Ernest N. Morial Records

Intergovernmental Relations Administration

Headed by one of the Mayor's three executive assistants, this unit coordinated relations with the various boards and commissions, the City Council, state & federal governments, and local, national, and international organizations. It managed press and international relations, liaison with the Council and state legislature, and liaison with the various political organizations. Intergovernmental Relations staff represented the Mayor at conferences outside the city and acted as liaison with the U.S. Conference of Mayors and National League of Cities (although this latter function later came under the umbrella of the Special Assistant to the Mayor).

The archives holds records of several sub-units of Intergovernmental Relations, namely the Public Information Office, the International Relations Office, and the Legislation Coordination Office. Records of the Executive Assistant, James Chubbuck, were not transferred.

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Public Information Office Records

This agency replaced the old Public Relations Office. It was to provide/coordinate media relations and ceremonial functions for the city, produce employee publications [Hall Talk, the City Hall magazine, ceased publication with the June/July, 1984 edition], take photographs of city government activities & maintain the file of photographs, staff special projects, and provide information over the telephone.

The records include subject files, sound and video recordings, press releases, and clipping files. Arranged in alphabetical order by folder title, the subject files illustrate the varied functions that the Public Information Office performed for the Mayor and his administration. Most of the subject headings are self explanatory as they relate to individual city departments and municipal activities.

The Mayor--General files contain correspondence and other documents that were handled for the Mayor by the Public Information staff; many of these are of a personal nature (including materials that might more appropriately be in the Mayor's Mementos file). The Monitor Reports summarize city-related stories carried by the local television news programs (Public Information staff members were assigned to view the programs and report on relevant coverage). In the Wood, Bette folder is a copy of chapter two from her manuscript Managing Crisis Cities.

The sound recordings include cassettes of press conferences, political speeches and related materials, public service announcements, public meetings (including hearings and City Council appearances), interviews, radio program appearances, and speeches. There is also a small group of miscellaneous recordings and an uninventoried box of microcassette recordings, mainly of one-on-one meetings/interviews with media representatives.

The clippings files are arranged alphabetically by subject and grouped together by year. They have not been inventoried on the folder title level. Generally one can expect to find folders on individual city departments and other governmental agencies as well as on significant topics of concern to city government. Most of the clippings are from local newspapers and other publications, but materials from the national/international press also are represented.

Press releases are available for January, 1978-December, 1983 and for September, 1985-April, 1986. They are arranged in chronological order. These documents are in the process (as of March, 1994) of being microfilmed, thus no detailed inventory is included below.

The video recordings have not yet been fully arranged and inventoried. Included are cassettes (both VHS and BETA format) as well as older tapes in various sizes and formats. Represented in the collection are political commercials, public service announcements, copies of news programs on which the Mayor appeared as a guest, and copies of news programs dealing with New Orleans. Also included are remnants of Public Information's local television news monitoring operation, in which staff members recorded the evening news shows for review presumably of the way in which City Hall was portrayed. Tapes apparently were reused following staff review. The surviving tapes contain all or portions of the news programming for scattered dates.

In addition to these files the archives also holds a set of Hall Talk and a file of photographic prints produced by the Public Information staff. Consult the archives staff for access to these materials.


Subject Files

     Box G1

     "A" Miscellaneous, 1979-1985
     Advertising, 1984
     Algiers, 1983
     Ali-Spinks Fight, 1978
     Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District, 1981-1983
     Annual Reports, 1978-1984
     Armstrong Park, 1978-1983
     Arts Council, 1978
     Assessor's [Erroll Williams] Campaign, 1984-1985
     Audubon Park, 1979-1981

     "B" Miscellaneous, 1978-1981
     Banquette, 1979-1983
     Board of Liquidation, City Debt, 1982-1985
     Bond Proposals, 1981-1985
          General, 1978-1986
          Public Information Office, 1979-1985
     Business Image Committee, 1980-1984

     Box G2

     "C" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Cable Television, 1980-1985
     Campaign -- District D Council Seat, 1985-1986
     Campaigns -- General, 1985-1986
     Capital Projects, 1978
     Census (1980), 1979-1981
     Citizen Action Center, 1980-1981
     City Council, 1982-1983
     City Planning Commission, 1978-1982
     Civic Affairs, 1979-1980
     Civil Service, 1980-1983
     Clean City Committee, 1980-1981
     Community Development, 1980-1984
     Community Improvement Agency, 1978-1985
          Local, 1978
          Out of Town, 1978
          Communirep, Inc., 1981
          David M. Kleck & Associates, Inc., 1979-1981
          General, 1978
     Conventions, 1981-1985

     Box G3

     Convention and Exhibition Center, 1981-1985
     "D" Miscellaneous, 1978-1979
     Dedications/Groundbreakings, 1978-1983
     Downtown Development District, 1978-1982
     "E" Miscellaneous, 1980-1984
     Economic Development, 1980-1985
     Editorials, 1981-1986
     Election (October 22, 1983)
          undated [2 folders]
     Elections, 1985
     Entertainers (Neville Brothers), 1980
     Environmental Affairs, 1985
     Events, 1979
     Exhibition Hall Authority, 1978-1983

     "F" Miscellaneous, 1978-1980
     Federal Programs, 1980-1981
     Finance Department, 1980-1985
     Fire Department, 1978-1986
     Fortune Magazine, 1978
     France, 1979
     French Quarter, 1980-1985

     Gambling, 1986
     Gasoline Shortage, 1979

     Box G4

     Gridiron Show, 1979
     Health Department, 1979-1985
     Housing Authority of New Orleans, 1981

     Image Campaign
     Image Committee, Mayor's Business Development Council, 1982-1984
          1982 [2 folders]

     Box G5

     La Rochelle to New Orleans Transatlantic Race
          undated [2 folders]
     Land Swap (Debartolo), 1983
     Law Department, 1980-1983
     Legislature, 1979-1985
          Congratulations, 1978-1983
               1978 (?) - 1981 [2 folders]
          Thank Yous, 1985-1986
          To the Editor

     Box G6

     Lobby (City Hall), 1979
     Lotteries, 1982
     Louisiana World Exposition, 1983-1985

     "M" Miscellaneous, 1978-1981
     Mardi Gras, 1985-1986
     Mayor (General)
     Mayor's Biography, 1978-1981
     Mayor's Mementos [2 folders]
     Mayor's Salary, 1982-1983

     Box G7

     Media, 1979-1985
     Military Affairs, 1979
     Minority Businesses, 1981
     Miscellaneous, 1985-1986
     Monitor Reports
          1984 (November-December)

     Box G8

     Morrison Center [Civic Center Redevelopment Proposal], 1985
     Municipalization, 1985

     "N" Miscellaneous, 1979-1981
     New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, 1983
     New Orleans Police Department, 1985

     Press Conference Announcements
                    1980          1981

     Box G9

     Public Information Requests, 1985-1986

     Rouse, 1985

     Streets, 1984-1985
     Superbowl XX, 1986

     Town Meetings, 1983
     Universities, 1985

     Wood, Bette, 1982

Clipping Files

Box G10   1978 (A-M)
Box G11   1978 (N-Z)
Box G12   1979 (A-M)
Box G13   1979 (N-S)
Box G14   1979 (T-Z)
Box G15   1980 (A-E)
Box G16   1980 (E-P)
Box G17   1980 (P-Z)
          1981 (A)
Box G18   1981 (B-M)
Box G19   1981 (M-T)
Box G20   1981 (T-Z)
          1082 (A-Z)
Box G21   1982 (L-S)
Box G22   1982 (T-Z)
          1983 (A-M)
Box G23   1983 (M-Z)
          1984 (A-E)
Box G24   1984 (E-Z)
          1985 (A)
Box G25   1985 (B-M)
Box G26   1985 (M-Z)

Sound recordings, 1978-1985.

Box G27

                 Sub-series I--Press Conferences

Tape 1, Side 1 
     May 19, 1978        [Damaged]
Tape 1, Side 2
     May 23, 1978        [Damaged]
Tape 2, Side 1
     May 22, 1978        [Damaged]
Tape 2, Side 2
     ?              [Damaged]
Tape 3, Side 1
     May ?, 1978         Announcement of Morial's staff
Tape 3, Side 2
     June 16, 1978       Task force, Ali/Spinks prize fight
Tape 4, Side 1
     June 9, 1978        Appointment of Susan Cohen to VIGOR, disability programs, streets, finance,
                         proposition 13--California
Tape 4, Side 2
     July 14, l978       City planning commission, selection procedure and resignation of chairman
Tape 5, Side 1
     August 2, 1978      Tourism, unemployment--CEDA City Planning Commission, City Council
Tape 5, Side 2
     August 29, 1978     Seeking Republican Convention, 1980
Tape 6, Side 1
     September 1, l978   Reorganization of Law Department, Latin American Trade, Orleans Parish School
Tape 6, Side 2
     September 19, 1978  Street improvement program (continued on tape #9)
Tape 7, Side 1
     September 28, 1978  Sanitation Department, VIGOR appointment Health and Sanitation Department
Tape 7, Side 2
     October 13, 1978    Appointment Public Relation Department, pay raises--city employees
Tape 8, Side 1
     November 10, 1978   Discontinuing practice of providing stands for non-profit functions.  Housing,
                         revenue measures
Tape 8, Side 2
     November 16, 1978   Korean Trade Office and international trade efforts to improve economic
                         community, establishment of Economic Development office
Tape 9, Side 1 
     January 9, 1978          Housing task force--coordinating public and private sector
Tape 9, Side 2
                    Continuation of September 19, 1978
Tape 10, Side 1
     January 31, 1979    Grants for improvement of Lawrence Square from Department of Interior, International
                         Trade and Economic Development--efforts to attract international trade
Tape 10, Side 2
     February 6, 1979    Excessive rain conditions and how affecting city systems. Recognition of Fraternal Order of
                         Police as exclusive bargaining agent for NOPD.
Tape 11, Side 1
     February 9, 1979    Police strike--teamsters protest recognition of Fraternal Order of Police--Mayor declares
                         illegal work stop--national board summoned
Tape 11, Side 2
     February 15, 1979   Negotiations broken off by city/NOPD, Mardi Gras and intention of city to fire
                         striking police--Morial states city's negotiation position
Tape 12, Side 1
     February 15, 1979   2nd press conference--Morial states city's amended negotiation position to continue
                         bargaining in good faith
Tape 12, Side 2 
     May 4, l979         Save our Jazz Committee (basketball team)
Tape 13, Side 1
     February 23, 1979   Police strike briefing
Tape 13, Side 2
                    Police strike briefing continued
Tape 14, Side 1
     March 4, 1979       Police strike ended
Tape 14, Side 2
     May 9, 1979         Citizens Committee Against Crime
Tape 15, Side 1
     March 4, 1979       Duplication: Police strike ended
Tape 15, Side 2
Tape 16, Side 1
     March 19, 1979      Management corporation for Municipal Yacht Harbor
Tape 16. Side 2
     May 31, 1979        Erased
Tape 17, Side 1
     June 4, 1979        Housing task force
Tape 17, Side 2
     September 12, 1979  Arson task force--EDA grant, Hurricane Frederick
Tape 18, Side 1
     June 22, 1979       VIGOR calendar of events, disaster planning
Tape 18, Side 2
     August 8, 1979      French Quarter Task Force, League of Women Voters' lawsuit
Tape 19, Side 1
     July 20, 1979       State municipalities
Tape 19, Side 2
     August 29, 1979     Presentation police delegate for International Year of the Child, truancy program
Tape 20, Side 1
     August 24, 1979     Inaudible
Tape 20, Side 2
     September 17, 1979  Endorsement of William Guste for Attorney General
Tape 21, Side 1
     November 4, 1979    Small Business Conference, 11/29-30/79, Wild West Exhibit--New Orleans
                         Museum of Art, New Orleans neighborhood profiles
Tape 21, Side 2
     November 13, 1979   Citizens Committee Against Crime report
Tape 22, Side 1
     December 3, 1979    Truancy centers and task force
Tape 22, Side 2
     December 22, 1979   Urban Development Action Grant, comments by Moon Landrieu
Tape 23, Side 1
     February 15, 1980   Reynard Rochon briefs press on fiscal issues, budget planning and effects of
                         uncollected revenues
Tape 23, Side 2
Tape 24, Side 1
     March 3, 1980       Jim Chubbuck briefs press on air service to London
Tape 24, Side 2
     May 2, 1980         CETA funds transferred to Housing Authority of New Orleans

Box G28

Tape 25, Side 1
     March 12, 1980      Concept 29 building project, neighborhood commercial development
Tape 25. Side 2
     April 24, 1980      Freret Street revitalization program (demonstration site)
Tape 26, Side 1
     March 25, l980      Police Superintendent Parsons briefs press on murder of Water Mining, crime in
Tape 26, Side 2
     April 4, 1980       1980 census, weather
Tape 27, Side 1
     April 10, l980      Police Superintendent Parsons briefs press on crime statistics report
Tape 27, Side 2
     April 15, 1980      Urban terrorism--effects on criminal sub-culture
Tape 28, Side 1
     April 17, 1980      Jazz Festival, 1980
Tape 28, Side 2
     July 31, 1980       Condominium report
Tape 29, Side 1
     June 4, 1980        Broussard, Carriere, streets, drainage
Tape 29, Side 2
     July 21, 1980       Disaster at American Standard plant and effects of unemployment
Tape 30, Side 1
     July 7, 1980        Update of federal funding and administration of funds
Tape 30, Side 2
     September 4, 1980   Morial, Senator Long, Rep. Lindy Boggs announce award of EDA grant to New
                         Orleans Exhibition center (World's Fair)
Tape 31, Side 1
     August 8, 1980      Superintendent Parsons briefs press on Police Dept., introduced by Mayor Morial
Tape 32, Side 1
     October 8, l980          Human Services Task Force report (alliance of human service agencies)
Tape 33, Side 1
     October 10, 1980    Exhibition Hall (World's Fair) and comments on President Carter
Tape 34, Side l
     October 21, 1980    Re-election of Jimmy Carter, 1980
Tape 35, Side 1
     November 11, 1980   Resignation of Superintendent Parsons, Algiers incident
Tape 36, Side 1
     January 16, 1981    Methods of recruiting police officers

Tape 37, Side 1
     April 3, 1981       Morial's rebuttal to Nat Kiefer's remarks re: International Hotel and city's
                         leadership in legislature
Tape 38, Side 1
     April 16, 1981      Reynard Rochon announces appointment Henry Morris, Superintendent of Police,
                         and Warren Woodfork as Deputy Superintendent of Police--comments by Morial
Tape 39 Side 1
     May 11, 1981        Statement on parish grand jury report and investigation of Algiers incident
Tape 40, Side 1
     May 14, 1981        Anthony Mumphrey report on progress and Almonaster/Michoud industrial project
Tape 41, Side 1
     November 23, 1981   Ron Faucheux and revenue proposals
Tape 42, Side 1
     December 8, 1981    Transit task force briefing--Sidney Barthelemy/Morial
Tape 42, Side 2 
Tape 43, Side 1
     September 27, 1982  Inaudible--titled Anselmo on suit against state, Gorman on French Quarter streets
Tape 44, Side 1
     October 1, 1982     Mayor's Task Force on youth against drugs and campaign against substance abuse.
                         Proclamation in October as drug awareness month.  New Orleans lawsuit against state
                         mandate (on funding).
Tape 45, Side 1
     October 12, 1982    Business against crime progress
Tape 45, Side 2
Tape 45, Side 1
     October 15, 1982    Crime prevention reorganization (Second Line on Crime--appointment of Lynn Schneider as
Tape 47, Side 1
     December 8, 1982    Announcement of disclosure policy in city activities
Tape 48, Side 1
     April 29, 1983      Announces awarding of bid to Lawson Dist. Co. for 15 new city buses
Tape 49, Side 1
     May 27, 1983        Hazardous materials, policy comments: Dr. Ray Garrety and Fire Superintendent

Box G29

Tape 50, Side l
     June 3, 1983        Air Transportation Assoc. Report, comments: William Jackman of ATA
Tape 51, Side 1
     June 9, 1983        Regional Transit Authority buyout of NOPSI
Tape 52, Side 1 
     July 11, 1983       Council's veto override (on charter change limiting mayoral tenure: ordinance
Tape 53, Side 1
     July 13, 1983       Councilman Sidney Barthelemy briefs press on charter change limiting Mayor
                         term--ordinance 11,032

Tape 54, Side 1
     July 2, 1983        Sal Anzelmo--legality of Council voting on veto override
Tape 55, Side 1
     July 30, 1983       Politics and government, city charter amendment and mayoral tenure
Tape 56, Side 1
     October 11, 1983    Mayor endorses proposition B (erased)
Tape 57, Side 1
     October 21, 1983    Mayor's statement on Dave Treen
Tape 57, Side 2
     October 2, 1983     Dave Treen's response to Mayor Morial
Tape 58, Side 1
     undated        Fire Fighters' press conference

           Sub-Series II--Morial Re-election Campaigns
                 (speeches, debates, commercials)

Tape 59, Side 1
     "Let's Keep Dutch"--commercial spot by Sylvia Johns, Ernie Elly and Placide Adams
Tape 60, Side 1
     MCC 7-82--RDO
Tape 60, Side 2
     MCC 8-82--RDO Two commercial spots--Regular Democratic Organization "Neighbors' Comments on
     Mayor's election", 1982
Tape 61, Side 1
     MCC 9-82--RDO Commercial spot, Regular Democratic Organization, neighbors' comments on Mayor's
     election, 1982
Tape 62, Side 1
     MMR 106-82 3 commercial spots: Sam Leblanc endorses Morial, relationship with legislature, 1982
     MMR 107-82 Jim Amoss endorses Morial, 1982
     MMR 108-82 Jim Comiskey endorses Morial
Tape 63, Side 1
     MCC 5-82 RDO 
     MCC 6-82 RDO 2 commercial spots--re-election of Morial--humorous, 1982
Tape 64, Side 1
     "Just Three" 2 commercial spots vote for proposition A to change city charter extending number of mayoral
     terms, 1985 
Tape 65, Side 1
     "Just Three" commercial spot--proposition A extending number of mayoral terms, 1985 (different from above)
Tape 66, Side 1
     Dutch re-election announcement--speech, 1982
Tape 67, Side 1
     "Person on the Street" commercial spot supporting proposition A extending number mayoral terms, 1985
Tape 68, Side 1
     Ed Clancy radio cartoon--satires proposition 1--Morial's bid for 3rd term, 1985
Tape 69, Side 1
     William Jefferson 2 commercial spots--Jefferson's mayoral campaign, 1982
Tape 70, Side 1
     "Committee for Freedom to Choose" 11 commercial spots--proposition A--extending number of mayoral terms,
Tape 71, Side 1
     Morial Fundraising 3 commercial spots--notable citizens support Morial, 1982

Tape 72, Side 1
     Mayoral candidate debate--moderated by Charles Zewe--participants: Ron Faucheux, William Jefferson, Dutch
     Morial, WDSU, WYLD, WNOE, 2/2/82
Tape 73, Side 1
     MCC 4-82 RDO--4 commercial spots--Baseball Batman--Mayor's race, 1982

       Sub-Series III--Public Service Announcements--Radio

Box G30

Tape 74, Side 1
     New Orleans Parking Division--Enforcement of parking laws--Police Superintendent Warren Woodfork
Tape 75, Side 1
     Take a Bus Demo--Promotion bus system--Jay Handleman
Tape 76, Side 1
     Firetrap--Parking Administration--Enforcement of parking laws--Fire Chief William McCrossen
Tape 77, Side 1
     Public Defender--Enforcement of parking laws--Perry Termashien (?) of Bayou Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans
     of America

                 Sub-Series 1V--Public Meetings 
          (Regional urban policy hearings/ City Council)

Tape 78, Side 1 & 3
     Regional urban policy hearing-- Meeting of National Conference of Democratic Mayors 
Tape 79, Side 2 & 4
     Regional urban policy hearing--Topic: Effects of Reagan administration urban policy and planning national
     democratic urban platform for election, 1984--discussion of various political and academic notables on nation's
     cities, 1983
Tape 80, Side 5
Tape 81, Side 1
     City council meeting 4/3/80--Reynard Rochon and Mayor Morial address city council on budget amendment
     April 3, 1980
Tape 81, Side 2 
Tape 82, Side 1
     City Council Meeting, undated--Fragments of Council debate on land swap (Reynard Rochon)
Tape 83, Side 1
     City Council Meeting, undated--Council addressed by citizens on police brutality/Algiers
Tape 83, Side 2

                     Sub-Series V--Interviews

Tape 84, Side 1
     Liz Galtney--4/1/83--Police Department (Racial problems, ethics, brutality)
Tape 85, Side 1
     John Head/USA Today--Mayor Morial, 9/23/83- Omi series on New Orleans--Worlds Fair and effect on New
Tape 86, Side 1
     Micky Wellman--Mayor Morial,10/11/82--Capital needs of the city (New Orleans)
Tape 87, Side 1
     Alec Gifford, Mayor Morial, Newsmaker, Channel 6, 6/4/81--Morial split with William Jefferson
Tape 88, Side 1
     Keith Rush, Mayor Morial, WSMB, On the air, 6/14/78--General questions from public
Tape 89, Side 1
     Mike (?) WGSO--Reynard Rochon--Homestead exemption
Tape 90, Side 1
     Radio roundtable, KHOM (Houma)--Jay Handleman, 9/2/84--King Tut exhibit
Tape 91, Side 1
     Press, Moon Landrieu, WYLD, 3/12/82--Landrieu announces endorsement of Ron Faucheux for Mayor, 1982
     election--comments by Morial administration

                  Sub-Series V1--Radio Programs

Tape 92, Side 1
     WYLD report 3/?--Morial addresses street improvements
Tape 93, Side 1
     WYLD report 11--damaged
Tape 94, Side 1
     Byline--New Orleans business barometer--Business support of Ron Faucheux, 1982
Tape 95, Side 1
     Rendering unto Caesar, the earnings tax--WYLD--five part series examining 1% earning tax proposal, 9/24-28/85
Tape 96, Side 1
     Mayor Morial speaks (WYLD)--Mayor's report to the people, 4/16/83--Introduction by Bob Dabney, Director
     of Public Information--News conference re-created into radio programs--discusses trade mission to far east
     (Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China)
Tape 97, Side 1
     Crescent City Close-up, WVUE, undated--Morial delivers sermon on state of the family--Word of Faith

                     Sub-Series VII--Speeches

Box G31

Tape 98, Side 1
     State of the city address--State of the city's economy
Tape 98, Side 2
Tape 99, Side 1
     Lafayette Rotary Club Speech, undated--Morial discusses urban problems

             Sub-Series VIII--Miscellaneous Fragments

Tape 100, Side 1
     Billy Sanchez, undated, Chief of Fire Dept.--Fragment, possibly radio talk show--defends Fire Dept. strike
Tape 101, Side 1
     Speech--speaker unknown, undated--State of national and cities' economy--Reagan's economic recovery
Tape 101, Side 2
     Speech--speaker unknown--Morial vs. Jefferson--what mayoral election signifies to black community in New
Tape 102, Side 1
     Mayor on black political organization--source unknown, undated--fragment--Mayor discusses political
     organization and effects on city government--black political organizations
Tape 103, Side 1
     Wrong speed (?) 
Tape 103, Side 2
     Army Corps of Engineers--source unknown--fragment--river stages--flooding
Tape 104, Side 1
     Panel discussion--source unknown--possibly Conference of Democratic Mayors, 1971--Plight of American
     city--Is it a crisis?  Notables: Mayor Clarence Stokes, Michael Harrington, Patrick Moynihan
Tape 104, Side 2
Tape 105, Side 1
     King Tut--unknown speaker--Fragment of speech on luxury of King Tut/Egypt
Tape 106, Side 1
     Coleman Young radio--Mayor of Detroit, 1977--7 commercial spots for reelection of Mayor Coleman Young
Tape 107, Side 1
     Nat Kiefer radio spot, 9/10/80--Commercial spot--Kiefer endorses Tony Glorioso for clerk of court race
Tape 108, Side 1
     Mayor Moon Landrieu--Talk of Town WGSO, 1980 (?)--fragment--Landrieu is interviewed by unknown
     source on experiences as Mayor, relationship of press, successive terms of office for Mayor
Tape 109, Side 1
     Ron Faucheux, WGSO, 1982--fragment--Faucheux discusses campaign platform, mayoral election, 1982
Tape 110, Side 1
     Ron Faucheux, 1982 (beginning recorded at wrong speed), various endorsements for Faucheux
Tape 111, Side 1
     Ron Faucheux, 1982--Walter Burnett speaks for Alliance of Good Government--topic: electing a candidate--speech
by Faucheux on campaign
Tape 112, Side 1
Tape 113, Side 1
     Untitled, 12/8/?--fragment--unknown committee meeting--Topic: Political impropriety (Sal Anzelmo and
     Mayor) concerning Wisner Trust and city's management of.

Box G32
     Microcassettes (uninventored)

Boxes G33-G41
Videotapes (uninventoried)

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International Relations Office Records

In the Morial administration the International Relations Office was responsible for handling the city's relationships with foreign countries in order to promote trade and economic development through tourism and import/export activities. Its origins were in the old Public Relations Office within the Mayor's Office and, as such, it tended to play more of a "goodwill" role than an economic development one. Through the Mayor's International Trade and Relations Committee the Office cooperated with other local foreign trade agencies such as International House, the International Trade Mart, and the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans. In addition to its general functions, the Office also acted as liaison between City Hall and the local Consular Corps and worked with the U.S. Department of State's Inter Communications Agency visitor program.

The records include correspondence files (including correspondence with the local Consular Corps), financial records, miscellaneous office documents, subject files, travel records, and records relative to international visitors (including official representatives of foreign nations, representatives of international organizations, and State Department sponsored visitors). There are also detailed records of the long-running Plaza de Espana project to develop the foot of Canal Street into a Spanish Plaza.

Also included are records dating from the administration of Moon Landrieu, 1970-1978. These documents appear to have been retained in the International Relations Office beyond the end of Landrieu's terms in office; they were later transferred to the archives along with the files from the Morial years. There is also a series of International Relations Office records in the Landrieu papers within the City Archives.


Box H1

Correspondence, Consular
     Australian Trade Office
     Costa Rica
     Dominican Republic

Box H2

     Ecuadorian Consulate, Closing of
     El Salvador, Arts and Trade Exhibit
     French Trade Commission
     Great Britain

Box H3


Box H4

     Peruvian Independence Day
     South Africa
     Upper Volta

Box H5
     Consular Corps
          Claims, etc.

Correspondence, General

Box H6

Correspondence, Miscellaneous
     Letters of Introduction
     Memorandums, Interoffice

Financial Records
     Auditing Reports
     Pay Plan, 1981
     Travel Expenses

          1970, January-April
          1970, May-August
          1970, September-December
          1971, January-April
          1971, May-August
          1971, September-December

Box H7

          1972, January-April
          1972, May-August
          1972, September-December
          1973, January-April
          1973, May-August
          1973, September-December
          1974, January-April
          1974, May-August
          1974, September-December
          1975, January-April
          1975, May-August

Box H8

          1975, September-December

Miscellaneous Office Files
          Annual Report, 1980
          Applications for Employment
          Assistance Rendered
          Linguist, Official
          Missions and Trips, Miscellaneous
          Monthly Departmental Activity Reports
          Press Releases

Box H9

          Publications, General

Plaza de Espana Files
     Correspondence, General
     Dedication, 1976
     Dedication, 1978
     "File #16" [agreements for shipment, design, construction, etc.]

Box H10

     International Trade Mart
     Publicity and Releases
     Rosie O'Grady's, Proposed
     "Special File" [World's Fair, Rouse Corp., etc.]

Box H11

Subject Files
     Adolescent Psychiatry Societies, Second Pan-American Reunion, 1973
     African Chamber of Commerce
     American Society for Microbiology
     Bastille Day
     Board of Commissioners, Port of New Orleans
     Caribbean/Central American Action
     Cayman Islands (Columbus Day, 1992)
     Central American Conference
          Fourth (1979)
          Fifth (1980)
          Sixth (1981)
     Chamber of Commerce
     Changing World Economy
     Chief Administrative Office
     Contemporary Art of Senegal Exhibition, 1980-1981
     Coordination Council for North American Affairs
     Cordell Hull Foundation (First Interamerican Conference on Alternative Sources of Energy, Gasahol, 1978-1979)
     Costa Rican Export Investment Promotion Center
     Councilmen, General
     Cuban Refugees
     Ecuadorian Relief
     Fitzmorris, Lieutenant Governor James E.
     Foreign Relations Association of New Orleans
     French Quarter Festival
     Groupe Expansion (Paris, France)
     Haitian Art Exhibition, 1979
     Health, Department of
     Heart Fund Drive
     Hispanic Task Force
     Ibero-American Municipal Association
     Indian Republic Day

Box H12

     International Conference on Environment and Health, 1971-1972
     International House
     International Municipal and Bilingualism Committee
     International Order of Merit
     International Pharmaceutical Federation
     International Rivercenter
     International Society of Sugar Cane Technologies
     International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons, 1974
     International Trade and Relations Committee
     International Trade Mart
          Board of Directors Minutes
          Consular Corps Committee
          Foreign Student Committee
          Hospitality Committee
          International Viewpoint Committee
          Public Relations Committee
     International Trade Seminar
     Iron Grates (for trees)

Box H13

     Japan-Louisiana Association
     Japan Travel Bureau
     Jazz Festival, Buenos Aires, 1985
     Joan of Arc Statue, Regilding
     La Rochelle-New Orleans Transatlantic Race
          Ann Wheeler's File
     LACSA's Inaugural Flight, 1973
     Latin American Apostolate
     Latin American Chamber of Commerce
     Latin American Festival, 1973
     Latin American Task Force
     Latin World
     Louisiana Lions Club (1977 Convention)
     Louisiana Spanish Heritage Bicentennial Committee, Inc.
     Louisiana State University in New Orleans
     Louisiana State University, Latin American Affairs

Box H14

     Louisiana Tricentennial
     Louisiana World Exposition
          Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner
          Korea Day
          Letters from Officials
     Mardi Gras, 1971
     Mardi Gras Reception, 1972
     Marriott Hotel
     Marti Monument
     Matute, Miss Louisiana (Chirographer)
     Mayor Schiro, General Correspondence, 1970
     Mayor Morial
          Local Engagements with Foreign Concerns
     Mayor's Council on International Trade and Economic Development

Box H15

     Mexican American Interparliamentary Conference, 1972
     Mexican Tourist Office
     Mexico Fiesta in New Orleans, 1980
     Mikasinovich, Branko
     Minority Business Opportunity Committee
     Mississippi Day in New Orleans
     Mississippi Valley World Trade Council
     National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice
     National Conservative Political Action Committee
     National Economic Development Association
     New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
     New Orleans Jazz Club
     New Orleans/Kuwait Festival, 1985
     New Orleans Media Institute
     New Orleans-Nicaragua Relief Fund (2 folders)
     New Orleans Public Schools
     New Orleans Task Force on Trade and Commodities
     Nicaraguan War Relief
     Nigerian Representation in New Orleans
     Olimpia Soccer Team of New Orleans
     Opera Guild
     Organization of American States
     Overture to the Elegant Season
Box H16

     Pan-American Beauty Pageant (First), 1971-1972
     Pan-American Congress of Anatomy
     Pan-American Day, 1970
     Pan-American Day/Week
     Panama Canal Forum
     Parkway and Parks Commission
     Peru's Golden Treasures Exhibition
     Peruvian Relief
     Piazza d'Italia
     Place de France
          Joan of Arc Day
          Joan of Arc Monument
     Plaza de Carondelet
     Police Department
     Polish-American Preservation Seminar, 1974
     Postal Committee
     Professional Translators and Interpreters, Inc.
     Property Management, Department of
     Russian Photographic and Cultural Exhibit, 1970
     Salvadorian Fiesta in Jackson Square, 1971
     Seamen's International Sports Week, 1978
     Sewerage and Water Board
     Sister Cities Program
     Social Activities Committee
     Social Advisory Committee
     Social Apostolate Advisory Board
     Sociedad de Ciudadanos Unidos de America Latina (LULAC)
Box H17

     Sound and Light Show, Jackson Square
     Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA)
     Spanish Culture Week, 1977
     Spanish Speaking Coalition Conference, 1972
     Spanish Speaking Community in New Orleans
     Steamboat Race Information
     Sugar Bowl Parade, 1970
     Task Force on United States Exports
     Tourist and Convention Commission, Greater New Orleans
     Trade Promotion
     Trelles, Manuel
     Tri-Parish Council on Soccer
     United States Civil Aeronautics Board
     United States Department of State
          Office of Foreign Missions
          Office of Protocol
          Pearson Program
     United States Information Agency
     United States-Southeast Mexico Regional Trade Conference, 1972
     Up With People
     Urban League of Greater New Orleans
     Wallace Fountain Donation
     White House Office of Liaison with State and Local Governments

Box H18

Travel Records
     Australia and New Zealand, 1985
     Belgium, 1985
     Costa Rica, 1982
     Europe (World's Fair Trip), 1981
     Far East, 1986
          1978 (Paris)
          1984 (Orleans)
     Greece, 1985
     Israel, 1979
     Italy and France, 1979
          1983 (Spring) [and the Far East]
          1983 (Fall)

Box H19

     Orient, 1984 [including Hong Kong Jazz Festival]
     South Africa, 1982
     Venezuela, 1983
     West Africa, 1980 (2 folders)
     Yugoslavia, 1985

Visitors, Records of
     General Correspondence (2 folders)

Box H20

     Representatives of Foreign Countries
               Ambassador of, 1978
               Ambassador of, 1970
               Ambassador of, 1982
               Ambassador of, 1971
               Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1975
               Port of Antwerp Mission, 1971
               Prime Minister, 1983
               Sugar Cane Producers, 1972
               "Custodio de Mello" (training ship), 1974
               Ambassador of, 1977
               Newfoundland, Premier of, 1971
               Quebec, Prime Minister of, 1979
               [SEE SUDAN]
          China, Peoples Republic
               Consul General of, 1980
          Costa Rica
               Minister of Transportation, 1979
               Ambassador of, 1977
          El Salvador
               Ambassador of, 1974
               Ambassador of, 1971
               Ambassador of, 1972
               Ambassador of, 1978
               Ambassador of, 1980
               "Blue Cruise," 1978
               Hauts-de-Seine, Members of the Conseil General of, 1971
               "Jeanne d'Arc" (ship), 1974
               "Jeanne d'Arc" and "Le Forbin" (ships), 1976
               La Rochelle, Mayor of, 1982
               Orleans, Mayor of
               Prefects, Delegation of, 1970

Box H21

               President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, 1976
          Great Britain
               "H.M.S. Blake" (ship), 1974
               London, Lord Mayor of, 1984
               Ambassador of, 1975
               President Policarpo Paz Garcia, 1980
               Territory of Jakarta, Officials of, 1980
               Prime Minister, 1979
               Ambassador of, 1977
               Ambassador of, 1973
               Ambassador of, 1976
               Ambassador of, 1981
               Distribution and Merchandizing Study Team, 1970
               Mission to the Southern United States, 1971
               Parliamentary Delegation, 1972
               Project Center, 1971
               King Hussein, 1976
               Congressional Delegation, 1973
               Delegation of Businessmen and Government Officials, 1980
               Yucatan, Governor of, 1973
               Ambassador of, 1971
               Rotterdam Delegation, 1979
          New Zealand
               Prime Minister, 1984
               Ambassador of, 1977
               "Christian Radich" (training ship), 1980
               Vice President, 1985
Box H22

               President Nicolae Ceausescu, 1978
          South Africa
               Ambassador of, 1978
               "Don Sebastian de Elcano" (training ship), 1983
               Minister of Commerce, 1971
               Ambassador, and Ambassador of Chad, 1979 [opening of the Nubia Exhibit

               Ambassador of, 1974
               Ambassador of, 1976
               Ambassador of, 1979
               Mayors, 1983
          Trinidad and Tobago
               Ambassador of, 1978
               Delegations, 1979
               Ambassador of, 1978
          West Germany
               Ambassador of, 1979
               Bremen, Mayor of, 1976
               County Executives, 1973
               "Deutschland" (training ship), 1972
               Hamburg Mission, 1973
               Minister of the Economy, 1978
               Ambassador of, 1977

     Representatives or guests of organizations/institutions
          Family Health, Inc., 1972
          Gulf Outport, 1971-1972
          Hohen-Lever, Co., 1971
          Inter-American Municipal Organization, 1971
          Naval Command College, 1972
          Organization of American States
               Ambassador of, 1973
               Ambassador of, 1975
          Tulane University/University of New Orleans (Jorge Luis Borges), 1982
          United States Department of State
               Ambassador at Large Beverly Carter, 1979

     United States Government Sponsored Visitors
          1970, Programs and Entertaining
          1970, January-April
          1970, May-August

Box H23

          1970, September-December
          1971, January-April
          1971, May-August
          1971, September-December

Box H24


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Legislative Coordination Files

The legislative coordination staff within the Mayor's Office was responsible for lobbying and monitoring city-related legislation at the local, state, and national levels. Staff members handled state matters directly, but the city contracted with Washington contacts to provide lobbying services on the federal level.

The records in this small sub-group document city government's relations with the state legislature. Among the records are files dealing with individual topics as well as files dealing more generally with capital requests, the city's own legislative package, and the impact of pending bills on the city and its interests. The latter concern is documented in the folders headed "House Bills -- Reports, etc." and "Senate Bills -- Reports, etc." Included therein are various forms used by researchers and/or department heads to record their opinions as to the positive or negative aspects for the city of individual bills. In some cases other documentation is included for certain bills (legislative committee reports, vote tallies, etc.).


Box I1

     1984 (HB900)
     1985 (HB1447)
Capital Outlay Requests
     Correspondence, 1984-1985
City Legislative Package
High Speed Rail (HB1841), 1985
House Bills -- Reports, etc.

Box I2

Housing Legislation, 1984

Senate Bills -- Report, etc.
Tobacco Tax, 1981-1985

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