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New Orleans (La.) House of Detention
Medical record, 1952-1954

During the period covered by this record book the House of Detention was operated by the Department of Public Buildings and Parks, one of the additions made to New Orleans city government by the Earl Long city charter revision of 1948. The new Home Rule Charter placed the facility under control of the New Orleans Police Department in 1954.

The record book (call number TS430m 1952-1954) comprises individual entries arranged in chronological order. Each entry includes an inmate's name, his/her complaint and/or the treatment administered, and the signature of the person providing that treatment. Some of the care providers appear to have been guards at the facility while others were physicians and possibly medical students. Some of the entries are very brief (and sometimes somewhat cryptic) while others are more lengthy and detailed. An example of the former:

Agnes Allen
8:00 p.m.
2 aspirins
L. Maret

A somewhat longer example:

Ross Stenhouse
Swelling of anklings. Red and warm. Got in bed of ants 5 days ago and feet started swelling
Rx, Pyribenzamine tablets 5x day; remain in bed for next 2 days

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