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Resource documents, 1972-1986
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A small group of criminal justice-related publications and other compiled information collected by OCJC.


Title Author/Creator Date File Number
Community Involvement in Law Education (Project #28-8010888-1), New Orleans, La., Mid-Year Evaluation Report, ESEA Title IV-C Orleans Parish School Board, Dept. of Research and Evaluation 1980 06
Court Division Training & Procedures Manual Office of the Clerk of Court, Orleans Parish Criminal District Court 1980? 25
Court Management Study, Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, Report and Recommendations on Jury Pool, Magistrate Section, and Position of Judicial Administrator Institute for Court Management 1973 24
Courts, A Task Force Report Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 1971 26
Crack: The New Epidemic Minyard, Frank 1986 (corrected copy 12
Crime Analysis and Systems Description for the City of New Orleans Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 1978 29
Criminal Justice Problems and Needs, FY 1980 (Draft) Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 1979? 30
Delinquency Prevention in Low Income Single Parent Households: Going from Paternalism to Planning with the Community (UNO Masters Thesis) Kirkland, Melvin C. 1981 08
Evaluation of the Social Services Aspects of the Family Crisis Intervention Experiment in New Orleans Raabe, F. Conrad 1975 33
Failure to Obtain Data for Evaluation of the Orleans Parish Work Release Program Rosenberg, Helen 1977 31
Final Report of the N.I.M.H. Study of the Greenhouse Youth Runaway Program (Report of the Project Director and the Project Evaluator) Loving, Donald M. and Jefferson L. Sulzer 1975? 10
Geographic Breakdown for Juvenile Crime in New Orleans Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 1978 27
Guidebook for Grand Jurors in Orleans Parish Metropolitan Crime Commission 1976 20
If You Are Arrested, A Booklet of General Information About the Juvenile Justice System in Orleans Parish Coffman, Mary A., et al. undated 05
Jail Population Crisis in New Orleans
1984? 18
Juvenile Court Protects… Orleans Parish Juvenile Court 1983 17
New Orleans Juvenile Arrests and Dispositions by D.O.C.; Charts of Delinquency and Abuse Process, 1973-1984 Brown, Richard 1985 01
New Orleans Public School Information, Truancy and Dropout New Orleans Public Schools, Dept. of School Social Work Services 1984 02
New Orleans Public Schools and the City of New Orleans Truancy Program (A Cooperative Agreement), Annual Evaluation of the 1984-85 Regular School Session) Nixon, Glennon & Dr. Cormell Brooks 1985 11
Operation SWAP
1972? 21
Orleans Parish Planning Data for the Second Year Louisiana State Plan for Drug Abuse Prevention Various 1976-1982 13
Program Management Assessment--DWI in New Orleans Office of Criminal Justice Coordination 1984 15
Progress Report Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 1973 28
Proposal to Develop Comprehensive Health Services for Orleans Parish Prison Inmates Family Health Foundation 1973? 19
Recommendations Pursuant to Proposed Feasibility of Maximizing Existing Correctional Facilities Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 1972 22
Report and Recommendations on Development of a Jury Pool and the Position of Judicial Administrator Institute for Court Management 1973 23
Report of New Orleans Detoxification Medical Center Committee on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse for Greater New Orleans, Inc. 1972 14
Site Visit Report, New Orleans TASC Project (October 5-7, 1977), Evaluation of Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime (TASC), Phase II [Draft] System Sciences, Inc. 1977 04
Spatial Analysis of Selected Juvenile Crimes in New Orleans (UNO Masters Thesis) Fox, Thomas D. 1979 09
Study of the Legal Restraints Against the Establishment of a Community Based Residential Treatment Facility for Juvenile Delinquents at Milne Boys' Home
1974 03
Successful Youth Progam [at the St. Bernard Area Youth Guidance Center]
1973 07
Technical Assistance Project, New Orleans, Louisiana, Phase II Report Hamilton, Alan A. 1976 32

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