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          Office files, 1969-1976

          6 cu. ft.

Act 170 of the 1968 Louisiana Legislature authorized the creation of a Community Improvement Agency in and for the City of New Orleans. Local approval of the Agency came through a City Council resolution on September 5, 1968. Two months later, on November 12, 1968, the CIA held its organizational meeting. It was directed by a seven-member Board, appointed by the Mayor with City Council approval and administered by an Executive Director who supervises a staff of State Civil Service employees.

The Community Improvement Agency was established as the City's urban renewal department. From its inception the CIA sought the rehabilitation of blighted areas rather than massive slum-clearance projects. In pursuit of this goal the Agency encouraged property owners to improve their holdings and assisted them in financing those improvements. Unrepairable structures were demolished and the properties cleared for reuse. The CIA also implemented improvements to streets, lighting, drainage, and open space within the blighted areas.

The Lower Ninth Ward became the first project area in 1969. In the following years the Desire/Florida, Gravier, and Central City areas were added along with the special Health Education Authority of Louisiana (HEAL) medical complex. Project Area Committees were formed in each of the four major sections. These bodies served as the means of local citizen participation in project planning and implementation.

In 1973 the CIA became the City's action arm for the Public Improvement Programs in the Irish Channel and Broadmoor neighborhoods. The Core Area Development District, responsible for revitalizing the New Orleans Central Business District, chose the Agency as its planning consultant in1975. Toward the end of the 1970s the CIA was completing its urban renewal phase and began to act more as a citywide housing improvement body. This role was encouraged by the federal Community Development block grant program, which provided funds for general areas of service rather than for specific projects or sections.

In the mid-1990s, the activities of the Community Improvement Agency were assumed by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

In 1979 the City Archives received approximately 35 cubic feet of office files from the CIA. These were extensively weeded and 9.5 cubic feet were retained. Included are correspondence files, contract files, monthly reports, minutes of board and staff meetings, and samples of rehabilitation, relocation, and property acquisition files. A number of loose photographs were removed to the Municipal Goverment Photograph Collection, Community Improvement Agency Series.


Box 1

Administrative Records:

Affidavits on advertisements, 1974
Civil Service (General), 1969-1972
Civil Service (Position Allocations)
Interoffice memos, 1971-1972
Interoffice memos, 1973-1974
Financial Reports:
Accouning reports, 1972-1973
Budget, administrative, 1973
Budget, capital, 1974
Budget, capital (expenditures), 1974
Budget information, 1971
Budget, operating, 1973
Budget, third action year, 1973
Budgetary status report, 1971
Capital projects and expenditures, 1973
Revolving fund balance sheets, 1973
Board Meetings, minutes and agendas, 1971, 1974-1975
Log of weekly meetings, 1975
Staff meetings, minutes, 1971-1972
Office Documents
Administrative policies, preliminary draft, 1972
Property management manual
Property rehabilitation standards, revision, 1974
Proposal for joint CIA/City action programs, 1973
Specifications for rehabilitation, 1970
Urban renewal land disposition guidelines, 1975
Monthly, 1971
ND201 Activity Program Summary, 1972
Report on Activities, n.d.
Report on existing and proposed staff organization, 1974
Summer Recreation Program
Correspondence, 1974
Correspondence (previous programs)
Orientation, suggested schedule
Report from State Department
Site information sheets

Contract and Proposal Records:

Barton-Aschman Associates, Inc.
Beall Engineers, Inc.
Candeub, Fleissig, and Associates
Carter and Burgess
Cashio, Chochran and Sullivan

Box 2

Costley, Miller, and Satterthwaite, Inc.
DeLaureal Engineers, Inc.
Delta Testing and Inspection, Inc.
Economics Research Associates
Environment Seven, Ltd. And Harley-Clark-Bell and Associates
Exotech, Inc.
Folse, Robert R. And Urban Research Corp.
Granada Construction Co.
Guice, Frederick M.
Hebert, Louis J.
Lower Ninth Ward Neighborhood Council
Loyola University
Management Consultants
Mills and Mills Engineers, Inc.
Newsom Demolition Co.
Parkway and Parks Commission
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co.
Perino's Garden Center and Landscape Co.
Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory
Relocation Services (Central Relocation Agency)
Schwarz, Roy M.
Sewerage and Water Board
Shilstone Testing Laboratories
Stelco Inc.
Talluto, Peter J.
Third Ward Neighborhood Improvement Association
Tufaro Co., Inc.
Tulane University School of Architecture
Venable, M.R.

Planning Records:

Cizek, Eugene D.
Dryades Street Improvement Project (Specifications)
Environment Seven
Gravier Park
Modjeski and Masters
Project Administration Correspondence (2 folders)
Project Planning
Public Improvement Project (2 folders)

Box 3

Project Records:

Central City
Office files
Interoffice Memos
Project Area Committee, Contracts
Project Area Committee, General
Project Area Committee, Monthly Reports
Reports, Monthly
Staff Meetings, Minutes and Agendas
Street Improvement Program
Summer Recreation Program
Survey of Structural Conditions
Rehabilitation Files
Baronne St., 2612 (C-80)
Daneel St., 2011 (C-26)
Daneel St., 2114 (C-28 - Inspection file only)
Dryades St., 2701 (C-43)
Felicity St., 1928 (C-36)
First St., 534 (C-495)
Fourth St., 2404 (C-510)
General Pershing St., 2515 (C-475)
Jackson Ave., 2125 (C-33)
Jackson Ave., 2304 (C-38 - Inspection file only)
Jackson Ave., 2627 (C-363 - Inspection file only)
Josephine St., 1920 (C-40)

Box 4

LaSalle St., 2230 (C-132)
Milan St., 2519 (C-901)
Peniston St., 2311 (C-407)
Philip St., 2424 (C-19)
Saratoga, S., 2024 (C-12)
Second St., 2105 (C-41)
Washington Ave., 2024 (C-25)

Core Area Development District:

Building Condition Survey (maps)
Dome Site
Julia-St. Joseph
St. Joseph-Howard
Central Business District-Preservations
Edwards, Aldrich
Hyatt Regency
Julia St., Firehouse
Magazine St., 755
Manget Map
Minutes of Meetings
National Register of Historic Places
Sewerage and Water Board
Sidewalk and Street Conditions
Skid Row
Weekly Reports


Office Files
Interoffice memos
Project Area Committee
Project Area Improvements
Property Acquisitions
Reports, Monthly

Rehabilitation Files
Clouet St., 3409 (D/F-134)
Clouet St.,3417 (D/F-135 - Inspection file only)
Desire St., 2504 (D/F-175)
Dorgenois, N., St., 3114 (D/F-26)
Feliciana St., 2236 (D/F-101)
Florida Ave., 3000 (D/F-157 - Inspection file only)
Florida Ave., 3100 (D/F-53)
Laussat Place, 3044 (D/F-235)
Louisa St., 2932 (D/F-232)
Miro St., N., 3132 (D/F-364)
Montegut St., 2215 (D/F-233)
Piety St., 2217 (D/F-18)
Piety St., 2388 (D/F-168 - Inspection file only)
Piety St., 2432 (D/F-20 - Inspection file only)
Piety St., 2820 (D/F-141 - Inspection file only)


Office Files
Correspondence, General, 1973
Correspondence, General, 1975
Correspondence, Incoming, 1974
Correspondence, Incoming, 1975
Correspondence, Outgoing, 1975
Financial Statements
Interoffice memos, acquisitions
Interoffice memos, acts of sale
Interoffice memos, general, 1973-1975
Interoffice memos, general, 1975
Minutes of staff meetings
Project Area Committee
Relocation Plan
Report--Structural Classification
Reports--Business Project
Reports--Weekly, 1973
Reports--Weekly, 1974

Box 6

Specifications for Demolition of Buildings
Specifications for Street Improvements
Summer Recreation Program
Property Acquisition Files
Dupre St., S. (662, 638-640, 644, 719, 729-729 1/2, 739-741)
Gayoso St., S. (645-647, 655, 723, 734-736, 739-739 1/2, 746-748)
Gravier St. (2819-2823, 2904-2906, 2912-2914, 2921, 2928, 2932-2934, 2936, 3013-3019)
Perdido St. (2917, 2927-2929, 3009)
Tulane Ave. (2918, 2928-2930)
White St., S. (629, 639)
Square 613
Additional Acquisitions
Rehabilitation Files
Dupre St., St., 647
Gayoso St., S., 617-619
Gayoso St., S., 618 (C-3 - Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 629-622 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 621 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 624-626 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 627 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 637 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 652 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 701 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 714-724 (Inspection file only)
Gayoso St., S., 739-741 (Inspection file only)
Gravier St., 2904-2906 (Inspection file only)
Gravier St., 2919
Tulane Ave., 2914 (Inspection file only)
Tulane Ave., 2828-2830 (Inspection file only)
Tulane Ave., 2932 (Dobbs House-Inspection file only)
White St., S., 629 (Inspection file only)
Relocation Files
Family Relocation Records, A-W (24 files)
Individual Relocation Records, B-W (7 files)

Lower Ninth Ward:

Office Files
Educational and Recreational Programs
Interoffice memos, acquisitions
Interoffice memos, acts of sale
Interoffice memos, general
Lower Ninth Ward Housing Development Corporation
Project Area Committee-Contract Agreement
Project Area Committee-General

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