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New Orleans (La.) Chief Administrative Office. Federal Programs Division
          Records, 1968-1983

These records were selected for permanent retention as samples of the work conducted by the Division. The sample and transfer was made by F.J. Madary of the CAO's Office in 1985.



Federal Program Status Reports

1970, June 25
1971, June 23
1971, September 21
1972, January 21
1972, June 30
1972, September 30
1978, February 15
1978, October 12
1980, November 24
1983, January 1

Grant Applications

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
Lafayette Square Restoration--Application File (1975)
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
Coliseum Square Restoration--Application (1974)
Department of Commerce. Coastal Energy Impact Program
Emergency Medical Services Program
* Preapplication (December 28, 1978)
Municipal Yacht Harbor Renovation and Expansion
* Preapplication (June 30, 1978)
* Loan Application and Environmental Impact Assessment (Burk and Associates, September, 1979)
* Preliminary Engineering Report (Burk and Associates, September, 1979)
Louisiana Nature Center Environmental Theatre Preapplication (March 13, 1979)
Department of Housing and Urban Development. Open Space Land Program
Cabbage Alley Park and F.P. Johnson Park (April 14, 1970)
Legacy of Parks, Joan of Arc Plaza (October 28, 1971)
Legacy of Parks (January 7, 1972)
Legacy of Parks (October 19, 1972)
Department of Housing and Urban Development. Urban Development Action Grants
Repair and extension of the Hines Lane Wharf for Todd Shipyards Corporation in Algiers (1978)
Revitalizing the convention industry: the exhibition facility/Sheraton Hotel/Hilton Hotel (1979)

Department of Housing and Urban Development. Urban Renewal Program
Cultural Center - Area #3
* Final Project Report--Part 1 of application for grant (October 2, 1968)
* Part II--Application for grant (August 5, 1969)
* Part I & II--Amendatory application for loan and grant (October 31, 1972)
Department of Transportation. Urban Mass Transit Administration
Purchase of 108 buses for New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
* General file (1971-1977)
* Application (1972)
* Invitation to bid and vehicle specifications (1972)
* Supplemental documentation (1973)
* Contract (1973)
Purchase of 185 buses for New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
* Application (1974)
* General file (1974-1977)
Purchase of 185 buses and 510 fareboxes for lease to New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
* Application (1977)
* General file (1977-1978)
Economic Development Administration
Application for refunding of the city's 302 planning grant (1976)
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
Mini-Block grant to operate seventeen programs (1979)
Orleans Parish totally integrated management information system (1976)
Career Criminal Bureau (1976)
District Attorney's Administrative Support (1975)
National Endowment for the Arts
Application to fund research of the life of Mother St. Croix and publish a catalogue of her photography collection (New Orleans Museum of Art, 1978)
National Endowment for the Humanities
Application to establish an interdisciplinary program on art, literature, and the function of writing in ancient Egypt to be exhibited in conjunction with the exhibition, "Treasures from the Tomb of Tutankhamun" (New Orleans Museum of Art, 1976)

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