Ernest N. Morial Records

Division of Human Resources

The third executive division of the Mayor's Office, the Human Resources Administration, is a prime example of the fluid organizational structure of the Morial administration. The archives holds four groups of records from the division: subject files of the Executive Assistant for Human Resources, records of the Community Services Office, records of the Special Assistant to the Mayor, and a small group of records relating to political activities of Human Resources unclassified staff. We have attempted, in the individual descriptions that follow, to place each administrative unit, as well as its records, within the overall framework of the division.

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Records of the Executive Assistant for Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources was responsible for administering and coordinating City programs related to human services. The division oversaw programs operating in the broad areas of employment and training, housing, community development, and community services.

For most of the Morial administration, three offices, each headed by its own administrative staff, reported to the Executive Assistant for (or Director of) Human Resources: the Office of Employment Training and Development, the Office of Planning and Community Services, and the Office of Housing and Community Development. Also falling under the umbrella of Human Resources was the Office of Special Assistant to the Mayor, which oversaw the operations of certain Community Services programs and special mayoral projects. The organization (and sometimes the names) of these offices changed a number of times during the Morial administration; the changes, however, appear largely to be the result of staff restructuring due to budget cutbacks rather than to major revisions of the division's activities and responsibilities. (The fluidity of the Division's organization, however, has resulted in overlap among the files of some of the Division's subunits; furthermore, incomplete documentation detailing these changes has hampered description of the records to some degree.)

The Office of Employment Training and Development (also called the Office of Manpower or the Office of Manpower and Economic Development) was responsible for administering employment and training programs funded through the Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) and its successor, the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) and for coordinating and planning other city-sponsored employment and training programs. The office was divided into two units--the Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU), responsible for evaluating the subcontractors and work sites in the CETA program to insure federal compliance, and the Fiscal Unit, responsible for overseeing the expenditure of CETA funds, auditing CETA contracts, and preparing federal reports. The Manpower office was also responsible for oversight of CETA training and for special projects related to housing.

The Office of Housing and Community Development managed and administered the City's Community Development Block Grant program, which provided funding for infrastructure improvements, neighborhood development, housing rehabilitation and various services to low and moderate income persons.

The subject files of the director of the Division of Human Resources are arranged in three subseries: general files, records relating to community development, and records relating to manpower programs. (The subseries of general files ends with two cartons of "unfiled correspondence," as well as miscellaneous material relating to HANO and JTPA found with the unfiled correspondence.) These subject files, in 49 cartons, were maintained by the director's office within the Division of Human Resources. The offices of the Special Assistant to the Mayor and the Administrator of Community Services and their records are described separately.


General Files

Box K1

Algiers-Fisher Incident
Algiers Multi-Service Centers
Almonaster-Eastern New Orleans Corridor Development Area
Almonaster Heights
Alvar Street Library
American Foundation for Negro Affairs
American Society for Public Administration
AMOCO Foundation
Annual Report - 1980
Armstrong Park

Box K2

Arts Policy Task Force
Barnes, Rudy
Barthelemy, Sidney
Bond Issue, May 4, 1985
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts Conference
Broadmoor Multi-Service Center
Broussard, Arnold A.
Budget - Mayor's Office

Box K3

Budget, 1980
Budget, 1981
Budget, 1982
Budget, 1983
Budget, 1984

Box K4

Budget, 1985
Business World in Action, Inc.
CIA Audit
CIA Complaints
CIA - Land Development
Coalition for Action
Consumer Affairs
Conti Arms
Control Data Corporation
Co-Op Bank

Box K5

Data Processing
Data Processing Policy Boards
Delgado-Albania Plantation
Delta Towers
Department Background
Department of Urban & Community Affairs
Desire Area Community Council
Desire Community Center
Desire Community Development Corporation
Desire Community Housing Corporation
Desire/Florida Housing Development
Desire/Florida Industrial Park
Desire Housing Complex
Desire Multi-Purpose Center Day Care Facility
Desire Square

Box K6

Directional Concepts
Disaster Plan
District A
District B
District D, Councilman
District E
DOL [Department of Labor] Review
DOL [Department of Labor] - Youth Entrepreneurial Program
Downtown Development District
Drug Affairs, Bureau of
Drug Affairs, Bureau of (2)
Duncan Plaza Sculpture Garden

Box K7

Eastern Airlines
Ecology Center
Economic Analysis Unit
Economic Development Administration
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Economic Development Planning
EDICT Investment Corporation
EDIS [Economic Development Information System]
Education Planning Unit
Emergency/Disaster Plan
Emergency Medical Services
Employment Training & Development, Office of

Box K8

Employment Training & Development (2)
Enplanar, Inc.
Environmental Beautification
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Ethiopian Theatre
Evans Playground
Fair Housing Program
Federal Disaster Assistance
Federal Programs & Special Projects
Finance, Department of
Florida Housing Project
Foti - Criminal Sheriff
Freret Street Local Development Corporation
Friedler - CETA
Galmon, Carl
Gay Community

Box K9

Gerace, Joseph
Giarrusso, Joseph I.
Girl Scouts
Goals/Priorities for 1981
Goodwill Rehabilitation Center
Gordon Place Single Family
Gordon Plaza
Governor's State Employment Training Council
Governor's State Manpower Services Council
Grand Hotel
Guste High Rise
Halls Committee
Health & Human Services Resources Center
Health & Human Resources (State)
Health Department

Box K10

Health [Department] (2)
Health Department Data Processing Contract
Health, Education & Welfare
Health Programs
Health Systems Agency - New Orleans/Bayou 
Heaton, Eddie
Heritage Square
Historic Districts Landmarks Commission
Holman Vocational Center
Holy Cross College Information
Home Builders Association
Home Mortgage Authority
Home Owners Association for NOW Development
Home Ownership Program - Housing Program

Box K11

Housing Advisory Council
Housing & Building Code Hearings, Task Force on 
Housing & Building Code Hearings (2)
Housing & Community Development
Housing & Community Development (2)

Box K12

Housing & Community Development (3)
Housing & Urban Development
Housing & Urban Development (2)
Housing & Urban Development (3)
Housing & Urban Development (4)

Box K13

Housing & Urban Development (5)
[Housing & Urban Development] HUD Complaints
[Housing & Urban Development] HUD General
[Housing & Urban Development] HUD General
[Housing & Urban Development] HUD 312
Housing Assistance Plan
Housing Assistance Requests

Box K14

Housing Authority of New Orleans
Housing Authority of New Orleans (2)
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO (3)
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO (4)
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO (5)
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO (6)
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO (7)

Box K15

Housing Authority of New Orleans 
Housing Authority of New Orleans (2)
Housing Authority of New Orleans (3)
Housing Authority of New Orleans (4)
Housing Authority of New Orleans (6)
Housing Authority of New Orleans (7)
Housing Authority of New Orleans (8)
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO - Algiers Fisher Development
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO - Bond Maturation
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO - Desire Electrical
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO - Housing Development
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO - Modernization Projects
[Housing Authority of New Orleans] HANO - Scatter Sites

Box K16

Housing Committee
Housing Consultant
Housing Development Program
Housing Executive Committee
Housing Office
Housing Program
Housing Proposals
Housing Rehabilitation Program
Housing Relocation
Housing Seminar
Housing Task Force

Box K17

Hudson, Leftwich & Davenport
Human Relations Committee
Human Relations Office - Personnel
Human Resources Budget
Human Resources Budget - 1980
Human Resources Community Services
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources (General)
Human Resources Personnel
Human Resources Programs & Planning
Human Service Information System (HSIS)

Box K18

Human Services Alliance
Human Services Facility Loan Fund
Human Services Planning Unit
Human Services Task Force
Independence Isle
Independent Living Center
Industrial Canal Lock Study
Internal Hearing Committee
International Trade Mart
International Year of the Child
Interracial Council for Business Opportunity
Irish Channel Action Foundation
Irish Channel Reading Assistance Program
Jackson, Johnny, Jr.
Jackson Barracks
Jazz & Heritage Festival
Job Corps
Johnson, Rep. Jon

Box K19

Kingsley House
Ku Klux Klan
LA 1-28
LA-R15 Close out
Lafayette Square
Lafitte Improvement Association
Latin American Affairs
Law Department
League of Women Voters
Legal Opinions
Legislative Proposals 1979
Legislative Proposals 1984
Legislative Session 1980
Legislative Session 1980
Legislative Session 1981
Legislative Session 1982
Legislative Session 1983
Leslie Development Corporation
Little, Arthur D., Inc.
Louisiana Black Assembly

Box K20

Louisiana Department of Labor
Louisiana Department of Labor
Louisiana Department of Labor
Louisiana Department of Labor
Louisiana Housing Finance Agency
Louisiana Land & Exploration Company
[Louisiana State University] LSU Assessment Group
Louisiana Weekly
Lower Algiers Community Development Association

Box K21

Lower Ninth Ward Housing Development Corporation
Lower Ninth Ward Neighborhood Council, Inc.
Manpower Advisory Planning Council
Maritime Development Center
Mayor-Elect Transition
Mayor's Advisory Council on Youth Against Drugs, 1982-83
Mayor's Advisory Council on Youth Against Drugs, 1982-83
Mayor's Advisory Council on Youth Against Drugs
Mayor's Committee on the Handicapped
Mayor's Monitor Team
Mental Health Planning & Evaluation Committee
Metropolitan Area Committee
Metropolitan Leadership Forum
Mid-City Improvement Association

Box K22

Minority Business Development Unit
Mississippi River Bridge
Model Cities
Mortgage Bonds
Muller, Stanley, Associates
Multi-Purpose Centers
National Alliance of Business
National Alliance of Postal & Federal Employees
National Association of Black Accountants
National Citizens Participation Council
National Community Development Association
National Immunization Program (NIP)
National League of Cities
National Urban Coalition
Neighborhood & Community Organization
Neighborhood Assistance Program
Neighborhood Business Revitalization Unit
Neighborhood/City Relations
Neighborhood Communication System
Neighborhood Functional Planning
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc.
Neighborhood Improvement Program
Neighborhood Improvement Program

Box K23

Neighborhood News Notes
Neighborhood Organization of Treme-East (Note)
Neighborhood Planning Unit
Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council Program
Neighborhood Revival
[Neighborhood Strategy Areas] NSA/Demonstration Impact Areas
New Housing Production Program
New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation (NOCDC)
New Orleans Educational Talent Search
New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority
New Orleans Federation of Churches
New Orleans General Hospital
New Orleans Health Corporation
New Orleans Health Corporation
New Orleans Health Corporation (3)

Box K24

New Orleans Masjid of Al-Islam
New Orleans Museum of Art
New Orleans Police Department
[New Orleans Police Department] NOPD Strike - 1979
New Orleans Public Schools
New Orleans Recreation Department
New Orleans Recreation Department (2)
New Orleans Skills Training Center
New Orleans Talent Search
New Orleans Treme East (Note)
New Orleans 2001 Plan
New Production
Newspaper Clippings
Ninth Ward Community Development Corporation
Ninth Ward Nine
North Claiborne Ave/I-10 Project
Nutrition Task Force

Box K25

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Office of Coastal Zone Management
Office of Planning & Community Services
Office of Planning & Development
Office of Transit Administration
Office Space
Ogden, Calvin
Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc.
ORMAPS Information System
Osei, Inc.
Palm Air Civic Association
Parkchester (2)

Box K26

Parkway & Parks Commission
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Performance Assessment
Personal Appearances
Peter Claver Building
Phoenix Arms
Planning & Development
Pontchartrain Park
Preservation Resource Center
[Private Sector Initiative Program] PSIP
Program for Industrial Skills Training & On-the-Job Learning -   PISTOL
Public Hearing
Real Estate Commission
Refugee Resettlement

Box K27

Regional Planning Commission
Regional Vocational Technical School
Resumes (2)
Resumes (3)
Revenue Measure
Revenue Revision Task Force
Rumor Control Center
St. Bernard Area Community Development Center
St. Roch Community Center
St. Thomas Housing Project
Satchmo Plaza
Scattered Site Housing
Scranegeh, John

Box K28

Section 203(b) Section 8 Demonstration Program
Section 312 Rehabilitation
Section 405 Compliance
Skid Row Study - DDD [Downtown Development District]
Skills Training Improvement Program
Small Entrepreneurial Enterprise Center
Social Invitations - Past
Social Security Hearing
Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
Southwest Federal Regional Council
Speaking Engagement/Special Assignments
Special Education Grant

Box K29

Staff Orientation Seminar
Staff Seminar
Strike Security
Substance Abuse Advisory Council
Summer Youth Employment Program - 1980
Summer Youth Employment Program - 1981
Summer Youth Employment Program - 1982
System Computer Technology - SCT
Tambourine & Fan
Tambourine & Fan Contract

Box K30

Targeted Job Program
Tax Proposals - 1978
Teach-a-Brother, Inc.
Temporary Housing Committee
Tenant-Landlord Commission
Tenants Patrol Proposal
Title I Subgrantees - Fiscal Year 1979
Title X - Urban Park & Recreation Recovery Act
Title XX
Title XX
Total Community Action, Inc.
[Total Community Action] TCA (2)

Box K31

Town Meetings
Transportation - Handicapped
Treatment Alternative to Street Crime
Treme Community Improvement Association, Inc.
Treme Cultural Enrichment Program
Tureaud, A.P.

Box K32

Union Civica Latino Americano
United States Conference of Mayors
United States Department of Housing & Urban Development
United States Department of Housing & Urban Development
United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labor (2)

Box K33

United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labor Audits
United States Department of Labor Non-Audit

Box K34

United Way
United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area
Urban Crime Prevention Program (UCPP)
Urban Development Action Grant
Vietnam Veteran Week
Visitors Crisis Center
[Volunteer & Information Agency] VIA
Volunteers of America

Box K35

WIN Proposal for Employment Opportunities for Welfare Mothers
Women Against Crime
Women Supporters to Mayor
Women's Office
Wybirk & Associates
Youth Development Association
Youth Programs

Box K36

Unfiled correspondence, 1979-1982
Unfiled correspondence, February-March 1983
Unfiled correspondence, April 1983
Unfiled correspondence, May 1983
Unfiled correspondence, June-July 1983
Unfiled correspondence, August 1983
Unfiled correspondence, September 1983
Unfiled correspondence, October 1983

Box K37

Unfiled correspondence, 1984
Unfiled correspondence, 1985
Unfiled correspondence, n.d.
Housing Authority of New Orleans - Miscellaneous
Job Training Partnership Act grant materials

Manpower Files

Records Relating to the Comprehensive Employment Training Act

Box K38

CETA [General]
CETA Action Committee
CETA Administration
CETA - Assessment
CETA - Audit
CETA - Funding
CETA - General
CETA - Investigation
CETA Monitor
CETA Participants

Box K39

CETA - Phase Out
CETA - PSE [Public Service Employees]
CETA - School Board
CETA - Title IIB
CETA - Title IID
CETA - Title IV
CETA - Title VI
CETA - Title VII - Private Sector Initiative Program

Records Relating to the Office of Manpower & Economic Development

Office of Manpower & Economic Development
OMED (2)
OMED (3)

Box K40

OMED - Administration 
OMED - Administration (2)
OMED - Algiers-Whitney Multi-Service Center
OMED - Art Council
OMED - Assessment
OMED - Audit
OMED - Audubon
OMED - BIA [Business In Action]
OMED - BIA (2)

Box K41

OMED - Budget
OMED - Budget 1979
OMED - Bureau Chief Meetings
OMED - CETA Conferences
OMED - CETA Program Participants
OMED - Charity
OMED - CIA [Community Improvement Agency]
OMED - City Park
OMED - City Welfare Department
OMED - Civil District Court
OMED - Civil Service
OMED - Construction Industry Train[ing]
OMED - Contemporary Arts Center
OMED - Contracts, 1980
OMED - Criminal District Court
OMED - Criminal Sheriff
OMED - Desire Community Housing Corporation
OMED - DOL [Department of Labor] Review
OMED - Ethiopian Theatre
OMED - Evaluation
OMED - Financial

Box K42

OMED - Harvey Welding School
OMED - HSIS [Human Services Information System]
OMED - Jobs Fair
OMED - Liberty Bank
OMED - Louisiana Office of Employment Security
OMED - Loyola University
OMED - Management Services
OMED - MAPC [Manpower Advisory Planning Council]
OMED - Manpower Planning Group
OMED - MIS/MAC [.../Manpower Assistance Center]
OMED - Monitoring
OMED - Nepotism
OMED - New Orleans Plan
OMED - NORD [New Orleans Recreation Department]
OMED - OIC [Opportunities Industrialization Center]
OMED - Parkway
OMED - Personal Service Contracts
OMED - Personnel
OMED - PIC [Private Industry Council]
OMED - Policy Planning
OMED - Program Bureau
OMED - Program Planning

Box K43

OMED - Program Review
OMED - PSE [Public Service Employees] 9/30/79
OMED - PSIP [Private Sector Initiative Program]
OMED - RAP Program
OMED - School Board
OMED - SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference]
OMED - September Phase-Out
OMED - SER [Service, Employment & Redevelopment]
OMED - S&WB [Sewerage & Water Board]
OMED - 70001 [New Orleans 70001, Ltd.]
OMED - Skills Training Center
OMED - SPEDY [Summer Program for Economically Disadvantaged Youth]
OMED - STIP [Skills Training Improvement Program]
OMED - Subcontractor/Subgrantees
OMED - SUNO [Southern University at New Orleans]
OMED - Title I
OMED - Title II
OMED - Title IIB
OMED - Title IID
OMED - Title III

Box K44

OMED - Title VI
OMED - Title VII
OMED - TJTC [Targeted Jobs Tax Credit]
OMED - Training
OMED - TCA [Total Community Action]
OMED - United Labor Organization
OMED - Urban League
OMED - VOA [Volunteers of America]
OMED - YCCIP [Youth Community Conservation & Improvement Project]
OMED - Youth Programs

Community Development Files

Records Relating to Community Development Block Grants

Box K45

Algiers Courthouse
Algiers-Whitney Multi-Service Center
Audit 1975-1977
Audit 1975-1978
Audit 1978
Audit 1979
Audit Appeal
Audit Appeal (2)

Box K46

Broadmoor Multi-Service Center
Caffin/Law Street Playground
Central City
CIA [Community Improvement Agency]
Citizen Participation
Citizen Participation Research
Criminal Sheriff
Data Processing System
Economic Analysis Unit
Eighth Program Year
Environmental Beautification
Fair Housing Program
Fifth Program Year Grant Application
Fifth Year Audit
First Year
Fourth Year

Box K47

Gallier Hall
Gordon Plaza
HANO [Housing Authority of New Orleans]
Lower Ninth Ward Council
Neighborhood Business Revitalization
Neighborhood Housing Series
Ninth Year Program
OIC [Opportunities Industrialization Center]
Orleans Parish School Board
Peter Claver Building
Planning-Management Information System Project
Program Funds
Public Information (Notices)
Public Meetings

Box K48

St. Jude Community Center
Second Year
Section 108
[Section] 312
Self-Help Projects
Seventh Year Application
Sixth Program Year
Space Allocation
Status Reports
Streets Program
Three Year Application
Tidewater Building

Records Relating to the Office of Community Development:

Box K49

Community Development (2)
Economic Development
Housing Division
Office of Community Development

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Records of the Community Services Office

The Office of Planning and Community Services (often called simply the Community Services Office) administered a wide range of programs designed to provide assistance to individuals or to community groups in the areas of human services, neighborhood revitalization, health, education, special education, human rights and women's issues, citizen volunteer efforts, and information and referral. The office also provided assistance to the Mayor in a number of special projects and task forces. Although the office underwent several organizational restructurings during the Morial administration, its basic programs remained relatively constant.

The office was composed of several major units: Citizens Action Center--itself further divided into the Women's Unit, the Intergroup and Anti-Discrimination Unit (previously called the Human Rights Office), and the Information and Complaint Assistance Unit (including the Answer Desk and the Spanish Answer Desk); VIGOR (Volunteers In Government Of Responsibility)--the city government volunteer program; Arts Coordination--administered through contract with the Arts Council of New Orleans; Neighborhood Planning--responsible for input into planning for and preparation of the city's Community Development Block Grant applications and for liaison with neighborhood organizations.

Community Services was also responsible for a number of long- and short-term special mayoral projects, among them the Clean City Committee, the New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council (NONPACC), the Special Education project, Complete Count for the 1980 Census, the International Year of the Child Committee (1979, later restructured to become the Anti-Truancy Committee), and the Neighborhood Outreach Program. At various times, the office also handled programs relating to refugees, civil rights, gay and lesbian affairs, and community conflict mediation.

Internal evidence shows that after 1980, while retaining its own administrator, Community Services came under the supervision of the Office of Special Assistant to the Mayor, which utilized Community Services staff and oversaw special mayoral projects, Arts Coordination, the Clean City Committee, and NONPACC. Thus, there is considerable overlap between the records of these two offices (researchers should consult both).

The records are 19 boxes of general subject/correspondence files, alphabetically arranged, that were maintained in the office of the Administrator of Community Services. In addition to correspondence, the files include inter-office memos, minutes, reports, and budgets.


Box L1

Adult Day Care
Advisory Board for Community Schools
Advisory Committee on Disabled Concerns 1982-83
Advisory Committee on Disabled Concerns
American Civil Liberties Union of America
Amusement Tax Study Commission
Analysis of City's Financial Needs 1983-1990
Analysis Unit
Annual Report 1981
Area Agency on Aging
Area Agency on Aging
Area Agency on Aging 1985
Area Plan on Aging
Asian-Pacific Community

Box L2

Broussard, Arnold A. - Correspondence
Broussard, Arnold A. - Correspondence
Budget 1982
Budget Adjustment & Set Aside Information 1981
Budget Request - CCQW [Cheryl C.Q. Wilson] - 1981
Business in Action - Advisory Committee
CAO Policy Memo - City Government Non-Discrimination Compliance
Census 1980
CETA Proposal/Truancy/Census
Citizen Action Center
Citizen Action Center 1981

Box L3

Citizen Action Center 1982-83
Citizen Complaint Handling System Computerization
City/School Board - 1980
City/School Board - 1980
City/School Board - 1981
City/School Board - 1982
Commission on the Future of New Orleans
Community Services
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Affairs Close Out Correspondence
Correspondence - Incoming 1980

Box L4

Correspondence - Incoming 1981
Correspondence - Outgoing 1980
Correspondence - Outgoing 1981
Cuban Refugees
Delta Towers
[Department of Health & Human Services] DHHS - Minority Outreach      Program
Department of Housing & Urban Development
[Department of Labor] DOL - Community Services Block Grant
Desire Square - 1981
Desire Square Commercial & Skills Training Revitalization Development Project
Desire Square Revitalization Project Marketing Package
Economic Development
Emergency Assistance
Emergency Medical Services

Box L5

Fair Housing
FCC Information on Community Needs
Federal Budget Analysis 1983
Federal Budget Analysis 1984
Federal Budget Analysis 1986
Federal Budget Cuts: Correspondence & Memos
Federal Budget Cuts: Letters & Memos
Federal Mandate Study
Federal Programs Impact Information
Final Report - Vol. III
Fire Department, Public Education Task Force
Gay Community Problems 1981
Gay Community Problems 1982
Gay Community Problems 1983
Gay Community Problems 1984
Gay Community Problems 1985
Gay Rights

Box L6

Handicapped Compliance Project (504)
Handicapped Compliance Project (504)
Handicapped Compliance Project (504) - 1983
Health Contract
Health Planning
Hispanic Family Workshop Planning Committee

Box L7

Human Resources Planning & Community Services
Human Rights
Human Services
Human Services - General
Human Services - General 1984
[Human Services Information System] HSIS
Human Services Planning Project
Human Services Planning Unit

Box L8

Human Services Planning Unit 1980
Human Services Planning Unit 1981
Human Services on Cable
[Human Services on Cable] HSOC Board & Correspondence
[Human Services on Cable] HSOC - Finance Committee

Box L9

Iberville Cemeteries Advisory Council
Indo-Chinese Resettlement
International Year of Disabled Persons
Inter-office Agreement between OMED & Office of Planning & Community Services
Interpreter Services Contracts
Job Corps Center
Johnson, Robert Wood
Kool Hotline on Jobs Program
Legislation - Federal
Legislation - State
Little Havana Project
Little Havana Resettlement Project

Box L10

Mailing List Computerization
[Manpower Advisory Planning Council] MAPC
Manpower Planning Group
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Day Celebrations
Mayoral Task Forces & Committees
Mayor's [Education] Awards Program 1981
Mayor's Education Awards Program 1982
Mayor's Nutrition Task Force
Mayor's Refugee Resettlement Task Force
Mayor's Youth Campaign Against Drugs

Box L11

Morial, Mayor - Correspondence 1980 [Outgoing]
Morial, Mayor - Correspondence 1980 [Incoming]
Morial, Mayor - Correspondence 1981 [Outgoing]
Morial, Mayor - Correspondence 1981 [Incoming]
Mumphrey, Tony - Correspondence 1980
[National Alliance of Business] NAB - Youth Motivation Task Force
National League of Cities - 1981
[National League of Cities] NLC Conference - 1983
[National League of Cities] NLC Policy & Resolutions - 1983
[National League of Cities] NLC Proposals & Resolutions - 1982
National Urban Coalition - Conference on Displacement
Neighborhood-Based Development Proposals
Neighborhood Communications
Neighborhood Communications Mechanism
Neighborhood Communications Network
Neighborhood Communications Network
Neighborhood Monitoring Reports
Neighborhood Network

Box L12

Neighborhood Planning
Neighborhood Planning
Neighborhood Planning Unit 1982
Neighborhood Planning Unit 1982 Budget
Neighborhood Planning Unit 1983
Neighborhood Reinvestment
New Orleans Mentorship/Leadership Proposal 1984-85

Box L13

New Orleans Plan 2001
New Orleans Public Schools/City Cooperation
New Orleans Public Schools Vocational Education Advisory Council
Office of Municipal Investigation (OMI)
[Office of Municipal Investigation] OMI
[Office of Municipal Investigation] OMI Strategy 1983
[Office of Municipal Investigation] OMI - Urban League Guild
Office of Planning & Community Services - Employee Evaluations
[Office of] Planning & Community Services Re-Organization
[Office of] Planning & Community Services Update on Accomplishments - 1981

Box L14

Police Issues
President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiative
Private Sector Initiative Program Interoffice Agreement - OMED & Economic Development Unit
Project Planning Reports
Prospectus 1980
Prospectus 1981
Prospectus 1981
Prospectus for Planning Groups - Draft 1981
Public-Private Partnerships
Recreation Planning
Redemptorist School
Referendum - May 15, 1982
Refugee Advisory Council

Box L15

Refugees 1981
Refugees 1982
Refugees 1983
Regional Community Service Center for Deaf & Deaf-Blind
Regional Economic Development Project
Regional Institute - Advisory Council
Rogers, Elizabeth Project
St. Philip Street Closing
School Board/City Task Force
Small Cities CDBG

Box L16

Special Education 1981
Special Education Project
Special Education Project
Special NGH Economic Development Project
Staff Membership on Boards & Commissions
State Legislation 1982-1983
Statewide Human Services Information & Referral Advisory Council
Student Intern Request
Summer Food Service Program
Summer Jobs Program

Box L17

[Total Community Action] TCA
[Total Community Action] TCA
[Total Community Action] TCA Hunger Study Proposals
[Total Community Action] TCA Issue
Title XX
Town Meetings 1983
Town Meetings 1984
Town Meetings Proposal - May 21, 1983
[Treme Cultural Enrichment Program] TCEP/LADA Inc.
Treme Day Care Center

Box L18

United States Conference of Mayors
United States Conference of Mayors Publications
United States Conference of Mayors Publications 1983
United States Conference of Mayors Resolutions
United States Conference of Mayors Task Force on Joblessness & Hunger
[United States Department of Agriculture] USDA Commodity Distribution
United States Public Health Hospital
United Way
United Way
United Way Admission Committee
United Way Emergency Food & Shelter Committee
United Way Long Range Planning Committee
United Way Panel (10)
United Way Panel 10
United Way Planning Committee
United Way Project Determination Committee
United Way World's Fair Emergency Housing Task Force
Unsolicited Resumes
Urban League [of] Greater New Orleans
[Urban Park & Recreation Recovery Program] UPARR Planning Grant

Box L19

Versailles Arms - Request for Lease Recreational Space
Welfare Board
Westbank Senior Center Advisory Committee
Women's Network
Women's Unit 1981
Women's Unit 1982-83-84
World's Fair
YWCA - General

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Records of the Special Assistant to the Mayor

The office of Special Assistant to the Mayor, headed by John A. Pecoul, Jr., was established in late 1980 as part of the Mayor's Division of Human Resources. The Special Assistant assumed oversight of the activities of the Community Services Office (which had its own Administrator and staff) and, in addition, coordinated and supervised a variety of long- and short-term "Mayor's Projects" to which Community Services staff were assigned. Although Pecoul reported directly to the Mayor, his office was carried on the Human Resources Office's budget.

The Community Services programs supervised by Pecoul included the Citizen Action Center, the Human Rights Office, Community Outreach Office, VIGOR, and the Women's Office, all of which dealt in some way with citizen advocacy, counseling, referrals and/or participation in city government.

Pecoul's office was responsible for oversight or supervision of the following long-term Community Services programs:

Clean City Committee:
The Clean City Committee was appointed annually by the Mayor to advise on sanitation, anti-litter, and solid waste policy and programs; it also developed and implemented volunteer programs to educate the public about littering and solid waste handling.
New Orleans Police Department Crime Prevention Programs:
Pecoul's office oversaw the New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council (NONPACC), the Neighborhood Watch program, and Taxis On Patrol (TOP). NONPACC was a citizen body made up of representatives (appointed by the Mayor) of each police district; the groups served as links between police and neighborhoods, meeting monthly with District Commanders to express concerns, develop means to solve them, and identify other citizens willing to help. The Neighborhood Watch program was begun in 1979, developed by the New Orleans Crime Prevention Unit and concerned citizens. Taxis on Patrol, initiated in 1981, established "hot lines" between taxi dispatchers and the New Orleans Police Department, allowing cab drivers to report any crimes or suspicious activity directly to police.
Arts Programs:
Pecoul's office provided liaison with the Arts Council of New Orleans, a private, non-profit organization which merged in 1981 with the Mayor's Committee for Arts and Cultural Development to become the official arts agency for the city.
Mayor's Monitor System:
The Mayor's Monitor System (or Neighborhood Monitor System) was designed as a mechanism to check city neighborhoods periodically for short-term problems such as litter, potholes, abandoned cars and homes, to report these problems to city agencies and follow up on corrective action taken; teams of 2 city employees volunteered time to tour neighborhoods each month and submit reports to appropriate city agencies for action.
National League of Cities, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and the National Conference of Democratic Mayors:
Pecoul's office provided staff support to Morial in his active involvement with these organizations.

In addition to these on-going responsibilities, Pecoul's office supervised, organized or participated in various community projects and events:

Second Line Against Crime
City Employees Week
Metropolitan Area Committee Capital Needs Awareness Project and Capital Needs Tours
Complaint System
Federal Mandates Study
Duncan Plaza project [additional records on Duncan Plaza are cataloged separately as Mayor's Office. Duncan Plaza project files, 1979-1981 (AA00ld 1979-1981)]
City Hall Lobby Renovation
Cable Television
Neighborhood Outreach (including Carver Playground Project and A.P. Tureaud Memorial)
New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness
Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

The records are contained in 24 cartons and arranged in the following series:

Records relating to Community Services Programs (2 cartons):
These records represent the general files, maintained in Pecoul's office, pertaining to programs or projects under Pecoul's supervision; the records maintained in the Office of Community Services are described separately. Included here are correspondence, reports, and office documents relating to various sub-units or projects in the Community Relations Office, including Citizen Action Center, Town Meetings, VIGOR, and the Women's Office. Much of the material focuses on Community Service's role in the development of a new system for handling citizen complaints.
Records relating to the Arts (5 cartons):
Correspondence, reports, minutes, budgets, and miscellaneous documents related primarily to the Arts Council of New Orleans' administration of or liaison with various art organizations or programs, such as the Subcommittee on Culture and Recreation of the Commission on the Future of the City, Louisiana World Exposition Arts Consortium, New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness, New Orleans City Ballet, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans Symphony; also included are guidelines, reports, applications and review sheets pertaining to the awarding of Municipal Endowment Grants.
Records relating to the Clean City Committee (1 carton):
correspondence, monthly progress reports, minutes, statements of goals and objectives, prospectuses
Records relating to Neighborhood Monitoring System (1 carton):
correspondence, statistical summaries, reports on conditions observed by monitor teams and requests for action on problems reported, instructions to monitor teams, and survey forms
Records relating to New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council (NONPACC) (1 carton):
correspondence, reports on activities of NONPACC and of NONPACC Steering Committee; lists of NONPACC members in each district; some correspondence and miscellaneous material concerning New Orleans Neighborhood Watch, Inc. is also included, along with that organization's articles of incorporation.
Records relating to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National Conference of Democratic Mayors, and the National League of Cities (4 cartons):
correspondence; programs, schedules, and agendas; reports; copies of speeches or remarks delivered by Morial at various meetings or conferences; material on the City's application for the Mayors' Award Program, sponsored by USCM.
General files (9 cartons):
Correspondence, reports, minutes, budget requests, and miscellaneous office records related to programs, projects, or issues which do not fit directly into the above series, although they may be related in some way to them. (For example, several files concerning cable television policy and legislation also contain material on Municipal Endowment Grants, funding derived partly from cable television and designated to be used for arts programs; similarly, records relating to specific New Orleans neighborhoods or neighborhood projects may contain material connected to NONPACC or the Neighborhood Monitor Program.) Also included are a number of files of in-coming and out-going correspondence directed to the Mayor but handled by Pecoul's office.

Because there is much overlap between the files of the Special Assistant and those of the Community Services Office, researchers should consult both.


Records Relating to Community Service Programs

Box M1

Administrative: Community Services Coordination
Anti-Truancy Committee
Asian Pacific Affairs
Citizens Action Center
Citizens Action Center-Ombudsman
Citizens Action Center-Information from Other Cities [Complaints]
Community Meetings
Community Services
Community Services (Matlick)
Community Services Office Budget
Community Services - 1984 [See Box M25]
Complaint Survey Forms
Complaints Handled
Faubourg St. John
Interview Sheets
Interview Summaries
Mayor: City Government Complaint System
Box M2

Neighborhood Activities
Neighborhood Communications
Neighborhood Meetings
Office of Municipal Investigation
Office of Municipal Investigation
Refugee Resettlement: Little Havana
Town Meeting
Town Meetings
Vieux Carre Entrances
Women's Office

Records Relating to the Arts

Box M3

Art in Public Places
Art Ordinances
Arts Allocation Process
Arts Background Packet
Arts Committee 
Arts Council of New Orleans

Box M4

Arts Council of New Orleans
Arts Council of New Orleans 1981 (2 folders)[See Box M25]
Arts Council of New Orleans, 1982 [See Box M25]
Arts Council of New Orleans 1981-83
Arts Council of New Orleans 1983

Box M5

Arts Council of New Orleans 1984
Arts Council of New Orleans 1985
Arts Council Contracts
Arts Council/Downtown Development District
Arts Council/Telecommunications
Arts/Cultural Monthly Reports
Arts: Ethiopian Theater
Arts Monthly Report
Arts Projects (Gwen Landry)
Beautification and Public Art: Facts & Concepts
Commission on the Future of the City-Arts Committee

Box M6

Commission on the Future of the City-Arts Committee
Commission on the Future of the City-Sub-committee hearings
Mayor: Commission on Future of City
Duncan Plaza
Duncan Plaza Financial Report
Governor's Conference on the Arts
Lionel Hampton Day
Louisiana World Exposition Arts Consortium Goals Committee
Louisiana World Exposition
World's Fair
Marion McCollam

Box M7

Municipal Endowment Grants
Municipal Endowment Grants/Arts
MEG/Arts Grants Review Process
New Orleans Artists Against Hunger & Homelessness
New Orleans City Ballet
New Orleans Museum of Art
NOMA Competition
NOMA Competition/Phase II
Percentage for Art
Public Sculpture
State Division of Arts Guidelines Problem
Symphony Finances
Urban Design Committee
Water Sculpture

Records Relating to the Clean City Committee

Box M8

Clean City Beautification of World's Fair Area
Clean City Committee
Clean City Committee
Clean City Committee
Clean City Committee 1982

Box M9

Clean City Committee, Mayor's Projects 1983
Clean City Committee 1984
Clean City Committee II, Mayor's Projects
Clean City Monthly Report
French Quarter Task Force
Mardi Gras Task Force

Records Relating to the Neighborhood Monitoring System

Box M10

Monitor Reports 1981-82
Monitor Reports 1983
Monitor Reports
Monitor Reports
Monitor Teams: Developmental Material
Special Assistant-Monitor Reports

Records Relating to New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council  (NONPACC)

Box M11

NONPACC 1984-85
NONPACC Correspondence

Records Relating to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National Conference of Democratic Mayors,
and the National
     League of Cities

Box M12

Mayor: USCM 1982
Mayor: USCM 1983
Mayor: USCM 1984

Box M13

USCM 1985
United States Conference of Mayors (Jan.-Mar. 1985)
United States Conference of Mayors (Apr.-June 1985)
United States Conference of Mayors (July-Dec. 1985)
Mayor: USCM AIDS Task Force
USCM: Conferences & Conventions
USCM: Executive Staff Institute Tour
USCM: General Correspondence
USCM: Hunger Issue
USCM: Invitations & Responses
USCM: Mayor's Leadership Institute

Box M14

USCM: Planning
USCM Police Foundation Meeting
USCM: Resolutions, Reservations, Schedule
USCM: New Orleans Subcommittee Meetings
ARCO/USCM Public/Private Partners Meeting
National Conference of Democratic Mayors
Democratic Mayors, National Conference of
Democratic Mayors Hearing (Sept. 7, 1983)
Dick Johnson (NCDM)

Box M15

National League of Cities
National League of Cities
NLC 1981
Mayor: NLC 1982
Mayor: NLC 1983-84
National League of Cities 1985
National League of Cities/Commission
NLC: Congress of Cities Anti-Drug Abuse Reception
National League of Cities: General
National League of Cities: General Correspondence
NLC Nomination
Procedures for Adoption of NLC Policy

General Files

Box M16

Administrative: Executive Assistant
Administrative: Human Resources Division
All American Cities Award - (National Municipal League)
All American Cities
All American City
America's City Hall Project
Annual Report 1983 [See Box M25]
Annual Report 1984
Armstrong Park
Bourbon Street Observations
Budget 1985
Budget Request, 1986
Cable TV
Cable TV
Cable Television
House Resolution 4103 [Cable TV]
House Resolution 4103

Box M17

Capital Needs Tour
Cemeteries [Iberville-Cemeteries Task Force]
City Employees Week
City Employees Week
Mayor: Municipal Employees Week
City Hall Lobby/Halls Committee
City Livability Awards Program
City Park
City-School Board Cooperation Committee

Box M18

Community Access Corporation (CAC) Grants
Community Schools
Consumer Affairs
Consumer Affairs: Budget Request
Correspondence, General - 1981 [See Box M25]
Correspondence, Mayor's - 1981-82
Correspondence, Mayor's - 1983
Correspondence, Mayor's - 1984

Box M19

Correspondence, Mayor's - 1985
Correspondence, Mayor's
Correspondence, Miscellaneous - 1982
Correspondence, Miscellaneous - 1983
Correspondence, Miscellaneous - 1984
Correspondence, Miscellaneous - 1985
Correspondence, Miscellaneous - 1986
Crime Prevention Fair

Box M20

Democratic National Committee
Democratic Platform Committee
Downtown Development District
Dutch event
Earnings Tax Organization
Elmhurst College
Federal Grants
Federal Mandates
Ford Foundation: Innovations
Great Cities of the Americas
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Guichard, Julio: General
Health Care for the Homeless
Hispanic List
Human Resources Cabinet
Human Resources Cabinet/Alliance Human Services
HRC Budget
Human Resources Staff Meetings
Human Resources (Stanwood)

Box M21

Human Services Needs Assessment Task Force
Junior League Contract
Latin American Outreach Program
Latin American Outreach Task Force
Louisiana Municipal Association
Louisiana Municipal Association
Mailing Lists
Martin Luther King Day
Mayor: Assignments
Mayor: Biography
Mayor: Resolved
Mayor's Prayer Breakfast
Mayor's Urban Policy Hearings
Metropolitan Area Committee (MAC) Capital Needs Tour
MAC Leadership Forum
MAC-Tulane 19th Metropolitan Leadership Forum
NBC/LEO (National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials)

Box M22

National Institute of Policing
Neighborhood Watch Statement
New Federalism
New Orleans Police Department
NORD Theater
Nutrition Task Force
Office of Policy Planning and Analysis Task Force
Pecoul: Job Description & Assignments
Pecoul: Miscellaneous
Police Issues
Preservation Resource Center
Preservation Resource Center
Professional Sports
Property Management
Property Management

Box M23

Prospectus 1979
Prospectus 1979
Prospectus 1981
Prospectus 1985
Prospectus 1986
Prospectus 1986
Prospectus, Community Services 1980
Requests to Represent Mayor
Requests to Represent Mayor
Revenue Proposal
Sales Tax Campaigns/Bond Issue
Second Line Against Crime

Box M24

Task Force Members
Task Forces (Morial)
Tax & Revenue Packet
Taxis on Patrol (TOP)
2001 Plan
Tureaud, A.P.
Tureaud, A.P. Memorial Fund Raising
Tureaud Memorial
U.N. Day
U.N. Day Committee
United Way Planning Committee
Urban Infra-Structure
Urban Innovation Abroad
Youth Against Drugs

Box M25

[NOTE:  The contents of this box were discovered after the main body of Community Services records had been
arranged.  They are listed in their proper place within the preceding inventory section, but are filed here since
there was no space in the appropriate boxes]

Annual Report, 1983
Arts Council, 1981
Arts Council, 1982
Community Services, 1984
Correspondence, General, 1981

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Division of Human Resources Political Files

This small group of files documents some of the activities of the Division of Human Resources' unclassified employees in the Mayor's 1982 re-election campaign and in the May 15, 1982 special election (which contained a proposition for a 1% sales tax increase). Included are attendance sheets of employees at regional campaign headquarters; lists of block captains and precinct coordinators; plans and schedules for special events; and campaign activities directed toward specific constituencies.


     Box N1

     Area I- Precinct/block captain lists
     Area II- Precinct captains
     Area III- Attendance sheets (Sales Tax Referendum, May 1982)
     Area ?- Attendance sheets (Sales Tax Referendum, May 1982)
     Campaign- General (Re-election campaign)
     Campaign- Human Resources constituency (1981-1982)
     Campaign schedule (Special events, 1982)
     Elderly (Re-election campaign)
     Faucheux legislative record (1976-1981)
     First Primary information (1982)
     Health & Human Services constituency - Volunteers 
     Health & Human Services newspaper ad
     Phone Bank (VIA)
     Political forums (1982)
     Region I - Lower Ninth Ward & Algiers (Attendance sheets, Sales Tax Referendum)
     Region II - Pontchartrain Park & N.O. East (Block captains/precinct coordinators)
     Region III - Gentilly, Marigny, Mid-City (Sales Tax Referendum)
     Summer Youth Employment Program constituency
     Twenty for Dutch on the Twentieth

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