Ernest N. Morial Records

Miscellaneous Files

This small group of records includes materials that came to the archives separate from the files arranged and described in the preceding pages. Rather than attempting to file them with related items in the main body of records, the arrangers chose to keep them together as "miscellaneous files." The following inventory lists supplied folder titles according to the numerical sequence in which they were randomly arranged.


Box O1

1    Community Development Block Grant--Monitoring
2    Conference on Youth Employment, 1980-1981
3    Career Skills Training Center, 1979-1980
4    Neighborhood Strategy Areas--Recommendations, 1979
5    Industrial Development Board--Activity Summary, 1982
6    Mosquito Control, 1980
7    Morial vs. City Council (U.S. Supreme Court petition), 1982
8    Louis Armstrong Park--Bid Proposal, 1982
9    Clippings (National) re:  1982 Election
10   Citizen Action Center--Proposal, 1980
11   American Planning Association--Awards, 1985
12   Response to Mickey Mouse Radio Cartoon (WGSO)
13   Congressional Black Caucus, 1980
14   Mayors' Leadership Graduate Institute on Business Expansion and Job Creation (Sun Valley), 1980?
15   Primary Care in New Orleans, 1979
16   Federal Mandate Study [Folder 1]
17   Federal Mandate Study [Folder 2]

Box O2

19   Federal Mandate Study [Folder 3]
20   Federal Mandate Study [Folder 4]
21   Riverfront Boardwalk Extension
22   Mayor's Advisory Council on Youth and Drugs--"Drugs Just Aren't My Style" Contest
23   Piazza D'Italia
24   Wisner Fund
25   Legislative Summary, 1984
26   Safety and Permits
27   City Park Master Plan
28   City Park Master Plan--Proposal Process
29   Recreation
30   City Livability Awards Entry, 1984
31   Systems Within New Orleans City Government
32   Desire Community Development Program--Work Program Proposal, 1980
33   South Central Regional Urban Policy Hearing, 1983
34   Correspondence (Miscellaneous)
35   Memos, etc. (Miscellaneous)

Box O3

36   Ingram, Frederick B.
37   Profile of the Older People of New Orleans
38   New Orleans Poll Report, 1983
39   International Relations Office (Miscellaneous)

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