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Date range: 1985-1997
Size of collection: 2 boxes
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Scope Note

Among the duties of the Division of Intergovernmental Relations, one of the subdivisions of the Mayor's Office, was to "conduct relations with city commissions." The files include letters of appointment to various city boards, commissions, committees or task forces, information sheets and resumes on potential nominees, copies of council resolutions or motions appointing members, and general correspondence and inter-office memos regarding appointees or board/commission business. Also included in many files are lists of currently serving members and background information on the board or commission, including enabling legislation.

The records appear to be files originating from Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy's administration (specifically files kept by Linda Callahan, administrative assistant in Intergovernmental Relations). These files were apparently remained with Intergovernmental Relations when Mayor Barthelemy left office and were used and sometimes added to by members of Mayor Marc Morial's Intergovernmental Relations Office (specifically, by Jane Jurik, Director of Boards and Commissions.)


The records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the board/commission. Several folders marked "Linda Callahan" contain records for various boards.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1

Algiers Development District [1995-1996]
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District [1986-1996]
AMID Correspondence [1988-1992]
Audubon Park Commission [1987-1992]
Aviation Board [1994-1996]

Bayou St. John Task Force [1987-1991]
Board of Building Standards and Appeals [1987-1988]
Board of City Trusts [1990-1994]
Board of Commissioners of the New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority [1992-1996]
Board of Electrical Examiners [1986-1991]
Board of Examiners of Operating Engineers [1989-1991]
Board of Examiners of Operating Engineers [1990-1993]
Board of Liquidation, City Debt [1992]
Board of Mechanical Examiners, Committee A [1989]
Board of Mechanical Examiners, Committee B [1986]
Board of Trustees of the Employees Retirement System of New Orleans [1989-1992]
Board of Zoning Adjustments [1987-1997]
Boards & Commissions [1989-1992]
Boards & Commission, Public Employee, R-92-436 [1992-1993]
Boards/Commission, Old Files, J. Jurik [1994]

Callahan, Linda [1989-1990] ["Unlabeled but also for Linda Callahan"]
Callahan, Linda [1989-1993]
Callahan, Linda [1990-1991] ["Save for Conversation with Cindy Connick"]
Callahan, Linda [1992-1993]
Canal St. Development Corporation [1990-1994]
Central Business District Historic District Landmarks Commission [1987-1997]
City Welfare Board [1991-1992]
City Board of Welfare [1994-1996]
City Planning Commission [1986-1996]
Community Access Corporation [1994-1997]
Community Improvement Agency [1987-1996]
Crime Prevention Committee [1992]
Criminal Justice Coordination [1985]

Delgado-Albania Plantation Commission [1987-1991]
Delta Region Preservation Commission (Department of Interior) [1986-1983]
Downtown Development Board [1986-1987]

Box 2

French Quarter (Jean Nathan's) [Includes French Quarter Festival] [1995-1997]
French Market Corporation [1988-1992]

Historic District Landmarks Commission [1986-1997]
Historic District Landmarks Commission [1990-1993]
Housing Authority of New Orleans [1994]
Human Relations Commission [1992-1993]
Human Relations Commission [1991-1997]

Industrial Development Board [1989]

Letter from Council Research [1991]
Library Board [1988-1992]
Louisiana Economic Development and Gaming Corporation [1994]

Mayor's Foundation for Education [1995]
Mayor's International Advisory Council [1986]
Metropolitan New Orleans Municipal Waste Commission [1992]
Mosquito Control Board [1990-1994]
Municipal Yacht Harbor Management Corporation [1986-1995]

New Orleans City Park Improvement Assn. [1986-1990]
New Orleans Criminal Justice Council [1992-1993]
New Orleans Economic Development Advisory Committee [1991]
New Orleans Economic Development Advisory Committee [1993-1995]
New Orleans International Building Corporation [1991-1992]
New Orleans Museum of Art [1988-1993]
New Orleans Music and Entertainment Commission [1987-1988]
New Orleans Neighborhood Housing Improvement Advisory Committee [1991]
New Orleans Regional AIDS Planning Council [1995-1996]
New Orleans Transportation Authority [1993-1995]

Orleans Private Industry Council [1993-1995]

Parkway and Park Commission [1994-1996]
Parkway and Park Commission [1986-1988]
Preservation Study [1994]
Public Belt Railroad Commission [1986-1994]

Regional Transit Authority [1985-1987]
Regional Transit Authority [Bylaws, regulations, etc.]

Sewerage & Water Board [1986-1992]

Trestman, Evan F. (Audubon Park Commission) [1989, 1991]

Upper Pontalba Building Commission [1986-1993]

Vieux Carre Commission [1986-1995]

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