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New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans (La.) House of Detention
Record of the release or transfer of federal prisoners, 1918-1925

During the period covered by this record book the House of Detention was operated by the Division of Public Buildings within the Department of Public Property.

The record book (call number TS430 1918-1925) comprises individual line entries arranged by number in more or less chronological order. Most entries include, in addition to number and date, the name, race, date and time of release or transfer, name of individual authorizing release or transfer, and, in the case of transfers, the place transferred to. Other information sometimes recorded include gender, criminal offense, sentence rendered, date of sentencing, and address of individual. Some of the prisoners are noted as "German alien."

Some sample entries:

#383 January 6, 1922 C[olored] Katie Brown Narcotics USDC January 6th
12M[idnight?] Transferred to Jefferson City, Missouri 1 year, 1 day January 11, 1922 12M

#741 June 26, 1923 W[hite] Vito Santino Volstead Act
60 days $200 fine Released, July 30, 1923

#970 W[hite] April 2, 1924 Clifford Martin Migratory Bird Act 9:45AM
Rel[eased] on bond to Marshal Larche April 3, 1924 Houma, La.

Deposited by the Rachel Sims Baptist Mission, April, 1998.

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