City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans (La.) Office of the Mayor
Incoming correspondence, 1804-1892
Very little incoming correspondence of the Mayor's Office prior to 1892 has survived in the City Archives. Extant items are described below.

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Mayor James Pitot (4 items)

-- Two letters from Carlos Trudeau addressed to Mr. Petit, Assistant Mayor, relating to surveys of Poydras St., 1804 (French)
-- Letter from Carlos Trudeau to the Mayor discussing a plan of the Faubourg Ste. Marie, 1804 (French)
-- Letter from Carlos Trudeau to the Mayor dealing with a plan for levees in the city, 1804 (French)
-- Translations of these letters are also included.

Mayor Denis Prieur (1 item)

-- Letter dated February 21, 1833, from Samuel White in Pearlington [Mississippi?] relative to orders for timber for the city government. (English, photocopy)

Mayor Charles Waterman (6 items)

-- Letters, 1858, relative to the suicide of Laura Williams and the subsequent effort of her sister to obtain her property through W.J.A. Fuller, a New York attorney. Included is a letter from Fuller enclosing a letter from Laura Williams to her sister Emma and letters from individuals attesting to fuller's identity (one is from Daniel F. Tiemann, Mayor of New York, and another from attorney and author, A. Oakey Hall.)
[See also Second District Court (Orleans Parish) #14301, Succession of Laura Williams.]

Mayor Louis A. Wiltz (1 item)

-- Routine reply from the City Attorney's Office, September 7, 1874, signed by H.H. Walsh, probably an assistant attorney in the office.

Mayor Joseph A. Shakespeare (1 item)

Letter, dated April 2, 1889, from Henry C. Miller, attorney for the Board of Liquidation, City Debt, urging that he be made an assistant City Attorney. Attached is a copy of a resolution of the City Council effecting this request.

Miscellaneous Invoices and Receipts

[This is a holding place for loose items not related to or separated from other materials in the Archives Collection.]