Ernest N. Morial Records

Executive Office of the Mayor

Correspondence Series

These are general correspondence files divided into subseries, some according to the type of correspondence (mailgrams/telegrams, interoffice memos, etc.), some by "class" of correspondent (children, Mayors, etc.), and some by purpose of correspondence (employment, thank yous, etc.). Some of the subseries filing was imprecise, in that a given letter might just as well have been filed in one as in another. For example, a letter relating to a problem with the enforcement of parking laws could have been filed with either complaints, issues, or suggestions (or it could have been filed in a subject file for parking!). Arrangement within subseries is chronological.

Much of what is contained in these correspondence files is basically routine. There are, however, many interesting individual letters in a number of the subseries. A discussion of the research possibilities for several of these subseries follows.

Several observers have commented on Dutch Morial's interest in and concern for the children of New Orleans. This subseries contains letters from children, with the Mayor's answers attached. Also included are letters from parents and/or teachers about their children or about school programs.
In addition to showing the types of problems that citizens were concerned enough about to complain to the Mayor, these letters also indicate to some extent how the administration went about resolving those problems. Some of the "letters" are actually files of correspondence back and forth relative to a single complaint. As in several other subseries, Morial's postscripts may indicate something "extra" about how the correspondence was handled.
Most of these are copies of routine congratulations sent out by the Mayor's Office to citizens whose accomplishments had been publicized in the newspapers or otherwise called to the Mayor's attention. The incoming congratulations, however, particularly those for 1978 and 1982 (after the two Morial election campaigns), are more interesting. These letters sometimes include "reminders" of what the writers did to assist in the campaign effort. Among the writers are a number of prominent national political figures.
Letters from job seekers, including a number of individuals who eventually succeeded in getting jobs with the Morial administration. There is some documentation of the patronage process here, with cover letters from "sponsors" reminding the Mayor of what role the applicant played in an election campaign or other project. Most letters include copies of resumes.
Inter-office memorandums
Most routine memos were weeded from this file. Many of those retained are marked "confidential" and appear to be written follow-ups to conversations. A high percentage of these documents deal with policy, administrative, and strategic decision making.
Closely related to the Appointments series, in fact they may fill in some gaps in that group of records. Notes and postscipts indicating acceptance or regrets are sometimes interesting. Although most are incoming, there is a small group of outgoing invitations which serve at least as a partial record of "official" mayoral events during the period. Specific items of interest include:
--two letters relating to a party given for Morial in Washington by Roy Cohn (with Marti Schambra as his local contact), in April/May, 1985;
--the Mayor's letter of invitation to Pope John Paul II to visit the Crescent City, in 1985 (outgoing).
Both incoming and copies of outgoing. Several from the White House are included.
Letters from mayors of other cities. Included are: Kevin White, Kenneth Gibson, Jane Byrne, Ed Koch, Teddy Kollack (of Jerusalem), Lionel Wilson, Andrew Young, Henry Cisneros, Dan Browne (Lord Mayor of London), Richard Hatcher, Diane Feinstein, Raymond Flynn, Henry Maier, Coleman Young, and Tom Bradley.
Filed alphabetically. Mostly letters marked by Morial as personal. Among national "celebrities" represented are: Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Marion Barry, Charles Robb, Walter & Joan Mondale, Ed Koch, Edward Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Kirk Douglas, Geraldine Ferraro, Samuel Pierce, Harold Washington, Reuben Askew, and Dom DeLuise. Local notables include: Moon Landrieu, Lindy Boggs, Donald Mintz, Stanley Muller, Ruth Ann Menutis, and Marti Schambra. There are also letters from the Morial children, including some interesting political communications from his sons Marc and Jacques. Of special interest is the October 31, 1982 "invitation" from U.S. attorney John Volz to Morial to appear before a federal grand jury.
Includes copies of letters of recommendation sent by Morial at the request of friends and associates. There may be some documentation of patronage interests included here. Also included are letters to and from congressmen concerning appointments to the military academies, correspondence concerning admission into universities, and some recommendations made to Morial for city jobs. There are also some other types of recommendations, such as requests for leniency in the sentencing of convicted white collar criminals as well as incoming recommendations that he take some specific governmental action.
Requests for assistance
Includes a wide range of assistance being sought, from the poor looking for financial help, to persons charged with crimes asking for legal help, to contractors looking for help in getting public work, to help in getting tickets to Superbowl games or other events. There are appeals from community groups for city funds or for aid in securing grant funding (including funding from the Wisner Foundation).
Thank you
Divided into three sub-subseries: gifts, incoming, and letters. The thank you (gifts) letters are mostly copies of routine acknowledgments sent by the Mayor for gifts presented to him on various occasions, including many for Christmas. The gifts are usually identified. In some cases the "gift" was actually some service rendered to the Mayor, including hotel and other service during his travels. The thank you (incoming) letters include fairly routine ones from such well-known figures as Walter Mondale, Alton Ochsner, Patricia Roberts Harris, William H. Sullivan, Jr., A. Bartlett Giamatti, Chris Costner Sizemore, Edward J. DeBartolo, John Brophy, William J. Brennan, Jr., and Zev Bufman. Two letters stand out in this group, one a personal note from Lindy Boggs thanking Morial for his political support for her daughter Barbara (June 16, 1982), and the other from Roy Cohn relative to Morial's visit, in which he notes "...Si [Newhouse?] was very much impressed with his talk with you -- which should set the stage for avoidance of future local sniping" (March 9, 1983). The thank you (letters) group is made up of acknowledgements of letters and other communications received by the Mayor's Office. The letters may have been congratulatory, may have included suggestions or recommendations, or may have included commentary on enclosed clippings from newspapers or magazines. A number of them contain interesting discussions of important issues of the day. A good example is Donald Hoffman's letter of March 24, 1982, in which he explains the dynamics of the Alliance for Good Government's endorsement of Ron Faucheux in the 1982 mayoral election. In some cases the Mayor's response also includes his view on the matter at hand.
This subseries includes a number of letters that had been marked for filing, but apparently were put aside and never taken care of. Some of them may have been of special importance and were kept in a special file for quick reference, and others may have been so complex as to defy proper disposition. Rather than attempt to file them according to indicated instructions, or to arbitrarily assign them to the categories used throughout this record series, these letters were arranged into a single chronological order. There are some interesting and important materials in this group of documents. Most of the correspondence from the period prior to the Mayor's first inauguration is included, much of it written on Office of Mayoral Transition letterhead. Some of the other individual items noticed during processing are described below:
--Harold Gorman's five-page report to the Mayor on the Bureau of Governmental Research study of the Department of Safety and Permits (11/20/78);
--a handwritten four-page letter from David Treen asking for Morial's support in the gubernatorial election (9/9/79);
--a rambling letter from Milton Stire on the nature of New Orleans politics and his choice of Paul Valteau as his successor in the office of Civil Sheriff (9/1/81);
--a copy of the Mayor's letter terminating John Glapion as director of the New Orleans Recreation Department (9/21/81);
--a note from William J. Guste enclosing a photocopied letter from Andrew Young with the postscript, "Can't you get Dutch and Jeff together." (3/22/82);
--letter from Walter Mondale (4/15/82);
--letter, marked "Personal," from Ashton Phelps dealing with Morial's claims of bias in the Times-Picayune's treatment of him in the 1982 election campaign (4/30/82);
--correspondence with Margie Davis relative to VIP parking at New Orleans International Airport.
Washington, DC
Correspondence with various federal officials in DC, including a number of White House letters. Also included are copies sent to the Mayor, FYI, of letters written to the President by several individual. Morial's March 22, 1986 letter to Ronald Reagan, complaining of the president's failure to officially notify City Hall of his visit to New Orleans, is of special interest.


Box A1

Children 1977-1978 1979 1980 1981-1982 1983 1984-1986 Complaints 1978 1979 January-March April-June August-September October-December 1980 January-June July-December Box A2 1981 January-June July-December 1982 January-March April-October 1983 1984 January-July August-December 1985 1986 Congratulations Incoming, General 1978 May June-December 1979-1983 Box A3 1984 1985 January February March-November 1986 Incoming, Second Term, 1982 Letters [5 folders] Cards Telegrams [2 folders] Outgoing 1978 Box A4 1979 January-July August-December 1980 January-May June-August September-December 1981 January-April May-July August-December 1982 January-April May-August September-December Box A5 1983 January-April May-August September-December 1984 January-June July-December 1985 January-August September-December 1986 Criticism Employment 1978 May-June July-August Box A6 September-December 1979 January-June August-December 1980 January-June July-December 1981 January-May June-December Box A7 1982 January-April May-August September-December 1983 January-June July-December 1984 January-April May-December 1985 January-April May-December 1986 Box A8 Inter-Office Memorandums 1978-1979 1980 January-September October-December 1981 January-February March-May June-December 1982 March-June July-December 1983 January-June July-December 1984 January-May June-December 1985 January-May Box A9 June-December 1986 Invitations [Incoming] 1981 1982 January-August September-December 1983 January-April May-August September-December 1984 January-April May-December 1985 January-June July-December 1986 Box A10 Invitations, Outgoing 1978-1981 1982-1986, n.d. Issues 1978 1979 March-June November-December 1980 1981 1982 January-April May-December 1983 1984 1985 Mailgrams/Telegrams 1978 1979-1980 1981-1982 1983 1984-1985 Box A11 Mayors 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 Ministers, 1978-1981 Offers of Assistance, 1980-1985 Personal A B C D E Box A12 F G H I J K L Ma-Me Mi-My Morial Children Morial Family Matters Mc N O P R S T U V W Y Miscellaneous Recommendations 1978 May-August Box A13 September-December 1979 January-May June-September October-December 1980 January-June July-October November-December 1981 January-July August-December 1982 January-April Box A14 May-July August-December 1983 January-June July-December 1984 January-March April-December 1985 January-March April-December 1986 Requests (Assistance) 1978 1979 January-August Box A15 September-December 1980 January-April May-August September-December 1981 January-June July-December 1982 January-May June-December 1983 January-June Box A16 July-December 1984 January-June July-December 1985 1986 Requests (Financial), 1978-1985 Requests (Information) 1978-1979 1980-1981 1982-1986 Suggestions 1978 1979 January-September Box A17 October-December 1980 January-April May-December 1981 January-April May-December 1982 January-June July-December 1983 1984 1985 Thank you (Gifts, etc.) 1979 January Box A18 February-April May-July August-November December 1980 January-March April-July August-November Box A19 December 1981 January-May September; November-December 1982 January-March April-November December 1983 January-April May-September Box A20 October-December 1984 January February-July August-November December 1985 January-April May-November December 1986 Thank you (Incoming) 1978-1979 1980 Box A21 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 Thank you (Letters, etc.) 1979 January-February March-April May June-July August-September Box A22 October-December 1980 January-April May-August September-December 1981 January-April May-June July-August September-December 1982 January-April May-August Box A23 September-December 1983 January-April May-August September-December 1984 January-April May-August September-December 1985 January-March Box A24 April-June July-September October November-December 1986 January-February March April Travel Acquaintances, 1979-1985 "Unfiled" 1977 1978 January 1-20 Box A25 23-31 February 1-16 17-28 March 1-15 16-21 22-31 April 1-10 11-20 Box A26 21-30 May July-October November-December 1979 January-May June-July 23 July 24-31 August-October November-December 1980 January-April Box A27 May June July-December 1981 January-August September October November-December 1982 January-March April May-August Box A28 September-December 1983 1984 1985 January-September October-December 1986 Washington, DC 1978-1980 1981-1986

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Subject Files

These subject files appear to have been maintained within the Mayor's inner office, as opposed to those subject files maintained within the various subdivisions of the Mayor's Office (e.g., Special Assistant to the Mayor, Office of Planning and Development, etc.). Most of these files are made up of correspondence filed by the Mayor's staff into subject classifications rather than into chronological or name of correspondent arrangements. Individual letters may either be those received and answered directly by the Mayor or copies of other official correspondence sent to the Mayor for his files.

In processing these files, several sub-series were created. All files dealing with city agencies were placed into a Subject/ Department sub-series, arranged alphabetically by department name. Topical subject files were arranged into a Subject/ General sub-series. Smaller sub-series were created for specific subject matter, including Mardi Gras, Municipal Participation in Civic Affairs, Personnel, Politics, Speeches, and Travel.

Included in the Subject/Department series are files relating not only to charter agencies (departments, boards, and commissions), but also to subunits of those agencies as well as to task forces and other temporary bodies. Also included are files on parochial offices and on several state agencies having very close association with the city of New Orleans.

With regard to the New Orleans Police Dept. Superintendent Selection files, the documents have been arranged in the order that they were received from the Mayor's Office. Unfortunately, however, the significance of the three separate files has been lost. The original file folders have been retained, though, in the hope that original notations of the folders may help in explaining the meaning of the various files.

The Subject/General series includes files relating not only to general subject headings but also to files on organizations, individuals, non-government institutions, and the like. Several files relate to municipal activities and entities, but have been included here rather than in Subject/Department because they do not relate to a specific agency, e.g., Armstrong Park.

Also included in the Subject/General series are folders of "miscellaneous" documents deemed not suitable for filing in individual file units. These are grouped together under the first letter of the name of the individual or institution which authored or was the subject of such documents.

The Subject/Mardi Gras series includes information on city government's involvement in the annual Carnival festivities. Materials on Police Dept. procedures, the Mardi Gras Coordinating Committee, and parade permits are especially interesting. Also included are files on requests for tickets for the city's reviewing stands. These documents provide useful data on the relative numbers of visitors, and their places of origin, for the years represented. Other materials, such as those dealing with the selection of the Gallier Hall master of ceremonies, door lists, and complimentary tickets are more interesting for what they reveal about internal political relationships within city government and within the Morial political "family."

Annually the city budget included appropriations to a variety of private civic organizations, ranging from social welfare agencies such as the local Council on Aging to arts bodies such as the New Orleans Opera Association. The documents included in the Subject/Municipal Participation in Civic Affairs series deal with the groups that received these appropriations in 1982. Included are details of the payments to each organization, along with supporting material documenting each group's need for city funding.

The brief Subject/Personnel series includes for the most part resumes and other information on members of the Mayor's Office staff and on individual department heads. There are also several more general files dealing with wider personnel concerns.

In the Subject/Politics series is documentation of the Mayor's reelection campaign [see also the Louisiana Division's manuscript collection on the Morial Re-election Committee, Inc.] in 1981-1982, as well as material on the several efforts to change the city's Home Rule Charter to allow Mayor Morial to serve more than two consecutive terms in office. Also included is information on the state and national Democratic parties, general information on political campaigns other than the Mayor's, and reports on several polls conducted for Mayor Morial by Edward F. Renwick.

The texts of speeches delivered by Mayor Morial during his administration are filed in the Subject/Speeches series. Individual speeches are filed in chronological order and are identified by the group or event being addressed and, where noted in the heading of each text, by topic as well (topics are shown in brackets; in some instances the venue of a speech is unknown, so that the topic alone is identified). In some cases drafts and/or supporting documentation are also enclosed. Not all of the texts are for formal speeches, some are for testimony by the Mayor, some are for press conferences, and some are merely outlines of remarks for various occasions. In addition to the individually foldered texts of addresses delivered by the Mayor, there are also single folders containing speeches by Mrs. Sybil Morial and by an assortment of Mayoral surrogates.

Most of the Subject/Travel series is comprised of files on individual trips made by the Mayor to cities in the U.S. and around the world. These files generally include data on the Mayor's itinerary (with some detail on meetings and other formal functions) and lists of associates accompanying him on the trip. Additional foreign trips are documented in the International Relations Office sub-group; additional domestic travel is documented in various locations, such as the Subject/Speeches series and the Subject/General files on the United States Conference of Mayors and similar organizations.

Generally, the contents of individual folders in these subject files are arranged in chronological order, with undated (or uncertain) items filed at the end of the folder(s) for a given subject.



     Box B1
     Audubon Park Commission
     Aviation Board, 1978-1984
     Chief Administrative Officer, 1978-1986
     Citizen Action Center
     City Attorney
          1978 (March-August)
          1978 (September-December)

     Box B2

     City Council
     City Park Improvement Association
     City Planning Commission
     City Trusts, Board of, 1978
     Civil Service, Department of City

     Box B3

     Clean City Committee, 1978-1986
     Community Improvement Agency, 1978-1983
     Coroner's Office, 1981-1986
     Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
     Finance Department
     Fire Department
     French Market Corporation
     French Quarter Task Force
          1980 (January-March)
          1980 (April-October)

     Box B4

     Health Department
          1977-1978 (March)
          1978 (April-November)
     Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission, 1978-1985
     Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO)
          1978 (April-July)
          1978 (August-December)
     Human Resources
          1978-1979 (April)
          1979 (May-December)

     Box B5

     Intergovernmental Relations, 1978-1985
     Juvenile Court, 1979
     Liquidation, Board of
     Mayor's Council on International Trade and Economic Development, 1978-1985
     Mississippi River Bridge Authority, 1978-1983
     New Orleans Museum of Art, 1978-1985
     New Orleans Police Department
          Algiers Incident
               General, 1980-1981
               Reports, 1981

     Box B6

               Special Investigator, 1980-1981
               1978 (May-July)
               1978 (August-December)

     Box B7

          Deputy Chief Applications, 1985

     Box B8

          Neighborhood Crime
               1978-1979 (January-April)
               1979 (May-June)
               1979 (July-December)
          Police Strike
               General, 1979
                    Congratulations, Answered, 1979
                         Folder 1
                         Folder 2
                    Congratulations, Not Answered, 1979

     Box B9

                    General, Answered, 1979
                         Folder 1
                         Folder 2
                         Folder 3
                         Folder 4
                         Folder 5
                         Folder 6

     Box B10

                    General, Not Answered, 1979
                    Out of Town, 1979
               Log of Telephone Calls, 1979
               State Police and National Guard
         Superintendent Selection
               Candidate Files (File #1)
                    Baca - Nolan

     Box B11

                    Ragusa - Yule
               Candidate Files (File #2)
                    Aubry - Richard

     Box B12

                    Richards - Zivalyevich
               Candidate Files (File #3)
                    Bacon - Walsh
               General, 1978
               Resumes Received Too Late, 1978

     Box B13

     New Orleans Recreation Department
     Office of Municipal Investigation, 1981-1985
     Orleans Parish School Board, 1978-1986
     Parkway and Park Commission

     Box B14

     Planning and Development [Tony (Mumphrey)'s File], 1978-1983
     Planning and Development, 1978-1985
     Property Management
     Public Belt Railroad, 1978
     Public Library, 1979-1986
     Regional Transit Authority, 1985-1986
     Safety and Permits

     Box B15

     Sewerage and Water Board
               1980 (January-June)
               1980 (July-December)
               1984-1985 (January-September)
               1985 (October-December)

     Box B16

          Search Committee [Executive Director], 1981
          Summer Youth Employment, 1980
     Streets Dept.
     Total Community Action, Inc., 1978-1979

     Box B17

     Tourist and Convention Commission, 1978-1986
     Transit Administration, Office of, 1978-1982
     Utilities Dept.
     Vieux Carre Commission, 1978-1985

     Welfare Dept., 1978-1982
     Women's Office, 1978-1979


     "A" miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Accident reports, 1977-1978
     Africa, 1980-1982
     Alpha Phi Alpha, 1984-1985
     American Association of State Colleges and Universities, 1984-1985
     American Judges Association Reception, 1985
     Amistad Research Center, 1978-1986
     Amusement Tax Study Commission, 1984-1985

     Box B18

     Anti-discrimination suit [Larry Williams vs. City of New Orleans (Police Dept.)], 1981
     Armstrong Park, 1978-1985
     Arts Council
          General, 1978-1986
          Municipal Endowment Grants/Arts [MEGA], 1978-1986
     Assessors, 1978-1985
     "B" miscellaneous 
     Baseball Task Force, 1982-1983
     Birthday Party, 1980
     Black Businessmen's Breakfast, 1980
     Black Mayors, National Conference of, 1978-1984
     Black Political Organizations, 1981
     Bond Propositions, 1981
     Boutee-Freeman/457 Corporation, 1984
     Breakfast Meetings with Businessmen, 1979-1981

          [NOTE:  These budget documents are filed out of sequence in the boxes noted].
          Box B35 [filed after "Yugoslavia" folder]

          Appointments and Clippings, 1978
          Cuts, 1978
          General, 1978
          In-House Memos and Assignments, 1978
          Letters (General), 1978-1980
          Letters To/From the Public, 1978-1979

          Box B36

          Ordinances, 1978
          Organizational Support and Press Releases, 1978
          Speech and Committee, 1978
          Supporting Material, 1978 [Two Folders]

     Box B18 (continued)

     Businessman's Roundtable, 1978
     "C" miscellaneous, 1978-1986

     Box B19

     Cable Television, 1983-1985
     Cabrini Park, 1979-1981
     Capital Outlay Bill (State), 1980
     Certificates of Merit, 1983-1984
     CETA, 1978-1981
     Chamber of Commerce, 1978-1984
     Christmas Cards, 1978-1986
     Circulated Items
     Citizens' Committee on Paperwork Reduction, 1978-1979
     City Cleanup
          1978-1980 (January-June)
          1980 (July-December)-1983
     City Employees' Week, 1981
     City Hall Parking Garage Assignments
     Civic Matters, 1978-1982
     Civil District Court Building (Allocation of Space), 1977-1981

     Box B20

     Commercial Athletic Association
     Committee for the Caribbean, 1979-1980
     Committee of 50, 1978-1979
     Community Organizations, 1978
     Community Development
     Conference of Chief Justices, 1983
     Congressional Black Caucus
     Congressional Delegation (Louisiana), 1978-1985
     Consulates, 1978-1983
     Contracts, 1982
     Contracts, Transmittal of
     Contributions, 1978-1984
     Conventions (New Orleans), 1978-1983

     Box B21

     Coopers & Lybrand, 1978
     Courts, 1980-1984
     Crime Letter Responses, 1980-1981
     Crime Task Force, 1980
     Cultural Affairs

     "D" Miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Death Benefits
     Desire Community Housing Corporation, 1981
     Disasters/Emergencies, 1978-1980
     Duncan Plaza, 1981

     "E" Miscellaneous, 1979-1985
     Earnings Tax, 1984
     Easter Seal Society vs. Playboy Enterprises, 1985
     Economic Development

     Box B22

     Education, 1978-1985
     Edwards, Governor Edwin W., 1984-1986
     Elderly and Handicapped, Citizens' Advisory Committee on, 1978-1985
     Elections, 1978-1980
     Emergencies, Standard Operating Plan, 1980
     Emergency Notification Roster, 1985
     Employee of the Year, 1985
     Energy, 1978-1982
     Environment, 1978-1979
     Environmental Protection, 1978-1981
     Executive Order, 1984
     Exhibition Hall, 1979-1986

     "F" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Far East, 1983-1984
     Federal Programs, 1978-1982

     Box B23

     Fire Fighters Association of New Orleans, 1980-1982
     "First Two Years" Report, 1980
     Fiscal Advisory Council, 1982
     Floods, 1982
     Founders' Day [New Orleans Public Schools], 1978-1985
     French Quarter, 1978-1986
     Friends of Gallier Hall

     "G" Miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Gallery Circle Theatre, 1979
     Gallier Hall, 1978-1984
     Gelee Royale, 1983

     Box B24

     Glazer (Jerome) Tribute, 1985
          Folder #1
          Folder #2
     Gourmet Services, Inc., 1981
     Governor's Employment and Training Council, 1981
     Grants, 1978-1985
     Great Cities of the World Conference, 1982
     "H" Miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Hospitals, 1978-1982
     Housing, 1978-1986
     Hudson, Leftwich, and Davenport, 1980-1982

     "I" Miscellaneous, 1978-1982
          1982 [Folder #1]

     Box B25

          1982 [Folder #2]
     Indo-Chinese Resettlement, 1978-1983
     Industry (New), 1980-1983
     Insurance, 1978-1984
     Interfest, 1978-1979
     International House, 1978-1985
     International Trade Mart, 1978-1984
     Invitations (Samples), 1978-1980

     "J" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Japan-American Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents, 1980-1984
     Jazz Bands, 1983
     Jesse Jackson Presidential Advisory Committee, 1983-1984
     Joint Center for Political Studies, 1978-1983
     Judiciary, 1979-1986
     Juvenile Process Servers, Meeting with, 1980

     "K" Miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Kingsley House (Crime), 1979

     "L" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985

     Box B26
     Labor Contracts, 1978
     Latin American Matters, 1978-1985
     League of Women Voters, 1978-1981
     Legal Matters
     Legislation, Proposals for 1979 Session, 1978-1979
     Legislative Matters, 1978-1984
     Liberty Monument, 1981
          Employees Assigned Take Home Vehicles, 1985-1986
          Advisory Boards
               [Folder #1]
               [Folder #2]
     Louis A. Martinet Society, 1978-1982
     Louisiana Department of Health and Human Resources, 1979-1984
     Louisiana Department of Revenue, 1977-1978
     Louisiana Legislature (New Orleans Delegation), 1978
     Louisiana Municipal Association, 1978-1983
     Louisiana (State of) -- Correspondence, 1984
     Louisiana Superdome, 1978-1985
     Louisiana Tax Commission Hearings, 1979
     Louisiana World Exposition

     Box B27

     "M" Miscellaneous
     Manpower, 1978-1980
     Mayor's Conference on Public Broadcasting, 1978
     Mayor's Memberships
          Mayor's Office Renovations, 1978-1984
     Medallion Design, 1980

     Box B28

     Metropolitan Area Committee Leadership Forum, 1981
     Metropolitan Crime Commission, 1979
     Military, 1978-1985
     Minority Businesses, 1981-1985
     Minority Economic Development Council (MEDCO/MESBIC), 1978
     "Mc" Miscellaneous, 1978-1979

     "N" Miscellaneous, 1978-1984
     National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
     National Center for Municipal Development, 1980-1982
     National Conference of Black Mayors, 1978
     National League of Cities
          Employment and Income Security Steering Committee, 1978
          Infrastructure Task Force, 1983

     Box B29

     National Urban Coalition, 1978-1981
     Neighborhood Associations, 1978-1979
     New Logo Stationery 
     New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council (NONPACC), 1980-1983
     New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, 1978-1981
     New Orleans Public Service, Inc. (NOPSI), 1978-1981
     Nuclear Waste, 1980
     "O" Miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Ordinances, 1978-1981

     "P" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Palm Air Civic Association, 1978-1985
          City Hall Lot, 1980-1984
          General, 1985-1986
     Piazza d'Italia
          Chronological File on Landis Dispute, 1979-1980 
               [Folder #1]

     Box B30

               [Folder #2]
          Design and Product Quality Guidelines, 1978
          Notes by Bob Landry, 1979
     Poinsettia/Hydrangea Lists [Gifts], 1978-1985
     Police Brutality, 1978-1981
     Pope John Paul II, 1979
     Port of New Orleans, 1978-1985
     Portrait Committee, 1985-1986
     Preservation Resource Center, 1978-1984
     Press, 1983-1984
     Private Investigators
     Pronto Consultants, Inc., 1985
     Property Tax, 1978-1981

     Box B31

     Protesters, 1981
     Push/Excel, 1979

     "R" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Reception -- Police Superintendents Morris and Woodfork, 1985
     Republican National Committee, 1978-1979
     Revenue Measures
          1978 (January-November 22)
          1978 (November 24-December)-1986
     Revenue Reform, 1979
     Revenue Revision Task Force, 1979
     "S" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Scholarships [Mayoralty), 1978-1983
     Service Charges
     Ship's Bell (Agreement to Lend), 1983
     Solicitation Permit Appeals, 1978-1982

     Box B32

     Southern Growth Policies Board, 1979-1980
     Sugar Bowl (Mid-Winter Sports Association), 1978-1985
     Summer Employment Clean-Up Plan, 1979
     Sun Day of Louisiana, 1978

     "T" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Tamborine and Fan Cultural and Educational Center, 1978
     Task Forces, 1978-1984
     Taxes, 1979-1985
     Taxes and Revenue Measures 
     Television Stations, 1978-1983
     Tenant Landlord Commission, 1978
     Ticketmaster, 1979-1980
     Tourism, 1979-1985
     Tourism Task Force, 1978
     Transition, 1986
     Transition Reports, 1978
     Transportation, 1983-1985
     Trade, 1980
     Treen, Governor David, 1980-1984
     Tulane Medical Center, 1978-1984
     "U" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Union Civica Latino Americano (UCLA), 1978
     United Nations, 1978-1979
     United Negro College Fund (UNCF), 1978-1981
     Box B33

     United States Army Corps of Engineers, 1978
     United States Conference of Mayors
          Dick Johnson Correspondence, 1984-1985
          Financial Policy Board, 1979
               1985 (January)
               1985 (February-May)
               1985 (June-December)

     Box B34

          Legislative Action Committee, 1980
          Regional Meeting, Minority Business Development Program, 1983
          Subcommittee on International Economics and Trade, 1980
     United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
     United States House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Economic Growth and Stabilization, 1978
     United States Office of Revenue Sharing, 1978
     United States Office of Science and Technology Policy, 1979
     United Way, 1980
     Universities, 1978-1985
     Urban Conservation Corps, 1978
     Urban Conservation Task Force (National League of Cities), 1978
     Urban Development Action Grants (UDAG), 1978-1979
     Urban Environment Planning Committee, 1978-1979
     Urban Land Institute, 1978
     Urban League of Greater New Orleans/National Urban League, 1978-1986
     Urban Partnership, 1980
     Urban Recreation, 1978-1979
     "V" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Vehicle (Mayor's), 1979
     Visitors (General)

     Box B35

     Visits (By Mayor), 1978
     Volunteers, 1978-1983
     "W" Miscellaneous, 1978-1985
     Weekly Travel Log (Take Home Vehicles), 1985
     Wisner Fund, 1978-1981

     "XYZ" Miscellaneous, 1978-1983
     Xavier University Board of Trustees, 1978-1979 [2 folders]
     Youth, 1978-1985
     Yugoslavia, 1984
          [NOTE:  The remainder of this box contains folders filed out of order; see Box B18, above, for those

     Box B36
          [NOTE:  The front of this box contains folders filed out of order; see Box B18, above, for those
          contents.  The inventory of the remainder of Box B36 follows below.]

Subject/Mardi Gras

     Budget, 1981
     Captains, 1978-1985
     Children's Homes
          n.d. [also includes materials from the Landrieu Administration, 1976-1977]
          Thank You Letters, 1986
     Door Lists, 1984-1986
     Mardi Gras Coordinating Committee, 1978-1983

     Box B37

     Masters of Ceremony at Gallier Hall
     Miscellaneous, 1978-1986
     Momus Reception, 1980-1986
     Ordering, 1979-1983
     Parade Permits
          1982 (for 1983 season)
          1985 (for 1986 season)
     Parade Routes and Schedules, 1978-1985
     Parking Passes, 1979-1986
     Permits -- Stand Construction Zones, 1986
     Police Department, 1979-1981
     Purchase Orders for Gallier Hall Refreshments, etc., 1979-1981
     Reception Committees, 1979-1982
     Stands, 1982-1985
     Ticket Requests
               [Folder #1]

     Box B38

               [Folder #2]
               [Folder #3]
          1986 [3 Folders]
          Department Heads, 1984
          Staff (Mayor's Office), 1984-1985
     Ticketmaster, 1979-1986 [2 Folders]

     Box B39

          Refund Requests, 1983
     Ushers, 1982-1986

Subject/Municipal Participation in Civic Affairs

     Allocation of Funds
     Audubon Art Center
     Chamber of Commerce -- Economic Development Council
     Children's Art Council
     Children's Council of Region I [Filed in Box B51]
     Community Food Distribution Center, Inc.
     Concert Choir of New Orleans, Inc.
     Council of the Arts for Children [Filed in Box B51]
     Creole Fiesta Association
     Cultural Cable Channel, Inc.
     Dashiki Project Theatre
     Delta Festival Ballet
     Ethiopian Theatre
     French Market Corporation [Filed in Box B51]
     Gallery Circle Theatre
     General [Filed in Box B51]
     Greater New Orleans Athletic League
     Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches [Filed in Box B51]
     Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission
     Hellenic Arts Society -- Greek Cultural Festival
     House of the Dove (Divine Grace Ministry) [Filed in Box B51]
     La Fete de la Nouvelle Orleans, Ltd. [Filed in Box B51]
     Louisiana Maritime Museum
     Louisiana SPCA [Filed in Box B51]
     Metropolitan Safety Council [Filed in Box B51]
     Musicians for Music
     New Orleans Ballet
     New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)
     New Orleans Council on Aging
     New Orleans Jazz Club
     New Orleans Museum of Art
     New Orleans Opera Association
     New Orleans Pops
     New Orleans Spring Fiesta
     New Orleans Symphony
     New Orleans Traffic and Transportation Bureau
     New Orleans Video Access Center [Filed in Box B51]

     Box B40

     Orleans Parish Cooperative Extension Service
     Orleans Parish Service Office
     Preservation Resource Center
     Regional Planning Commission 
     Tamborine and Fan, Inc.
     WWNO (University of New Orleans)
     YMCA (Dryades Street)
     Young Audiences, Inc.


     General, 1978-1983
     Letters of Resignation, 1978-1986
     Mayor's Office Staff and Department Heads
     Pay Plans/Raises, 1980-1982

     Arena Advertising, 1985
     Campaign Literature and Ballots (Miscellaneous)
     Charter Change

     Box B41

          n.d. [3 Folders]
     Democratic National Committee/Democratic National Convention
     Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana, 1978-1983

     Box B42

     Duck Dinner List, n.d.
     Forums, 1981-1982
               February 1-11
               February 12-26
               March 1-10
               March 11-18
               March 19-31

     Box B43

          1984 (and n.d.)
     Lists -- Fund Raising, 1981-1983
               October (Selected Issues and Personalities)
               December (Selected Issues and Personalities)
               September (Selected Issues and Personalities)
               October (Selected Issues and Personalities)
               October (Selected Issues and Personalities)
               December (Selected Issues and Personalities)
               January (Selected Issues and Personalities)

     Box B44

                    (Selected Issues and Personalities)
                    (Council District D)
     Reelection Committee
          General, 1981-1982
          Reply Cards, 1981
          Card File, n.d.
     Year End Letters, 1979-1980


               17 -- Metropolitan Area Committee
               27 -- Subcommittee on Economic Growth and Stability
               1 -- Inaugural Address
               1 -- City Council
               17 -- International House
               22 -- Clark College Commencement
               27 -- ULI [Future of the City of New Orleans]
               12 -- [Neighborhood Revitalization]
               16 -- Business Task Force on Education
               8 -- Police Recruit Class
               no day --Tourist Commission Annual Meeting
               19 -- National Conference of Christians and Jews, New Orleans Chapter
               25 -- American Group Practice Association
               25 -- Committee of Fifty

     Box B45

               15 -- University of New Orleans -- International Marketing Institute
               29 -- Hearing -- Advisory Council on Social Security
               1 -- Exhibit Designers and Producers Association
               3 -- Anti Defamation League -- Torch of Liberty Dinner
               14 -- City Council -- Public Hearing on Transit System
               21 -- Neighborhood Business Revitalization Program Designation Ceremonies
          no month
               City Council [Budget Message]
               American Institute of Planners Conference ["A Mayor's Observations on Planning and the
                    Planning Process"]

               15 -- Public Health Service Employees -- Martin Luther King Birthday Event
               18 -- Metropolitan Area Committee
               16 -- Labor Relations Law Seminar
               17 -- Ethnic Services Committee of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education,
                    and Recreation
               4 -- Metropolitan Business and Civic Club
               5 -- NAACP
               23 -- Hilton Hotel (Paris)
               27 -- American Chamber of Commerce (Paris)
               no day -- Conference of Mayors of the World's Greatest Cities (Italy)
               2 -- Ecology Center's Solar Conference
               3 -- Uptown Neighborhood Improvement Association
               10 -- City Council [Crime]
               10 -- Public Housing Authority Directors Association
               13 -- [Graduation Speech]
               16 -- National Executive Institute -- Federal Bureau of Investigation
               4 -- Presidents of Banks and Homesteads
               6 -- National Association of Manufacturers
               25 -- Institute for Organizational Management
               28 -- [Same speech, with minor adjustments, as that given on June 25]
               29 - NAACP
               14 -- 5th Marine Division Association Reunion
               23 -- Wilbur Hamilton Testimonial Dinner
               25 -- National Conference of State Legislators
               5 -- Alpha Phi Alpha
               9 -- Groundbreaking Ceremony for 22 Single Family Homes for Low Income Families
               16 -- City Council [Political Controversy -- Council vs. Administration]
               11 -- National Association of Home Builders
               13 -- Tulane Law School -- Fair Housing Seminar
               7 -- NAACP Banquet
               16 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Clean Air Conference
               19 -- Alpha Phi Alpha
               31 -- City Council [Budget Message]
               no day -- National League of Cities -- Human Development Committee
               5 -- Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization Conference
               6 -- New Orleans Overall Economic Development Program Committee
               13 -- New Orleans Maritime Development Strategy Seminar
               14 -- Gulf South Purchasing Council
               18 -- Latin American Chamber of Commerce
               26 -- National League of Cities [CETA Program]
               29 -- Business for New Orleans Conference
               7 -- Minority Awards and Recognition Dinner
               14 -- Dedication of Renovations to Touro-Shakspeare Home

               3 -- U.S. Economic Regulatory Administration [Federal Standby Gasoline Rationing Plan]
               9 -- Propeller Club
               17 -- First Amendment Congress
               21 -- Orleans Parish School Board [Superintendent Search]
               30 -- Traffic and Transportation Bureau [C. Alvin Bertel Award to Morial]
               31 -- Community Service Center Annual Meeting
               1 -- Regional Transit Authority
               5 -- Urban Affairs Symposium on Inner-City Economic Development
               13 -- Young Mens' Business Club
               18 -- University of New Orleans Chancellor Search Committee
               19 -- Democratic National Platform Committee
               20 -- City Council [Road Use Charge]
               24 -- Select Committee on Immigration and Refugee Policy
               10 -- Jerusalem Conference of Mayors
               14 -- Urban Design Symposium       
               28 -- Jewish Welfare Federation
               29 -- Freret Street Press Conference
               29 -- Michoud Assembly Facility
               30 -- Personnel Management Association [Mid-Term Address]
               no day -- Israel Remarks
               1 -- Metropolitan Crime Commission
               3 -- Union Passenger Terminal Improvements Dedication
               27 -- International Hurricane Conference

     Box B46

               28 -- Alliance for Good Government
               3 -- Coopers & Lybrand State and Local Government Partners and Managers
               19 -- [Ordinance to Establish the Office of Municipal Investigation]
               20 -- Realtors Rally
               16 -- National Insurance Association
               28 -- Texas Peace Officers Association
               16 -- Council of Career Women -- Opportunities for the 80s Conference
               19 -- Public Relations Society of America
               21 -- National Black Political Convention
               12 -- Conference on Urban Development Action Grants
               6 -- American Petroleum Institute -- Excise Tax Meeting
               30 -- City Council [Budget Message]

               22 -- Metropolitan Area Committee
               28 -- Student National Medical Association
               13 -- Loyola University Students [Black Leadership in America, Past and Future]
               16 -- Freret Street Parking Lot
               18 -- Council for Exceptional Children
               19 -- University of New Orleans Black History Week [Future of Urban Blacks in the 1980s]
               5 -- NAACP -- Freedom Fund Dinner
               7 -- Urban Environmental Conference
               19 -- New Orleans East
               20 -- American Bar Association -- Forum on the Construction Industry
               25 -- [Local Roles in Exports Development]
               26 -- City Council [Federal Budget Reduction Proposals]
               28 -- Southern University Law School -- Law Week Alumni Banquet
               30 -- Law Day Luncheon
               8 -- Holocaust Survivors
               22 -- WWL Special Report
               11/15 -- United States Conference of Mayors [Business Expansion and Targeted Jobs]
               28 -- House Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Consumer Protection, and Finance
               7 -- Oregon League of Cities
               10 -- American Bar Association
               1 -- Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
               9 -- National Commission on Cities in the Eighties
               15 -- [1984 World's Fair]
               17 -- Greater New Orleans Exchange Club
               22 -- Metropolitan Area Committee -- Leadership Forum
               22 -- Image Committee
               23 -- Urban League of New Orleans [The Impact of the Reagan Budget Cuts and the Social
                    Health of the Nation]
               24 -- City Council [1984 World's Fair]
               28 -- International Association of Chiefs of Police
               1 -- National Trust for Historic Preservation
               22 -- City Council [Budget Message]
               17 -- Reelection Announcement
               21 -- Xavier University Alumni Banquet
               30 -- NBC/LEO Luncheon [Introducing Rev. Jesse Jackson]
               30 -- National League of Cities [Meeting the Needs of the Handicapped]
               11 -- Public-Private Partnerships Conference [Financing New Orleans Development]


               30 -- Rededication of Roosevelt Mall, City Park
               17 -- City Council [Mayor's Revenue Program for Transit, Education, and Public Services]
               20 -- Morial Supporters/Volunteers [Victory Statement]
               13 -- Preservation Tax Incentives Conference
               3 -- Inaugural Address
               12 -- Awards Banquet -- San Francisco Black Chamber of Commerce
               17 -- City Council [City Employee Pay Raises]
               7 -- New Orleans Business League (?) [Louisiana World Exposition]
               9 -- Holy Cross College -- Commencement
               12 -- Southern Christian Leadership Conference Convention
               16 -- International Downtown Executives Association
               23 -- Hazardous Waste Siting Conference
               25 -- Lafayette Neighborhoods Economic Development Corporation
               26 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- National Health Council Conference
               1 -- Academy of Louisiana Economists
               14 -- American Arbitration Association
               28 -- City Council [Budget Message]
               4 -- City Council [re:  Federal Grand Jury Appearance]
               8 -- American Standard Dedication
               9 -- Industrial Development Research Council
               9 -- Algiers Truancy Center Opening
               22 -- Mayor's Committee on Health, Education, Employment, and Human Services
               2 -- Lafayette Rotary Club
               9 -- United States Conference of Mayors [Public-Private Partnerships]


               3 -- WYLD Radio
               24 -- City Council [Financing Transit Operations]
               no day -- WYLD Radio Report
               7 -- Richmond Urban League [Preserving the Urban Core]
               11 -- Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works [Infrastructure, Jobs, and the
               11 -- House Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization [National Development Investment
                    Act of 1983]
               20 -- Small and Minority Business Seminar

     Box B47

               7 -- American Public Health Association
               13 -- Senate Subcommittee on Rural Development, Oversight, and Investigations
               13 -- United States Conference of Mayors/Department of Transportation Hazardous
                    Materials Session
               no day -- NAACP -- Freedom Fund Dinner
               7 -- City Council [Veto of Charter Amendment re:  Term Limitation]
               30 -- City Council [Charter Change re:  Term Limitation]
               1 -- National Governors' Association -- Session on Judicial Federalism
               2 -- Meeting on Hunger in America's Cities
               3 -- House Subcommittee on Domestic Marketing, Consumer Relations, and Nutrition
               7 -- Alpha Phi Alpha [Surviving the Future -- the Struggle Continues]
               16 -- Integrated Emergency Management System Meeting
               2 -- [Announcement of World Water Conference in New Orleans (United States Conference
                    of Mayors)]
               15 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Small Business Development Meeting
               19 -- U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Service
               8 -- Minority Business Conference
               11 -- [City Council Regulation of Oil and Gas Utilities]
               14 -- [Accepting Hunger Awareness Award]
               18 -- Groundbreaking -- Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District
               21 -- [Treen Campaign Tactics]
               27 -- City Council [Budget Message]
               4 -- [Position of Administration on Zoning Moratoriums and Waivers]
               11 -- Sigma Delta Chi Convention [Politics and Government:  a View from the Other Side]
               21 -- [City Contracts]
               29 -- National League of Cities [Immigration:  the Local Impact of Worldwide Movement]
               29 -- [Nuclear Arms Race vs. Citizens' Needs]
               1 -- Opening Dinner -- New Orleans Convention and Exhibition Center
               2 -- Dedication -- New Orleans Convention and Exhibition Center
               13 -- [1984 Operating Budget]


               18 -- House Subcommittee on the Merchant Marine
               25 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Task Force on Joblessness and Hunger
               25 -- U.S. Congress [Homelessness in America]
               25 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Small Business Workshop
               6 -- Conference of Chief Justices
               9 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Minority Development Program
               9 -- New Orleans Citywide Development Corporation -- Annual Meeting
               9 -- Afro-American Congress of Tulane University
               10 -- Loyola University Community Action Program
               25 -- [State of the City/Future of the City]
               12 -- Louisiana World Exposition -- Opening Ceremonies
               15 -- Regional Meeting of Small Business Administration Directors
               19 -- Democratic Platform Committee [Economic Growth and Jobs:  Building a Prosperous
               31 -- Water Resources Congress
               1 -- SFE Technologies -- Ribbon Cutting
               1 -- Louisiana World Exposition -- Japan Day
               6 -- Commission on the Future of the City
               7 -- Southwest Home Furnishings Association
               8 -- University Heads' Forum
               9 -- [Airport Remarks]
               13 -- Sewerage and Water Board [President's Message]
               15 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Task Force on Joblessness and Hunger
               9 -- National Association of College and University Business Officers
               29 -- National Dental Association
               31 -- National Bar Association
               2 -- City Council [City Finances/Revenue Proposals]
               3 -- Southern University Commencement
               19 -- Overground Railroad March (Richmond, Va.)
               20 -- Peoples Avenue Canal News Conference
               12 -- National Conference on Aging
               13 -- City Council [Earnings Tax Ordinance]
               24 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Task Force on Joblessness and Hunger
               3 -- Gulf South Minority Purchasing Council, Inc.
               5 -- International House
               6 -- Georgia Legislative Black Caucus
               15 -- American Association of MESBICS
               25 -- City Council [Budget Message]
               27 -- Jax Brewery Opening
               29 -- Truancy Center (Sanchez Multi-Service Center) Dedication
               13 -- National Association of Development Organizations
               17 -- Citywide Development Corporation Annual Meeting
               20 -- Police and Fire Academy Land Deed Signing


               4 -- Criminal Justice Task Force
               7 -- [re:  U.S. Navy Home Porting Proposal]
               19 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Midwinter Meeting
               25 -- House Select Committee on Aging -- Special Hearing
               31 -- [U.S. Navy Home Port Presentation]
               4 -- [Neighborhood Score Speech]
               5 -- City Council [Report on Federal Budget]

     Box B48

               7 -- United States Conference of Mayors [FY 86 Federal Budget and the Cities]
               7 -- Image Luncheon
               26 -- [Mobilization for a Fair Federal Budget]
               26 -- House Subcommittee on Economic Development
               9 -- Commission on the Future of the City
               10 -- [Final Report of the Commission on the Future of the City]
               11 -- House Committee on Small Business
               11 -- City Council [Emergency Medical Report]
               19 -- SER/Jobs for Progress [Hispanic-Americans:  Leadership in the 80s]
               20 -- National Conference of Black Mayors -- "Tribute to a Black American" Dinner
               25 -- Seminar on Economic Policy and Presidential Politics
               7 -- LACAA Training Session
               10 -- Mayor's Arts Awards
               10 -- Riverfront Awareness Program
               13 -- International Council of Shopping Centers
               14 -- Fair Housing Rally
               25 -- Criminal Justice Task Force Seminar
               27 -- Memorial Day Ceremonies
               28 -- Latin American Task Force
               1 -- TransAfrica Dinner
               11 -- NEOCON 17
               13 -- [Chief Warren Woodfork]
               15 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Opening Press Briefing
               17 -- United States Conference of Mayors [President's Report]
               19 -- United States Conference of Mayors [Concluding Remarks]
               20 -- City Council [Apartheid Statement]
               21 -- [Report to the People]
               no day -- Office of Municipal Investigation Press Conference
               19 -- New Orleans East Business Association
               25 -- Senate Finance Committee
               19 -- Institute of Transportation Engineers
               21 -- Press Background [Redevelopment of the Downtown Government Complex]
               28 -- Latter & Blum Commercial Realtors
               5 -- Environmental Affairs Seminar
               9 -- Tulane University Issues Forum
               10 -- City Planning Commission
               17 -- American Petroleum Industry
               1 -- Metropolitan Area Committee Forum
               8 -- American Public Transit Association
               23 -- City Council [Budget Message]


               15 -- Superbus Expo 86
               16 -- ICBO
               16 -- Citywide Development Corporation
               22 -- House Budget Committee
               23 -- United States Conference of Mayors -- Mid-Winter Meeting
               7 -- Federal Law Institute

     undated [1 folder]

     Mrs. Sybil Morial's Speeches, 1980-1985
     Speeches by Representatives of the Mayor, 1978-1984


     Parrish Travel, 1983-1984
          Washington -- Conference on Balanced Growth (January, 1978)

     Box B49

          Rome (October, 1978)
          Washington (October, 1978)         
          France (April, 1979)
          Quantico, VA -- National Executive Institute, FBI (May, 1979)
          Marco Island, FL -- National Association of Manufacturers (June, 1979)
          Europe -- OECD Seminar on Urban Transport and the Environment (July, 1979)
          Guatemala -- INTERFER 79 (November, 1979)
          Philadelphia -- First Amendment Congress (January, 1980)
          Washington -- National Urban Policy Roundtable (February, 1980)
          Africa -- (February/March, 1980)
          San Juan, Puerto Rico -- United States Conference of Mayors Leadership Conference (March, 1980)
          Brazil -- (April, 1980)
          Israel -- Jerusalem Conference of Mayors/United States Conference of Mayors (April, 1980)
          Dallas -- National Bar Association (August, 1980)
          Sun Valley, ID -- United States Conference of Mayors (August, 1980)
          Washington -- Black Leaders' Meeting with the Secretary of State (September, 1980)
          New York -- (November, 1980)
          Washington -- United States Conference of Mayors (January, 1981)
          Louisville -- United States Conference of Mayors (June, 1981)

     Box B50

          Denver -- NAACP Convention (June/July, 1981)
          Asheville, NC -- National League of Cities (July, 1981)
          Sun Valley, ID -- United States Conference of Mayors Graduate Mayor's Leadership Institute (July,
          Oregon -- National League of Cities (August, 1981)
          Sun Valley, ID -- United States Conference of Mayors Leadership Priorities Meeting (August, 1981)
          New York -- NAACP (September, 1981)
          Detroit -- Michigan Municipal League (September, 1981)
          Minneapolis -- National League of Cities Commission on Cities in the 80s (October, 1981)
          Charlotte, NC -- North Carolina League of Municipalities (November, 1981)
          Detroit -- National League of Cities (November/December, 1981)
          Washington -- National Conference of Democratic Mayors (January, 1982)
          Washington -- United States Conference of Mayors (January, 1982)
          Birmingham, AL -- National Conference of Black Mayors (April, 1982)
          Europe -- (May/June, 1982)
          San Francisco -- Black Chamber of Commerce (June, 1982)
          Minneapolis -- United States Conference of Mayors (June, 1982)
          Sun Valley, ID -- United States Conference of Mayors (August, 1982)
          Atlanta -- National League of Cities International Economic Development Task Force (September,
          Washington -- National Health Council (September/October, 1982)
          Princeton, NJ -- Columbia/CBS Conference on Journalism (November, 1982)
          Washington -- United States Conference of Mayors (November, 1982)
          Washington -- United States Conference of Mayors Committee on Health, Education, Employment,
               and Human Services (November, 1982)
          Los Angeles -- National League of Cities (November, 1982)
          Houston -- United States Conference of Mayors Partnerships II Conference (December, 1982)
          Lexington, KY -- Small & Minority Business Seminar (May, 1983)
          Denver -- United States Conference of Mayors (May, 1983)
          Sun Valley, ID -- United States Conference of Mayors (August, 1983)
          San Antonio -- National League of Cities International Trade Development Conference (September,
          New York -- NAACP (September, 1983)
          Washington -- National Mayors' Task Force on Small Business (September, 1983)
          Leesburg, VA -- U.S. Department of Justice Conference (September, 1983)
          San Francisco -- Society of Professional Journalists' Conference (November, 1983)
          Chicago -- United States Conference of Mayors (November, 1983)
          New York -- NAACP (January, 1984)
          Washington -- United States Conference of Mayors (January, 1984)

     Box B51

          New York -- Health Care for the Homeless Program (February, 1984)
          Washington -- National Policy Institute (February, 1984)
          Washington -- National League of Cities (March, 1984)
          Fresno, CA -- United States Conference of Mayors Leadership Conference (April, 1984)
          Philadelphia -- United States Conference of Mayors (June, 1984)
          Washington -- National League of Cities Urban Unemployment Task Force (June, 1984)
          St. Paul -- National League of Cities (July, 1984)
          Indianapolis -- National League of Cities (November, 1984)
          Washington -- United States Conference of Mayors (January, 1985)
          Washington -- National League of Cities (March, 1985)
          Anchorage -- United States Conference of Mayors (June, 1985)
          Los Angeles -- American Public Transit Association (October, 1985)
          Yugoslavia -- United States Conference of Mayors (November, 1985)
          Baltimore -- New Orleans Aquarium Study Group (December, 1985)
          New York -- NAACP (December, 1985)
          Seattle -- National League of Cities (December, 1985)
          Washington -- National League of Cities (March, 1986)

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Boards and Commissions Records

The City Charter provides that the Mayor shall "appoint, with approval of a majority of members of the Council, members of all boards except as otherwise provided in this Charter or by applicable State law." In practice the Mayor appoints, or nominates for appointment, members not only of Charter-created boards and commissions but also of a variety of bodies created by state law, quasi-governmental organizations, and public-private corporate partnerships.

The records comprise individual file folders (in several instances, more than one folder) arranged alphabetically by name of board or commission. Folders generally contain background on the agency and the qualifications for membership, resumes, and correspondence (including letters of nomination/appointment and acceptance/resignation). For some bodies there are also documents dealing with agency activities. Issues of non-attendance at meetings, conflicts of interest, etc. are also addressed in some of the files.

In addition to providing the only complete record of mayoral appointments to the various boards and commissions, these files are also useful in documenting the duties and responsibilities--and in some cases, the activities--of those bodies. They are also a good source for biographical information for the local leadership class. Filed at the end of the alphabetically arranged (by name of board, commission, etc.) series are two boxes of additional documents relating to boards and commissions. These materials were filed elsewhere in the Morial papers, but appear to have been part of the same processes documented in the main body of the Boards and Commission records, and thus were refiled with that series. Included are letters of recommendation, other correspondence, resumes, rosters, and mailing lists.


Box C1

Alcohol Beverage Control Board, 1981
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District, 1979-1984
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District, 1985-1986
Armstrong Park Commission, 1978
Audubon Park Commission, 1977-1980
Audubon Park Commission, 1981-1984
Audubon Park Commission, 1985
Aviation Board of New Orleans, 1978-1985

Box C2

John P. Brechtel Memorial Park Committee, 1971-1985
Board of Building Standards & Appeals, 1978-1982
BDA - Advisory Committee, 1978
Business Development Council, 1980
Central Business District Historic Landmark Commission, 1978-1982
Central Business District Historic Landmark Commission, 1983-1986
Central City Economic Opportunity Corporation, Inc., 1978
City Park Board, 1978-1983
City Planning Commission, 1977-1982
City Planning Commission, 1983-1986
City Trusts, Board of, 1977-1986

Box C3

Civil Service Commission, 1978-1979
Clean City Committee, 1979
Community Access Corporation, 1981-1982
Condominium Conversion Study Committee, 1980
Community Improvement Agency, 1978-1986
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, 1978-1985
Criminal Justice Council, New Orleans, 1985
Coastal Commission, Louisiana, 1976-1978
Delgado Albania Plantation Commission, 1970-1985
Desire Community Council
Downtown Development District, 1978-1985

Box C4

Economic Development Program, New Orleans Overall, 1979
Electrical Examiners, Board of, 1978-1985
Employee Retirement System, Board of Trustees, 1978-1985
English Turn Wilderness Park, 1980
Exhibition Hall, 1978-1985
Fire Prevention, 1979
Firemen's Pension and Relief Fund, Board of Trustees, 1978
French Market Corporation, 1978-1983
French Market Corporation, 1984-1986
Health Advisory Committee, 1981-1983
Health Education Authority of Louisiana, 1981-1983
Health Corporation, New Orleans
Health Systems Agency, New Orleans, 1978-1979
Highway Safety Commission, Louisiana, 1979
Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission, 1977-1979
Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission, 1980-1983
Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission, 1984-1985

Box C5

Home Mortgage Authority, 1985
Housing Authority of New Orleans, 1978-1986
Housing, Citizen's Advisory Committee on, 1979
Human Relations Committee
Human Services Needs, Advisory Committee, 1979
Industrial Development Board, 1976-1985
Insurance Committee, City, 1978-1983
Insurance, HANO, 1978-1984
Insurance, Aviation Board, 1979-1984
Insurance, City, 1979-1984
Insurance, Sewerage & Water Board, 1978-1985
International Trade Mart Building Corporation, 1982-1984
International Year of the Child, 1979
Levee Board, Orleans, 1978-1984

Box C6

Liquidation, Board of, City Debt., 1978-1979
Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District
Lower Ninth Ward Neighborhood Council
Mechanical Examiners Board, 1978-1985
Mental Health, Institute of, 1978-1986
Military Affairs, 1978-1986
Mississippi River Bridge Authority, 1978-1985
Mosquito Control Board, 1978-1985
Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation, 1979-1981
Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation, 1982-1983
Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation, 1984-1985
Museum of Art, New Orleans, 1976-1978
Operating Engineers, Board of Examiners, 1978-1984
Operating Engineers, Board of Examiners, 1985

Box C7

Orleans Parish Communication District, 1982-1984
Parkway and Park Commission, 1978-1980
Parkway and Park Commission, 1981-1985
Pharmaceutical Museum Advisory Committee, Historical, 1975-1981
Pharmaceutical Museum Advisory Committee, Historical, 1982-1983
Pharmaceutical Museum Advisory Committee, Historical, 1984-1985
Police Pension Fund, Board of Trustees, 1978
Pontchartrain Park Advisory Committee, 1979
Port of New Orleans, Board of Commissioners
Public Belt Railroad Commission, 1978-1982
Public Belt Railroad Commission, 1983-1985
Public Library
Public Solicitations, Committee on, 1978
Regional Planning Commission, 1978-1984
Regional Emergency Medical Service Council, 1981-1982
RPC Advisory Committee, 1979-1984

Box C8

Regional Transit Authority, 1979-1983
Sewerage and Water Board, 1977-1980
Sewerage and Water Board, 1981-1982
Sewerage and Water Board, 1983-1985
Super Bowl Task Force Committee
Total Community Action Committee, 1977-1985
Tourist and Convention Commission, 1978-1985
Traffic and Transportation Bureau, New Orleans, 1978-1985
Traffic Safety Committee, 1979-1981
Transportation Center Authority, New Orleans, 1984-1985
Union Passenger Terminal, 1978-1979
Upper Pontalba Building Commission, 1978-1984
Upper Pontalba Building Commission, 1985-1986

Box C9

Vieux Carre Commission, 1978-1982
Vieux Carre Commission, 1985
Welfare Board, City, 1978-1985
Zoning Adjustments, Board of, 1978-1985

[NOTE:  The following two boxes are shelved at the end of the "O" series]

Box C10

Boards and Commissions, 1981-1982
Boards and Commissions, A-F
Correspondence (Miscellaneous) [2 folders]
Correspondence and Resumes (Miscellaneous) [2 folders]
Mailing Lists
     Boards and Commissions
     Old Lists, Need Updating
     Updated Lists
     Marston, Walter, 1986

Box C11

Mayor's Letters to Nominees
Prospective Appointees, 1984-1985
Recommended Appointees, 1982
Resumes [2 folders]
     Boards and Commissions, 1978?
     Inactive/Disbanded Boards
     Special Committees 

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Records of Scheduled Appointments

Records of meetings, speaking engagements, public ceremonies, social events, and other activities that the Mayor or members of his staff were scheduled to attend. Included in the files are invitations, correspondence, telephone call notes, typed schedule sheets, and similar materials dealing with such activities. Generally each item is filed in the month in which the event took place, although in some cases items are filed in the month received.

The records may be useful for several purposes. To a considerable extent they document the day-to-day activities of the Mayor. They also are useful in showing how the Mayor's staff managed access to him (i.e., who was important enough or had a compelling enough reason to get an appointment). On another level, the records also provide a "catalog" of the political, economic, cultural, and social events of the Morial years.


Box D1         November, 1977-June, 1978
Box D2         June, 1978-September, 1978
Box D3         October-November, 1978
Box D4         November, 1978-February, 1979
Box D5         February-May, 1979
Box D6         May-December, 1979
Box D7         January-April, 1980
Box D8         April-September, 1980
Box D9         September-December, 1980
Box D10        January-April, 1981
Box D11        April-August, 1981
Box D12        September-December, 1981
Box D13        January-June, 1982
Box D14        July-December, 1982  
Box D15        January-June, 1983
Box D16        July-December, 1983
Box D17        January-July, 1984
Box D18        August-October, 1984
Box D19        October-December, 1984
Box D20        January-May, 1985
Box D21        June-December, 1985
Box D22        January-March, 1986 [also contains related materials found elsewhere in the
                    Morial papers:  "Pending appointments, October, 1978-June, 1984;"
                    "October, 1978 speaking engagements;" "Appointments, 1978-April,
                    1985;" and "Dutch's schedule" (unsorted typewritten daily schedule
                    sheets, most of which do not have the year noted)].

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Fiscal Records

These files form but a partial record of the fiscal operations of the Morial Mayor's Office. In addition to the budget files and the Public Voucher Control Ledgers, the records include selected individual files that appear to have been maintained separately from more general records relating to expenditures of the office. These separate files, though not comprehensive by any means, may serve to provide insight into the "style" of the Morial administration. The budget files provide more of a fiscal overview of the office. The documents identified as Public Voucher Control Ledgers [the arranger's designation] appear to have been used by administrators to monitor expenditures against the amounts appropriated for individual budget codes. Some of the ledger files are loose pages that were removed from the original books, most of which were only partially filled in.


Box E1

Budget--Mayor's Office
     1984 [2 folders]
Churchill's, 1981-1982
Entertainment, 1982
Fairmont Hotel, 1982
Inauguration, 1982 (including expenses relating to the La Rochelle to New Orleans yacht race) [2 folders]
Mayor's Expenses, 1978-1985
Miscellaneous Expenses, 1979-1982
Office Furnishings, 1979-1981

Box E2

Public Voucher Control Ledger
     Annual Audit/Contingency Fund/Municipal Participation, 1980
     Civic Group Donations/Municipal Endowment Grants, 1982
     Community Services, 1980
     Dues & Entertainment/Flowers, Keys, etc./Mardi Gras, 1980-1981
     Executive Office Administration
     Federal Programs & Special Projects, 1980
     Human Resources Administration
     Intergovernmental Relations
     Legislative Coordination, 1982
     Legislative Relations, 1980-1981
     Mayor's Office, 1980-1981

Box E3

     Mayor's Office/Contingency Fund, 1982
     Miscellaneous [?]
     Neighborhood Business Revitalization, 1980
     Planning and Development
     R/UDAT, 1980
     Requisitions, 1980-1981
Travel, 1981-1982

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A collection of plaques and other items presented to the Mayor or to the city. Some represent awards or other honors, while others appear merely to commemorate specific events. Similar, though less substantial, materials are filed in the "Mementos" files within the records of the Public Information Office.

The inventory below uses the following format: item number, name of organization that presented the memento, reason for presentation (where appropriate), year of presentation, and a notation indication whether the presentation was made to the Mayor [M] or to the city [C].


Box F1

1, American Public Transit Association, Distinguished Service Award, 1985, [M]
2, City Hall Digest, City Hall Public Information Awards/Grand Award, 1981, [C]
3, Concerned Citizens for Better Government, 1985, [M]
4, Easter Seal Society, Appreciation, 1985, [M]
5, Regional Transit Authority, Commemorating the renaming of the Calliope Bus line to the Martin Luther
     King line, 1984, [M]
6, New Orleans Courtside Tennis Tournament, Appreciation, (no year), [M]
7, Order of the Red Triangle [Dryades St. YMCA], Advancement of YMCA, 1985, [M]
8, P.U.L.L., Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, 1985, [M]
9, U.S. Department of Education, Award re:  NASA Michoud facility, 1984, [C]
10, Community Improvement Agency, Award for dedication to housing law improvement, 1984, [M]
11, Xerox/Eighth Annual Mayors' Award Program, Special recognition, 1985, [M]
12, City Hall Public Information Award, Award of merit, 1982, [C]
13, City Hall Public Information Award, Award of merit, 1979, [C]
14, Office of Minority Business Development, 1984, [C]
15, March of Dimes/Walk America, Award, 1985, [C]

Box F2

1, Cox Cable, Commemorating initial customer service, 1982, [M]
2, Central Business District Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission, Appreciation, 1985, [M]
3, Association of Black Psychologists, Distinguished Black Mayor Award, 1984, [M]
4, National Association of Review Appraisers and Mortgage Underwriters, Special recognition award, [no
     year], [M]
5, Dean Boltz/Jim Nelson, Commemoration of canoe trip, 1985, [M]
6, Key to the city of Fresno
7, Regional Transit Authority, Recognition of broken barriers, 1985, [M]
8, Martin Luther King Youth Club, Keeping the Drive Alive award, 1985, [M]
9, Xerox Corporation, Michael A. diNunzio Special Award, 1982, [M]

Box F3

1, Xerox Corporation, Fifth Annual Awards Program, 1982, [C]
2, ORISA, Extraordinary Achievement Award, 1982, [C]
3, Pan American World Airways, Inaugural Service (New Orleans-New York), 1980, [M]
4, 3 Dutch (Heart-shaped plaque)
5, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Scroll of Honor, 1977, [M]
6, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Recognition of RSVP, 1985, [M]
7, National Safety Council, Appreciation Award, 1984, [M]
8, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky Colonel Commission, 1985, [M]

Oversized Items [stored on shelf adjacent to Box F3]

1, Sigma Gamma Sorority/Epsilon Sigma Chapter, Dynamic Leader Plaque, 1984, [M]
2, New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority, Commemoration of Hotel Occupancy Tax Bonds, 1981
3, Oriental-style nameplate for Mayor's desk
4, Port Authority of Jamaica, Wooden map of Jamaica, 1978, [M]

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