City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans (La.) Office of the Mayor.
     Duncan Plaza Project Files, 1979-1981
     2 boxes

These records, transferred to the City Archives in 1982, were arranged and inventoried by Stuart Arnett, under contract with the Mayor's Office.
1. Mayor
A. Mayor's Office
B. Budget Summary
C. City Hall Staff Budget Information
D. City Hall Staffing

2. National Endowment for the Arts
A. General Correspondence
B. Grant Documents
C. Organization and Forms

3. U.S. Treasury
A. Financial Documents (checks)

4. City Council
A. General

5. City Agencies
A. Responses to Process and Program

6. Tulane University School of Architecture
A. General

7. Mayor's Task Force on Arts Policy
A. General
B. Steering Committee
C. Policy Development and Policy
D. Committee on Resources for the Arts
E. Committee on Arts, Artists, Groups, and Institutions
F. Committee on Government Role and Function
G. Committee on Arts and Cultural Developments
H. Committee on Education in the Arts
I. Task Force Contractors
J. Correspondence

8. Landscape Architects
A. General

9. Urban Design Committee
A. General

10. Regional Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT)
A. R/UDAT Team
B. Report (printed)
C. Committees and Budget

11. Design Competition
A. Correspondence and General

12. Wisner Foundation
A. General

13. Design Competition Jury
A. General, Competition, Photographs

14. Sculptors
A. General, Photographs

15. Contractors
A. General
B. Financial Documents

16. Public and Media
A. General, Articles, Comments

17. Close Out Process
A. Final Duncan Plaza Report (printed)
B. Audit Report (if subsequently issued)
C. Memo to Archives with Table of Contents

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