City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

New Orleans (La.). Fire Dept.
Records, 1978-1984
2 cu. ft.

These records were transfered to the Archives in November, 1985, by Captain Richard Blackmon of the Public Information Office. While the records appear to have been kept by different divisions of the Department, they have been arranged here as a single series, due both to the fact that individual series would be quite small and indications that the records management procedures.

Box 1

American Fire Station Architecture Project--Correspondence
Bulletins, 979-1981
Chief's Aides (1983 budget cut proposal)
Deputy Chief's File, 1979
Emergency Telephone Number 911
False alarms, 1979
Fatality/injury statistics, 1968-1978
Fire Communications Division, resume of activities, 1979
Fire Fighter's Pension and Relief Fund
Coverage for Firemen on Light Duty Assignments
Minutes of Board of Trustees' Meetings, 1977-1979
Minutes of Board of Trestees' Meetings, 1979-1981
Fire Investigations
Irish Bayou and Highway 11
New Orleans Lakefront Airport, Mosquito Control
Tivoli Apartments, 1040 St. Charles
Fire Prevention Division
Correspondence, 1979
Reports, 1979
Fire Prevention/Public Education
Fires, no utilities in building
General Orders
Hazardous Materials Plan (correspondence, reports, minutes, etc.)
Housing Authority of New Orleans project
Integrated Emergency Management System Workshop, 1984
Mardi Gras
New Orleans Fire Fighter's Association--1983 contract negotiations
New Orleans Police Department
Policies, 1978-1981
Public Education Task Force
Smoke Detectors, Case Histories
Special Reports
First District
Second District
Third District
Fourth District
Fifth District
Sixth District
Seventh District
Eighth District

Box 2

Ninth District

World's Fair Files:

Appeals from Provisions of the Building Code
Building Permit Applications (copies)
Board of Commissioners, Port of New Orleans
Chief Administrative Office
Department of Safety and Permits
Department of Utilities
Louisiana State Fire Marshall
Louisiana World Exposition (and its various architects, consultants, contractors, suppliers, landlords, etc.)
Mayor's Office
Mississippi Aerial Rapid Transport (MART)
New Orleans Police Department
Sewerage and Water Board
Streets Department
Fire Department's recommendations for revisions to LWE's draft master plan
Inspection Forms, Louisiana State Fire Marshall
Minutes of Fair-related meetings
Orders issued by Fire Prevention Division following inpsections of Fair properties
Report--Life safety concepts for the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition (Rolf Jensen & Associates), 1982
Responses of various city agencies to the LWE environmental impact statement

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