau
Refer to Her father
corner Valence and Jersey (6th District)
Mary E. Landry
Refer to Her mother W'ow N. Z. Landry
Jersey St. bet Berlin & Napoleon Avenue
Frank Hoffmann
Refer to His father Charles Hoffmann or brother in law H. P.Weymoth?
351 St. Thomas
Charles Roman (Alphonse Williams)
Refer to His wife
Carrollton, corner Washington and Pearl right hand side to River
Released Jany 29/77
Samuel G. Yngham
Refer to His father H. G. Ingham
Louisiana Avenue between Carondelet & Baronne
Null and Void
Samuel G. Ingham
Refer to His father H. G. Ingham
No. 286 1/2 Eighth St. bet. St. Charles & Prytania
Henriet Dangerfield
Refer to Mr. Southmayd
corner Constaninople & Pitt
Elizabeth Raunch [sic]
Refer to Her husband David Rausch
Chipewa [sic] St. bet. Harmony & Pleasant
Released Sunday April 8th
Maria Coffer
Refer to Her husband
corner Miro & St. Louis
Jules Begon
Refer to Nicholas Litzelmann
No Dauphine at Mrs. Francois
Cain Biu_ [Bius?]
Refer to Samuel Smith or Louis Richard, Walkers foundry
Parish St. Bernard on Floraison plantation
Jeanne Beyries
Refer to Her brother Baptiste Beyries
No. 216 Burgundy St. between Dumaine & St. Philip
Daphine Develin
Refer to Her husband
No. 78 Louisiana Ave.
Theodore B. Odé
Refer to His wife Mrs. Bernard
No. 65 Toulouse bet. Royal & Bourbon
Henry Hoyle
Refer to His brother
Johnson bet. Gravier & Perdido
Kirk Samuels
Refer to His wife Minerva Samuels
corner Philip & St. Denis
W. A. Cornwell
Refer to His son Jas. F. Cornwell or Boston Warehouse Lafayette St. betw Magazine & Camp St. #292 1/2 Clio betw Franklin & Liberty
Joseph Strauss
Refer to His wife Mrs. Elizabeth Strauss or Jno Volker cor Barlotemew [sic] & Villere
cor Mazant & Villere
C. Dominick
Refer to Eugene Fabarre? or Joseph Daure #202 Dauphine
No. 69 Royal Released
Oren Wilcox
Refer to His mother Mrs. O. E. Wilcox
#362 Camp, near Thalia
Carolina Sarmoni
Refer to Hre husband Frank DelBonie
#125 Dryades betw Plydras & Perdido - up stairs
John Corey
Refer to His sister
corner Seventh & Lafayette Avenue in Gretna
Mrs. Scholck
Refer to Her husband Jacob Scholck
cor Washington & Magnolia
Aldolph Segura
Refer to His mother
#321 Liberty betw Clio & Erato
Kate Pendergrast
Refer to Her brother Jno Pendergrast
No. 385 Melpomene near corner French, or cor Locust & Erato
Mrs. Mary Rice
Refer to Her son or brother-in-law or Rice Börn Co.
Chestnut betw Aline & Delachaise Camp St.
Justin Beranger
Refer to His mother Elizabeth Beranger
No. 189 Marigny Street corner of Urquhart
Refer to His daughter
corner Claiborne & LeHarpe Streets, 3d Dist.
Thos Sentas
Refer to Mr. Frank Orfila
#360 Burgundy betw St. Antonio & Bagatelle
Mary Jeanne Provoet
Refer to Her mother Mrs. Ford?
No. 176 Ursulines between St. Claude & Treme
Bernina Andrews
Refer to Poydras Orphan Asylum
Tony Faher
Refer to His father
Laurel St. betw Josephine & Jackison, 4th Dist.
Sarah Barnes
Refer to Her father
Broad St. between Palmyra & Banks Sts., 1st Dist.
Missing pages
Part of an index:

Farrell, Fanny 11
Faher, Tony 34
Foster, Maria 35

Gray, Michael 1
Gray, Mrs. 6
Gleason, Frank 20
Gertier, Emma 28
Gautreau, Mary 30

Heno, O. J. 19
Hoffman, Frank 31
Hoyle, Henry 32

Kaiser, Abbie
Killian, Margaret
Kelly, Catherine


Lefevre [sic], Mrs. Felix
Lyons, Margaret
LeBlanc, Cecilia
Laporte, Antoine
Lyons, Frank
Lowe, Catherine


Morris, Julia
McCruhan [sic], Annie
McManus, Arthur
Morissey [sic], Mary
McCormack, John
Murphy, Catherine
Meecklin, Hannah


Nixon, Margaret


Notes written upside down at the bottom of the F -G -H index page

Claret afct Anton hand 6 Bottles

O. Brugier to 1 Bottle
H. Hamilton " 1 "
O. Brugier " 2 "
VanRooten " 2 "

Notes on last page:

White men 54
While women 52
Col'd men 15
Col'd women 25


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