Ernest N. Morial Records

Office of Planning and Development

Planning and Development had its origins in the Landrieu administration's Office of Program Development/Office of Policy Planning. Under Mayor Morial the office coordinated long-range planning, advised the Mayor on planning matters, served as the Mayor's liaison to Boards and Commissions, and represented the Mayor in contacts outside City Hall. Planning and Development, headed by one of the Mayor's executive assistants, coordinated and guided individual planning and program units including Federal Programs and Special Projects, Office of Economic Development, Office of Policy Planning, Primary Health Care Planning, Data Analysis Unit, Environmental Planning, Transportation Policy Development, Office of Economic Analysis, the Downtown Development District, and Transit Administration. The names as well as the duties of these units changed as the needs of the city changed and as the direction of federal funding evolved. Despite these fluctuations, the overall mission of Planning and Development remained constant: to plan for and coordinate maintenance of and improvements to the physical and economic infrastructure of the Crescent City.

Except for an incomplete series of general subject files, the records did not come to the Archives in any usable original order. Following appraisal and a preliminary folder inventory, the records were arranged and reinventoried by Clem Unangst, a 1989 intern from the University of New Orleans History Department's archives management program. He divided the files into series and subseries based on the Planning and Development activities documented in the records.

Since Mr. Unangst's work several additional Planning and Development record series have been identified, arranged, and inventoried. Those records form the Impact Analysis Group Series, the Human Services Information System Series, the Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Series, and the New Orleans 2001 Plan Series. These series, along with two groups of miscellaneous records, are filed at the end of the arrangement devised by Mr. Unangst.

The records are for the most part subject files maintained in the Planning and Development Division. Included are records of the Executive Assistant for Planning and Development along with records kept by other staff members within the Division. Brief notes on each series/subseries are below, followed by a detailed folder listing for each series/subseries.

General Subject Files
Including correspondence, reports, and related material on individual projects, events, and topics of interest to the Planning and Development mission. Folders at the beginning and end of the alphabetically arranged series are missing.

Cultural Series
This small series includes material relating to City Park, the proposed Louisiana Science Center, and the Piazza d'Italia. More extensive files on the latter project will be found in the Morial general subject files, in the papers of Mayor Moon Landrieu, and in the records of the Office of Economic Development.

The sub-series dealing with the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition is only slightly more extensive. Additional City Archives sources of information on the Fair include other series within the Morial administration records as well as records of the New Orleans Fire Department, City Planning Commission, and City Council. See also the Louisiana Division's Louisiana World Exposition Collection.

Economic Development Series
General information on management of the city's economic development effort along with files on several individual projects. Much more extensive documentation of these activities are in the records of the Office of Economic Development which are arranged and described separately from the records of the Morial administration.

The Freret Street Development Corporation subseries documents the city's Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Unit's work in the Freret Street area. The NCR Unit actually came under the supervision of Federal Programs and Special Projects within the Planning and Development hierarchy. Additional records of NCR's activities in the Freret Street area, as well as in other sections of the city, will be found in the separate Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization series (see below).

The Neighborhood Development subseries contains data on activities of the Neighborhood Planning Unit in individual areas of the city as well as on programs to improve business and residential conditions within those areas.

Education Series
This small series deals with city government influences on the local school system. Education, however, was not one of the stated areas of activity for the Planning and Development Division.

The Student Interns subseries, also small in quantity, includes information on the program through which students at local universities worked as interns for various agencies of city government.

Environmental Series
These records document the work of the Environmental Policy Planning Unit as well as the city's participation in several environmental grant programs. Among the individual issues covered in the records are water quality, solid waste disposal, hazardous waste management, noise pollution, and wetlands management.

Housing Series
Another area of activity officially outside the realm of Planning and Development. This very small series includes just two file folders.

Planning Series
These records deal with the general planning activities of the Planning and Development Division, including its relationship with other local planning bodies.

The New Orleans of the Future subseries documents the work of the Commission on the Future of New Orleans and several of its subcommittees.

The Personnel Inquiries subseries contains correspondence with prospective employees of the Division.

Transportation Series
These records deal for the most part with the local public transit system.

Impact Analysis Group Series
The IAG studied the expected impact that policy changes and new programs would have on the operation of city government. Topics range from new airline service for New Orleans to the establishment of historic districts within the city.

Human Services Information System Series
These records document the work of the Human Services Planning Unit, specifically the development of the city's Comprehensive Needs Assessment. The HSIS was a continuation of a process begun during the Landrieu administration. Relevant material from the Landrieu years was retained in this series but is separated from the records produced by the Morial Human Services staff. For additional information on the implementation of strategies to meet the needs identified in the Needs Assessment, see the records of the Morial Human Resources Administration.

Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Series
The NCR Unit operated within the Federal Programs and Special Projects section of Planning and Development. The records include client files along with contract, correspondence, and general subject files.

The client files include loan applications, staff evaluations, and related materials on thirteen businesses that sought revitalization funding from the city. Most of the files have been heavily weeded to remove routine correspondence and other office documents. The file on Holly's Auto Repairs, however, has been retained intact as received by the archives.

The remainder of the records document the NCR Unit's work processes as well as the various projects that it undertook during the Morial administration. Of special interest are documents (especially in the files on the Townscape Institute) relating to the beautification of the Claiborne/I-10 corridor through the use of panels depicting historical figures from the local community. Also of historical note is the copy of a 1974 evaluation report on the Dryades Street commercial area.

New Orleans 2001 Plan Series
This small group of records documents the process that created the Morial administration's plan for guiding the Crescent City into the next century.

Miscellaneous Files (1)
These records of the Office of Planning & Development were discovered after the bulk of the records had been arranged and were, thus, arranged separately. The files include minutes, correspondence, reports and/or recommendations of several task forces, committees or advisory groups set up by the Mayor (especially the Revenue Revision Task Force, the Housing Task Force, and the Transit Task Force); also of interest is documentation on the 1984 World's Fair. The records appear primarily to be from the offices of John Hammond and Pam Hooper.

Miscellaneous Files (2)
These materials were left behind in City Hall, "rediscovered" by the succeeding administration after the end of the Morial years, and transferred to the archives in 1993. The folders have been arranged in alphabetical order, reboxed, and inventoried "as is," with no attempt to weed or otherwise evaluate their contents. They appear to have been created by the Office of Planning and Analysis within the Planning and Development hierarchy.

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General Subject Files

Box J1

Chicago Economic Development Corporation Symposium
District Heating and Cooling
Economic Resource Profile - Folder 1
Economic Resource Profile - Folder 2
Federal Programs, 1981
Federal Programs, 1982
Felicity Project
Foreign Banks
Foreign Investment Committee
Foreign Investments - Folder 1

Box J2

Foreign Investments - Folder 2
Foreign Investments - Folder 3
Foreign Trade Zone
Foreign Trade Zone (Airport)
French American Business Association of Louisiana
French Brochure
French Market
French Quarter Task Force
General Services Administration
Greater New Orleans Marketing Committee
Greater New Orleans Traffic and Transportation Bureau
Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association
Historic Faubourg St. Mary Corporation
Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation Roster

Box J3

Hong Kong/China Mission/Invest in American Cities - 1984
Industrial Development Research Council Convention
Image Development Committee
Industrial College of the Armed Forces Visit
Industry Appreciation Week
Inner City Development
Innovation in Economic Development
Input/Output Models
International Trade Mart
Invest in America's Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors
Japan Mission II
Japan Trade Mission - 1984
Japan Trade Mission (Cancelled)
Japanese Recovery Fund

Box J4 

Job Corps Center
Job Training
Latin American Chamber of Commerce
Legislative Package, 1978-79
Legislative Session, 1979
Legislation, 1980
Legislative Session, 1982
Legislature, 1983
Legislative Session, 1984
Legislative Session, 1985
Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association, 1983-84
Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association, 1885
Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association, 1986

Box J5

Louisiana Association of Planning and Development Districts
Louisiana Committee for the Humanities
Louisiana Municipal Association Economic Development Policy Statement
Louisiana Office of Commerce and Industry
Louisiana Science Center
Louisiana Small Business Equity Corporation
Louisiana World Exposition
Maritime Industry
Mayor's Business Development Council - Correspondence
Mayor's Council on International Trade

Box J6

Mayor's Policy Statements - Folder 1
Mayor's Policy Statements - Folder 2
Megalink Concept
Metropolitan Area Committee
Metropolitan Economic Development Planning Assistance Demonstration Grant
Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Corporation
Mississippi River Bridge
Mississippi Valley Coal Exporters Council
Morial Administration Staff Seminar (Hammond, La.)
Morial Administration Transition Reports
Municipal Finance Officers Association

Box J7

(Inter) National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives
National Association of Development Organizations
National Development Council
National League of Cities
Neighborhood Business Revitalization
New Orleans Area Council
New Orleans Center for Urban Studies and Policy Research
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - Folder 1
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - Folder 2

Box J8

New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - 1984 - Folder 1
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - 1984 - Folder 2   
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - 1985 - Folder 1
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - 1985 - Folder 2
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - 1986
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - Budget

Box J9

New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - Contracts - Folder 1
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - Contracts - Folder 2
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation - Correspondence Part II
New Orleans Commodity Exchange 
New Orleans East
New Orleans Economic Perceptions - Mayor Conference 1975
New Orleans Economy
New Orleans Promotional Film
New Orleans Traffic and Transportation Bureau Inc.
One Stop Business Assistance Corporation
Poydras Yard
Regional Planning Commission A-95 Review
Urban Information Systems, Inc.

Box J10

Warehouse District Road Service - Folder 1
Warehouse District Road Service - Folder 2

Cultural Series

City Park Improvement Association
Piazza d'Italia - Landrieu Administration
Piazza d'Italia - Lease Information
Piazza d'Italia  - Repairs and Renovations
Science Center

Cultural--World's Fair Subseries

Jackson Square
Louisiana World Exposition 
Louisiana World Exposition Endeavor Agreement
Louisiana World Exposition Management Committee Meeting
Louisiana World Exposition Residuals
S.O.F.R.E.T.U. (Paris Transport Authority - Engineering)
Tannen - A Research And Development Co. 
World's Fair

Box J11

World's Fair Transportation Plan - Folder 1
World's Fair Transportation Plan - Folder 2

Economic Development Series

Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA)
Developmental Capital Budget
Economic Analysis Unit
Economic Development Association
Economic Development Information System
Economic Development Program
Exhibition Hall
Export Trading Company's Seminar
International Trade Mart
Michoud Blvd. Landscaping

Box J12

Planning and Developing Seminars
Port of New Orleans, 1979-1984
Port of New Orleans, 1985, 1986
Port of St. John's
Potential Grant Projects
Promotion - Folder 1
Promotion - Folder 2
Public Works
Regional Economic Development

Box J13

Restoration Tax Statement - Folder 1
Restoration Tax Statement - Folder 2
Revenue Measures - City
Riverfront Industrial Area
Riverfront Study
Rivergate Merchandise Mart
Rolls Royce Raffle
Saudi America Conference
Small Business Administration
Small Business Investment Co.
Southern Industrial Development Council
Southern Regional Intern Program
Staff Meetings

Box J14

State of Louisiana E.D.A. 302 Activities
Statewide Economic Development Advisory Council
Study of Employment and Training Systems
Tax Increment Investment 
Technical Training Program - University of New Orleans
Town Meeting
U.S. Conference of Mayors 
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Public Health Hospital
University Development Center
Urban Development Action Grant
Urban Environmental Design
Urban Initiative
Venture Capital
Warehouse District Business

Box J15

Women's Business Enterprises
World Fertilizer Conference
World Water Watch
Xavier University

Economic Development--Freret St. Development Corporation Subseries

Budget Code 5196
CD60 - 008 Administrative - Folder 1
CD60 - 008 Administrative - Folder 2
CD60 - 008 Administrative - Folder 3
CD60 - 008 Administrative - Folder 4

Box J16

Correspondence - Folder 1
Correspondence - Folder 2
Design Standards Enforcement
Design Standards Ordinance
Financial Reports - Folder 1
Financial Reports - Folder 2
Merchants' Association
Parking Lot Contract - Folder 1

Box J17

Parking Lot Contract - Folder 2
Pre-Application and Application
Property Status
Title I Application, FY '79
Title I Grant Amendment, FY '80
Title I Pre-Application, FY '79
Title I Pre-Application, FY '80

Economic Development--Neighborhood Development Subseries

Algiers Task Force
Area - Algiers/Whitney
Area - Black Pearl
Area - Calliope Project
Area - Central City/Magnolia
Area - Desire
Area - Desire Project

Box Jl8

Area - Edgelake/Little Woods
Area - Fairgrounds/Broad Street
Area - Fisher Project
Area - Florida
Area - Florida Project
Area - Gerttown/Zion city
Area - Hollygrove
Area - Lower Ninth Ward
Area - McDonogh
Area - Milan
Area - St. Bernard Project
Area - St. Thomas
Area - St. Thomas Project
Area Meetings
Asphalt Resurfacing
Block Grant Program
Business Development
Community Development
Desire Square
Downtown District
Historic Faubourg St. Mary
Neighborhood Alliance
Tulane/Earhart Corridor

Education Series

Crisis of Black Child

Box J19

Ordinance - School Sites
School Finance Committee
Vocational Technical Institute

Education--student Interns Subseries

Urban Service
Urban Service - Fall '80
Urban Service - Spring '80

Environmental Series

201/208 Advisory Group
Air Quality
Air Quality - Economics
Air Quality - Impact Study
Air Quality - Sanctions
Alcohol From Waste
Algiers 201 Committee

Box J20

Atchafalaya Basin
Atchafalaya - Ventich Refinery
Barataria Estuarine Conference
Barrier Islands
BASF Wyandotte
Bayou St. John Clean-up
Budget Data
Corps of Engineers
Coastal Zone Management
Coastal Zone Management - Orleans Parish
Community Noise Control Workshop
Contract - Air Emissions Offset Banking
Contract - Environmental Health Survey
Contract - Environmental Jobs
Contract - Noise
Contract - Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance
Contracts - Environmental Affairs
Drinking Water - Bottled Water
Drinking Water - Discharge Fees
Drinking Water - Coalition
Drinking Water - General

Box J21

Drinking Water - Monitoring
Drinking Water - Quality
Drinking Water - Radioactivity
Drinking Water - Treatment
Energy - Correspondence
Energy - Problems
Environmental Affairs Office
Environmental Complaint Action
Environmental Legislation
Environmental Seminars and Workshops
Environmental Strategy
Environmental Training Assistance Program - Applications
Fresh Water Diversion Project
Gordon Plaza Task Force
Grant - E.P.A. Noise

Box J22

Grant - E.P.A. Training
Grant - E.P.A. Training Quality Reports
Grant - Highway
Grant - Regional Planning Commission
Grant - Regulations
Hazardous Materials  

Box J23

Hazardous Materials - Lead
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste - Browning Ferris Industries
Hazardous Waste - International Tank (I.T.) Corporation
Hazardous Waste - Louisiana
Hazardous Waste - Moton School
Hazardous Waste - National Association of Local Governments
Hazardous Waste - Ocean Incineration
Hazardous Waste - Petro Processors
Hazardous Waste - Superfund
Highway Noise

Box J24

Highway Noise Study
Hurricane Protection Project and Mitigation
Inner Harbor Navigation Canal
Lake Pontchartrain - General
Lake Pontchartrain - Marina Facilities
Lake Pontchartrain - Pollution/Dead Zones
Lake Pontchartrain - Shell Dredging
Lake Pontchartrain - Special Management Area
Landfill - New Orleans
Land Use
Laws and Regulations, U.S.
League of Women Voters
Louisiana Bio-fuels Inc.
Louisiana Coastal Commission

Box J25

National Association of Noise Control Officers
National Gypsum - Asbestos Plant
National Groundwater Comm.
Noise Control Program
Noise Control Task Force
Noise Correspondence
Noise Study
Noise Symposium 
Nuclear Energy 
Nuclear Power
Office of Environmental Affairs
Ordinance - Draft
Outer Continental Shelf
Quiet School Conference
Quiet School Program
Railroad Noise
Recovery I     

Box J26 

Request for Proposals
Resource Conservation
Sewerage and Water Board
Solid Energy Conference
Solar Study
Solid Waste
Solid Waste - Clean City Committee
Solid Waste - Disposal
Solid Waste - Recycling
Solid Waste - Resource Recovery Study
Source Separation Program
State Planning Council - Correspondence

Box J27

State Planning Council - General 
State Planning Council - Minutes
Sun Drilling
Tiber Refinery
Toxic Substance Task Force
Transportation Environmental Contingency Plan
Urban Environment
Urban Consortium Environmental Task Force
Urban Noise Symposium
Value Confrontation Proposal
Vessel Wastes
Wastes - General
Water Quality
208 Water Quality
Water Quality - Gypsum Discharge

Box J28

Water Quality - Gypsum Plant Permits
Water Quality - Mississippi River
Water Quality - Waste Water
Waterford III
Waterways - Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
Waterways - Mississippi River Gulf Outlet
Waterways - Noise Control
Wetlands - Orleans Parish
Wetlands - Protection
World Water Watch

Housing Series

Innovative Grants
Marak and Bobo

Planning Series

Annual Reports - 1981
Budget, 1985

Box J29

Capital Outlay Request
Charter Revision
Educational Seminars
Floating Tie Breakwater
French Market Corporation
Historic Districts Landmarks Commission
Humanist in Residence
Inter-Office Memos
Lake Forest Marina
Lakefront Marina
Law Department
Louisiana Committee for the Humanities
Mayor's Project Information System
Orleans Parish Advisory Committee
Orleans Levee Board
Personnel Information
Personnel Vacancies
Planning Advisory Committee

Box J30 

Political List and Assignments
Pontchartrain Beach
Poydras Center Associates
Regional Planning Commission
Revenue Revision Task Force
Sewerage and Water Board
Small Business Administration
Title XX - Needs Assessment - '77
Town Meeting
U.S. Conference of Mayors
Vieux Carre Commission
Winona [Somerville] - '82
Urban Infrastructure
Urban Infrastructure - Spring Hill Center

Box J31

Planning--New Orleans of the Future Subseries

Committee on Future
Committee on Future - Biographies
New Orleans Plan
Plan - 2001
Sub Committee - Economic Development
Sub Committee - Health and Environment
Sub Committee - Housing

Box J32

Sub Committee - Quality of Life
Sub Committee - Revenue Generation 
Sub Committee - Transportation

Planning--Personnel Inquiries Subseries

Folder 1
Folder 2
Folder 3

Box J33

Folder 4
Folder 5
Folder 6
Folder 7
Folder 8

Box J34

Transportation Series

Bayou St. John Bridge - Folder 1
Bayou St. John Bridge - Folder 2
Lock Study
Public Belt Railroad
Regional Transit Authority - Legislative
Subsidy and Indemnity Agreement - '81
Transit Shelters - Folder 1

Box J34A [NOTE:  This box is shelved at the end of the "O" boxes]

Transit Shelters - Folder 2
Transit Shelters - Folder 3
Transit Strike
Transit Task Force
Transportation Center Study

Box J35

Impact Analysis Group Series

Boston Plan -- Applicability to New Orleans, 1981
Cable Television, 1980
Canal Street Historical District, 1979-1984
City Park, 1979
Coordinated Linkages, 1978-1979
Elysian Fields Fire Station Consolidation, 1978-1979
Energy Ordinances (Councilman Giarrusso), 1978
Fire Station Budget Cuts, 1979
Flea Market at Spanish Plaza, 1978
Foreign Direct Investment, [1981?]
General, 1978-1980
Historic Districts, 1978-1979
Housing Code Enforcement, 1978
London to New Orleans Direct Flight
Louisiana Power & Light Co. Rate Increase in Algiers, 1978
National Program for Rehabilitation of Urban Infrastructure, 1979
New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Emergency Electric Curtailment Plan, 1978
Professional Soccer Team for New Orleans, 1981
Public Technology Inc. Membership, 1979
Redemptorist School Reuse, 1980
Sanitation Services -- Equitability of, 1978
Sewerage and Water Board Rate Increase, 1979

Box J36

Southwest Airlines at Lakefront Airport, 1979
Technology Transfer, 1980
Ticketmaster, 1979

Human Services Information System Series

Age Discrimination, 1980-1981
Algiers Demographics, 1978
Archdiocesan Programs, 1978
Budget Revision (State), 1978
Bureau of Drug Affairs, 1978-1979
CETA Resources, 1980
Center for Independent Living, 1981
Citizen Advocacy Program, 1979
Citizen Advocacy Resource Development, 1978-1980
Citizen Energy Forum, 1980
Citizen Input from Public Hearings, 1979
Community Development Allotment (6th Year), 1980
Community Development Expenditures for Human Services Planning, 1979
Comprehensive Needs Assessment
     Background, 1979
     Education, 1979
     Interim Synopsis, 1979
     Miscellaneous, 1978
     Process, 1979
     Summary of Pre-test Results, 1979
Consumer Health Education AIP Task Force (N.O. Area/Bayou River Health Systems Agency), 1978
Contracts, 1978-1979

Box J37

Deinstitutionalization of the Chronically Mentally Ill -- HUD Demonstration Program, 1979-1980
Developmental Disabilities Needs Assessment Planning, 1978-1979
Elderly and Handicapped Advisory Committee, 1978
Emergency Medical System, 1978
Epilepsy Seminar, 1979
Exceptional Children Act, 1979
Family Planning, 1978-1979
Family Service Center Proposal (Welfare Dept.), 1981
Group Homes, 1981
Handicapped Legislation -- 504 Compliance Activities, undated
Health Management Storage Area -- Designation Requests, 1979-1980
Health Service Strategies, 1978
Hispanics, Survey of Services for, 1979
Holman Vocational Center, 1980
Housing Authority of New Orleans Needs Assessment, 1978
Housing for Mentally Disabled, 1979
Human Services Facilities Loan Fund, 1980
Human Services Needs Assessment (Interim), 1979
Human Services Planning and Information Unit -- Prospectus, 1981
Human Services Proposals for Community Development Funding 

Box J38

Interagency Independent Living Initiative, 1981
Jail Overcrowding -- Preliminary Research Report, undated
Kingsley House, 1981
Legislative Proposals, 1979
Legislative Review, 1980
Library (HSIS), undated
Louisiana Dept. of Health and Human Resources 
     Needs Assessment, 1978 [2 folders]
     Resource Data, undated
Louisiana State University Medical Center, 1978-1979
Materials Manual, 1981
Medically Underserved Areas, 1979
Memorandums, 1978-1979
Mental Health (Charles Block Report), undated
     Coordination Meetings, 1979
     Policy Board Meetings, 1978
National Conference on Parent Involvement, 1979
National Health Service Corps, 1980
Neighborhood Improvement Program, 1981
Neighborhood Planning Workshop, 1980
New Orleans Health Corporation, 1978-1980
New Orleans Health Dept., 1978-1979
New Orleans Health Network 
     Maps, 1979
     Public Meetings, 1980

Box J39

Planning and Management System -- System Documentation, 1978
Police Dept. Social Services Proposal, 1979
Project Analysis Document, 1980-1981
Project Coordinator's Files, 1978-1979
Project Summary, undated
Prospectus, 1982
     Community Development, 1980
     Quarterly, 1980
Resource Analysis [Draft], 1980
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -- Proposal Changes, 1980
SCT Files, 1979
Services for the Disabled, 1979-1980
Spanish Population, 1980
Summer Youth Employment Program, 1983
Supportive Services Network 
     Implementation Plan, 1978
     Service Selection Manual, undated
Task Force on Human Services Needs, 1979

Box J40

Title XX Training Needs, 1978-1979
Total Community Action, 1980
     Coordination Planning, 1978-1980
     General, 1981
     Mentally Handicapped, 1980-1981
     Nutrition Clients, 1981
     Paper [i.e., "Transportation Paper" -- Options for the Provision of Special Transportation Services in
          New Orleans], 1979
     Paper [as above] -- Working Materials, 1981
     Research ("State of the Art"), 1980-1981
     Services -- Costs, 1978-1979
     Brownfield Intern Contract/Notes, 1980
     Reporting Sheets, Etc., 1980
Truancy Center Program -- Preliminary Report, 1980
United Way Role Committee, 1978
Urban Health Initiative -- Nationwide Efforts, 1980
Urban Health Initiatives, 1978-1979
Urban Mass Transit Administration (16-b-2) Data, 1978-1980
Vocational-Technical Training Studies, 1979
Welfare Dept.
     Information Flow Process Analysis, undated

Box J41

White House Conference on Families -- New Orleans Town Meeting, 1980
Youth Policy, 1978

[NOTE: The following documents were filed with the Planning and Development records although they were created prior to the start of the Morial administration. Apparently they were maintained by staff for information/reference purposes. Since it is not clear whether or not versions of this documentation were retained in the Landrieu administration records at Loyola University, or elsewhere in the City Archives Collection, the arranger has chosen to retain them in the P&D records, but to separate them from the files created or collected during the Morial years. Individual files are undated unless otherwise noted].

Aging -- Needs Analysis Alcoholism -- General Information Building Survey on Accessibility to the Handicapped, 1976 Client Monitoring Component of the N.O. Manpower Information System, 1977 [2 folders] Community Centers Inventory Community Resource Committee (HSIS Policy Board) Day Care Survey, 1978 Drug Abuse Housing Projects -- Juvenile Arrest Frequency Report, 1972 Human Services Information System -- General [Folder #1] Box J42 Human Services Information System -- General [Folder #2] Louisiana Title XX Social Service Management System [Draft Analysis] Maps Minutes -- Policy Board Meetings Models (Other Cities) New Orleans Health Corporation -- Urban Health Initiatives Grant Information New Orleans Legal Assistance Corporation Needs Assessment Policy Board Expansion Problems and Needs -- General Project Assist Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -- Background Information Social Problem Indices -- Format and Maps, 1976 Box J43 Subcommittee on Role Supportive Services Network Workers' Guide Title XX Needs Assessment Questionnaires [3 folders] Title XX Questionnaires/Results Transportation Elderly and Handicapped Miscellaneous Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Records Box J44 Client Files Acy's (1925 Camp) Afro House (1626 N. Claiborne) Club Silver Dollar (1245 N. Claiborne) Freret Community Market (5030 Freret) Harry James Place (817 N. Claiborne) Holly's Auto Repairs (1025 N. Claiborne) [2 folders] Jones, Herbert (1538-1540 N. Claiborne) Jory's Lounge (1701 St. Bernard) Liberty Hardware (1445 St. Bernard) Marks, Victor (4916/4920 Freret) Newman Insurance Agency (1925 St. Bernard) Weinstein, Sophie (4900 Freret) Wilber/Hanemann (2124 Magazine) Box J45 Contract Files Arts Council of New Orleans Guillot-Vogt Associates Hewitt Washington & Associates [2 folders] North Claiborne/St. Bernard Development Corp. [2 folders] Scott, John The Townscape Institute, Inc. [Folders 1 & 2] Box J46 The Townscape Institute, Inc. [Folders 3 - 6] Thornton, Brenda University of New Orleans Center for Economic Development [2 folders] Correspondence Correspondence, General, 1980-1982 Letters to property owners, 1979-1980 Marketing Letters, 1981 North Claiborne/St. Bernard--Correspondence, General, 1982 Reading Files 1985 (May-June) Box J47 1985 (August) 1985 (September) 1985 (October) 1985 (December) 1986 (July) General Subject Files Bibliography on NCR (by Helen Rosenberg & Dottie Stephenson of the N.O. NCR Unit) Biographical Sketches (for North Claiborne/St. Bernard project) Citizen Participation Claiborne Corridor--Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Box J48 Claiborne Corridor Improvement Project Dryades Street historical evaluation and analysis (McNaughton & Assoc.), 1974 Hunter's Field I-10/Claiborne Corridor Plan I-10/Claiborne Corridor Plan--Adoption/Implementation Monthly reporting requirements, 1979-1981 Monthly reporting requirements, 1981 Box J49 North Claiborne/St. Bernard Land Use (Individual Properties) [3 folders] North Claiborne/St. Bernard--Loan prospects North Claiborne/St. Bernard--Loan Inquiries North Claiborne/St. Bernard--Loan Inquiries, Inactive North Claiborne/St. Bernard--General Information Seminar on business assistance program, 1979 Supplemental security program/NCR supportive unit reports, 1979-1980 Work write-up technique New Orleans 2001 Plan Records Box J50 First Draft, 1979 [2 folders] General [6 folders] Prospectus Slide Show Miscellaneous Files (1) Box J51 All American Cities Award (1984) Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District (1984) Annual Report (1983) Awards & Speeches (1984) Bring Our Streetcars Home (1985) Budget Cuts (1984-1985) Budget - General Fund (1985) Budget - Office of Planning & Development (1985) Budget - Recommendations (1985) "Captain Boo" (Henry L. Bouchon, Sr.) (1984) Community Development (1982) Contract - Riley, Robin (Architect) (1984) Corporate Communications, Inc. (William N. Boswell) (1984) Correspondence (1983-1984) Covenant House (1984) Disabled Citizens Advisory Group (1984) Energy Management Task Force (1984) Housing - City Programs (1978-1979) Housing Committee (1978-1979) Housing - Pending (1979) Housing - Revenue Bond Committee (1978) Housing Task Force - Final Report (1979) Housing Task Force - Interim Report (1979) Box J52 Housing Task Force - Minutes, Reports (1978-1979) Housing Task Force - Notes, Access Subcommittee (1979) Housing Task Force - Notes (Other) (1979) Humanist-in-Residence (1980) Louisiana Science Center (1984) Mayor's Business Development Council (1980) Mayor's Calls - Disposition (1984) Micro-computer Recommendations (1984) NOPSI - Subsidy & Indemnity Agreement (1982) Regional Transit Administration (1981-1984) Revenue Revision Task Force (1979-1980) Revenue Revision Task Force - Subcommittee on Existing Taxes; Ad Valorem (1980) Revenue Revision Task Force - Subcommittee on New Sources of Revenue (1980) Revenue Revision Task Force - Subcommittee on Revisions to Non-Ad Valorem Revenues (1980) Revenue Revision Task Force - Subcommittee on State Allocations (1980) Box J53 State of the City Address (April 25, 1984) Transit Fare Increase - Letters (1980) Transit Task Force (1981-1984) U.S. Conference of Mayors (1983-1984) Urban Consortium (1984) Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA) (1978-1981) Water Resources Congress - Mayor's Remarks (May 31, 1984) World's Fair - Conditional Use Legislation (1984) World's Fair - Residual Use Committee (1984) World's Fair Residual Use Directory (1984) Miscellaneous Files (2) Box J54 Aero Bus Airport/CBD/East New Orleans Railbus Study Airport/CBD Rail Services Study (RTA, RPC, LMARRTC) Airport Clippings Airport Plan Runways Alligator Hunting Annual Report Materials 1980-1981 1981 1983 Armstrong Park Box J55 Armstrong Park [including files on meetings and Armstrong Park Users Manual] Armstrong Park Bertel Award Canal Place Canal Street Development Task Force Capital Improvement Program, 1980-1982 (New Orleans International Airport) Central Business District Parking Inventory and Survey Central Business District Traffic Operations Plan City Planning Commission Claiborne/I-10 Joint Use Commission for New Orleans-Baton Rouge High Speed Rail Link Box J56 Commission on the Future of New Orleans [2 folders] Community Development Interoffice Agreement Corps of Engineers Urban Environment Course Council Committee for Emergency Preparedness Department of Transportation Hazmat Project Monthly Reports Department of Transportation and Development Highway Cleanup Disaster Exercise, 1984 Dock Board Donner Canal Roadway Downtown Development District Parking Study Duncan Plaza Economic Development Administration Grant 08-06-01881 Energy Management Energy Management Report Box J57 Energy Management Task Force Environmental Affairs Unit ERIC/Shared Savings Executive Order 83-01/Job Equity Committee Box J58 Executive Order 84-01/Job Equity Committee Federal Emergency Management Agency Festa d'Italia 1982 1983 1985 Fire Dept. Strike Plan [2 folders] Flooding and Flood Management Future Expansion of New Orleans International Airport General Criteria for the Location of Fire Stations Gordon Plaza Task Force I/M Information I-10 Highway Emergency Call Boxes Box J59 Jobs Equity Committee Joint Public Belt-Dock Board Committee Kenner Commuter Train Committee Keylist Piazza d'Italia Lakefront Airport Legislation (State) 1982 1983 1984 1985 Levee Board Lists Louisiana Association of Floodplain Managers Louisiana Association of Rail Passengers Louisiana Coastal Commission Box J60 Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama Rapid Rail Transit Commission [2 folders] Louisiana Nature Center Louisiana Science Center Mayor's Officials for Traffic Safety [Folder 1] Box J61 Mayor's Officials for Traffic Safety [Folder 2] Mississippi River Bridge Mississippi River Bridge Authority Mississippi River Bridge Authority Meetings Mississippi River Bridge (New) Moisant Air Cargo Moisant Air Carrier Service Moisant Airfield Expansion State Takeover Moisant Needs Assessment Moisant Parking/Circulation Moisant Runway Deterioration Monorail Box J62 Mosquito Control Board [2 folders] National Association of Railroad Passengers National League of Cities Environmental Design Project New Orleans Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy New Orleans East E/S New Orleans Police Dept. New Orleans Science Center New Orleans Traffic Transportation Bureau Box J63 New Orleans Transportation Planning Process New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal Committee Nuclear Power Operation Lifesaver Outer Continental Shelf Activities PAC (World's Fair Transportation Subcommittee) Park and Ride Sites Parking Parking--Central Business District Parking Management Study Parking Survey Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co. (New Orleans Aviation Board) Pedestrian Malls Piazza d'Italia Piazza d'Italia Memos Planning Unit Box J64 Policy Planning Seminars Pontchartrain Beach Lease Port of New Orleans Port Task Force, Future Post Office Potential Move Public Belt Railroad [3 folders] Box J65 Public Belt Railroad [2 folders] Public Belt Railroad--Hoey Canal Box J66 Public Belt Railroad--Meetings Public Belt Railroad--Orientation Materials Public Belt Railroad--Property to be Sold to Exhibition Hall Authority Public Records/Open Meetings Law Public Technology Rail Passenger Service, New Orleans-Baton Rouge Rail Transit to Eastern New Orleans Railroad Land Revitalization Railroad Track Abandonment Railroads Box J67 Recreation Policy Advisory Committee Regional Hurricane Evacuation Plan Regional Planning Commission Regional Transit Authority Request for Proposal Resources for the Future Ridesharing Ridesharing Demo River Front Study St. Charles Avenue Task Force Meeting Sewerage and Water Board Simulated Hurricane for New Orleans, 1981 Solar Solid Waste Management Spillman/Boatman Monorail Study Streets and Highways Box J68 Technology Transfer Traffic and Transportation Bureau Trailways Travel Center Transit Transit Technologies Transportation Transportation Center Transportation Information Transportation Needs and Program Summary Transportation Terminal Location Box J69 Trucks--Decatur St. Union Passenger Terminal Cleanup and Rededication Union Passenger Terminal Committee Unified Work Program--Subarea Analysis (Florida-Desire Corridor/West Bank Corridor) United States Conference of Mayors Briefing--Urban Transportation Box J70 Urban Consortium Energy Grant Year III Year IV [2 folders] Year V Box J71 Urban Consortium Energy Task Force Urban Consortium Transportation Task Force Urban Development Action Grant Conference Urban Innovation Abroad Urban Land Institute--Superdome, 1981, 1982 Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program Planning Grant, 1981 Vieux Carre Commission Vieux Carre Historic District Study World's Fair

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